asha and theon


The sea meant freedom to the men of the Iron Islands. He had forgotten that until the Myraham had raised sail at Seagard. The sounds brought old feelings back; the creak of wood and rope, the captain’s shouted commands, the snap of the sails as the wind filled them, each as familiar as the beating of his own heart, and as comforting. I must remember this , Theon vowed to himself. “I must never go far from the sea again.”


ASOIAF Sibling Series 1/?: Asha Greyjoy & Theon Greyjoy

“Asha knew how it went with little brothers. She remembered Theon as a boy, a shy child who lived in awe, and fear, of Rodrik and Maron. They never grow out of it, she decided. A little brother may live to be a hundred, but he will always be a little brother.”

                                     - A Dance With Dragons by George R. R. Martin

Why aren’t there enough posts crediting Theon’s bravery?

Why are there not enough posts crediting the fact that he was strong enough to keep the part of him that is Theon inside of him, even if it was only barely?

One YouTube commenter said, I’m paraphrasing here: “Ramsay forgot to cut off Theon’s third testicle” Yes, that’s exactly what I’m talking about! Why can’t Theon get more praise and credit for his bravery an inner strength too?

I’m on tumblr and I see so many Sansa is brave, Sansa is strong posts; and don’t get me wrong, Queen Sansa Stark, she deserves those good posts.

But Theon does too, and he doesn’t get enough posts like that. I see posts highlighting Theon’s crimes and his remorse for it. I get it, he committed a monstrous act. Can a guy not have a second chance, without certain tumblr users bringing up his past all the time, and making it difficult for people to move past that, and support Theon in his second chance?

But where Sansa gets meta’s, comments, and gifs crediting her bravery and inner strength? What does Theon get?

A constant reminder of the crimes he’s committed to other tumblr users, because people refuse to give him a second chance. It’s like they want it to forever taint him.

Constant reminders of how foolish he was.

Constant reminders that he was turned into a submissive, broken, mess.

But not enough reminders of his bravery, inner strength, and loyalty. Yes he betrayed Robb, but he still showed loyalty when he said he would lure them away from Sansa.

Where are the gifs with Theon standing up for his sister’s claim to the iron throne, and continuing to stand up for her, even though Euron Greyjoy was humiliating him.

Lesser men would probably start choking on their words, unable to speak anymore. Theon however kept speaking with confidence. Because he is NOT a lesser man.

Where are the gifs when Theon threw Myranda off the balcony. The same woman he would associate with Ramsay cutting his cock off? The same woman he associates with some of his abuse, because she was there for some of it. Theon knew how severe the consequences would be for killing Ramsay’s favourite toy, but he did it anyway to protect Sansa.

Where is the gif of Theon running away to lure Ramsay’s men away from Sansa?, even though he knew just what Ramsay could do to him. He was thinking he could flay me, have me raped, break his bones etc, yet despite knowing all that torture he would go through, he protected Sansa anyway.

Theon didn’t know Brienne and Podric were going to save them. He sacrificed himself for Sansa fully expecting to be severely punished for what he did. And I understate when I say severely.

Theon is underrated. I want to see more posts, gifs, and meta’s defending his right to a second chance, honouring the bravery, inner strength, and loyalty he has shown. I want more posts with people saying Theon did not deserve to be tortured, at the very worst, he deserved a quick execution.

I want people to start focusing on the new Theon, and less on the old Theon.

Sorry for the rant.

*Welcome to the Jungle playing in the background*

Euron: You are a villian, not a super one.

Daenerys: Yeah, what’s the difference?

Euron: Presentation!

*Welcome to the Jungle intensifies*

Things the ASOIAF Fandom taught me:
  1. Gendry doesn’t own a shirt.
  2. Jon Snow knows nothing, except how to give really good head (no matter what gender the receiver is).
  3. Robb Stark didn’t die. He was reincarnated in the modern world, where everything is cupcakes and mostly nothing hurts. (yes, that is a reference)
  4. Ned and Catelyn had hot sex whenever and wherever they were able to.
  5. Ned also gives really good head.
  6. In fact, all male Starks are cunnilingus pros.
  7. Sansa, too, if she’s with Margaery.
  8. Speaking of which, all Starks have a latent gay side.
  9. Theon has, or has had at some point of his life, a deep, soul-bonding, heart-breaking, why-does-this-happen-to-me crush on Robb Stark.
  10. More likely than not, said crush is reciprocated (see #8).
  11. If there’s a cat, Tommen owns it. Especially if it has a ridiculous name that Jaime won’t say outloud.
  12. Tyrion Lannister is a matchmaker at heart.
  13. And he ships Jaime/Brienne.
  14. Also, Jaime and Brienne are proof that true love is real.
  15. Asha likes kinky sex.

Shit Tier: Daenerys takes the Iron Throne without consequences, Jaime dies or is still on Cersei’s side, Jon marries Dany, Dolorous Edd dies 

Okay Tier: Beric finally bites it having done nothing, Daenerys takes the throne with heavy losses, Euron dies without achieving his potential, one of the dragons dies, Theon dies to save Yara 

Good Tier: Euron gets Victarion’s demon hand, Arya kills Littlefinger, Jaime abandons Cersei, Daenerys realizes that she’s being stubborn and tries to find a way to take Westeros without screwing over everyone when winter comes

Great Tier: Jaime kills Cersei and reunites with Brienne, Euron is a sorcerer working for the Night’s King, Jaime tells Tyrion about Tysha, Sam gets a chance to execute his father but refuses to deny him the satisfaction of him becoming a killer, Sansa kills Littlefinger, Cleganebowl is confirmed

GOD TIER: Yara escapes captivity, cuts her hair, dyes it black, renames herself Asha, kills Cersei, takes the Iron Throne, resurrects the bones of Nagga and destroys the White Walkers. 

Yara Greyjoy is like the wildest fanfiction material come true. the gayest pirate to sail the sea, she likes girls, drinking, tits, the sea. did I mention girls. takes no shit from no one, steals ships, loves and supports her brother. and is currently on a quest to make a pact with a ‘dragon queen’ to claim back her land along with her sibling.

this is so wild. fuck me up Yara Greyjoy. Fuck. me .up.