one of the jobs I have been assigned at my internship is to compile this wall of hot inspiring women

the wall of bae, featuring:
ruby rose
Kristen Stewart
hayley Williams
ash costello
Lynn gunn
hannah snowdon
ryan ashley malarkey

June, 21st 2015

This has definitely a weekend to remember, I went to Warped Tour for the first time and it was absolutely incredible! I got to meet Ash Costello and hold Lynn Gunn’s hand for roughly 3 seconds. Not very long, but like the White Rabbit once said, “Sometimes forever is just one second.” I was even ballsy enough to crowd surf, it was exhilarating. Then today I went to Comic-Con, which wasn’t as thrilling as Warped Tour, but still fun non the less. That’s what I tell myself so I don’t think that it was a total waste of $40. I really miss my boyfriend. I haven’t seen him since Thursday and I probably won’t until next week. Facetiming is nice, but it just isn’t the same. I am absolutely in love with him and I don’t know how I’m gonna go 2 years of not seeing each other. He almost didn’t go and low key I was actually kind of happy. A selfish thing, I know, but can you blame me? Moving on, I’m moving in a few weeks. I don’t know how I should feel about it, but right now I’m scared and happy and just filled with diffrent emotions. Pvris’s new song is definitely keeping me together, that and work. Let’s hope there won’t be any drills for me this week.

anonymous asked:

Why do you sign your drawings with 'ALK'? Does it mean somethng?

Yep, ALK are my initials. Ash Lynn K***** !!

Someone’s gonna wake up tomorrow and dream about success, but we’re gonna wake up and work hard at it.

Wednesday’s with Ashely Lynn

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coco-writes asked:

☆ with Ash

Tina hasn’t left food on Ash’s desk and months. She stopped trying to when it was clear that Ash didn’t want or appreciate it. They had fallen into a mutual and symbiotic relationship leading up to graduation. They would leave notes when they were out of soap or toilet paper and it was an unspoken understanding that when one went to bed, the other would turn down their desk lamp so as not to disturb their roommate. 

Ash had even started to begrudgingly tolerate GusGus. The white rabbit was settled in Tina’s lap when she noticed her roommate coming through the door with arms full of canvases and art supplies. It’s the final week of classes and clubs and Tina assumes the other girl had to clear out her things to take home lest they be thrown out. 

There is a small commotion as Ash shuffles her things around and Tina goes back to reading and stroking GusGus right above his nose like he likes. From the corner of her eye, she sees Ash cross toward her desk and a single canvas is propped up against the window in the far corner. 

Tina assumes that Ash needs the room so she says nothing. It doesn’t bother her that sometimes their things cross the imaginary dividing line between their respective ‘sides’ of the room. 

It isn’t until weeks later, when Ash has packed up and left the school days before Tina is due to do the same that she realizes that the only thing left of Ash is the painting still delicately balanced on her desk. 


Crop Top Style

Crop Top Style by jessicagrewal featuring a white garland ❤ liked on Polyvore
Vero Moda camisoles tank top, €13 / ONLY slim fit jeans, €42 / Ash black sneaker, €140 / Barneys New York leather backpack, €165 / Lynn Ban black diamond ring, €2.035 / Sif Jakobs Jewellery leather wrap bracelet, €375 / Sterling silver earrings, €27 / With Love From CA chain necklace, €8,81 / Charlotte Russe white garland, €7,96 / DANNIJO tech accessory, €87 / Lips makeup / Apple Store, €265
Lynne Ashe

A quiet thinker, likes to ponder about things and holds radical ideas. Dreams of a rebellion in life, doesn’t trust the kingdom and wants to explore the world on her own. The schedule in the military academy prevented her to be free. Plus, she was unusually weak and frail. After all this time she could survive because she kept using Transcendental technique. She was able to do this because of the gemstone her grandmother had given her once.

When she was given the opportunity to be a student of Academia Mundi (perhaps it’s more correct to say that she passed the test), at first she hesitated because she didn’t want to become a dog of the kingdom. But Jude Auris assured her that she’d learn a lot of things, and that she’ll be paid well for her service. Lynne sees it as a window to the outside world and accepted the offer.