ash-bright asked:

Hey, you re-blogged this post from stopwhitepeopleforever. I was unclear as to what you thought of it from your tags. I'd really appreciate it if you could clarify them for me. Thanks!

Oh the one about gay people who are white and either don’t like others who are poc or that think they know and can dictate how others are and do? (X)

Just because they don’t find poc beautiful doesn’t mean they aren’t to someone else and should say such rude things meant to hurt them for the color of their skin when you can’t choose how you are born, just because they think a stereotype is real doesn’t mean it’s true and it can be very harmful to say such a thing even if they say later they didn’t mean it, it’s disrespectful and appropriative to say they have a black woman’s spirit and prefer such a name when others who are poc can be made fun of for having such names, and just because you have an opinion doesn’t mean it’s right or more valuable than someone else’s also they should be careful as to what they say as it can be very hurtful to others around them even if they don’t think it would be.

masked-being asked:

*the shapeshifter follows tempus into the fire taking on the form of a dragonkin. the flames do little to no damage outside of ruining his cloak with ash* well atleast its bright in here and there is no shadows...

[♪ Tempus is protected by Masked Being’s dragonkin form.]

[♪ He appreciates it but… he seems worried if you might get injured by the heat and flames?]

[♪ The crackle of the walls chip, fire runs through the broken wires. Lights started to spark with a snap and POP! Shoot, where is the coughing person? They gotta be close.]

[♪ Tempus quickly head towards the control panel where the main screen was once hanged. Are they behind these monitors? ]