Sadhus of India 

(by Ranganath Krishnamani

This is a series dedicated to India’s ‘Holy men’ who believe in free spirit. Sadhus usually referred to as baba’s (god father) have always occupied an important place in Indian history and culture. Be it the bright attire, ash colored bodies and dread locks, or the symbols painted on their forehead, each of them are unqiue embodiements of the philosophies they believe in.

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ash-bright asked:

Hey, you re-blogged this post from stopwhitepeopleforever. I was unclear as to what you thought of it from your tags. I'd really appreciate it if you could clarify them for me. Thanks!

Oh the one about gay people who are white and either don’t like others who are poc or that think they know and can dictate how others are and do? (X)

Just because they don’t find poc beautiful doesn’t mean they aren’t to someone else and should say such rude things meant to hurt them for the color of their skin when you can’t choose how you are born, just because they think a stereotype is real doesn’t mean it’s true and it can be very harmful to say such a thing even if they say later they didn’t mean it, it’s disrespectful and appropriative to say they have a black woman’s spirit and prefer such a name when others who are poc can be made fun of for having such names, and just because you have an opinion doesn’t mean it’s right or more valuable than someone else’s also they should be careful as to what they say as it can be very hurtful to others around them even if they don’t think it would be.

Happy Birthday to my partner in crime! Lmao love you CalPal! #tightandbright @5sos-official

Gakuen Alice, Shugo Chara and Other Fanfiction Stories!

Yes! I am working hard on these Gakuen Alice fanfiction stories along with some Shugo Chara fanfiction stories and some other fanfiction stories which include stories for Okami, Fushigiboshi no Futagohime and Pokemon. So yeah. I am busy and getting some stories down along with some crossovers too. But, I am currently focusing on the current ones and the ones that will be coming after some stories are completed and such. 

That’s just how I roll and such. I have updated some of the stories. Which is good. Because, it’s gonna snow tonight and yes, I got it wrong. Not snowing on Wednesday, but Thursday night. So yeah. 


The slow save-up to replacing my Nikon SLR is slowly driving me mad… 📷 The photos I am taking are OK, but are nothing like the originals 😒 For now, however, these will have to do, as I do love to share. Sometimes, when I share, I see glaring mistakes, which is both annoying and brilliant 🎨 

This is…

“Legend” 🎵🎶

20cm x 20cm

Watercolour and Acrylic on Canvas

Straying from the mini animals, I am starting to study a few mini-people… Starting with our beautiful Starman.

I think the world misses him - just him being alive made it a better place, and it seems somehow a little darker and less magical…💔

I toyed with several reference images, from Ziggy, to his last photoshoot for the Blackstar album, but, when I found this photo, I just thought it was beautiful  He is in conversation, away in his own world, looking every inch the star… Thoroughly enjoyed doing this and it is available in my shop…

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How was your day?

it was good! ashe @ashemazing came over bright and early at 7am to have breakfast, and then we took riley boy on a long walk. he did pretty darn well, though his leash manners are still atrocious if anyone accompanies us. ashe took so many great photos, too, of my baby and the nature and wendy. then we came back to the house and chilled for a while before ashe left. and since then, I cooked a multi-course meal for the fam, snagged a job interview, took riley on another walk, and am now 100% dedicated to chilling!

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 indie rock from Scotland and Nebraska


We have a poet on board Artizan Made! Abdul Wardak makes his living by selling hand carved beads, tribal jewelry, textiles and other handmade goods that he imports from his native Afghanistan and the region. On his time off, he writes. His poems are often about memory, longing, love, God, and nature. Most of us will relate to ‘You Called”, a love poem that captures a voice that invades the present, a love poem, bringing with it memories of time gone by.

External image

Steel Goat Studio Heart Folk Art, Mexico and Peru

You called from the past,
A familiar sound of yesterday,
A music for tomorrow.

You reignited the fire
That was covered beneath the ashes,
A brightness that was needed.

You treasured our passion,
A candle that burned forever,
A temple of love filled with memories.


You hold the light to hope,
A meaning which came to life,
A dream which became so real,
When you called me from the past.

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‘You Called”, a Love Poem by Abdul Wardak We have a poet on board Artizan Made! Abdul Wardak makes his living by selling hand carved beads, tribal jewelry, textiles and other handmade goods that he imports from his native Afghanistan and the region.

you are a volcano

you can hide so much hate until you cant anymore

and then whoever is closest will be burned in your disastrous wrath

those around being slowly buried by your seething fury

choked by the silent contempt that is smoke and ash

you burn bright and hot and quick

but when you re done you leave a wasteland

Woke up a LOT last night.  At least 4 or 5 times.  Every time because I had to use the ladies.  I guess Ash is pressing on that organ, fun.

Got scared to death yesterday.  The genetic counselor at Kaiser called and told me that Ash has a bright spot on his heart.  They saw it at the ultrasound I got on Tuesday.  The short version is that it’s a calcification, they don’t even consider it a defect, and its really common.  But the stupid woman didn’t look in my chart to see that I’d already gotten the NIPT done and had a 99.2% NEGATIVE risk assessment for Down’s and told me that there was a correlation between this result and that condition.  Essentially, if I hadn’t had the NIPT, they would have wanted me to get it.  But I already did so she freaked me out for nothing.

The bottom line is that Ash is probably just bloody fine, and the risk that he’s not isn’t worth risking a miscarriage by doing an amnio.  But thanks to this woman, I can add worrying about this to the list of other crap I will not be able to forget about for the next 18 weeks and 5 days.  Thanks, lady.

I wish I had something nice to share today but I just want to get the day over with and be on a weekend.  I’m grumpy, have nothing warm and comfortable to wear and don’t have any desire to go to work.  What I WANT is to take Seth to school, then shower, take care of the chores I STILL haven’t handled all in one big lump so they’re done, then spend the rest of the day resting.  And I can’t.

I will say one thing.  My husband miraculously was available yesterday when the whole phone call went down and was able to do a conference call with both of us and really stepped up and handled things.  I was a mess and wasn’t coping, so it was really, really nice to have him step in and DEAL for once when I simply couldn’t.  I feel lucky that he happened to have been working from home and having a slow day.  For once, I got a tiny bit of good luck and timing and I’m VERY VERY VERY thankful.