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Hey, you re-blogged this post from stopwhitepeopleforever. I was unclear as to what you thought of it from your tags. I'd really appreciate it if you could clarify them for me. Thanks!

Oh the one about gay people who are white and either don’t like others who are poc or that think they know and can dictate how others are and do? (X)

Just because they don’t find poc beautiful doesn’t mean they aren’t to someone else and should say such rude things meant to hurt them for the color of their skin when you can’t choose how you are born, just because they think a stereotype is real doesn’t mean it’s true and it can be very harmful to say such a thing even if they say later they didn’t mean it, it’s disrespectful and appropriative to say they have a black woman’s spirit and prefer such a name when others who are poc can be made fun of for having such names, and just because you have an opinion doesn’t mean it’s right or more valuable than someone else’s also they should be careful as to what they say as it can be very hurtful to others around them even if they don’t think it would be.

trip to Montreal von tyra482, black sandals enthaltend

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Bright Eyes -  Easy, Lucky, Free

Well, I need a break from the city again, 
I think I’ll ship myself back west.
I got a friend there, she says, “Hey, any time.”

Unless that offer’s expired, I have been less than frequent,
she’s under no obligation to indulge every whim
and I’m so ungrateful, I take, she gives and forgives
and I keep forgetting it.

And each morning she wakes with a dream to describe,
something lovely that bloomed in her beautiful mind,
I say, “I’ll trade you one for two nightmares of mine,
I have some where I die, I have some where we all die.”


I’ve just got myself to blame
Leave everything up to fate
When there’s choices I could make

They say that every person you meet will change a part of your life but I have met so many different types of people.
I have met broken hearted warriors, who keep vast valleys of secrets in the crevasses of their scars. I have met those with gasoline hearts and the biggest fires of passion. Where everything and everyone they touch turns to ashes. I have met bright dreamers who stopped dreaming from being trapped in haunted and chaotic cities for years. I have met the darkest of lost souls, that have tried to steal light from others to create their own. And I have met beautiful, breathtaking, inspiring angels, who do everything in their power to make sure those who surround them are happy even when they aren’t.
They say that every person you meet will change a part of your life; So please remember to fill your life with those who will make it better. - Which ever type of person they might be for you.


A Dragon Age One Shot
*** *** ***
Cullen x Trevelyan
*** *** ***
I do not own Dragon Age or its characters!
I’m just playing with them for a bit – I’ll put them back, mostly unharmed.
*** *** ***

She is made of magic and she is a force of nature.

She is fire and ash, heat and burning bright flame; she is the cold bite of winter frosts.
Her presence is like electricity, crackling and blinding; pure power that makes the hair on the back of my neck stand on end and goose flesh rise over my skin.

She is the storm that rails against the coastline, tossing waves crashing over the shore and the lightning the splits the sky in twain.

She is the siren that sings on the sea – a haunting melody to lure me closer; capturing me and leaving me shipwrecked and dazed.

She is the wisp of smoke left in the wake of a Harvestmere bonfire; the feel of crisp leaves underfoot and the hint of the coming frost in the air.

She is the warmth of the afternoon sun, heating my skin and leaving me drowsy and content; the scent of spring blossoms carried on the breeze.

She is the welcoming flicker of candlelight in a darkened window, the open door and the warm fire in the hearth.

She is a Queen, a fabled ruler of lands and governess of my heart. She is a witch, an enchantress and a fierce warrior; a being of pure light and she has bewitched me completely.

Her love makes me beam; bright and blinding; a beacon for those who think love is a lost and dying myth.

Her very presence gives me strength; her touch can render me speechless in its simplicity and when she kisses me…oh Maker… I have never felt anything like it.

Her hand in mine, she holds my heart as I ask her the most important question I have ever asked another person.

She smiles and my heart trips and stutters and as I look up at her from bended knee she seems haloed in the soft candlelight; her deep red hair like flames and her eyes sparkling in a myriad of greens like a forest after spring rains.

Her full garnet-red lips are quivering and parted, begging for me to claim them as they form the most precious word in existence.

She glows, brighter than the sun, brighter than the precious stone and metal placed on her finger; her laughter a breathy sigh against my lips as they capture hers.

I shine around her as she shines around me.
She is made of magic. And she is mine.

Soundtrack For A Sunrise

I’ve had this idea in my head for a while now, a playlist of sorts that would embody the feeling of watching a sunrise. A situational soundtrack if you may, where listening to this during a sunrise would somehow resonate some higher feeling or thought. Furthermore,  I come to this idea to develop on the concept of a sunrise. What does it really feel like to watch a fresh new sun rise from the ground? What relief, disbelief,  or trivial thoughts are brought to mind? I look to the sunrise almost like a phoenix rising from the ashes,  from darkness a bright new day can begin only to die but be born again. It is in this rebirth that some feeling of rejuvenation is born, but also a quaking fear of what is to come. But nonetheless, a sunrise is a serene escape. One of which that can hopefully be amplified, or at least coveyed,  through this musical selection.

Total Run Time: 28:59 | YouTube Playlist

  1. The Dove - Caspian
  2. Tornado Warning - Hammock
  3. New Topia - This Will Destroy You
  4. Birds - M83
  5. Satellites - Ancients
  6. The Time Will Never Come Back - The Last Days
  7. Where The Boats Go - M83
New Post has been published on From Shoes to Sandals

New Post has been published on

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