The infamous Ash Williams, the deadite destroyer, played by Bruce Campbell. Gotta love this guy. So many classic one-liners, so many crazy facial expressions, so many insane physical comedy moments, and just badass as all hell. The Evil Dead series is a true classic, and a milestone in horror, as well as some of the best horror-comedy ever made. Mostly based this picture on Evil Dead 2 Ash.


Ash vs. The Army of Darkness #3 is out today!

You didn’t think that Arthur and Sheila were just going to sit around after Ash went back to the modern era, did you? In this issue, we take a trip through the secret history of S.M.A.R.T., a secret organization that’s been battling Deadites for centuries while waiting for the return of the Promised One! Now, they’ve taken control of the situation at Alan Shepard High – and if you thought Ash was having trouble with the Necronomicon, just wait’ll you see how he gets along with the good guys. 

Story by me and Chad Bowers
Art by Mauro Vargas and Triona Farrell 
Letters by Tom Napolitano 

Available now at your local shop or on Comixology