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Preference #14: Your child walks in on you being 'Intimate'

Preference #14 - Your child walks in on you being ‘Intimate’.


You and Niall didn’t often get much alone time together now that your son had just turned 4 and likes to keep you both on your toes by making a mess as much as he can. Also Niall still has commitments to the band so he’s not around as much as you would like him to be.

“He’s asleep, I promised him that if he went to sleep then I would buy him a hamster.” Niall grumbled in his strong accent as he climbed in bed next to you and wrapped his arms around your waist.

“I’m not having a hamster.” You commented and pecked his lips, knowing your son will like the hamster for a maximum of two days and then find something else better than a hamster that he wants. Niall didn’t reply having his mind directed on something else as he pulled you on top of him and kissed you passionately on the lips. You caught on quickly when he rolled his hips up into yours making you feel all tingly in your core. “Ni what if he wakes up and comes in?” You asked hesitantly, not wanting your son to witness things like that at his age.

“Then you’re deaf and I don’t speak English.” He mumbled back with his lips against your neck making you shiver as his cool breath tickled you.

“Niall!!” You chuckled and quickly leaned down, freeing him from his boxers whilst moving your night gown over then lowering yourself onto him letting out a soft and quiet moan. Niall bucked his hips up into you but let you put most of the effort in as you rocked backwards and forewords letting your need for him take over.

“Mummy I had a nightmare about the mean snowman in frozen.” Isaac whined climbing up onto the bed next to you as you rolled off of Niall as quick as possible and covered you both up. “Mummy…mummy” He said again just in case you didn’t hear him. But you just stuck to Niall’s plan and pulled him to you letting him get in the bed between you and your now frustrated husband.


“Oh babe! Yes! Don’t stop! Do that with your tongue again!” Zayn moaned as you sat between legs with his hard member down your throat. It’s only recently that you and Zayn had lots of alone time since your 17 year old son passed his driving license and went to spend time with his friends and spend Zayn’s money. So you and Zayn decided to make the most of the time you do have alone.
You hummed and looked up into his dark lust filled eyes as you continued doing all you could to please the man you love when your son waltzed in looking down at his iPhone.

“Did you know th-AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” He screamed at the top of his lung and sprinted out the room like an Olympic runner. You removed Zayn from your mouth and wiped your lips as he quickly tucked himself back into his boxers and sorted his jeans out.

“Ash come back!!! Did you have fun at the mall?” You tried to act natural in hopes he would forget that he saw quickly and take his mind off of it.

“No!!! Leave me alone yo-you argh!!!” He shouted back rubbing his eyes. “I’m scarred for life mum!!!”

“Ash don’t shout at your mum it’s not our fault you are home early!” Zayn piped up coming behind you and putting his arms around your waist.

“Well it’s just lucky that Lucy felt sick and decided to go home rather than come here with me!!! I might have died of embarrassment.” He frowned and stormed off.

“Zayn you might have to buy him a new car to apologise.” You sighed and leaned your head back on his shoulder blushing a deep red, knowing you can never live this down.


“Louis!! Baaaaaaby mmmmm” you moaned gripping Louis’s hair that tickles your thighs as he dives his tongue in and out of your dripping entrance. You had put your 2 year old daughter down for a midday nap and must have lost track of time because soon she was hobbling into the kitchen holding her bunny rabbit and watching you with curious and scared eyes.

“Say my name baby” Louis hummed and looked up at you, neither of you realising yet that Jenny is watching you.

“Your name daddy and you eating my mummy!!” She cried and held hold of her bunny tighter backing away a little.

“Fuck!” Louis mumbled and stood up helping you down from the kitchen counter. “Jenboo it’s okay, daddy isn’t eating mummy in a bad way, he won’t hurt her!” He slowly edged towards her and then picked her up putting her on his hip.

“You no eat mummy again!” She shouted whacking him in the face with her toy making you giggle.

“Yeah listen to your daughter she makes all the rules and runs this house!” You laughed and pecked her little chubby cheek.


“Liam I am really really turned on right now.” You whispered seductively into his ear whilst watching a new movie you had just bought that was boring you stupid and you could tell by the look on Liam’s face that he was bored too. Liam didn’t say anything back but just pulled you onto him so your back was pressed firmly against his chest. You could feel his heart beating against your chest and his hand trail down your stomach and slipping into your sweat pants. You gasped in excitement and leaned your head back turning it to kiss him passionately as his fingers found their way into your knickers and rubbed your womanly folds then pushed two fingers into you.

“Mum can I order GTA 9?” You didn’t hear Ricky your 15 year old son ask before peeking his head around the doorframe. “Ew maybe not.” He quickly scarpered away leaving you and Liam to continue not knowing that your son has witnessed his father touching his mother inappropriately. You later found out 8 years later when he was giving a speech at his wedding and talked about you and Liam, leaving you with burning red cheeks and wondering why he would bring that up to everyone.


“Harry faster!” You shouted as you neared your climax with your husband trying his hardest to please you under the sheets. He listened to you plea and obeyed it, going faster and making the headboard of the bed bang against the wall which lead to Marley’s room.

“KNOCK IT OFF!!!” Your 18 year old daughter shouted and covered her ears with her pillow trying to drown out the sound of her dad and mum going at it in the early hours of the morning.

“So-Sorry!!” You shouted back but Harry didn’t stop, he just placed a hand over your mouth to keep you quiet. This worked, up until it got too much and you let out a loud moan and curse words extremely close to finishing when Marley burst through your bedroom door with a pillow and started beating Harry with it making him stop thrusting into you.

“GET THE FUCK OFF OF HER AND GO TO SLEEEEEEEP!!!!” She screamed and kept hitting him until he rolled off of you and groaned.

“Marley you ruined it!!!” He whined and took his pillow smothering it over his face to whine to himself.

“Well I don’t particularly like hearing my parents fucking when I’m trying to sleep!!!” You giggled at her harsh tone when she stormed out.

“I told her that she can either deal with it or move out. Nothing is going to stop me from having sex with my wife!!” He grumbled into the pillow and you knew he was going to be grumpy and mopey tomorrow.

(It feels like it’s been forever since I’ve written a preference!! So I’m gonna do more!! I’m taking requests so drop one in my ask box if you like!)

1999:Memory Lane

A/N: This is part two of Memory Lane! The first couple parts won’t be too long cause they’re just kinda back stories so !!

Rating: G

Pairing: Ashton Irwin/Reader

Summary: Five years down the road from 1994, Ashton and Y/n’s friendship is still going pretty damn strong.

 <—- Part 1(1994)                                                                     Part 3 (2002)—->

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“Ash come and play!” she yelled as loud as she could, her little voice not carrying far enough to reach the ends of the vast field. Her feet pattering atop the pavement, she focused her eyes on the playground set a couple meters ahead of her, occasionally look back a few times to make sure her friend was still in sight.

“Wait up y/n!” Ashton piped up from a couple paces behind the running girl, already out of breath from trying to catch up to her.

“Hurry up!” she panted, her lungs tiring out making it harder for her to run and speak simultaneously. Turning her head around behind her, she saw that Ashton was quickly making his way closer and closer to her. Set with determination, she started moving her legs even faster to ensure her chances of arriving at the play ground before him. Her sights set on the bright blue pole that marked the finish line of the race her and Ashton had at the beginning of every recess, she made sure to keep her pace as she ran down the grass covered slope.

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His Voicemail After You Broke Up (Part 2) // 2/4 5SOS Preference (Mashton)

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You looked down at your phone and noticed the missed call from Michael five minutes ago. You were curious because you hadn’t had a call from him in a few weeks. You had finally thought he took your advice. You were contemplating if you should ring him back or not. You decided it was better to not listen to the message he left because it would show Michael that it was best if you two moved on from each other.

A week passed and that’s when you realised you should’ve called him back. Calum had knocked on your door and at first you were extremely confused but once you welcomed him in and let him explain himself, you were a wreck. He let you break down in front of him, he let you cry and scream. He let you do it all, except blame yourself. When you asked him why, he said, “Mikey didn’t think it was your fault. And it isn’t. So don’t think that either.”

You couldn’t get any proper sleep that night. You just lay in bed, staring up at the ceiling. Around three AM you were still awake, so you thought about the voicemail he left. When you listened to it, you didn’t bother to stop the tears. You listened to his voice, you listened to him tell you how he felt before he left. You replayed the voicemail over and over again. But it wasn’t helping. Michael was still gone. And you couldn’t do anything to bring him back.

A few days passed and you thought it was time to go visit his family. You weren’t going to at first but after being encouraged by Calum, you thought it was best. It was an awful ordeal. But every death usually was anyway. His family, like Calum, told you not to blame yourself as they didn’t blame you. But it wasn’t that easy for you because you knew you were the only who could’ve stopped him that night.

The funeral was something that you wanted to forget but could never, even if you tried. It was one of the most painful days of your life and there was nothing you could do but cry. When you were left alone for a moment for a breath of fresh air you just sat and thought.

You took your phone out, hands trembling. You tapped on Michael’s name and let it ring until you could leave your own voicemail for him.

“Michael… oh my Mikey… why did you leave? I didn’t want you to leave… I just wanted you to move on. For fuck sake, I wanted to move on as well. And I thought I did. But then why does it hurt? It hurts so fucking much Mikey.”

You sniffed and used your sleeve to wipe away the tears.

“It hurts but you’re not here to make me feel better. You’re always here to make me feel better. Even when we weren’t together we’d talk.

You began to get angry, because all you’ve done for the past two weeks was cry.

“Dammit Michael! You hurt me so much and you can’t even be here to fix me! Did you think about everyone else before you jumped? Did you think about how your three best mates, your three brothers, would feel? Luke’s a pissy fuck, Ash won’t talk to anyone and Cal is too busy taking care of everyone but himself so he can’t even grieve properly.”

You laughed darkly. You felt so sick, but you couldn’t stop now because then that would mean you would just have to cry. And you’ve done too much of that already.

“Your family is breaking but they’re trying to keep it together just for everyone around them. Oh god, did you think about this before you thought that dying would solve everything? You’re a coward Michael, you ran away because you were broken. And now you’re leaving me to pick up the pieces.” You stared ahead of you and spoke softly. “Mikey… I… You could’ve been it for me…But you left me.”

You closed your eyes and your mind immediately pictured Michael in front of you. It felt so real. You felt yourself smiling, because Michael was smiling at you. But when you opened your eyes, you knew that would never happen anymore.

“I miss you so fucking much. I’m going to continue missing you until I’m with you again. But until then, I’ll listen to you. I will live happily so you can see that smile of mine that you loved so goddamn much. And maybe when you see it, you’ll smile with me too.”


You had listened to the message he left immediately. Like Ash, you were torn after the breakup. But different from Ash, you didn’t spend the breakup getting shitfaced. You missed Ashton, more than you should. You didn’t want to leave him in the first place, but you needed to take care of yourself since Ashton wasn’t. You needed to find yourself again because it was lost in the whole relationship.

You had thought about going back to Ashton, but you never thought he felt the same way. Some mutual friends of yours said he was going out a lot with mates. You thought it was best to just leave him be then. That was before you heard him express what he really felt in a drunken voicemail. One day you had a thought. You thought of a plan that could help you, either with your relationship with Ash, or with closure to move on.

“Mum!” Ash called out once he entered his house. He got no response but he heard some voices and laughter in the other room.

To say he was surprised was a definite understatement. He would never have thought that he’d come home to his mum and siblings eating around the table with you. The room fell silent when Ash came into view. You both locked glances and your breath hitched. You knew that everyone else in the room was glancing back and forth between you two, but Ash was focused on you.

You quickly glanced away once you felt the tension and forced a cough. You gave his mum a grateful look when she stood up and said, “I’ll leave you two to talk.” She gave the two siblings a look before the three of them left you and Ashton in an empty room.

You took a few deep breaths before glancing back at Ashton. He hadn’t moved from his spot from when he walked into the room. He just watched you carefully as you walked over to him. When you were close to him, his hand reached to hold your cheek and he searched your face.

“I don’t even think you’re even here. I still can’t believe it.” He said, barely a whisper. His thumb brushed your cheek and you smiled softly at him. “I can’t… I thought I’d never see you again.”

“I just thought I should talk to you after you um… after you called me and left me that message.” You spoke softly.

His eyebrows furrowed and he stared at you in confusion. After a moment his eyes widened and he realised what you were talking about. His arm dropped to his side and his hand brushed through his messy hair. “Oh um… I am so sorry if I disturbed you or anything. I was pissed drunk and I just… I don’t know why I called you. I am so sorry.”

You shook your head. “You don’t need to be sorry. But I just wanted to ask you, do you remember everything you said?” He nodded slowly. “Okay, well… did you mean what you said?”

He gulped and tried to look away from you. But he couldn’t because as much as he wanted to lie to you so he didn’t look pathetic, he didn’t want to lose you for a second time.

“Yes. I meant everything.” His voice cracked and he felt so relieved that he finally told you how he actually felt.

You didn’t say anything. All you did was wrap your arms around his neck and pull him close to you. He instinctively wrapped his arms around you, holding you in a bone crushing embrace. He held you tight because he didn’t know if it would be the last time he’d ever hold you again.

When you pulled away you whispered to him, “Don’t be sorry, because I feel the same way too.”

He quickly looked down at you, hoping to see that you were telling the truth. When you smiled up at him, he had never felt so relieved and happy in a long time. Without thinking he kissed you urgently and you smiled in the kiss. You pulled him closer and he couldn’t have felt happier.

“Do you think they’ve made up yet?” You two pulled apart when you heard Harry speak up from the other side of the room.

You went to take a step away from Ash, slightly embarrassed they heard and probably watched the whole thing. But Ash kept his arm around you tightly and smiled, “I’m not going to let you go again that easily.”

'Camp Counsellor Ashton'

requested by anonymous

summary: I was anticipating a summer to get away from feelings about boys but I wasn’t so sure when I met the other young counsellor with fluffy hair

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A S H T O N: Ashton and you had been watching movies all day. These were the days you longed for, just cuddling while watching a movie with your boyfriend. “I’ve missed you the past couple of days.” You said looking down at him, raking your hands through his hair. You were currently laying on the couch you were on your back and Ashton was resting his head on your chest, your legs tangled together. “What do you mean you’ve missed me? I’ve been here these past couple of days.” He chuckled. “Yeah, but you’ve been worrying about the album. Which is going to be perfect, by the way. So you’ve been occupied.” You said laughing. Ashton looked up at you and smiled. “Thank you for putting up with grumbly me, and thank you for bringing me coffee in the middle of the night when I can’t go to sleep because I’m writing a song. Most of all, thank you for staying with me, even though you and I both know that some other guy can treat you better and be with you at all times.” He said smiling up at you. “Ashton, I don’t want another guy, that’s what you don’t get. I want you, that’s why I put up with all those things you said before. Ashton, I think I love you.” You said into his eyes. “Thank god! I was starting to think that I was the only one who felt that.” He said. “I love you.” He smiled. “Aw! You two are making me cry!” A voice said from behind. You looked over to see Ashton’s mom with tears in here eyes. “How long have you been standing there mum?” Ash asked smiling. “I heard the whole thing, but we’ll keep it between us three.” Ashton’s mom said with a smile, leaving the room.

M I C H A E L: “And then, you pour the cookie batter into the mixing bowl.” You said, knowing the recipe by memory. “Okay done!” Mike said proudly. “Mix it babe.” You said looking over your shoulders as you put back the ingredients into thee original places. Oka-Michael!“ You scolded as you turned around to see that Michael had been eating the batter. "No! Bad Michael.” You said playfully, lightly whacking him with the wooden spoon. “What did you say!” Michael said growling playfully and smiling. “…nothing.” You said trying to get away, knowing what was coming next…Tickles. “Michael! No!” You screamed as you felt him tickle your sides. “This is karma!” He yelled back. “Please! I’m begging, stop!” You said laughing. “Promise you won’t scold me like a dog?” Michael asked you, his green eyes looking down at you. “Promise.” “Kissy promise?” He asked. “What’s a kissy promise?” You replied. “This.” He said leaning down and pressing his lips against mine muttering: “Promise.”
You had put the cookies in the oven, both of you waiting for the timer to ring. “So, I’ve been thinking.” Michael said. “Since you’re always here, you could just bring all of your clothes over here.” You started smiling looking at Michael. “If you didn’t get that, our Mikey here is asking you to move in with him!” Ashton yelled coming into the kitchen, Calum and Luke following him. “Hey! Who invited you guys!” Michael yelled, blushing and hiding his face in your neck.

L U K E: You were sitting on the grass with your best friend, Luke, in his backyard looking at stars. “Feel like I should know more about the stars, I took geography.” Luke muttered smiling. “Yeah, but that was like 8th grade geography.” You giggled. “I remember that class! I remember when I pulled down your trousers while you were flirting with that girl you liked.” You said laughing. “What was her name?” “Holly.” Luke muttered. “It was so embarrassing!” He said. “I feel like I need revenge now!” He said, you knew what was coming so you stood up and started running around the backyard until Luke caught hold of your waist and started spinning you around. “Luke! Stop!” You said laughing. He laid you on the ground and put one of his hands on the floor next to your face, while the other one started tickling your sides. “No!!” You laughed. “For a moment there, I thought they were finally going to kiss.” You heard Ben, Luke’s brother, say from behind you. “For the last time! We’re only friends!” Luke told him rolling his eyes. But deep down, Luke knew he wanted to be more than just friends. And you wanted just the same.

C A L U M: “(Y/N)!! Guess what!” Calum said, running into his house. You were already there because you had been shopping with Mali, his sister. “What happened?” You asked worried as he gave you a hug. “Don’t worry it’s good news.” He said smiling widely. “Just tell me!!” You say. “We won the MTV Breakthrough Band!” He said grabbing your waist and spinning you around the living room. Both of you laughing. “I’m so proud of you!” You told him. “I know! We’ve worked so hard!” He said kissing you lightly. He was buzzing, he picked you up again and ran out into the backyard and ran around a couple of times. Laughing and exhausted he put you down and laid on top of you. “I love you, you know that right?” He asked looking up at you. “I love you too.” You said kissing the top of his head and ruffling his hair. You heard a click and looked up to see that Mali had taken a picture. “I’m totally tweeting this pic.” She said going back inside. Both of you laughed and stayed there for another minute.

So it was a weird thing, but I met these guys and it felt- everything felt okay. I was like, you know everyone thinks I’m a bit weird, but these guys like me and I like them, and we get along well.
—  Ashton Irwin on 60 Minutes
Pokemon Uncut 6 - Happy Mother's Day!
  • Ash's Mum: Hey, I almost forgot! Here's your running shoes!
  • Ash: What do they do?
  • Ash's Mum: Really? No thank you, no 'Thanks, mum - for the magical running shoes!'? Really? WHY DID I LET YOU LIVE!?
  • Ash: Uh........look mum - a Pokemon *Thrusts Pikachu towards his mother*
  • Ash's Mother: Oh, it's sooooo cute! *Squeezes it's cheeks*
  • Pikachu: Bitch.
  • Ash: Hey, the sacrifice was worth it.
Too Late - Ashton Irwin [smut]

Requested - yes

Anonymous - “Hey I love ur blog so much u r such an amazing writer can u plz do an Ashton smut (v smutty bcos love) where u guys grew up together because ur mum’s are best friends and he finally tells u he loves u and u realise u love him back?? Thank u!! Xox”

A/N: This is set like a while ago idk

Word Count - 1395

You walk with your mum up the pathway to the Irwin house for what feels like the millionth time. Your mum knocks on the door but you shake your head.

“Why do you knock?” you question.

“It’s polite,” she says but you push past her and head inside.

“This place is like my second home,” you laugh.

You greet the Irwin family and slump down onto their sofa.

“Where’s Ashton?” you ask, missing your best friend.

“Oh he’s out for the day with the band for one of their studio sessions,” Anne-Marie replies. “You can wait for him to get home if you like”

You nod. 

Your mum goes home after lunch and a chat but you stay behind wanting to be there when Ashton get’s home but not anticipating actually how long he would be.

“We’re going out to visit my mum for a bit, we’ll be a good few hours, will you be okay here on your own to wait for Ash?” Ashton’s mum says, ready to head out the door.

“Yeah I’ll be fine,” you respond. “Have a good time”

You sit and play on your phone for the next 10-20 minutes until, somehow you manage to fall asleep only to be woken up when the front door slams shut and Ashton stomps in surprisingly energetically.

“Oh, hey [Y/N], I didn’t expect you to be here,” he says.

“Yeah I’ve been here for a good half of a day, I came for lunch and stayed,” you yawn.

“Have you been sleeping?” he giggles.

“A little,” you say. “How was your day?”

“Good, it was long,” he exclaims.

“How exactly are you still hyper?” you question.

He smiles, “Well as bad as it is for my health I have had about 5 redbulls”

You shake your head at him, “Can you show me some of the song recordings then?”

“Yeah just stay here I need to shower quick”

He rushes to shower and when he comes back down his hair is soaking wet, his body is all hot and sweaty and he’s wearing only sweatpants.

“Here,” he pulls out his phone and plonks himself down next to you, leaning against you.

He plays a few tracks for you and you watch as he scrolls through the lists.

You spot a track called ‘Too Late’ that he hasn’t played you but he quickly says, “Okay that’s all of them”

“No it’s not what was that too late one?” you say.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he stammers.

“Give me your phone”

“No,” he states.


Unable to give you an answer he hands you his phone and you locate and play the track. It instantly becomes your favourite and a thousand and one questions spring in to mind for you to ask.

Seeing your face Ashton says, “I trust you have some questions”

“Okay, that was goddamn amazing,” you say and a slight blush creeps onto his cheeks, “How did you write that?”

“I don’t know,” he stutters. “Personal experience plays a big part I guess”

“What personal experience do you have that could write that from? I’ve known all your crushes since we were 4 and you’ve not had a girlfriend in over 5 years,” you say.

“I… I,” he begins.

Ashton has never been a good liar and he knows that so he’s not even going to try but he is having trouble with his words.

“Come on, Ash, you can tell me,” you nudge him

He turns to face you, “Okay you have to promise this won’t change anything, you won’t freak out and leave me…”

“Okay… I’m worried but sure,” you furrow your brow.

“I wrote it about you,” he says.

“About me?” you’re confused at this point. “How did you write that about me?”

“I sort of might be just a little bit… in love with you,” he mumbles.

“You’re what?”

He’s silent looking at his feet as your head is swimming. You’ve never thought of Ashton like that before so it’s a foreign thought. You love him like a brother, at least you think you do, all those nights of sleepovers, movie nights, even a few dinners out where you’d just be joking around have lead you to believe this, but now that you think about it what you have with Ash isn’t that far from a regular relationship. You’ve always seen him as attractive, not just aesthetically but as a person overall, from his laugh to the way his hair naturally curls, from his unusually long fingers to his dimpled smile and from his tendency to overshare to his naturally overpowering personality. In the few seconds that these thoughts are crammed into your head you come to the final realization that you love him too.

You don’t say anything to him but with a sudden rush of confidence you cup his face and gently lift his gaze to yours before pressing your lips to his, gently at first but as he eases into it it becomes more passionate. He leans back letting you fall down on top of him.

“Thank you,” he murmurs as his hands slide down your body and gently grip your ass, pulling you to straddle his waist.

“My pleasure,” you reply, rocking your hips against his teasingly.

He groans softly sending vibrations through your body, his touch leading a trail of goosebumps. Your fingers tangle into his hair as your feel him harden beneath you, only increasing your arousal with the situation.

“Maybe want to move this to the bedroom,” he suggest shyly parting your lips briefly letting you look into his gorgeous hazel eyes.

You nod and, just as you are about to stand he grabs onto your legs and lifts you so he’s carrying you to his room. He lies you down on the duvet of his bed in his all too familiar room and tugs your trousers off your legs. His large hands slide under your shirt and then pulls it over your head. His lips find your neck and he kisses down your body, his hands removing your bra.

“You’re so fucking beautiful,” he mumbles against your skin.

You smile and somehow manage to get him out of his sweatpants so you can see his hard on restrained by his boxers. You slip a hand under the waistband of his boxers and, slowly, pump his member as he lets throaty groan slip past his lips which he muffles by burying his face into the crook of your neck. Getting impatient he pulls off his boxers and decides to tease you a little by rubbing his crotch against yours to create some much needed friction. This time it’s you that’s moaning and your moan seems to turn him on even more because he then pulls off the last item of clothing that separates you two.

He gently pecks your lips over and over again managing to get out the words, “Are you sure you want to do this?” between kisses.

“Fuck yes,” you kiss him with more passion and force.

He lifts his head and lines him self up with your entrance before pushing himself into you letting you adjust to his size inch by inch.

“Holy shit, [Y/N],” he breathes letting a wave of profanities fall past his lips.

“Ashton,” you groan arching your back. “Faster”

“Anything for you baby girl,” he pants.

He kisses your forehead placing a hand either side of your head and quickening his pace. Ashton’s eyes squeeze shut and his breathing becomes fast.

Feeling bold you place your lips right next to Ashton’s ear and whisper in a seductive tone, “Are you close, baby?”

“Holy fuck,” his voice is a mere breath of air. “Yes, so close”

Hearing those words makes you tense slightly around him and he, once more, muffles a loud groan in your neck.

“Are you gonna come for me babe,” you smirk, kissing just under his ear.

That’s enough to push him over the edge and you feel him climax inside you.

“Now it’s you’re turn baby,” he pants, his fingers finding your clit.

It doesn’t take long for him to push you over the edge as your nails dig into his shoulders and you practically scream his name.

“I love you,” he smiles, his eyes half closed since he’s now exhausted.

“I love you too”


Masterlist // Request

Father's Worst Nightmare [Ashton]


Pairing: Ashton


Word Count: 905

Rating: PG-13

Father’s Worst Nightmare: Ashton Imagine

[Aria is the daughter’s name - you can imagine another name if you like]

[Ashton’s Pov]

I was sitting on the couch with Aria, we were watching some show she wanted to watch.

My phone began to ring, Aria raised her eyebrows “Who’s calling you at this hour of the night?”

I shrugged my shoulders, pulling my phone out of pocket.

I smiled as it read Y/N’s name, “It’s your mum.”

 “Hey baby, how’s the business trip going?”

Y/N answered yawning “It’s been good, but tiring. How’s it going at home? I hope the house hasn’t burnt down yet.”

I laughed “Everything’s good, the house hasn’t burnt down for your information.”

She laughed “I’m glad. How’s Aria?”

“Here I’ll put the phone on loudspeaker.”

Aria grinned “Hi mum!”

“Hey sweetie, how are you?”

“I’m good, when are you coming home mum? All dad makes is chicken and broccoli.”

Y/N laughed “I should be home in two days. He only makes that because that’s the only thing he knows how to make. If he makes it again, there’s frozen pizza in the freezer.”

I rolled my eyes, smiling “I’m trying to give our daughter a healthier option Y/N.”

“By cooking the same thing for over a week? That’s boring Ash.” Y/N said with a giggle.

“See dad! Even mum agrees with me. What flavour pizza is it mum?” Aria asked.

“Pepperoni, your favourite. Is it okay if I talk to your dad for a bit sweetie?”

Aria nodded “Okay, bye mum I love you.”

“I love you too Aria.”

I took my phone off loud speaker, walking into the next room “Me again.”

Y/N told me “I forgot to tell you, Aria has an appointment with the gynecologist tomorrow.”

“And when were you planning on telling me this?”

“I’m sorry Ash, I thought I was going to be home for it.”

I sighed “Out of all days, you had to make the appointment tomorrow. Can’t you reschedule it so you’re the one going with her?”

“This gynecologist is really good. She’s one of Australia’s best. We’d have to wait another year for me to go with her, she’s already booked for the rest of this year.”

“Do you know how awkward this is going to be for me?” I pouted.

Y/N laughed “You’re pouting right now aren’t you?  It’s not like you’re going in with her, you’re just taking her.”

I sighed in relief “Thank god.”

She giggled “Okay babe, I need to go. I’ve got a big day tomorrow.”

“Good night baby, I love you.”

“I love you too Ash. Have fun tomorrow.”

I rolled my eyes “I’m sure I’ll have a ball.”


My arm was slung around Aria’s shoulder as we walked into reception “Hi, my daughter has an appointment today?”

The receptionist asked “Aria Irwin is it?”

I nodded “Yep, that’s right.”

The receptionist pointed over to the chairs “Okay, have a seat. Dr Kennedy shouldn’t be too long.”

We took a seat I asked Aria “Excited for your first gynecologist appointment?”

Aria looked at her feet “The exact opposite actually, I feel really nervous.”

I kissed the top of her head “That’s normal sweetie.”

She looked up at me, her eyes watering “Do you think you can come in with me dad?”

I sighed, She pleaded “Please dad?”

I gave in “Okay, I’ll go in with you.”

So much for not having to go in with her.

“Miss Aria Irwin?”

I patted Aria’s back “That’s you kiddo, let’s go and get this over and done with.”

Aria sighed, she held my hand as we followed the gynecologist into the office.

The gynecologist told us to have a seat.

She shook my hand “You must be Mr Irwin. I was expecting your wife but that’s okay.”

“Sorry about that, she had to go away for business unexpectedly.”

The gynecologist nodded “That’s fine. So Aria, how are you feeling today?”

Aria answered honestly “A bit nervous actually.”

Dr Kennedy smiled “That’s okay; it’s your first time coming here so that’s completely understandable. I’m going to get one of the awkward questions out of the way before we start? Have you had any sexual intercourse Aria?”

My eyes widened “She has never had sex.” I looked over to Aria “Wait, have you had sex?”

Aria shook her head “Dad, I’m only thirteen. Of course I haven’t.”

I sighed in relief, “Good.”


When we arrived home, a familiar car was parked in the driveway.

When I unlocked the door, Aria raced into the house yelling “Mum!”

I walked into the living room, to see Aria hugging Y/N “Mum! You came home early! When did you come back?”

Y/N smiled “Half an hour ago, we were successful in the meeting today so we were able to come home today. How was seeing the gynecologist sweetie?”

Aria giggled “It was okay I guess. Dad fainted at one stage.”

Y/N laughed “Did your dad have to go in with you?”

Aria nodded “Yeah. It was really funny!”

I rolled my eyes “Funny for you. You should of heard the questions the doctor was asking her!”

Y/N looked up at me “I know how descriptive the questions are Ash, my mum took me to see one when I was Aria’s age. Maybe since you have experience seeing a gynecologist you can take Aria for her next appointment.”

My eyes widened “Hell no, when you make the next appointment make sure you’re home for it.”

Y/N laughed “I’m only teasing. Oh and Aria, we’re having pizza tonight. I’m sure you’re sick of eating broccoli and chicken.”

Aria grinned “Thank god.”

[i know i’ve posted this before, but that was when i first started this account - it’s been edited grammatically and sounds a bit more better x]

Preference #2: The moment he knows he's in love with you

*All his P.O.V*

Ashton: Y/N and I were visiting my family while I was on a break from touring, this was the first time I was seeing my family since I had started touring, so I was excited to see them. But once I got there my siblings barely paid any attention to me and started pestering Y/N to go out the back and play with them. Y/N quickly agreed and ran outside and started messing around with them. My mum and I stayed at the kitchen window watching them, Y/N connected with them so well. I couldn’t help but smile. “What is it Ash?” my mum asked. “Nothing, it’s just I’ve realized that I am hopelessly in love with Y/N.”

Luke: Y/N had the wonderful idea of going to Starbucks. It was just what I needed and it was a Sunday morning so it wouldn’t be too busy. I went up and ordered my usual and Y/N’s usual Earl Grey Tea. I set them both down on the table and went off to get napkins. I turned around to ask Y/N if she needed anything else but I couldn’t get the words out, because as soon as I turned around Y/N picked up her tea and let the mug spill all over herself. I couldn’t contain my laughter, she was so clumsy. She just sat there, not saying anything, but being the dork she is, she just continued to drink her tea. As if she didn’t just spill it all over herself. But in that moment I knew, I was in love with her. I don’t care if she’s a big, clumsy dork. She was my big clumsy dork.

Michael: I woke up to an empty bed, usually Y/N was a heavy sleeper like me, and slept in really late. But this morning she wasn’t there. I got up to try and find her, but stopped when I heard music coming from the kitchen. I stopped about halfway through the stairs and laughed to myself. Only Y/N would get up early on a  Saturday morning so she could dance around the kitchen. I walked into the kitchen to be met with the sight of Y/N in my t-shirt and underwear dancing around to Still Into You by Paramore. “Hey, may I ask what you are doing on this fine Saturday morning?” I asked her chuckling at her dance moves.“Well I read somewhere impromptu dance breaks are good for your health!” she cried out over the music. “Come join me, it’s good for you!” I couldn’t help but laugh at her, she was absolutely perfect and I was in love with her.

Calum: Y/N and I were going to a Sleeping With Sirens concert together in her hometown, they were one of her favourite bands. Minus all the annoying Kellin fangirls the night was going pretty good. Later on into the night they started playing the acoustic version on Audrey Hepburn & James Dean. I knew this was Y'N’s favourite song. We spent many a Saturday night making out to this song, because according to Y/N it was the most romantic song ever. I could here Y/N squealing beside me. I grabbed her waist and started to sing along. But I stopped and looked at Y/N, she looked so happy, she had a huge smile plastered on her face and she was singing the words perfectly. I had never seen her look so at peace with everything, it was as if she had forgotten about everything and everyone else and just focused on the song and it’s lyrics. Maybe Y/N was right about it being a romantic song because it made me realize how much in love I was with Y/N.

A/N: Hope you liked it, I threw in a couple of my own little quirks into this like the ordering earl grey tea in starbucks (all my friends tease me) and the James Dean and Audrey Hepburn song was my favourite song for ages haha so you got a few facts about me in this! Feedback is welcome xx