ash watches once


My brother uploaded this to youtube a long time ago. This is an actual unedited clip.

He’s not feeling himself today.

Cute Moments With Your Baby - Preference

notes:this was requested a looonnggg time ago, sorry:)

Luke: Your son, now about 11 months old, hadn’t really had any time with Luke because of Luke’s tour schedule with the boys. Your son hadn’t really left you sight so the minute Luke came back he wanted to spend some real time with his baby. When you came back all the boys were there jamming out to the radio with your son.

Ashton: Both you and Ash were pretty good ice skaters and had had multiple dates at the rink. When you had your baby you had to it on the bench and watch Ash. Once you had you first child, Ash and you decided to have another right away. Once your first child could walk Ashton took him out to the ice. You sat on the side lines video taping the beautiful sight of them skating.

Calum: Cals favourite job with helping with your daughter was cleaning her up. Your daughter splashed in the water covering everything in suds, including Calum. She’d put bubbles on cal’s face like a beard and mustache. Your daughter would always kiss Cals cheek and thank him for helping her politely.

Michael: You always thought that maybe a child would make mikey gain at least a bit of maturity when you had your first child, but you were wrong. Michael did everything the same, and your kid starting following his foot steps too.


Ash Watches Once - 3x05 "Good Form"

You can not possibly understand the feels I am feeling about Emma supporting Regina’s heart ripping. OMG and Lana’s little expressions and movements, rolling up the sleeve, and that smirk. The woman is killing me.

Snow, stop being a stupid fucking bitch. “The line between what Regina is willing to do, and what you are.” You hypocritical fucking bitch. Go take a good long hard fucking look in the mirror.

Back to flailing over Regina. Yes, this wonderful woman carries a compact in the jungle with her, and yes, she just ripped it apart to speak to and see her son with it. God my feels. Can Regina and Emma just team up and say screw the rest? They are the two most successful, let’s be honest.

Ugh…and what is the price going to be for using that spring water to save Charming?

OMG…did Henry just…did he just draw the mansion in the dirt…the mansion his home? What are these feelings? Gosh it hurts, but in such a nice way. He still feels something for Regina. Yes…I’m saying it’s the mansion because Snow has an apartment. Let me have this moment/dream.

Snow…get your head out of the mirror so his two mothers can actually be seen. *flails* Emma no renaming the rescue mission! It is Operation Henry. That is my forever name for it. It was Regina’s idea to name it in the first place. Do not disrespect your future wife by renaming her missions!