ash ward


A little jar to, hopefully, keep these next couple months from descending to complete shit.
Chaos Keep-Away Jar
Pebbles (a filter)
Chili powder (a burn, a boost)
Salt (cleansing)
Epsom salt (a salt that personally connects more to cleanliness and health than table salt)
Rubbed sage (cleansing)
Lavender (cleansing, warding)
Ashes (from incense burnt while cleansing my space)
Black pepper (a burn, a boost, but mostly an annoyance)
Sugar (to attract negativity like flies)
Pins (to hold it in)
Citrine (luck)
And two charms shaped like people, one for me and one for my fiancée
I layered pebbles with the spices/salts. You can’t see the layers well but it’s one layer of pebbles at the bottom, then spices, pebbles, and spices. On top is a layer of sugar. Then I alternated citrine with pins. On the very top is the charms and then everything is sprayed with a lavender spray.
For the charms, I had each of us hold one until it was warm. I had my fiancée tell hers that it was a part of her, but that this was a part meant to remain away. It was separate, a trap (she’s not a witch). I did the same but in a witchy way. These are going to act as vinegar and oil, a trap for fruit flies and nuisances. Anything that wants into our lives will be filtered through this and hopefully it will keep any more bullshit from infecting my day-to-day.
I’m leaving this in the very center of the apartment.

🌸 Lunefrog’s Witchcraft Masterpost 🌸

These posts are from reblogs on my main blog, because for some reason whenever i linked them back to the original blog they either didn’t work or the posts were unavailable. There’s so many. please enjoy


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