ash u did this to me


(haven’t actually had reaction fan art for this episode yet, because i had work and had to prep for an art convention after the episode aired!) 

Anyways, speaking on a Pokeshipping perspective here (it’s been years so please just give me this) I loved the endless teasing Misty did on Ash throughout the whole episode!! we didn’t get a lot of that in the past reunion episodes so this was so great 💕 wow so much new content thanks god and jesus ( ; u ; )

@ahshesgone‘s latest drawing made me gush and fangirl so hard and sooo much that I got Ash into having an art trade with me!!! :DDD *throws confetti around* I’m so happy and soooo insecure that I messed this up sob

Ash requested a pencil drawing from me with Soul and Maka being domestic… and I pimped it a bit with digital colors to not have it too dirty and dull… I hope you like it Ash! ;u; ♥


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what if both harry's parents are dead so when harry asked eggsy if he wants to meet his parents, he was half expecting eggsy to tell him something about how his parents are just ashes when they got to cemetery but eggsy doesnt what he did, though, is sit like a gentleman in front of harry's parents' grave and say, "good day mr and mrs hart i'm gary but call me eggsy." deep breathes "and im in love with your son" and harry falls in love with eggsy all over again

I don’t know if you’re always the same anon, but I’m loving this.

Please. Harry really wanting to take Eggsy to the cemetery, because it’s important to him and he always goes there to talk to his parents whenever he’s got the time and he loves Eggsy dearly, so it’s just something he’s got to do, ok?

He half expect Eggsy to laugh at him and tell him: “What the hell are we even doing here, Harry?”

But Eggsy doesn’t. He looks a bit nervous, as if he’s actually meeting Harry’s parents, for real. He takes the wilted flowers and fixes the new ones they’ve brought and then sit in front of the two tombstones and introduces himself. Because he knows how important it is for Harry and all he ever wants is to make him happy. So he hopes Harry’s parents are ok with him being Harry’s partner and he promises to take care of him, always.

And if Harry tears up a bit, well there’s no one to see except for Eggsy and that’s ok.


Words: 2.5K

Warning: real kinky shit soz😘


  • Really really dom cal/ash threesome where they’re your daddies and punish you but then cute aftercare and PLEASE I NEED THIS 
  • Could you please do a threesome 5sos smut with ashton calum and the reader? The one u did with reader cal and Mikey was amazing!!! You are an amazing writer omfg!!!!

“We’ve got to get you ready baby” Calum mumbled against my lips. “Ashton will be home soon and he’s not in a good mood princess so you need to cheer him up”

“Why’s daddy Ash in a bad mood” I sighed. Calum’s hands slid down my waist as he nestled his head into my neck looking into the mirror. 

“He got told off at work, he was so pissed princess” 

“Is he going to punish me?” I whispered.

“Of course princess” Calum smirked, kissing lightly over my neck. This is how most Monday’s go. Calum would be home early from recording in the studio and Ashton would be pissed. You were there princess which meant each monday you had to pre-pare for them to come home. You honestly don’t remember how it started but you adored both men. They were both your daddy’s, Ash being the more kinky rough and Calum being more love rough. 

Calum had you in his and Ashton’s shared apartment and you were in Calum’s room. You were stood in black lace underwear with stockings. Calum had picked it out for today’s activities and to be honest the black lace was my favourite. Calum reached down for the cat ears and placed them on my head. I walked over to Calum’s dresser which had my make-up bag on it. I tend to stay here a lot, I practically live with them. I grabbed the pencil eyeliner and walked back over to the mirror. Cal was sat on the bed twirling around the black tail butt plug. I undid the lid of the eyeliner and flung my hair off my cheek. I drew three lines across my cheek giving me a wisker effect and did the same to my other cheek. I placed the eyeliner down and turned to look at Cal. The fur of the tail sliding around his fingers and he smirked at me. 

“C’mere baby girl, bring the lube” I grabbed the strawberry flavoured lube and walked over to Cal. I placed the lube on the bed and bent over Calum’s lap. He ran his fingers up my back, over my ass and he pulled my panties to the side. He poped open the lube and squirted some onto the butt plug, some of it dripping over my ass. He made sure the plug was covered in lube before sliding it down my ass crack, lathering it in the lube that had dripped. The tip of the plug, circled around my hole and Calum gently pushed it into me. I let out a hiss and clutched Calum’s jeans. 

“Atta girl” he said, sliding it in all the way. He gave a slap to my ass and pulled me up. I looked in the mirror and twirled around. I wiggled my ass and watched the tail sway. I let out a giggle and looked back at Calum who was staring at my ass.

“Daddy” I whined. Calum looked up at me and smirked. God he looked so good with his drop dead t-shirt and his black jeans. I walked over to him and he leant back onto the bed. I climbed onto his waist, my groin pressed against his crotch and stroked my hands up his arms. His beautiful massive arms, one covered in the most amazing art and the other just pure naked, just how I liked Calum overall. I tucked my hands under his t-shirt and stroked up his beautiful brown body. Calum didn’t have a six pack or anything like that, but the small tummy he had was such a turn on. I leant forward and kissed Calum’s collar bones.

“Baby, if Ashton walks in on this he’s not going to be happy” Calum whined, but stroking over my back. 

“So?” I smirked. I kissed up his body and he gave me a warning look. He licked over his lips as I got to his chin, kissing over it. His puppy brown eyes were watching my every move as I moved my lips towards his.

“You’re going to be in so much trouble” he whispered tilting his head to the side. His lips brushing against mine, instantly I felt myself getting wet. Not only by Calum’s words but I knew I’d be getting in trouble with Ashton. 

“I don’t care” I smiled, I sucked onto his bottom lip as his eyes bore into mine. The brown eyes almost a black colour. I licked over his lip and pulled onto it a few times. My hands were on his waist and I grinded onto him. He let out a growl, one of his hands that rested on the bed coming to my face and pushing me off him. He closed his eyes, licking over my open lips and entering his tongue into my mouth. I sucked onto it and he run his tongue over my teeth. He took his tongue out of my mouth and he kissed me. I looked up at him and he kissed me again smiling. I heard a cough come from the door and I turned my head. Ashton was stood at the door with his arm’s folded and glaring at me.

“Sorry am I interrupting something?” he growled, I quickly climbed off of Calum’s lap and stroked my hair down.

“I warned her” Calum said eyeing me down. I shot him a glare as he stood up. Ashton walked over to me, but I took a step back. The pattern followed until my back hit the wall. Ashton smirked and my breath hitched in my throat. He stood in front of me and slammed his hand against the wall next to me. 

“Don’t you fucking listen to Calum now sweetheart?” He groaned

“Of course I do” I smiled innocently

“Fucking liar” Calum spat and smiled at me wickedly. I shot a glare in his direction and Ashton’s face came closer to mine. He bit my jaw, I held onto my breath as his long fingers came up around my neck. He lightly tapped his fingers and his hand tightened. I felt his tongue poke out of his lips and he dragged it across my jaw. I reached down tugging on his shirt and lifting it over his head. My body shivered and Ashton’s other hand came down to my lace core. I stroked down Ashton’s chest and grabbed his bulge. 

“Such a naughty girl” Ashton growled against my neck. Ashton’s hands tore my lace panties in half and threw them either side. I let out a gasp as he pushed my hips into the wall the butt plug pushing further into my ass. I let out a wince and Ashton fake pouted at me. 

“Did that hurt baby?” Ashton pouted. I folded my arms against my chest and furrowed my eyebrows at him. He laughed and pushed me on the bed. I sat on the end of the bed as both boys took of there trousers. I reached around, pushing the butt plug that was slipping out back in, biting my lip. I looked back up and the boys were stood closer and there hips pressed together as there covered boners were in my face. I reached both my hands forward stroking over there bulges and licked my lips.

“Do you want our cocks princess?” Calum teased, running his finger through my hair. I nodded, squeezing there bulges and fluttering my eyelashes at them.

“Use your words”

“Yes daddy, I want your cocks” I moaned. Both men slipped there fingers under the waistband of there boxers and slid them down slowly. I didn’t know where to look because I was so close. I shuffled back and took in the sight. Boxers dropped to the floor and both dicks slapped up against there tummy’s. I swallowed thickly as Calum climbed on the bed. I leant back as he crawled next to me, sitting down stroking down my sides. Ashton came and sat the other side of me. 

“Take our cocks baby” Ashton husked out. I spun myself around, so I was facing them. I stroked my hand up both of there thighs and bit my lip. I spat onto the palm of my hands and rubbed them together. I first took Ashton’s cock into my hand giving it a pump before grasping Calum’s. I shuffled forward a bit so that I was equally in the middle jerking them off. They both let out grunts as I pulled equally on there cocks. I swiped the tip of there cocks, Calum’s letting out a small dribble of pre-cum. I took my thumb in my mouth, licking over Calum’s cum and staring into Calum’s brown eyes. The corners of his mouth curved up into a smile and I shut my eyes moaning. 

“Suck my cock princess” Ashton growled. I shook my head at Ashton and he furrowed his eyebrows and looked shocked as I bent towards Calum’s cock. I licked over Calum tip and smirked at Ashton. Calum let out a chuckle and I looked up at him. He was mouthing words to Ashton, who was not happy with me sucking on Calum’s cock, he roughly pulled onto my hair and I fell off the bed with Ashton catching me. He sat on the bed and bent me over his knee roughly.

“You fucking bad bad girl” Ashton hoarsely said. I giggled and Ashton’s hand came down onto my ass. I let out a moan and squeezed Ashton’s thigh.

“I want you too count pretty girl” Ashton grumbled. His hand came onto my other cheek, his fingers tapped against my ass as he waited for me to count.

“Two” I squeaked out as he stroked over my ass soothingly. I felt a small burning sensation but kept counting every time his hand slapped down. He spanked me a few more times and each time I let out a moan of a number. Each time the spanks got more harder with Ashton’s large hand covering the space of my ass. 

“Nine” I whimpered out, a pool of wetness dripping down my leg and onto Ashton’s thigh. I felt another presences behind me as Calum had the last spank, hitting me so hard my ass cheek bounce like jelly and it stung like a bitch.

“Ten” I whispered getting off Ashton’s lap and clutching my ass. Ashton stroked over it and bit down on my hip as I rested into him. I giggled as Ashton strict demand was slowly fading as his cock was leaking and he stroked over my back.

“You’re such a good girl taking them spankings Y/N.” Calum grinned, he walked over to me and placed his hands either side of my face and pulled me in for a kiss. I moaned onto his chapped lips as Ashton played with my tail. I stroked over Calum’s chest and wrapped my arms around his neck. I sucked onto his lip as Ashton thrusted the buttplug in and out of me. Ashton ran his fingers over my back and unclipped my bra. I dropped my arms from Calum’s neck and the bra fell off my arms. 

Calum lightly pushed me back onto the bed and I fell back with him, he had his tongue in my mouth as he sucked down on my lip. I crawled up the bed with him and threaded my hands through his hair. I felt his dick slide against my pussy as he hovered over me. My body shivered and I pushed my hip up into his beautiful long cock. He let out a laugh and wet my lips licking over them and leaving a trail of salvia as he pushed his head up.

“How do you want it princess?” he said whilst licking over his lips. I ran my thumb over his lips and he sucked onto it.

“Hands and knees, daddy” I moaned as his tongue licked up my thumb. 

“Dirty girl” Cal whispered pulling me up and flipping me over. Ashton came up in front of me as I looked up at him. I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue he tapped his cock onto my tongue and licked the corner of his mouth. I felt Calum move my tail buttplug against my ass, resting it on my back. I sucked onto Ashton’s tip as they both roughly thrusted into me. I let out a choke around Ashton’s cock as he held my head. 

“Take it Y/N” Ash growled. I sucked onto Ashton’s thick cock as Calum started moving inside my pussy. I moaned around Ashton’s cock feeling Calum’s long smooth rub against my walls. Ashton pushed further down my throat and I coughed around him. He pulled out, a string of salvia attached to his cock, I gave a deep inhale and rested my head on his happy trail for a second whilst Calum moved inside me.

“You like my cock pounding into you Y/N?” Calum questioned. I whined pushing back onto him and licking over Ashton’s cock. Calum’s hand came slamming down on my ass and jolted forward head butting ashton’s lower abdomen. The sharp sting went through my body, I kissed over Ashton’s dick, trig to relive some of that tension. He grabbed a hold of his dick and slid it into my mouth and rotated his hips, lifting one of his legs so that one of his feet were flat against the bed. I swallowed around him feeling his pre-cum dribble down my chin. 

“Such a pretty toy for us to use” Ashton moaned. I clawed at his thighs as he let out several groans, I could tell he was close because his groans were getting more frequent and louder. I also felt his cock throb inside my mouth. I started deep throating him the tip of his cock hitting the back of my throat.

“I’m gonna- ohh” he moaned. Hot spurt of cum were realised down my throat and I swallowed it up tasting the salty flavour. Ashton pulled out of me and ran his fingers through my hair. I grinded back on Calum feeling my pussy quiver. 

“Fuck” I whimpered, sliding up and down Calum’s wet dick. Calum reached underneath me rubbing my clit in his fingers. I threw my head back and Calum smacked my ass. I rocked up and down onto Calum and I felt myself cum undone.

“Cum for your daddies Kitten” Ashton smirked. Calum relentlessly pounded into me and my pussy clenched around his dick as I came. I shut my eyes and fell forward into Ashton’s hands that were keeping me upright. My pussy shook and I whined out, Calum didn’t stop thrusting and my pussy was overly sensitive.

“Shit” I moaned into his hands. Ashton pulled my face up and kissed my lips as I moaned into his. Calum clutched my hips and roughly brought mine to his as he came inside me, his hips shaking. I pulled up and Calum’s dick slid out of me and kissed Ashton. 

“Lets get this make-up off of ya” Ashton smiled, grabbing my make-up wipes from the side.He pulled one out the packet and wiped it over my eyes and cheeks. The coldness making me cool down from how sweaty I actually was. I turned round on the bed and laid down, pushing my hair out of my face and Calum and Ashton laid down next to me. 

“You’re such a good Kitten Y/N” 

i keep holding on
to these memories,
something like
a dependable
ache centered in
my chest. in every
poem, you are the
fish hook digging
into my throat, the
wildfire turning
my branches to
ash. i never
meant it. these words
come easier than
apologies ever did.
this is not to say
that i want you
back. only that
you stripped bare
my heart, only that
this was not a wound.
i understand now that
there are things
you cannot heal from
without bleeding
i’m sorry. you
never burned me,
and all the poems
that say otherwise
are lies.
—  does this make sense anymore? || a.s.w.

D. I. A.N.A W. R. A. Y. B. U. R. N


Here he is! Bunny!Yugi from @jujuoh‘s Yugioh Animal Crossing crossover! Wanted some modelling/animation practice, but unfortunately Maya wasn’t agreeing with me, so I just did some light pose work instead! >u<b (sorry for the quality drop in the gif, had to film it in Unity because Maya is fussy ehh. Also I forgot his tail shame me). Atem will be up next, hopefully with a better rig! :D

sunrise is delayed & my heart stays caught in a heartbeat.
                                                                                    wanna know why?
because grey has become my favourite colour
& i don’t want this morning
explosion of sunshine in the sky
& don’t go on thinking it’s all because of your eyes,
because it’s not
just that.

when you took off that night,
the fire went out with you,
& i was left with the ashes only.
i dipped my hands into them,
& they warmed me up more than you ever did. 

in the dead of night, cold,
sharp stones hurt my bare feet,
but the stains of blood i left behind
brought me back home.
while with you i was always lost. 

the sky was filled with stormy clouds
& i swear that, when they bursted out,
all good memories i had of you got washed out. 

you know the dust that takes up residence
in all abandoned houses?
well, you abandoned me, and now
it also lives on my skin.
but i’ve grown to like it. 

do you remember the wan statues in the garden,
we always used to invent stories about them.
turns out, they never liked any of yours.
because your happy endings never were genuine,
or happy at all. 

& i can feel morning tickling my nose,
but i don’t want this early mist to go away.
i want to fade away to become one with the fog

the dew gathered on the grass is sewing up my wounds
&, when it’s almost dawn, silver mother-of-pearl
reminds me not to drown. 

because if decay might look poetic, it only means        something’s dead.

you know how much i used to lose myself
in the grey of your eyes.
but in greyness
i now find all the more reason not to even look at you        anymore.
& that feels so good
that feels a little bit like
                                           l i v i n g .

— the greyness of your eyes left something grey around my heart // alb

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for the ask thing: N Harmonia

  • do I like them: did you mean LIGHT OF MY LIFE?? my darling?? my sun, moon, and stars.
  • 5 good qualities: has good intentions, innocent, strong-willed, loyal, and independent.   
  • 3 bad qualities: n has no bad qualities (jk he’s very naive, selfish, and a loner but that’s bc of ghetsis ffs)
  • favourite episode/etc: that one episode where he made ash row that boat for him even tho he’s a grown man good stuff
  • otp: if u follow me u KNO it’s n/touko 
  • brotp: n/touko
  • ot3: n/touko/happiness
  • notp: none really?? idk who else he’s shipped w so 
  • best quote: “Two heroes living at the same time— one that pursues truth. And one that pursues ideals. Could…could they both be right? I don’t know. It’s not by rejecting different ideas, but by accepting different ideas that the world creates a chemical reaction. This is truly the formula for changing the world.” deep, man
  • head canon: after leaving after touko/touya defeats ghetsis, he’ll occasionally send them a postcard with a picture of a different place on it. he doesn’t sign it, but they just know it’s from him. all he writes on it is “we’ll meet again soon, dear friend”.
All: Vampire 5sos

Request: I’d like an imagine where all of the boys are vampires and their ‘pray’ is the fans and once the fans were bitten they become part of the gang

“Listen guys, I hate to be the stereotypical vampire but being outside is burning my skin and I don’t want to die before the after party of our first show” Michael complained. 

“Do I look okay because I can’t see myself in a mirror and I don’t want look like death.” Luke said laughing slightly. 

“I can’t believe you have just said that Luke. You actually are as funny as garlic.” Calum replied. 

“Jesus Christ will you guys stop. Come on I want to get ready before the after party. Calum are you coming?” Ash complained. 

“Yeah. In a minute.” He said staring down the alley at the girl on the phone.  

“Whatever. Just don’t do anything stupid. And stay away from any vampire hunters.” Ash said before walking away with Michael and Luke following. 

“Are you okay?” He said down the alley. The girl turned and looked scared for a moment before she saw who it was and smiled a bit. 

“Oh yeah I’m fine. I’m just waiting for my friend to pick me up.” She said while walking towards the familiar face. 

Okay. Did you enjoy the show?” 

Yeah. It was really good. I really enjoyed it. You were great.” She said excitedly. 

“Aw, I’m glad you enjoyed it. I hope you don’t mind me saying but you are really pretty.” Calum said nervously. 

“M-e-e.” She stuttered. 

“Yeah, you. Who else would I be talking to?” Calum laughed and she laughed with him. “What’s your name?” 

“Y/n.” She replied. 

“That’s a very pretty name for a very pretty girl.” 

“Thanks.” She blushed. She turned around to look behind her to see if she could see her friend anywhere, when Calum looked at her exposed neck. It just looked so good to bite, and even though he swore he wouldn’t turn anymore fans he was just so hungry and he hadn’t eaten in three days and he thought Y/n wouldn’t mind once she got used to it. So he saw his opportunity and took it. He grabbed Y/n and pulled her towards him before sinking his fangs into her neck. She screamed before going quiet and falling to the floor. 

Hearing the scream made Luke, Ash and Michael all run out of the building to see the lifeless for on the floor and a guilty looking Calum stood above her. 

“Jesus Christ Calum, what did you do that for?” Luke said standing above the lifeless body on the ground. 

“I don’t know. I was hungry, she was there and she looked very pretty.” 

“Hey, guys what’s going on. WOAH. Okay what happened to Y/n. Why is she dead on the floor.” Ash said.

“I think it’s pretty obvious that Calum bit her and now she is dead and now she is going to turn.” Michael stated. 

“Hey, how did you know that it was me.” 

“Because you were the only one out here and you are the only one looking suspicious.” Luke said angrily. 

“What the fuck are we going to do. We can’t leave her here, but we can’t take her with us as it’s going to look a bit suspicious four men carrying a passed out girl onto a tour bus.” Ash said. 

“Listen we are going to have to cancel the after party. Say that Calum got sick because he drank too much. One of u picks the girl up, the rest will be look outs, then we carry her onto the bus and we sort it out from there. Maybe wait until she wakes up and then we can fix it.” Michael said, looking worried. 

“Okay. I will pick her up the rest of you look out. Only problem is you can’t fix being a vampire so I don’t know what we are going to do when she wakes up, but oh well.” Said Ash. 

“Sorry.” Calum whispered. 

“Bit too late for that mate.” Luke said before they split up into different directions. 


They lay Y/n down on the sofa on the tour bus and nervously waited for her to wake up. Calum was pacing up and down, Michael was making tea in the hopes of calming people down and Luke and Ash were googling how to stop becoming a vampire, even though they already knew the answer. 

“WHAT THE FUCK.” They heard a female voice shout, before all turning their heads to see Y/n sitting up on the sofa, holding her neck and looking pissed. 

“Erm, we can explain.” Calum said nervously scratching the back of his head. 

Aaaaa sorry for being inactive guys, my art class just got our themes for our GCSE’s and EVERYTHING. IS. STRESSY. Anything we produce from now on will go into our ‘portfolio’ and contribute towards our final GCSE grade (for non English people, GCSE’s are basically horrible tests at the end of high school that can potentially make/break your future career (or at least that’s what my teachers say)).

So yup, it’s a little hectic at the moment and I haven’t been able to get as much digital work done outside of school as I’d like - I would post some of the school work, but apparently there might be some legal issues with that due to it being assessed and stuff, so unless I manage to sneak some pictures I can’t post that either. I’ve done a few doodles when relaxing, but I’m probably not going to post them as (believe it or not) I’m also attempting to keep up a high standard of content on here. Needless to say I’m a little low on post fuel at the moment, and it’ll probably get worse over the period of one year from now. (AND THIS AIN’T EVEN INCLUDING MY OTHER SUBJECTS INTO THE MATTER!)

However, I’m not giving up and this blog is definitely not going to die, so don’t worry!!! Just please bear with this bathtub when there’s a few days silence, and I’ll do my best to stay determined for you guys; you’re all amazing people, and I don’t know what I’d be doing without all the support and motivation you give me! I’ll post what I HAVE managed to get done on a certain picture in a moment.
Bathtub out!

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you walk in on him jerking off

Holy shit this was like one if the first requests I ever got and I’ve been scared to answer it hahaha


I just got out from a long day at school and all I wanted to do was sleep but I had to go round to my best friend Michael’s house to drop of some work for him.

I let myself into his house as he gave me a key ages ago. I cluelessly walked up the stair to Michael’s room I was about to knock when I heard gruff moans. I turned around to leave thinking I mightn’t be interrupting him until something stopped me.

“Oh god. Y/N that feels so good”

Oh my god. I laughed quietly was Michael wanking while thinking of me?

I decided to walk straight into his room.

I looked to see him sitting back on his bed his head thrown back in pleasure as his hand moved in swift movements up and down his hard shaft. His tongue was poking out and he was a moaning mess. It was the hottest thing. I giggled causing his eyes to shoot open.

“Y/N” he smirked carrying on his movements while looking straight at me.

His body tensed and I could tell he was about to cum. I slowly stripped walking towards him and straddling him.

“So you think of me when you touch yourself” I smirked


“Oh god” I heard Luke’s deep moans coming from his bed room.

Is he cheating?

I stormed into the room shocking Luke as he stopped his action.

I threw my hand to my mouth as I held back a laugh.

He had been jerking himself off.

“Thank god for that” I sighed looking at a bright red flustered Luke.

“I’m so sorry Y/N I-I don’t think you’d been home so soon” he was so embarrassed bless him.

“It’s fine Luke. As long as you’re thinking of me” i winked before helping him finish off.


“Fuck Y/N…” I heard deep moans coming from the lounge. I had just popped into the kitchen to make some food when I heard Calum.

did he seriously think I wouldn’t hear him?

I walked back into the room seeing Calum in his state of pleasure. I bent over to change the DVD and heard him groan loud. I turned to give him a wink as he carried on his movement bitting his lip in a sexy manor.

God he was so hot.


“Shit” I heard Ashton say waking me up from my sleep. I opened my eyes to look next to me but he wasn’t there.

“Ash?” I asked “are you okay?” I called

“U-um give me a minu- oh god holy shit ugh” he moaned as I became confused.

“Ashton are you -” I started to laugh as I walked into the bathroom seeing him standing there moving his right hand up and down his length.

“Ashton! It’s like 6am you horny idiot” I laughed

“I’m sorry babe I couldn’t help my self it was your fault”

“How come?” I asked

“You were sleeping on top of me and kept moving and it wouldn’t go away” he said pointing down. “It was uncomfortable I had to do something!”

Spell for ending control

Specifically: ending the control a person has over another person. 

What You’ll Need:
- Poppets of some kind, can be paper with names written on them or dolls. Preferably something degradable and burnable.
- String
- Pen/marker/writing utensil
- Scissors
- Fire/something to burn a poppet in
- Trash

1. Any pre spell rituals you like to do, do them now.
2. Write the names of the people involved on to the papers/poppets. For example, I’m ending the control person A has on person B. As you write, say ‘this paper/poppet is A. This paper/poppet is B.’
3. Tie string around A, leave some length, then tie the other end around B. Say ‘this string is the control A has over B’
4. Take your scissors, cut the string (closer to B than to A), and say ‘I cut this string and break the control A has over B’
5. Take B, and set B on fire while saying ‘I cleanse B from control and they will rise from the ashes’ Feel free to tack on any other descriptors you like. I’m fond of ‘rise from the ashes like a phoenix’
6. Literally throw A away in the trash. The smellier and more rotten food trash is the best choice. When you throw A away, say ‘A’s control over B will rot in this trash’
7. Any closing rituals.

This actually worked really well for me. After I did this, the friend that I did this spell for had a huge break through in their healing process. Not to mention telling someone who hurt your friend to rot in the fucking trash is super therapeutic for yourself too.


more like, holy shit, how did this happen? i am here for a little over a week, and the fact that i reached such a milestone in so little time is unbelievable for me. i can not possibly express how thankful i am for all of you - for sticking around, for liking my interpretation, for following me in general. for being part of my squadfam i’m sorry. jokes aside, under the cut it is most likely going to get really sappy and long - and i just want you to know that you all are amazing in my eyes and i might admire you from far, but i love you as much as i love everyone here. thank you so much for this milestone. ♥ 

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anonymous asked:

Shay this is urgent!! What fob songs are about Peterick?? Thanks!

hmmm like off the top of my head???? god.

disclaimer: all of this is headcanons, none’s confirmed or real, okay. NOW

imo folie was the peterick album. bc, according to my peterick theory, that’s when everything fell apart. thus angst. so

disloyal order - pete literally said the line “what a match i’m half doomed and you’re semi-sweet” is abt patrick and him. additionally patrick said this was one of his two fuck you songs @ pete where he was just so mad at him he made it how he wanted to and completely disregarded all of petes input
i dont care - the other fuck you song. also, okay, this is a headcanon, but i like to think “take a chance, let your body get a tolerance, i’m not a chance, put a heat wave in your pants” is abt patrick not liking teh bootysex and pete bein like…yknow. but thats a headcanon.
27 - my fav fob song ever, i just like pretending “my body is an orphanage” = slutty patrick but yknow realistically, probs doesnt
headfirst slide = ALRIGHT SO in my long ass peterick theory that i will eventually post, i elaborate, but basically some reports abt pete&ashlees divorce claimed he was cheating on her with a guy and that same year patrick put out the i in lie which majorly alludes to having an affair with a man. this song is abt having an affair too, and how passionate patrick got while performing it leads me to believe he had some kinda personal connection to the lyrics (which are abt an affair, yeah) yknow. idk
shipped gold standard - “i wanna scream i love u from the top of my lungs but im afraid that someone else will hear me” that soooo screams peterick lmao
shes my winona - i just like pretending the daddy bit equals daddy kink peterick but yKNOW
what a catch - literally nonromantic fluffy but angsty peterick fic as a song. i mean. god.
coffees for closers - idk this one just gives me vibes, idk..same with pavlove. just. listen. ull hear.
americas suitehearts - “im in love with my own sins”. i mean.

thnks fr th mmrs - “he tastes like you only sweeter” i fuckin
saturday - “me and pete attack the lost astoria” “me and pete in the wake of saturday” what gays?!?!?!?!?
sugar - the lyric in the booklet says “wishing to be the friction in HIS jeans”. my joetrick headcanon comes into this but. uknow. jealous pete ftw eh?
fourth of july - i wrote an angst fic abt this song lmao. it’s so peterick it makes me cry every time i listen to it. like, legit. every single lyric. i loved it as soon as i heard it - instant top five fob song. that’s an impressive feat. mostly bc peterick.
ginasfs - consult ashby lmaoo
the kids arent alright - “in the end id do it all again i think ur my best friend…and in urs when it rains it pours” I THINK THIS IS PETERICK LIKE CLOSURE AND IT MAKE ME WANNA DIE. at my concert pete leaned into patrick twice during this song. he hasnt done that i years.
nobody puts baby in the corner - one of my fav songs but also i like to think “ill be ur best kept secret and ur biggest mistake” is pete @ patrick u feel..but i think the rest of the song is petes ex gf u feel. but that line is peterick, i liek to think.
jet pack blues - ties into my affair theory. “did u ever love her, do you know”. makes me cri everytime. i kno ppl dont talk abt ash lee anymore but i think she got hurt as bad as pete did and it make me sad regardless of if patrick was involved or not
dark alley - patrick regrets putting it on the record, pete does too, he says it’s way too personal and they’ve never done it live and they never will. also, the lyric “kisses on the necks of best friends” was originally “kisses on the necks of ‘just friends’”. i think thats significant seeing as. yknow. pete smackin wet ones on patricks cheek/neck all the time on stage. what went on in private?
twin skeletons - the last official show fob ever played before the hiatus was in madison square garden. 10/4/09. that’s in new york. they probs had a hotel. pete&patrick probs were in the same room. shit probs went down. ugh.