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Dozens dead after volcano erupts in Guatemala

The search for survivors from deadly eruptions of Guatemala’s Fuego volcano was temporarily suspended on Thursday due to dangerous conditions for rescue workers, as the death toll from the disaster reached 100, authorities said.

Residents should stay away from the still-dangerous area, said David de Leon, a spokesman for national disaster management agency CONRED.

The toll of dead from a series of eruptions that began on Sunday has been gradually rising and now stands at 100, police said.

Rescue teams have been searching frantically for survivors and victims in the lava-ravaged landscape. The violent eruptions showered volcanic ash over nearby towns and spewed pyroclastic flows throughout the area. (Reuters)

Photo credits: Luis Soto/AP, Fabricio Alonzo/Reuters, Santiago Billy/AP, Luis Soto/AP (3), Luis Echeverria/Reuters (2), Oliver de Ros/AP

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When you put all of them together in one pic like this, I just can’t help but think that the posing of candidates’ blushing portrait could afford more variations…

Like, we have 3 hand on head, 4 hands behind back, 3 standing normally and 2 clasping hands…The 3 hand on head boys standing in row made me laugh a bit tho.

Guess who just got rejected for not one, not two, but three jobs!

That’s right. All of the workplaces I applied to have officially turned me down.

Starbucks ran out of space, which I totally understand.

My local pool turned me down, as they were only accepting people who were certified to teach lessons. Again, I can’t help that, totally forgiveable.

But then… a small Halloween Store officially turned me down for being trans. Like, seriously? This is 20-heckin-17, people. They wanted me to use my birthname and wear the female uniform (which happens to be a form-fitting dress). So I told them no, and they immediately said there was no chance of having a trans worker in their crew. How messed up is that?

I dunno guys… I wish I could live off commissions but the income isn’t steady enough… If you get a chance, could you maybe take a look over on that page? I’m officially between jobs for who knows how long, and I hate being so desperate.

anonymous asked:

how did King and Devil meet for the first time? and what was their first impression?

Okay, I won’t go in too many details ‘cause I’ve been thinking about their first encounter for days now. I’ve think about it so much I could write a multiple chapter fanfic if I had the talent to do that. 

Basically I imagine the Devil trying to keep track of the casino alone, but he’s not the best: customers are left unsatisfied, employees don’t always receive their pay-checks, he struggles to arrive at the end of the month.. it’s a awful situation.

His employees try to tell him to hire someone qualified for taking care of the place ( since the Devil is also occupied at looking after Hell ), but he doesn’t budge: He’s the boss, he’s the Devil and he won’t submit to anyone.

That’s when Pirouletta steps in. She knows a guy *cough cough-King Dice-cough*  who helped revive a bar from the ashes down town. A place NO ONE would have bet their money on, and was supposed to be demolished soon.

So she calls this man and show him the not-too-great situation the casino is in.

King Dice decides to help ‘cause he’s a sucker for bets, and this one seems like the best he will ever have. 

The plan works just fine in the begging: the Devil doesn’t know there’s someone else doing the work for him and people start flooding in with KD’s new direction.

But all good things don’t last for long. The Devil eventually finds out because of Mr. Wheezy ( he makes a gaffe. Nothing against KD tho, he likes the kid ). 

So now we’re down to the confrontation…. the Devil steps into the casino, looking for this sleazy man who wants to take his casino away from him. 

He’s ready to fight, to kill… Until he sees him and oh man…. His brain and heart just melt:

Love at first sight.

He’s mesmerized by this man: he’s charming, good-looking, sweet-talking, etc.

He’s the whole package and he has to stay as close to him as possible. So he does the only intelligent think he can come up with: he hires him as the casino’s manager. Everybody is happy with this new change, especially the Devil.

It will takes some time before the two get together romantically. 

In the first few days people will talk, saying the Devil put a spell on KD to make him fall in love, but little do they know .. that on that day … of many years ago, they both felt a love arrow hitting them at the same moment

But hey, that’s just my headcanon  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯