ash thorpe

ashthorp: This concept piece for GITS was an earlier one in production that was a fun collaboration between @rupertmsanders and I. Rupert being an artist himself had drawn napkin sketches of buildings with enormous faces and things around them. I proposed the idea of massive koi drifting around them elevating the idea of an altered reality. A reality where the rules don’t apply and the things we once know have perished. It was really rewarding to see how far this concept made it into the film and marketing. I can remember seeing commercials and advertising for the film and this concept come to life moving in 3D. Pretty damn euphoric! Got to love those moments :). (This was made primarily in Photoshop with the aid of c4d)


A Sci-Fi Concept Short Film: “LOST BOY” - Directed by Ash Thorp & Anthon…

So, I never really though about the fact that a person has to sit down and come up with all of the interfaces for a futuristic film. That being said, this person definitely did a really beautiful job - my only concern is that the interfaces still have a general look of a picture behind glass. Although I haven’t seen these interfaces in action, they look like 2D panels projected into space, which makes them look like touch screens without… Well, the screens. It’s silly considering there’s a whole z-axis just begging to be used.

Is it sad that I want to see this movie just to stare at the interfaces, now?