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“Be the kind of woman, who, when your feet it the floor each morning, the devil says “crap, she’s up”

My gifset, credit me if you use it

This doodle could’ve been a lot larger if I hadn’t limited myself to Main Characters


My life is complete!

Today I got to fulfil one of my childhood dreams and got to meet Ash Ketchum! Well, his voice actor anyway! Veronica Taylor was so sweet, she was an absolute joy to talk to and listen to on her panel. Hearing her speak in Ash and Delia’s voices was incredible too!

And I have his amazing piece of artwork signed by her! Thank you again @hollylu-ships-it for creating this for me, especially on such short notice! You made my day even more special and I am so grateful 😁

Book Review: The Ashes of London by Andrew Taylor

Great historical fiction but *sigh* the “female character gets raped/sexually assaulted trope” rears its ugly head. 

Three Stars

CW: This review will discuss rape and sexual assault.

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April book haul! 📚


Bella Hadid