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So we always have modern-day Greek gods but come on, imagine them in other periods of history please like there is so much potential

Apollo as a renaissance artist in Venice, painting watercolors of the sun, crafting songs and harmonies, visiting the sick with his work that always seems to help them recover, sketching women more beautiful than a summer’s day.

Artemis as a huntress in Celtic Ireland, war paint and bow, axes and spears, running through glens and marshes, hiding in the undergrowth dressed in animal pelts.

Ares as a medieval knight in England, seeking glory in jousts and tourneys, mastering pike and sword and lance and flail, clothed in steel and blood.

Athena as a World War Two commander in Bletchley, calling the shots as she scours maps, planning out blitz raids and spy operations, typing at machines and decoding foreign enigmas.

Hephaestus as a factory worker in the British industrial revolution, face lined with ash, stinking of iron and smoke, watching chimneys pump the skies grey.

Hermes as a Colonial settler in the Americas, atop the ship’s mast with spyglass and pistol, bartering with natives, swindling and travelling, scouting out the New World and bringing communication to the old one.

Hestia as a World War One housewife in Britain, growing vegetables and making her own clothes to keep up the war effort, sending telegrams to shellshocked soldiers in the trenches, keeping children safe in her house by the fireside.

I mean, come on. Historically diverse Greek mythology. Let’s make it happen.

ohio gothic
  • there is a church on every street corner for miles. they promise absolution and salvation. no one ever goes in, and no one ever comes out.
  • you get in your car and drive. you will run across a town you have never seen before just as the dashboard clock ticks over to Too Late. the people there will look at you as if you are a freak of nature. you will keep driving. you will never see that town again.
  • along the cracking highway are nothing but empty fields. a sign amidst dead grass and melting snow tells you HELL IS REAL. it offers no solace, no solution, no way out. it simply tells you what you already know.
  • the cities have names that strangers can never pronounce, but that you were born with on your lips. they are more than letters–they are unpronounceable symbols in some ancient tongue. they fill you with melancholy, and with yearning. 
  • there is a river that still stinks of ash and soot. the sun sets across it like blood spilling across the floor, and you can imagine that it is still burning.
  • the steel mills have been closed since before you were born. keep telling yourself that when you walk by them and hear the clanging of ancient machinery and feel your scalp tingle with unseen eyes. you will dream about white hot sparks and wake up with black grease staining your hands. the steel mills have been closed since before you were born.
  • it’s round on the ends, and full of an aching sense of desperation and loss in the middle.
  • the sidewalks are crumbling, and the buildings are nothing more than decaying ribs poking out corrugated steel sides. the clock on that building has shown the same time since before your mother was born. you cut yourself and you bleed, rust red.
  • we have no accent here. we have every accent here. every word is tinged with a trace of something that you can almost place. you ask us about it and we just smile. we have no accent here.

Idate’s morning routine:

  • After having stayed up for about four days in a row, he tends to be knocked out cold for the better half of a day. 
  • He wakes up around 10am and has a cigarette before passing out again. 
  • He properly wakes up sometime in the afternoon and proceeds to lie in bed for half an hour, minimum. His face doesn’t work, he’s exhausted, and he can’t be bothered doing anything. Until… 
  • He actively thinks of an activity for the day, a plan, a scheme - usually from one of the following choices: pissing off Rock, bullying the fuck out of Shirogane, ‘going on a date with Rocma’. Either that, or sheer hunger moves him to go find some unlucky fuck of a shark. 
  •  But once he thinks of an activity, that’s it, his eyes get all their life back in them and he’s up and out of bed in an instant. 
  • As soon as he gets into the bathroom, he always looks at himself in the mirror and gives himself the fingers. He tells himself that he’ll 'get back at you someday’ but that he 'deserves this’. This is what keeps him modest and from getting too far above himself. 
  • For a smoker and for an orca that eats fucking sharks, his teeth are in pretty good nick. He takes extra good care of them, dental floss, dental tape, whitening toothpaste, the works. 
  • He immediately has a cigarette because he hates that minty taste in his mouth. 
  • He always has a bath. He always has it lying on his belly. He has numerous rubber shark bath toys which he practices bullying on. He also owns a rubber orca and rockhopper penguin. The penguin usually ends up in the toilet. 
  • He sings in the bath. Depending on what he did last night, it can be louder and more annoying. He usually tries to sing like, deep throated thrash metal but he sucks at it and he knows he sucks at it.
  • He gets out of the bath. He retrieves the rubber penguin from the toilet and apologizes profusely. Since the mirror has steamed up (symbolizing how he is clouded to his true self), he nearly always doodles some shitty joke on the glass and laughs. 
  • He has another cigarette. 
  • He shaves. Everything. Every inch of body hair. Rock’s voice whispers 'baldy’ in his ear. This only makes him shave more vigorously. He tweezes his eyebrows into shape. He puts on foundation. He never dries, brushes or even pays attention to his hair. 
  • He doesn’t wear cologne because it all smells like whale vomit to him. 
  • This is it. He’s dry, he’s hairless, his mouth stinks of ash. It’s time… to put on the s u i t. 
  • Once he’s changed, he always. Always. Winks at himself in the mirror. If he’s feeling particularly jubilant he’ll fucking whistle at himself. Sometimes… he snaps his fingers and whispers 'showtime’, and by sometimes, I mean all of time. 
  • Another cigarette. 
  • And then… he leaves for the day, to do whatever the fuck an orca does.  

anonymous asked:

AU where Jim is fighting in WW2 and becomes critically injured and Bones is the war doctor who saves him against all odds

Oh my God anon you have no idea how much I have been wanting this after seeing Hacksaw Ridge. 

  • Jim’s enthusiasm about being a soldier falters the first death he sees. It’s right next to him, too. Jim listens to one of Pike’s orders, and then in the blink of an eye the guy next to him tumbles down; his weight falling against Jim and toppling him over. Maybe beneficial, too, because a sea of bullets go over his head. Many other bodies drop down around him, and everything stinks of ash, old blood, and God knows what else. Another guy falls down next to him. Alive, this time, but he doesn’t look too good. “Medic!” Jim calls out loudly, and soon enough, a medic kneels down in front of Jim. Bright white medical sticker on his helmet, and while the medic focuses on saving this guy’s life, Jim reaches out to take that sticker off. “What are you-” “They go after medics first,” Jim says, “carrying a sticker like that is like carrying a bullseye.” Briefly, the doctor glances at him. Face dirty, covered in ash, tired eyes. Still a handsome face underneath all that. “Thank you,” the medic says eventually, and then nods, “I got him. Be careful out there,” he says, and Jim nods.
  • He sees Bones again at the end of the day. Or maybe the next day. Everything is kind of a blur. Jim is exhausted, but he’s okay. He’s alive, which is a big thing considering the fact that the US completely lost the battle and had to retreat. At least for now. He’s back at their camp, taken a quick, cold shower, and falls down on his bunk bed. He’s trying to close his eyes, but it’s all gunfire and screams when he does. So instead, he glances at the man who lies down next to him. The medic. Also showered, but not shaved. There’s a clear stubble on his cheeks. “Hey, doc. You made it,” Jim says, and the other glances at him. “It’s McCoy. Leonard.” He says, turning his face to look at Jim. He briefly narrows his eyes and looks at Jim, like he’s trying to remember him, but those eyes are a dead giveaway. “How are you holding up?” Leonard asks, “I’ve seen a lot of good men go a little crazy out there.” “I’m fine,” Jim says. “You ready to go back out there in the morning?” “Yeah,” Jim replies, “I mean, what choice do we have? Gotta defeat the Japanese somehow.” Leonard huffs a little, smiling lightly. “War’s almost over in Europe, I heard,” Leonard says, “reckon we’re not far off, either. Til that time, try not to get hurt, okay? Not a lot of medics left to save your handsome ass.” He adds, and Jim smiles. “Same to you, doc. Be careful out there.”
  • They just keep running into each other. Jim catches another man who’s lost most of his leg. And he calls out for a medic while tying his leg up to stop him from going into immediate shock. Bones sits down next to him a few seconds later. “I got him.” He sees Leonard a couple more times. Tirelessly saving people’s lives, and every time he finds Leonard alive, it’s a blessing.
  • They hole up together for a night, quietly talking about their lives back in the US. Bones says he has nothing to live for, being divorced from his wife and having no custody over his kid whatsoever. Jim doesn’t have anything in particular either, besides maybe his mom. They bond over missing that real American bourbon, and then Jim keeps watch while Bones sleeps for a few hours. The battle ground is so quiet, it’s incredibly eerie with a layer of smoke and fog covering the grounds, making both allies and enemies completely invisible.
  • The Japanese catch them completely by surprise at the crack of dawn, and the whole battlefield turns red in this unfair fight. Jim doesn’t even know who’s who anymore. He’s lost Leonard somewhere, people are falling back, and he doesn’t even know how he makes his way back to Pike, but he does. “What are we doing?” Jim shouts over the sound of gunfire. “We gotta fall back!” Pike says, nudging Jim backwards. 
  • When he makes his way back to the main camp, Jim drops down on one of the beds and he smiles when Uhura approaches him. “Aren’t you a light in the darkness,” Jim says, and Uhura throws him a smile. “D'you need anything?” She asks, and Jim shakes his head. “Have you seen Leonard?” “No,” Uhura says, “If he’s alive, I’m sure he’ll be back in soon.” “If he’s alive? You know how to be optimistic,” Jim huffs, running a hand through his hair. “I think we’ve both seen enough bodies to stop being optimistic here,” Uhura says, briefly resting her hand on Jim’s leg, and then she walks off to assist other soldiers where she can.
  • Leonard isn’t back come nightfall, and Jim fears for the worst. He’s checked all the dead bodies they’ve brought back, but Leonard isn’t among them. He finds out come morning that Leonard has been up all night rescuing survivors. When he sees Leonard again, he looks exhausted. Like he can barely stand on his legs, and Jim pulls him down on the ground. “Jesus, Leonard, how are you still standing?” Jim asks, and Leonard shrugs. “Gotta bring everyone home,” Leonard says. “You okay?” “Yeah,” Jim says. “Good,” Bones replies, “I’ll see you later.”
  • But then Jim gets hurt. He doesn’t know exactly what happens - he turns around just one second and a grenade explodes behind him. Jim hits the ground, and he’s passed out for a while. When he wakes up, he tastes blood in his own mouth, Pike is kneeling down next to him and Jim vaguely registers him calling out for a medic. Jim looks up at him, watching Pike press down his hands on Jim’s side to stop the bleeding. Leonard kneels down next to him, and he throws Jim a faint smile. “Hang in there, James,” Leonard tells him, “I’m gonna get you home, and you’re gonna show me Riverside. Okay? I’m gonna bring you home.” Jim listens to Leonard speak, and he smiles faintly. “You wanna see Iowa?” He asks, relaxing when Leonard injects morphine into his body. “Yeah,” Leonard says, “You gotta show me all of it, Jim. Just hang in there a little longer.“ 
  • The way back to America is kind of a blur. Jim is constantly in and out of consciousness, and he spends another two months at least just for surgeries and recovery. He doesn’t really see Leonard at all during that time, doesn’t even know if he’s alive at all. But finally, after three months of recovering at home with his mom (– which, bless her heart, is definitely driving Jim nuts), Jim looks up when when a car pulls up on his driveway. He’s sitting on his porch, enjoying that quiet, Iowa summer, though he still hears the bombs and gunfires in his head sometimes. Leonard gets out of the car, and Jim gets up slowly. “Hey, stranger,” Leonard calls out and Jim grins because he looks so absolutely incredible with that five o'clock shadow and a tight shirt that’s not a uniform. “Leonard,” Jim says, calling his name out like a sigh. He steps off his porch, and Leonard approaches him. “Comin’ here to take a look at my battle scars?” Jim asks, lifting up his shirt to show the ugly scars on his side and his stomach. “I don’t mind you shirtless, but I didn’t come looking at those scars,” Leonard says, and Jim can’t help but smile. Then, he pulls Leonard into a hug; tight and like he’s trying to tell himself that this is really happening. This is actually Leonard. He’s okay. “You look a lot better when you’re not covered in ash and blood,” Jim says when he lets go, and Leonard laughs. “You too,” he replies, “I wasn’t sure I’d see you again. You were in a pretty rough shape.” Jim shrugs at that, sliding an arm around Leonard’s shoulder to pull him towards the house. “I had a good medic,” Jim says, and Leonard smiles. But before Jim can drag him up the porch, Leonard pulls him in and kisses him. Just briefly, and Jim wishes it had been longer, because for the first time since his return he just forgets about all the things on his mind and he just pleasantly blanks out with Leonard’s lips against his own. When Leonard pulls away, he gives Jim a small grin. “Are you gonna give me a tour of the house?” He asks, and Jim nods. “How ‘bout we start with the bedroom?”
I asked you to be my forever, you said you already were

So this took a slightly different turn than I originally intended but here we are. Also for the sake of the story, let’s just pretend camp was somewhere by a beach and it was warm, because, well, you’ll see…

Ash breathes in deeply as the crowed erupted into cheers. Another cap, another win and on her birthday no less. It had been a long time coming and she still wasn’t the  number one, but that was ok. Another cap was another cap and it was all good experience and she always cherished every opportunity to play for her country with her teammates, with her family. The only thing missing was Ali on the field in front of her. Ash missed playing with Ali, missed having her on her defence for club and country; she couldn’t contain her excitement at the prospect of having Ali with her in Orlando next year, having Ali there as a voice of wisdom and experience, directing their backline right into the play offs. Having Ali in their home, having Ali next to her every morning again, and coming home with her every night.

“Nice shutout Harris, you’re well and truly into your thirties now,” Kelley jokes as she pulls Ash into a hug.

“Yeah whatever O'Hara you’re not far behind me,” Ash laughs back at the defender who just grins, running down the field.

Ash shakes her head at Kelley’s antics and her eyes scan the crowd until she finds Ali who’s standing up in her seat next to Alex, clapping and cheering and Ash waves and grins as she meets Ali’s eyes. Ash can practically see the excitement seeping out of her girlfriend and it warms her heart; she’s always felt like Ali’s biggest supporter and although she wouldn’t take any of it back, it feels nice to have someone out there cheering for her. She just wishes it was them both on the field on her birthday, celebrating together. Of course she knows Ali isn’t cut from the team and Jill is just rotating players or whatever she’s been harping on about lately; if Ash is honest with herself, she’s given up trying to understand Jill’s tactics and just hopes that one way or another they pay off. When Ali had found out she wasn’t on the roster it hadn’t been as bad as all the times Ash had received that call, Jill promising it wasn’t a final decision by any shot, but Ash could see the hurt in Ali’s whole body and she’d held her close as the tears had trailed slowly down her cheeks, reassuring her she’d be back. She would be back, of course she would but not making a roster is horrible even if it’s just for a friendly match. Ash knows, god does she know that. So Ash had told Ali she needn’t come to the friendly, birthday or not, but Ali had laughed, pulling Ash close in bed one night, whispering her love against her skin. I wouldn’t miss your birthday for the world baby. 

So Ali had made the trip down a couple of days after camp had started for Ash, staying with the team on gameday. Well, staying with Ash really. She’d cleared it with Crystal who was rooming with Ash and had spent the night last night, grateful she was able to wake up next to her girlfriend on her birthday.

“Happy Birthday baby,” Ali whispers as Ash’s eyes slowly crack open, the early morning sun casting a slight shadow on her face.

“Good morning beautiful,” Ash smiles out and Ali’s heart flutters, like it always does at the sight of Ash first thing in the morning. She’s all beauty and innocence, as if the weight of the world that she always seems to carry hasn’t quite found its place on her shoulders yet.

“You’re catching up with me,” Ali giggles as Ash groans.

“Whatever you cougar,” Ash teases and Ali feigns offence.

“No birthday kiss then,” and Ash pouts.

“Please baby, pretty please,” and Ali laughs, pressing a soft kiss to Ash’s lips. “Like I could ever deny you anything, birthday or not.”

Ash kisses Ali deeper and hears her moan into the kiss as Ali rolls them over so she’s straddling Ash, pulling back reluctantly.

“As much as I’d like to do this, right now, we can’t,” Ali mumbles out and Ash groans.

“I know, I know,” Ash pouts, hands running up Ali’s back as she sighs contentedly.

“Don’t worry, I have a surprise for you later,” Ali teases and Ash cocks her eyebrow.

“Are you going to be naked?” Ash asks and Ali laughs.

“Anything for the birthday girl,” Ali winks as she climbs off Ash and heads to the bathroom and Ash just groans, mumbling out how lucky she is.

“Ash can you grab me my shampoo from my overnight bag?” Ali shouts from the bathroom and Ash rises out of bed, as she locates Ali’s bag.

“I can’t find it babe, did you bring it? You can always use mine it’s in the shower already,” Ash calls out.

She jumps slightly as she feels Ali’s breath hot against her neck.

“Turn around,” Ali whispers and Ash does as she’s told and when she’s facing Ali she feels her heart skip a beat at the look of excitement on her girlfriend’s face. She’s holding a simply wrapped box in her hands. “I debated giving this to you after the game, but I have another gift for you then so I wanted to give you this first. It’s not much but I hope you like it, and if you don’t well we can send them back but I just thought they went well together and, oh maybe I shouldn’t have it’s too much you’re going to think it’s la-.”

“Alex. Baby, breathe. Whatever it is I’m going to love it. You, here with me is enough of a present you know that.”

Ali nods as she looks down at her feet, shuffling them slightly and Ash tilts her head so they’re looking into each other’s eyes, pressing a soft kiss to her lips and grinning as she holds her hands out for her present.

“Now gimme woman,” and Ash grins, letting Ali placing the box in her hands.

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Feeling sad :(

desc.- After one of Ashton’s shows, he wants to get a bit frisky (HAHAHAHA I HATE THAT WORD) but you have to stop him, and end up telling him a big secret you’ve been holding in (literally) for the past few weeks. 

Drums, Guitars and Unexpected Surprises (Part 1)

The thousands of screaming girls in a stadium swooning over your boyfriend should make you jealous, but surprisingly, it doesn’t. You can’t help the huge smile that spreads across your face like wildfire as you watch you’re boyfriend of 2 years, Ashton, play at the MetLife stadium in New Jersey. You were standing on the side of the stage where no fans could see you, but Ash and the boys could. His band, 5 Seconds of Summer, has been touring all around the world with One Direction and he’s taken you with him for the last month of shows. It was so amazing to be able to see him be in his element and just soak up all of the fans. 

You’d never actually seen him perform in front of a group of people this large before. But it was probably the most amazing thing you’ve ever seen. Ashton stole a glance at you as Calum introduced the next song, which just happened to be written for you. The drum and guitar intro began to Long Way Home, and you gave him the biggest smile ever. It was written a few weeks into your relationship with him (but you’ve known him since you two were kids) and he was so shy to let you listen to it. But as you watched him get so into the song you couldn’t help but laugh. He was so nervous those first few months of your relationship, but once you talked to him about it he opened up a lot more. As you stood listening to the boys and thinking about the beginning of Ashton’s and yours’ relationship, you didn’t even realize that they had just ended the last song of their set and they were making their way off stage. Ash bounded off towards you and wrapped his sweaty huge arms around you. “Ash you stink!” you laughed as he pulled you closer to him. He leaned down and planted a quick kiss on your lips. “How was the show?” he asked, releasing your waist and grabbing your hand. “You guys were amazing, as always.” you told him. You both began walking towards the dressing room, where Ash could get changed and then you would both leave. “Hey y/n!” Luke called from down the hall. He had a slice of pizza in his mouth and he waved you over. “FOOD!” you yelled, startling Ash. You kissed his cheek as Mikey and Calum laughed, and made a beeline for the pizza box. You grabbed a steaming piece and bit a good chunk off. “Mmm this is so good oh my god!” you said practically worshipping the pizza. Luke just stared at you like you were an alien. “I’ve never met a girl that likes pizza as much as you do.” he says as he grabs his 4th slice. “What can I say? Food is the key to my heart.” You chuckle as you grab your 2nd slice. “Well don’t we all know that.” Ash says as he comes up from behind you as he hugs you from behind. He tries to grab a bite of your pizza, but you quickly snatch it away, turning out of his grasp. “No no no sir get your own.” you scold. He rolls his eyes, smiling. “You’re lucky you’re cute. Come on there’s a nice shower back at the hotel that’s calling my name, and possibly yours too y/n.” he whispers and you blush fiercely. You left the arena with the four boys, stopping to take a few pictures. Once you were in the car, you relaxed and closed your eyes for the remainder of the ride. 

The ride was over quicker than you thought, and before you knew it Ash was dragging you out of the car and up to your shared room. He unlocked the door and held it for you. “After you, m'lady.” he says in a fake british tone. “Thank you good sir.” you replied back, giggling. His Australian accent was so thick his british wasn’t very good, but since you were American it was easier for you. “Show off.” he said as he smacked your butt. “Ouch!” you cried jumping away from him. You playfully slapped his arm as he walked into the bathroom to shower. “Oh y/n!” he called from the bathroom. “Are you gonna join me?” you saw the steam escape the bathroom, and to be honest it was very tempting. But you really couldn’t because of your…er….situation. “Babe I’m actually kinda tired. I’ll just rest my eyes while you go.” you called back as you fake-yawned. “Awww babe okay, but when I get out I was wondering if maybe we could sin-OW SHIT!” he cries from the bathroom. “DAMN FUCKING SOAP BURNS THE HELL OUT OF YOUR EYES DAMN FUCK!” you heard. You couldn’t help but laugh. “You want to sing afterwards, you mean?” you asked between gasps of laughing. Ashton didn’t reply, but you got out his guitar anyway. You and him loved these jam sessions you guys had after his shows sometimes. Ashton’s been trying to convince you to sing with him and the boys on a track, but you refuse.  

15 minutes later, the water in the bathroom shut off and out stepped a shaggy, wet haired, sweatpants-clad-shirtless-Ashton. “Nice supermodel look you’ve got going there, babe.” you chuckled, not looking up from your book. “You just like my abs.” he says smirking. You rolled your eyes, smiling. “Now, where were we?” Ash says as he falls onto you, kissing your neck and moving his hands to your hips. “A-Ash, we can’t.” you muttered. But Ashton continued, not hearing you request. “Ash….ASH!” you eventually yelled, louder and angrier than you had anticipated. The shaggy haired boy sprung off of you. “Y/n what’s wrong? Are you okay?” your boyfriend stumbled. You dropped your head into your hands, your golden hair cascading over your shoulders and the hands that covered your face. “Babe? Please, you’re scaring me. Tell me what’s wrong.” Ashton pleaded as he sat down next to you on the bed, hesitantly wrapping his arms around you. You began to cry, your small frame shaking. There was no way you could tell him. But you had to. It was his, after all. “Ash I’m so sorry. I’m so s-so sorry.” you sobbed into his shoulder. “Don’t be sorry baby girl, just tell me what’s going on.” he held you tighter, making sure you knew he was right there. You picked your tear-streaked head up and out of your hands, and pushed your hair back with your fingers. You took a deep, shaky breath. “A few weeks ago, in the States, do you remember that night on the tour bus? The boys went out and we… well, you know?” You asked, jogging his memory. Ashton froze. “Yeah… it was a great night. But Y/n, what are you saying?” Ash prodded. You took another shaky breath. “I…I’m uh… Ashton I’m pregnant.” you stated finally. Your head dropped to your hands again as you began sobbing uncontrollably. Ashton’s arms fell from around your shoulders. “I’m so so so so sorry, Ashton. But I’m so scared and I can’t do this alone. I’m so-” but you didn’t get to finish. Ashton had stood up and he gripped his guitar so hard you thought it would crack between his hands. He slammed it down, hard. The entire thing shattered to pieces, and he didn’t care. “How could you fucking do this to me?! Huh? HOW COULD YOU?” he screamed. That only made you cry harder. “Ash it’s not my fault! I’m sorry!” you cried. He ran his hands through his hair and slammed a fist into the wall. “I KNEW YOU WERE CHEATING! I KNEW IT!” He screamed. You stopped crying. “What the hell? I have NEVER cheated on you! Ever!” you yelled back at him, standing up. “Save it, you stupid slut.” he shot at you. You stood there, shocked. Ashton’s expression was a look of pure hatred. You took two swift steps, and slapped him across the face. He grabbed his stinging cheek. Just as he opened his mouth to shout more profanities at you, there was a knock at the door. All three of Luke’s, Michael’s, and Calum’s voices could be heard. “What the hell is going on in there?” Luke called. “Open the damn door, Ash! Y/n!” Michael slammed on the door with his fist. Ashton looked from the door, to you, to the door, and back to you. He glanced down at your stomach in disgust. “I never, ever, want to see you again y/n.” he whispered. With that he sprinted towards the door, flung it open, and pushed past the three boys standing there, stunned. You watched as the love of your life, the father of your unborn child, walked away from you. Possibly forever. Your hand clasped over your mouth as you slid down the wall, your screams and cries uncontrollable now. You heard Luke’s, Calum’s and Michael’s footsteps approach you, and then you felt three pairs of hands wrap around you, and you cried into your three best friends’ shoulders. 

To be continued….

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