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So we always have modern-day Greek gods but come on, imagine them in other periods of history please like there is so much potential

Apollo as a renaissance artist in Venice, painting watercolors of the sun, crafting songs and harmonies, visiting the sick with his work that always seems to help them recover, sketching women more beautiful than a summer’s day.

Artemis as a huntress in Celtic Ireland, war paint and bow, axes and spears, running through glens and marshes, hiding in the undergrowth dressed in animal pelts.

Ares as a medieval knight in England, seeking glory in jousts and tourneys, mastering pike and sword and lance and flail, clothed in steel and blood.

Athena as a World War Two commander in Bletchley, calling the shots as she scours maps, planning out blitz raids and spy operations, typing at machines and decoding foreign enigmas.

Hephaestus as a factory worker in the British industrial revolution, face lined with ash, stinking of iron and smoke, watching chimneys pump the skies grey.

Hermes as a Colonial settler in the Americas, atop the ship’s mast with spyglass and pistol, bartering with natives, swindling and travelling, scouting out the New World and bringing communication to the old one.

Hestia as a World War One housewife in Britain, growing vegetables and making her own clothes to keep up the war effort, sending telegrams to shellshocked soldiers in the trenches, keeping children safe in her house by the fireside.

I mean, come on. Historically diverse Greek mythology. Let’s make it happen.

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AU where Jim is fighting in WW2 and becomes critically injured and Bones is the war doctor who saves him against all odds

Oh my God anon you have no idea how much I have been wanting this after seeing Hacksaw Ridge. 

  • Jim’s enthusiasm about being a soldier falters the first death he sees. It’s right next to him, too. Jim listens to one of Pike’s orders, and then in the blink of an eye the guy next to him tumbles down; his weight falling against Jim and toppling him over. Maybe beneficial, too, because a sea of bullets go over his head. Many other bodies drop down around him, and everything stinks of ash, old blood, and God knows what else. Another guy falls down next to him. Alive, this time, but he doesn’t look too good. “Medic!” Jim calls out loudly, and soon enough, a medic kneels down in front of Jim. Bright white medical sticker on his helmet, and while the medic focuses on saving this guy’s life, Jim reaches out to take that sticker off. “What are you-” “They go after medics first,” Jim says, “carrying a sticker like that is like carrying a bullseye.” Briefly, the doctor glances at him. Face dirty, covered in ash, tired eyes. Still a handsome face underneath all that. “Thank you,” the medic says eventually, and then nods, “I got him. Be careful out there,” he says, and Jim nods.
  • He sees Bones again at the end of the day. Or maybe the next day. Everything is kind of a blur. Jim is exhausted, but he’s okay. He’s alive, which is a big thing considering the fact that the US completely lost the battle and had to retreat. At least for now. He’s back at their camp, taken a quick, cold shower, and falls down on his bunk bed. He’s trying to close his eyes, but it’s all gunfire and screams when he does. So instead, he glances at the man who lies down next to him. The medic. Also showered, but not shaved. There’s a clear stubble on his cheeks. “Hey, doc. You made it,” Jim says, and the other glances at him. “It’s McCoy. Leonard.” He says, turning his face to look at Jim. He briefly narrows his eyes and looks at Jim, like he’s trying to remember him, but those eyes are a dead giveaway. “How are you holding up?” Leonard asks, “I’ve seen a lot of good men go a little crazy out there.” “I’m fine,” Jim says. “You ready to go back out there in the morning?” “Yeah,” Jim replies, “I mean, what choice do we have? Gotta defeat the Japanese somehow.” Leonard huffs a little, smiling lightly. “War’s almost over in Europe, I heard,” Leonard says, “reckon we’re not far off, either. Til that time, try not to get hurt, okay? Not a lot of medics left to save your handsome ass.” He adds, and Jim smiles. “Same to you, doc. Be careful out there.”
  • They just keep running into each other. Jim catches another man who’s lost most of his leg. And he calls out for a medic while tying his leg up to stop him from going into immediate shock. Bones sits down next to him a few seconds later. “I got him.” He sees Leonard a couple more times. Tirelessly saving people’s lives, and every time he finds Leonard alive, it’s a blessing.
  • They hole up together for a night, quietly talking about their lives back in the US. Bones says he has nothing to live for, being divorced from his wife and having no custody over his kid whatsoever. Jim doesn’t have anything in particular either, besides maybe his mom. They bond over missing that real American bourbon, and then Jim keeps watch while Bones sleeps for a few hours. The battle ground is so quiet, it’s incredibly eerie with a layer of smoke and fog covering the grounds, making both allies and enemies completely invisible.
  • The Japanese catch them completely by surprise at the crack of dawn, and the whole battlefield turns red in this unfair fight. Jim doesn’t even know who’s who anymore. He’s lost Leonard somewhere, people are falling back, and he doesn’t even know how he makes his way back to Pike, but he does. “What are we doing?” Jim shouts over the sound of gunfire. “We gotta fall back!” Pike says, nudging Jim backwards. 
  • When he makes his way back to the main camp, Jim drops down on one of the beds and he smiles when Uhura approaches him. “Aren’t you a light in the darkness,” Jim says, and Uhura throws him a smile. “D'you need anything?” She asks, and Jim shakes his head. “Have you seen Leonard?” “No,” Uhura says, “If he’s alive, I’m sure he’ll be back in soon.” “If he’s alive? You know how to be optimistic,” Jim huffs, running a hand through his hair. “I think we’ve both seen enough bodies to stop being optimistic here,” Uhura says, briefly resting her hand on Jim’s leg, and then she walks off to assist other soldiers where she can.
  • Leonard isn’t back come nightfall, and Jim fears for the worst. He’s checked all the dead bodies they’ve brought back, but Leonard isn’t among them. He finds out come morning that Leonard has been up all night rescuing survivors. When he sees Leonard again, he looks exhausted. Like he can barely stand on his legs, and Jim pulls him down on the ground. “Jesus, Leonard, how are you still standing?” Jim asks, and Leonard shrugs. “Gotta bring everyone home,” Leonard says. “You okay?” “Yeah,” Jim says. “Good,” Bones replies, “I’ll see you later.”
  • But then Jim gets hurt. He doesn’t know exactly what happens - he turns around just one second and a grenade explodes behind him. Jim hits the ground, and he’s passed out for a while. When he wakes up, he tastes blood in his own mouth, Pike is kneeling down next to him and Jim vaguely registers him calling out for a medic. Jim looks up at him, watching Pike press down his hands on Jim’s side to stop the bleeding. Leonard kneels down next to him, and he throws Jim a faint smile. “Hang in there, James,” Leonard tells him, “I’m gonna get you home, and you’re gonna show me Riverside. Okay? I’m gonna bring you home.” Jim listens to Leonard speak, and he smiles faintly. “You wanna see Iowa?” He asks, relaxing when Leonard injects morphine into his body. “Yeah,” Leonard says, “You gotta show me all of it, Jim. Just hang in there a little longer.“ 
  • The way back to America is kind of a blur. Jim is constantly in and out of consciousness, and he spends another two months at least just for surgeries and recovery. He doesn’t really see Leonard at all during that time, doesn’t even know if he’s alive at all. But finally, after three months of recovering at home with his mom (– which, bless her heart, is definitely driving Jim nuts), Jim looks up when when a car pulls up on his driveway. He’s sitting on his porch, enjoying that quiet, Iowa summer, though he still hears the bombs and gunfires in his head sometimes. Leonard gets out of the car, and Jim gets up slowly. “Hey, stranger,” Leonard calls out and Jim grins because he looks so absolutely incredible with that five o'clock shadow and a tight shirt that’s not a uniform. “Leonard,” Jim says, calling his name out like a sigh. He steps off his porch, and Leonard approaches him. “Comin’ here to take a look at my battle scars?” Jim asks, lifting up his shirt to show the ugly scars on his side and his stomach. “I don’t mind you shirtless, but I didn’t come looking at those scars,” Leonard says, and Jim can’t help but smile. Then, he pulls Leonard into a hug; tight and like he’s trying to tell himself that this is really happening. This is actually Leonard. He’s okay. “You look a lot better when you’re not covered in ash and blood,” Jim says when he lets go, and Leonard laughs. “You too,” he replies, “I wasn’t sure I’d see you again. You were in a pretty rough shape.” Jim shrugs at that, sliding an arm around Leonard’s shoulder to pull him towards the house. “I had a good medic,” Jim says, and Leonard smiles. But before Jim can drag him up the porch, Leonard pulls him in and kisses him. Just briefly, and Jim wishes it had been longer, because for the first time since his return he just forgets about all the things on his mind and he just pleasantly blanks out with Leonard’s lips against his own. When Leonard pulls away, he gives Jim a small grin. “Are you gonna give me a tour of the house?” He asks, and Jim nods. “How ‘bout we start with the bedroom?”