ash season 3

Your wedding dress with each man part 3~

Ciel Phantomhive:

Alois Trancy:

Claude Faustus:





William T. Spears:

Grell Sutcliff (she is bisexual fyi): 

Ronald Knox:

Viscount Druitt:




Prince Soma:


Charles Grey:

Charles Phipps:

Ash Landers: 

Vincent Phantomhive:

Sebastian Michaelis:

❤ Gangsters in Love ❤

❣ Yoshimitsu’s Criminal Love pt. 3 Out Now! ❣

Now that you’re officially engaged and having a baby, Yoshimitsu wants to keep you safe from harm. But the ultimate showdown is about to begin. Can Yoshimitsu uphold your honor and finally bring peace to your lives?

This story has a special sneak preview of Ash’s Season 3 story “ Criminal Love”!

Season 2 promo's here we come

3 things I need this season:

1. Maia to kick serious butt and have a decent share of screen time. Not the just throw her in at every possible moment half heartedly so that they can say ‘hey we gave her screen time.’ But like just make sure her character and purpose don’t get pushed to the back seat.

2. Someone trying to hurt Simon via iron cross he grabs said cross and says 'wrong religion.’

3. Dom to have a different pouty/angry/sad whatever negative emotion face.


save me from myself ⎜ carol + daryl
I’ve lost control
please save me from myself

I am still so pumped about last night’s episode, so this video had to happen sooner rather than later - that small moment was so important, and I have so many feelings.