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In An Instant: Part 6

Summary: A romantic comedy about what happens when love literally falls through your window.

Characters: Bucky Barnes x Reader, Ash (aka me), Steve Rogers, Others I can’t remember right now

Warnings: Language, general gross cuteness, some angst, bad writing, bad storylines, possible cheating, but mostly major fluff and feels

A/N: Again, per usual, sorry this took so long. I’m also sorry for how this goes. Yikes.


Bucky’s eyes drop, a wicked smirk cracking across his pouty lips. “You heard the woman, Steve.” Ripping the deck of cards from your hand, his eyes never leaving yours, his tongue teasingly running across his lips.

“It’s been awhile since I’ve seen Drucky.” Steve laughs as he watches the stare down between you and Bucky.

“Drucky is the best.” Ash laughs, pecking a quick, hard kiss to Steve’s lips before plopping down on the couch next to you.

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Quick Ashe/Kyl’il fic bc I’m weak

           Ashe loved Charoth.

           Sure, making a home on the Shrouded Isles and, in effect, continuing to be a part of Charoth’s life hadn’t been her original plan. After the whole deal with fixing the issues – both deaths and undeaths – that Charoth was causing, she’d assumed she and the boys would move on, never to frequent to the isles again; an occasional visit now and then sprinkled in over the passage of years, maybe, and that would be that. She never would have dreamed of actually moving in and making a spot of her own on the isles.

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