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hey guys! my dash is kinda dead so like or reblog this if you post:

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Please make this a thing!!!

All i really want in live is Jim Chapman doing #inthecloset with Dan and Phil.

Imagine Dan being like: “So these are my 20 black shirts and my one black jeans… and oh yes that is my doge-shirt. Please ignore the pile of animal onesies. I bought them ironically.“

And Phil would talk on and on like: “This is my pickachu and ash pixel shirt, and my triceratops jumper, my fox sweatshirt, 10 plaid shirts, my jellyfish t-shirt, my adventure time hoodie… oh and back there are my heated narwhale slippers.”

And Jim would just awkwardly stand there, not really knowing what to say because their wardrobe is unlike anything he has ever seen and has no logic.