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… Ashe is clingy.

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long post about ashe

i keep thinking about how ashe grew up in meathe, both the mindset of “keep your people safe” and how apparently the people didn’t question her decisions. she hated it and left meathe but faust’s made some great decisions with ashe’s character because it still absolutely shows that that’s how she was brought up. in these early episodes i’m re-watching there have already been a couple times that ashe just kind of talks over people (markus), usually when she thinks they’re about to make a decision. 

she means well, but it’s a hard change to get rid of the thinking that “i’m keeping you safe and you have to listen to me to keep you safe” and no one is on that same page as her, certainly not her jump-into-the-fray friends. simply put, ashe doesn’t have much cooperative experience

on that point, i’ve got to say that ashe has really patient friends. i know she thinks that they’re a handful but her temper can be pretty difficult too. like when ashe pushes markus out of kyr’s shack and markus comes back in with a tired but tolerant “if you’ll let me finish speaking instead of rudely shoving me out the door…”. this is till fairly early on in the series, and they haven’t actually seen ashe do much else besides yelling. real talk, it’s got to be getting tirin, but markus seems perfectly willing to wade through her temper to work together. 

that scene especially reminded me of another one i actually like quite a lot, (right after they’re back from wizard high school?) and markus goes outside to talk to ashe. she goes off on something like “you can be responsible sometimes, but it’s frustrating because then you can go and be such an idiot”. there’s a short pause while markus waits a moment before saying “well if you’re done telling me how i’m an idiot…” and continues talking to her with, tbh, a lot more patience than i could manage. then you also have gregor who takes ashe aside in an early episode to try and calm her down from yelling at kyr, already mentioned inien, thog, who, even if he doesn’t like her at first, is at least pretty upfront/professional with her


environment studies and little moods from soot & ash’s story, and some studies for Lore’s workshop that i want to revise soon, Lore’s a big dude and these settings dont feel BIG enough yet. 
I’d actually like to do commissions for moody scenes like these, I’m unsure of how would be best to offer them tho since they’re really experimental- guess we’ll see how it goes