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Blood of Passage: Part Fourteen

Elain heaved into the toilet bowl a second time before she sat back, wiping her mouth on the back of her hand before flushing. Her youngest, for now, Adara ran a cool rag over Elain’s forehead, “Feeling better Mama?”

She attempted a smile, “Just fine sweetie. A little ill.”

Adara pouted her lips, “I want it to be a boy. Can you make it be a boy?”

Lucien snorted in the doorway, “I don’t think it works like that, Sweetheart.”

“Papa!” Adara jumped up, “You’re back!”

Lucien knelt down, “Why don’t you go play with Fia? I’ll help Mama.”

“Okay,” Adara kissed his cheek before she skipped out of the room, her curls bouncing off her back.

Lucien helped her up, kissing her stomach before kissing her cheek. “How is the baby?”

“She’s just fine.”

“So it is a girl?”


He snorted, “Ash will be just delighted.”

“Has Lady Aurora gotten settled?”

“Dacia is helping her.”

“Not Ash?”

“Trust me, you don’t want Ash helping her right now.”


“Because then we’ll only have daughters.”


Aurora slid the last of her clothes into the closet before turning to Dacia.  The female leaned backwards on her bed, her golden hair spilling past her shoulders. “Are you going to the Blood Rite tomorrow?” Asked Aurora.

“Thinking about it. Why?” She leaned forward, a smile on her lips. “You want to see Blake?”

“No,” Aurora said.  “Just wondering what your plans were.”

“Lie,” said a bored voice. Ash.

“Go away, Ash. Were having some girltalk,” Dacia said.

Ash snorted, “Yes because pretending to not talk about Blake constitutes girltalk.”

Aurora crossed her arms, “Considering how much time you spend with your sisters, I’m guessing you would know. Tell me Ash, do you want to gossip with us and braid each other’s hair?” Ash gave her a lethal glare and she returned it with a hateful smirk, not that he could see it.

“Cauldron,” Dacia said lightly, “the next few weeks are going to be so interesting.” Dacia turned to her, “Why do you want to see Blake? Please tell me you don’t want to kill him. I don’t have the time to break in a new best friend.”

“Kill him, no.” She didn’t think she physically could. She hesitated, “But I do need to talk to him. It’s…important.”

“I’m not going to ask you what it’s about,” Dacia said. “It’s not my business unless it affects my Court.” She paused, “Does it affect my Court?”


She could see the uncertainty in Dacia’s features and in Ash’s. The lord’s attention was directly on her. His eyes narrowed as if reading every invisible tell her body gave. “That’s not quite true, is it Aurora. Not..a complete lie, but not the truth either.” He enunciated, “Why do you want to see Blake.” She pursed her lips, crossing her arms. The Lord’s face was stone; Dacia’s cheery face guarded, role the high lady. “You aren’t getting anywhere near my cousin until I know why you want to see him.”

“He left me a letter and I want confront him about it.”

“What was in the letter?”

“That is my business.”

Ash started to her but stopped at Dacia’s voice. “Aurora, we’re trying to meet you halfway here, but Blake is our family, we can’t just let you see him when the last time you saw him you almost killed him.” But she didn’t try to kill him the last time she saw him. But she supposed if neither Dacia or Ash knew, then that knowledge was restricted to her and Blake.

“I couldn’t kill him if I wanted to.”

Dacia snorted, “I’ve seen you fight, Aurora. You may get yourself killed in the process, but you could kill him.” Dacia gave her an appreciative look-over.“You could definitely get him in the bedroom, though.” Aurora rose a brow; Ash choked on a laugh. 

“No,” Ash smirked. “She couldn’t kill him. After all, you can’t exactly hurt your mate.”


The final horn blared through the mountain hours ago. Last day, it was the last day and Bay could finally get the fuck out of this mountain. He was filthy, hungry and desperately wanted to sleep in his bed; preferably without any nightmares.

His eyes slid to Nate, memories of sleeping side by side, without waking in a cold sweat, rose in his mind. Nate looked back at him, his eyebrows raised. “Yes?”

His ears heated. “Nothing.”

Nates lips curled into a smile, “Whatever you say, Baylor.” Bay rolled his eyes.

Ahead of him, Adrien groaned, his head hung limply, arms around Zev and Blake’s shoulders. It would seem the numbing high of Tarus’s blood was starting to wear off, reducing Adrien to the undiluted pain of shredded wings. At least, Bay supposed, he could still walk. Despite how much pain it would be to do so.

His illness started to shift in his veins. Apathy weighed down like a stone in the pit of his stomach. Who would have thought that emptiness could have weighed so much. Bay hated when he got like this.

Healers had told both Nesta and Cassian he would have bouts of deep sadness, apathy, and worthless or bouts of euphoria, reckless activity, and racing thoughts his whole life and Bay recoiled at that thought. He knew some humans had similar emotions and few ended their lives to escape but he was fae. And he would live forever. Thoughts of closing his eyes and escaping as the humans did would be entertained in his mind but at the end of the day, the thought of disappointing his mother or Cassian and Nesta stopped him. So he would pour himself into a book and escape that way.

“Hang on, Adrien,” Blake said. “Were almost out of here. Three hours at most.”

“What about Tarus’s blood?” Maze said. “Could you give him more?”

Tarus turned around, his golden eyes were assessing Adrien’s wings. He tilted Adrien’s chin up, looking at his eyes. The male’s mouth tightened, “No, I can’t.”

“Why?” Bay said flatly. “You gave it to him before.”

“Once is safe,” Tarus turned his eyes to him. “But there are…addicting properties to my blood. If I were just from the Dawn Court and didn’t have mixed blood, he could take more but I’m half and have diluted blood that can heal but also cause mind altering behavior that can leave a person an addict.”

“How can you possibly know that,” Bay said. Nate frowned at him but he didn’t care.

Tarus motioned to the scars on his neck and the ones wrapped around his arms, “Experience.” Zev’s eyes darkened and Maze went pale.

“Sorry,” Bay said.

Tarus shrugged, “It was a long time ago.” Bay highly doubted that. He could smell the lie coming off him and if he wasn’t so apathetic, he would demand named of the male who made those scars. But it was hard to make himself care.

“So what do you suggest we do?” Maze asked Tarus.

“I suggest we get out of here as fast as we can,” Tarus said. “When we do get out of here, we put fresh binds on those wings and give Adrien plenty of rest and exercises to keep his wings healthy.”

“And the pain?” Bay asked.

Tarus shrugged helplessly, “I hear alcohol has a way of reducing pain.”

Bay rose an eyebrow, “You want to trade one mind numbing addiction for another?”

“I don’t know what else to say.”

“Whatever. Let’s just get out of here,” Bay said. “I’ll scout ahead.”


Nate debated walking with Baylor but when the male was like this, it was better to give him space. He pitied any male who would try to kill him between now and the exit. A feeling Baylor was lethal but a detached one was almost as bad as Cyrian. Almost.

The other males, save for Adrien, looked to him. “What?”

Blake rose his brow, “Is there a particular reason Bay is being a dick?”

Nate glared at him, “Why would I know?” Only Cassian and Nesta knew about Baylor’s illness. As did Rhys, Feyre and his father, for security purposes. He did as well, Baylor had told him about it once, during a manic episode, and Nate had spent time with a couple of healers learning about it. Chemical imbalance that can cause dramatic mood swings, they said. He didn’t realize fae could have some of the same illnesses as humans. There were few, almost unheard of, but they were there.

“‘Why would I know?’” Blake echoed. “Maybe because you know everything about him?”

He ignored his brother and looked to Adrien, “Can you make it?”

His brother took a labored breath, “Do I have a choice?”

“No,” Maze said. “Don’t worry Ade. We’ll get you out of here and get you some help.”

Adrien’s body convulsed with a painful laughter. “Goodie.”


Pain rocketed through his body and his wings with each breath and each step. He was glad to have Zevakyn and Blake help him walk. As much as he hated it, he needed it.

Bay was ahead of them as they continued through the mountain, albeit at a slower pace, due to his pain, but they progressed. He was usually good at picking up emotions with his shadows and he wasn’t sure if it was the near blackout pain or if it was real, but he picked up a distinct lack of them from Bay. Unless apathy counted. Not many shadowsingers can read emotion through shadows but he could, as could his father. He didn’t think Nate or Blake did.

Right now, he didn’t care. It was an effort to keep air in his lungs and his wings off the ground. Adrien kept his eyes open and his feet moving, the only solace being the lilac and rain scent that was his Maze.


It wasn’t a good plan to let Bay go off on his own but Blake saw the blank look from the male. Instinct said it would be a mistake to force him to stay, so he let him go. As they advanced behind Bay, Blake kept Adrien’s arm around his shoulder, his own arm, against the lower part of his brother’s back, edging him forward.

Tarus still led them, his voice was a whisper, “Is he always like that?”

“I assume by ‘he’ you mean Bay,” Blake said. “I wouldn’t take it personally. He gets like that sometimes.”

“There was a story about a female from the camp I was originally from, she was like him,” Zev said slowly. “What is Bay’s mother’s name?”

Blake shrugged, “I don’t know. Bay won’t talk about her.”

Nate almost flinched in the corner of his eye, Blake turned his head to his brother, “Something you would like to share with the group, Nathaniel?”

“Nope,” Nate said cheerfully.

Blake opened his mouth to demand answers but Adrien said, “We got company.”


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“THE ATOM: The Fatal Fall-Out” Time, 28 February 1955

For months scientists and newsmen in the U.S. and around the world had been speculating about the peril of “fall-out” after atomic and hydrogen explosions. How great was the danger from the radioactive dust that descends upon the earth after the big blasts? Last week, to set the record straight and to counteract some exaggerations, the Atomic Energy Commission issued a special report. Even without exaggeration the story was fantastic.

Localized to an industrial area of the U.S., the AEC’s estimates would mean that a Bikini-sized H-bomb dropped on Cleveland with the wind northwest could level the city, threaten the life of everyone in Pittsburgh, and spread lethal ash across a strip of West Virginia, into Virginia and Maryland (see map). If the wind were stronger than it was at the time of the Bikini test, the fatal fall-out from a Cleveland bomb could reach all the way to Washington.


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The world started with Ash. It was Ash who gave him a home, who was his first friend. The world would stop with Nate. Nate was his heart, the one who waited. it would be their deaths that destroyed him. Bay struggled beneath the weight of the guard’s knee. He gripped the floor, trying to pull himself out of their clutches. This was all wrong. He was responsible, not Ash. Not Nate-

“Let them go,” Bay snarled. “You want me. Kill me. I was the one who tried to kill you, not them! Kill me instead.”

His father- Aramin’s- lips spread into a smile cold and gruesome. It was like looking in a mirror, the only difference was the diagonal scars on his face. And his impossible height. “A threat on my life is nothing to be ignored. But you are my blood. I will not kill you.” His head inclined to Ash, at the heavy ash sword at his brother’s neck, its blade coated in Bloodbane then to the guard restraining Nate, the ash blade at his mate’s throat. “They aren’t my blood. They can die in your stead.”

Nate tried getting out of the guards’ grips. His hair fell over his eyes as he struggled. He spat at his father’s feet. “Fuck you.”

His brother was on his knees, his hands to the floor, his hair over his face. 

“Please,” Bay begged. “Don’t kill them. I’ll do whatever you want. Just don’t kill them.”

Aramin nodded slowly. “I’ll give you a choice.”

“Anything,” Bay breathed.

“Either you kill Ash or I kill Nate. The remaining will live.” The world collapsed on itself, tilting on it’s side. His father’s eyes raked Nate’s tall frame, the broadness of his shoulders, the darkness of his hair, down to the ring on his hand.“I will drag it out, making what I did to your mother look like child’s play. It would be a kindness if you killed Ash. You don’t want me getting my hands on your pretty mate.”

Don’t you touch me,” Nate snarled.

Get away from him,” Bay growled. The guard’s knees dug into his back, keeping him connected to the ground. He gripped the stone, trying to pull himself out. He promised Mor no one would touch Nate. He promised.

Ash’s head lifted to face him. His face was calm, his bright green eyes intense with concetration. “Kill me, Bay. You need Nate more than me. He can help you. Let me help you this once.” Years of him getting Ash out of trouble hit him with a force hard enough Bay was choking on a sob. “Let me do this for you.”

“No,” Nate bellowed, trying to jerk out of the guard’s grip. A stream of blood went down Nate’s throat as he struggled. “Don’t you fucking martyr yourself.”

“Don’t make me,” Bay’s voice was strangled

“Of course I’m not going to make you,” his father drawled. “It’s your choice. But someone is going to die, Baylor. It’s your choice who.” His name splintered his mind, choking him.

“And- and whoever I don’t choose, they can leave? Alive?” Bay got out. Ash stilled, Nate looked at him, both of their faces froze in horror. He kept his eyes on his father, a numbing calm started to spread through him.

“Whoever you don’t choose, they can leave.” His father agreed. “Alive.”

“Swear it,” Bay growled.

“I am a man of my word. I swear on the Cauldron, the Mother, everything I am. Whoever you don’t choose, the other walks out of here untouched.”


“Okay,” Baylor got out. “I’ll do it. I’ll choose.”

“No,” Nate snarled. The ash dagger bit into his throat, his snarl turned into a groan. “No.”

Aramin nodded, the guard at his mate’s back rose. Baylor gripped the ground, standing on shaky limbs. His mate wouldn’t look at him, his eyes trained on Ash; all to not weaken his resolve.

Don’t do it,” Nate choked out.

The smile on Aramin’s face, it looked wrong, twisted and gruesome. He shared a face with Baylor, and that smile looked wrong on the face he loved. It made him sick.

Baylor picked up the pure Ash blade, it’s tip coated in Bloodbane. To make a weapon lethal against Ash, it needed to be purely Ash, purely poison, his healing would protect him otherwise. Just touching it, it would hurt Baylor.

Baylor knelt, a hand cupping the back of Ash’s neck, the other gripping the Ash dagger, it’s tip poised at Ash’s heart. Baylor touched his forehead with Ash’s, tears sliding down both their faces. “Thank you,” Baylor said. “Thank you for saving me.”

Ash choked, “I love you.”

The dagger shook in Baylor’s hand, splinted sores rested on his palm from the pure Ash. “I love you.”

“Do it,” Aramin drawled.


Bay was close enough Ash could feel his breath. His magic picked up the wounds to Bay’s shredded wings, to his hands from the dagger. Bay’s words were so quiet, he knew only Ash could hear them. “Keep your promise.” Fresh tears stung his eyes. No. “You saved me, save Nate.” His voice elevated, “I chose me.” Ash kept trying to push on the barrier on his magic.

No,” Bay’s father snarled. His promise to Bay, to let whoever he didn’t chose, to walk away. He was forced to keep it. Bay chose himself, to let his mate and his brother walk out alive.

The dagger twisted in Bay’s hand, sinking it into his own heart. Blood spilled from the wound. Bay crumpled to the ground, the dagger still in his chest. His brother’s beating heart shuddered to a stop.

Nate’s scream echoed off the floor, the walls. It was the most horrific sound that he had ever heard from his cousin. Nate shoulders heaved. The guard released Nate. His cousin crumpled to the ground, his forehead touching the floor, his arms around himself. “No.”

Ash kept pushing on the spell binding his magic. His father, he was able to break the one on him all those years ago. So could he. So could he-


The temperature in the room started to raise to near boiling. Nate looked up, his mate, his husband was dead on the ground, his face at peace. Ash was standing, his skin and hair ignited in flame, his eyes glowed.

Aramin’s skin greyed to marble, his eyes wide in unbridled pain, his mouth wide in a soundless scream. His body crumpled to the ground, in a pile of ash.

Nate crawled over to Baylor, Ash knelt next to him, his hand pulling the blade from Baylor’s heart. Nate clutched Ash’s shirt. “Save him,” he begged. “Save my husband. Save my mate.”

“I can’t,” Ash choked out. “I can’t. It’s too late.”

You’re lying.” He refused to believe him. “You saved everyone else. Save your brother.”

Ash gripped his wrists, pulling him from his shirt. His palms were still warm from his fire. “I can’t, Nate. I can’t.” The promise, that was why Ash wasn’t doing it. Baylor made Ash promise to never heal him again.

“You broke your promise to him before,” He was screaming. “Do it again. Save him!”

“I can’t bring back the dead. He is dead, Nate. His heart is stopped, his life is gone.”

“No,” he sobbed. “No.”

He brought Baylor’s hand to his lips, the ring on his finger cool against his skin. He needed him to stay but instead he gave him the words of departure. “Cauldron save you,” be breathed.

“Mother hold you,” Ash choked, closing Baylor’s eyes. “Pass through the gates and smell that immortal land of milk and honey.”

“Fear no evil. Feel no pain,” Nate sobbed. He wouldn’t hurt now. He wouldn’t be at war from his mind. He would be at peace.

“Go and enter eternity,” Ash whispered. “Go to Nesta and Montse. They’re waiting for you.”


Bay wasn’t sure what he would find in death. Maybe a pearly gate, maybe a fiery pit. But he found two females. One with golden brown hair and icy steely eyes and one with chocolate brown hair and hazel-gold eyes.

“Bay,” Nesta breathed. “You shouldn’t be here.”

“Baby,” his mother said, tears streamed down her cheeks. “You weren’t supposed to die.”

“I’m sorry,” Bay choked out. “I couldn’t let them die for my actions. I couldn’t do it.”

His mother touched his face. “I’m so proud of you, Baby. I just wish you weren’t here.”

“Are you angry?”

They both pulled him into a hug, safety and warmth radiated through him. “No.”

Nesta brushed back his hair, “You’re at peace now, Bay.”

He believed her.


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