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Marco Reus “Everything started here. When I was 4 years old at the Post SV Dortmund on ash. I didn’t know lawn. And that was great the way it was. Because I learned how to control the ball on this gracing, especially when it was wet or else the ball sprang far away from the foot. And it was valid to avoid unnecessarily slidling tackles if you didn’t want to get hurt. Although I wouldn’t like to play on ash anymore, I know what this time taught and how it had minted me. The most important thing for me was playing football and winning. In this in chronological order. There were discomfitures but as children we got over this very fast by playing more and more. Practice makes perfect. I became better from month to month. In 1995 one day me and my parents were eating lunch when a call from BVB, my dream team, came. They asked if i could imagine to come to their club. And of course i could imagine- I had done it so often in my mind as i was lying under my posters in my nursery or playing on the ash football place when I tried to be like Ricken or Polvsen. I thought they were a different category. But than the change from the Post SV to the BVB wasn’t as difficult as I expected. Unfortunately I could rarely visit the old ash football pitch because of these many appointments. And before people speculate: there hadn’t been a conversation with the Post SV about a change. I still got a bit time till I’m an old man.“

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so your boyfriend is a member of 5SOS but you accidentally give another member a boner?

omfg yes yes

if you were dating calum and you and the boys are going to play some football/soccer and cal was off trying to find the ball so you’re doing stretches on the lawn and ash starts talking to you and you’re not even thinking about that these stretches looking sexual (like with your ass up in the air etc) and then you take off your jacket to reveal a crop top thing and ash would like sit on the grass next you and once you finished stretching cal would come back with the ball and luke but ash would be like “i don’t think i want to play anymore” and quickly get up and go inside and you’d just be confused and cal would have to explain lmao but he wouldn’t be mad just laughing hella hard at ash

if you were dating michael, you and some of the boys would be playing video games and be sitting next to mikey obviously but luke be next to you on the other side and you’d be kicking luke’s ass in whatever game you were playing and luke would keep pouting at you and you’d just be like “you’ll have to do more than pout for me to let you win” which is something you’d say to mikey but you weren’t thinking and luke you just give you this fucking face like omfg what and mikey wouldn’t have heard you but luke would turn red and he’d just quietly keep playing the game but he would move away from you so you’re legs were touching and omg you’d just go back to playing too (i want to find myself in the situation everyday of my life)

if you were dating luke you’d probably be just cuddling on the couch but then you two would start getting a handsy and somehow your shirt would come off (how does that happen idk???) and you’d keep making out but at some point you’d pull back and you’d just see calum standing in the doorway with wide eyes and an obvious bulge in his shorts and you’d just bust out laughing and luke would look back at cal but he’d would have hand over his crotch trying to runaway but luke would be like “dude that’s my girlfriend” and be annoyed at cal hehe

if ashton was your boyfriend you guys would go to a party together and other boys would be there too and you guys would all be drinking and stuff and ash would pull you away into a closet or something to make out and it’d be getting heated but he’d be like “i need to go get a condom” so you’d frown and tell to go find one so you’d be waiting a while and it’d be really dark in the closet and he’d come back in you’d reach out and touch his crotch and start pulling his neck toward yours but he’d push you away and then a light would flip on and it’d actually be mikey and you’d just be like “shit this awkward” but michael would start to get a boner but he’d just be like “i just wanted to find the bathroom fuck” and ash would in as mikey walked out and you’d be laughing hella hard and you’d tell ash and he’d just laugh and be like “back to where i left off” hahahah

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