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anonymous asked:

Do you think Alan and Manon might meet as Ash and friends?

It’s possible since they’re in the same continuity. I can’t imagine Team Flare never appearing in the main anime and Alan should appear in that arc due to his connection to Lysandre. It’d be interesting if he was an antagonist until the end where he realizes Lysandre’s true nature and becomes an ally for Ash and co. Manon could join the good guys and be the main catalyst for Alan finally switching sides, as the time they’ve spent together has made him softer.

Also I assume that the writers want to do a Mega Charizard Y VS Mega Charizard X showdown at some point and what better way to build hype than having it be Ash VS Alan? Alan found an extra Mega Stone in Act I, which could be an early set up for how Ash acquires his, via Alan.