ash i drew you a picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yay~ New little drawing (〃 ω 〃) Sleepy and sad little husbando ♡ ♡ ♡ ( ;∀;) It was actually supposed to be a little doodle I drew a few days ago but …well I couldn’t hold myself back from coloring it,sorry, so I apologize if the lines are a little bit messy (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ I also changed the hair a bit (you might notice it if you’ve seen the picture on IG) ^^

I might start posting some traditional drawings too \\\(۶•̀ᴗ•́)۶////(I ‘might’, not sure yet, a little lazy atm)

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That Team Rocket picture you drew is just too fucking amazing. How did you come up with the design for the both of them?


At first I thought Jessie’s canon hairstyle was too silly and I just didn’t wanna draw it haha. So I turned it into a braid and ended up changing the rest of the designs as well, I wanted them to look more casual but still recognizable. Btw, for people wondering: I wrote “after 20 years” but I don’t actually mean they’re 20 years older. Cartoon characters don’t age… at least Ash doesn’t

This sort of “loose interpretation” fan art (here’s another, and here) is actually really fun to do and I hope I’ll draw more of it sometime :)


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so, this year at Warped Tour in Dallas, I got to meet the lovely Ash Costello and Christofer Drew!!

The first person I met was Ash.  I just got done watching Black Veil Brides perform their show, and I just met up with my best friend when she turned to me and said “Don’t you like New Years Day?  They’re doing a meet and greet..”  I freaked out, grabbed my best friends hand and took off to their merch tent.  I handed Nikki Misery my sketch book and they all signed it.  Finally it was my turn to talk to Ash and I freaked out!!  I was literally crying and said, “Oh my gosh Ash, I am your biggest fan, I love you so so so much! Your music has helped me through so much and I am forever grateful!”  She smiled so big and responded, “Sweetie, I’m YOUR biggest fan! I love you so much!”  We hugged and took pictures together and I couldn’t stop crying I was so happy!

Then around 5pm, we saw Christofer Drew play his set, but we left early to stand in line at his merch tent.  We got to meet him first because we had pre-orded his new album (which is amazing btw) and so finally he came and my best friend got to say hi to him first and hE RECOGNIZED HER!! He said when she handed him a drawing, he said, “Holy crap, youre that girl that always draws me on instagram, right??” She was so so so happy and they hugged and took pictures together. Finally it was my turn.  He turned to me and said “Hey, sweetie.” Which made my heart explode.  We got to take a picture but sadly that was it since there was so many people waiting..

Oh, AND I got to see Bryan, Johnnie, Jordan and Damon at the youtubers tent! I didn’t get to meet them though since the line was so long, but oh my gosh.. in one word HAWTTTTTTTTT!!!!

Anyways, that’s my long-ish story about the people I got to meet at Warped Tour in Dallas (:


I did these sketches time ago, when X Y & Z was released I guess

and well, as Ash’s japanese seiyuu sings the OP I decided to drew him playing and singing it imitatating the OP (that’s why I added the japanese lyrics)

I added my favourite parts of the song in the pictures:

“ Kasanariau omoi ga shinkuro shite ”

“ Daremo shiranai takami e”

I should finish this, right?x’D

(  Please don’t claim, steal, use, edit or redistribute my work! Reblog it if you want to share it with others!)

So if y’all haven’t read Red Strings and Blue Hair by the lovely born-fromtheashes I don’t know what you’re doing with yourself because OH. MY GOSH. It is legit one of the best syndisparklez fics I’ve ever read and its just plain wonderful okay? I mentioned that I’d draw a picture for it in my siren au picture a while ago and I finally got off my ass and did it! I drew my favorite part, of which you can find in chapter two. Took a few artistic liberties with it, but flustered Jordan is always the best imo sooo yeah. btw if you’re reading this Ashes, please write more for this story kthnxilybye

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"promise me you'll stop?" with ash please?

When a person inflicts pain onto another, their soulmate is inflicted with the same pain.


You were fed up of this.

Every day you’d wake up with more cuts and bruises all over your body because of your stupid soulmate. Didn’t he realise that he was causing you pain?

You got out of bed and groaned, a dull ache ripping through your body as you walked out of your room to go downstairs and get yourself some breakfast.

You entered the kitchen and were met with a frown from your mother. “y/n, what the hell has happened to your face?”

“It’s him again, mum, he must be a boxer or something I swear to god” you said before plopping down in one of the kitchen chairs and wincing at the pain that shot through your coccyx.

He must have thrown someone down on their ass. Dickhead.

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Two people on my Facebook announced they’re pregnant (both within a few minutes of each other) and it had me thinking about how my ships would announce theirs

With Ash and Misty, they’re lucky and find out a few weeks before Delia’s birthday and they decide to hold off on telling her until then. (It’s torture for Ash but he manages to keep his mouth shut) and the day of her birthday, Ash and Misty both go to Delia’s house and give her the present. She pulls out a t-shirt that says “World’s Best Grandma” on it. Delia gasps a little bit and tears are starting to form in her eyes. She just looks at Misty with a huge smile and Misty says, “Yep, I’m 9 weeks.” and shows Delia the sonogram. She takes it and looks long and hard at the photo in her hand and wipes a stray tear away. “Oh I am so happy for you guys, congratu-” she begins to say but is interrupted when Ash blurts out, “Mom we’re having a baby!” Both Misty and Delia give him a strange look and he just says, “Man, it feels good to say that. I’ve been keeping that in for weeks!”

With May and Drew, they would do something really cute, they would like, have a  picture of them when they first started dating, and under that picture it says, “first comes love”, next to that picture is them at their wedding and under that it says, “then comes marriage,” then the third one is a picture of a sonogram that says, “then comes the baby in the baby carriage! Baby Hayden coming in June!” Caroline is really excited and wants to help May plan everything. Drew doesn’t mind since he has no idea what he would be doing anyway.

With Paul and Dawn, Dawn knows there is no way she is going to get Paul to do something fun and creative with her to announce her pregnancy so she does it herself. One day when Paul isn’t home, she takes a pair of his shoes, her shoes, and some baby booties she bought and lines them up next to each other. That’s all she does. She posts her picture and people just know what it means. Meanwhile, Paul’s co-workers are coming up to him and congratulating him and he is utterly confused. Then someone shows him the picture. Paul rolls his eyes so far he feels like he can see his brain. He’s not mad at Dawn, he just thought the way she announced it was a bit much. 

Where Did You Go?

Why did you leave a note listing planets you’d rather live on?
How come the microwave looks like it was on fire?
Why are you smiling?
Why did I find an empty bottle of whiskey hidden in the dryer?

You should probably find a new place to live.
I should probably find a new place to live.

Why is there a ‘Get Well Soon’ card addressed to you on the coffee table?
Did I hear you vomiting last night?
Of course you didn’t hear me vomiting last night.
Why is there a half-pack of cigarettes in the refrigerator?
Why didn’t you tell anyone where you were going?
Who drew a picture of King-Kong climbing a stair-master over my to-do list?
Why is there ash inside the fake flowers?
Why is there ash inside the fake flower’s fake vase?
Why is there a banana plant in the bath tub?
Who ate the last slice of pizza?

You should probably find a new place to live.
I should probably find a new place to live.

Hey everyone! I’m so excited to show ya’ll what I did!

As you know the amazingly talented @nerdinsandals drew Ash and Misty as teens for me but it wasn’t enough to just have a picture drawn!

I just HAD to display our love for the pairing!!!

BAM! Next time it’ll be MY art that gets printed! :D

But don’t you agree, her art makes the BEST graphic Tee’s?! Oh and if you’re wondering what the bottom portion says, “Don’t give up the ship”