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I had to draw the replies I got for this post, ‘cause they were just too good


so i saw sing the other day and it was so good and pure ?! the characters are relatable and all so lovable ,, i’d really recommend seeing it ! (i cried way too many times)

anywAY i had these human design things stuck in my head after watching

Who broke it? (Sing)
  • Buster: "So...who broke it? I'm not mad, I just want to know."
  • Meena: "I broke it!"
  • Buster: "No, no you didn't. Mike?"
  • Mike: "Don't look at me. Look at Johnny."
  • Johnny: "What? I didn't break it."
  • Mike: "Huh, that's funny, how'd you even know it was broken?"
  • Johnny: "Because it's sitting right in front of us, and it's broken."
  • Mike: "...suspicious."
  • Johnny: "No, it's not!"
  • Eddie: "If it matters, probably not but, Ash was the last one to use it."
  • Ash: "Lier! I don't even drink that crap!"
  • Eddie: "Oh yeah, what were you going by the coffee cart earlier?"
  • Ash: "I use the wooden sticks to push back my cuticles, everyone knows that Eddie!"
  • Meena: "Alright let's not fight, I broke it. Let me pay for it, Buster."
  • Buster: "No! Who broke it?"
  • Silence
  • Johnny: "Buster...Rosita's been awfully quiet."
  • Rosita: "Really?!"
  • Johnny: "Yes really!"
  • Rosita: "Oh my god!"
  • All arguing in the back
  • Buster: "I broke it."

Sing roleswap au! These drawing are not to proper scale for character heights/sizes. A behemoth of a project that i put lots of love into! I thought it might be fun to switch around the roles for that characters, and hey- I was right! Full character rundowns beneath the cut since it’s a lot

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Anon`s request for an embarrassed Mahiru! (Read LEFT to RIGHT)

I`m sorry I couldn`t help but throw in some casual contact between them. This happened to me today but I ended up just getting mad at the person instead of acting embarrassed and I thought `Hey, if Kuro did that, would Mahiru be…?` xDDD Nyaheeem. Anyways, bad camera quality is still bad… I need a scanner soon //cries

Short comic requests still open!!  If you’re interested, hit me an [ ask ] !