ash come back to me

A lesson or a blessing

For every lie that escaped your lips; violence in the shape of question
I thank you.

For every laugh that left your mouth, a mockery of everything I am; everything
I stand for,
I thank you.

For every twisted paradise you made with your paintbrush that could only
ever paint pain,
I thank you.

You are the reason I live with my
pockets full of sunshine,

You are my hardest lesson and my strongest goodbye,

You built me up to watch me fall
and now I’m flying-

I owe you nothing but silence and ash,
for you killed parts of me that will
never come back.

But I thank you.

A scorose thingy

Hey, I just wanted to write a little Scorose thing. Nothing special. I was just bored. A falling back in love maybe??? I don’t know. I don’t even know if I should keep writing this. This is what happens when Cara is angsty and bored. Loove yas!

She was so many rules. “Don’t eat with your mouth full,” or; “Don’t forget to make sure he wears socks, it’s not the middle of summer out there!”

Sometimes it was more serious things that only idiots would do like; “Don’t swear in front of him – he hangs on to everything you say,” or; “Don’t let him touch your wand when you’re not around!”

“I don’t let him do that because it remind me too much of you.”

Sometimes it was spark-like backfires like; “I don’t want him to end up like you.”

Rose was all logical thought processes and painful truths. Everything she said was for a reason. Everything she did had a good reason behind it. That’s why she left me that hot, summers day. She had thought about it, analysed it and to her, it was the most logical thing to do.

I had drunk myself stupid at James’ apartment, I don’t know how many nights I had cried myself to sleep in James’ sheets and soaked Al’s shoulder. I don’t know how many times I lost my wand in a drunk mess – somewhere on the streets of Muggle London that made my dad’s temple pulse and literal steam come out of his ears. He would yell at me; “Why so reckless, Scorpius!”

I would reply with something about the amount of money he had and what use was it if not used on cleaning up my depressive mess. He hated me. I think a lot of people did.

She would come over to James’ flat and everytime I heard the sharp snap of her apparating, I would assume she was back to come and apologise and she was here to tell me I wasn’t a disgusting ferret and she was going to forgive me for my fuck ups and she just wanted to be a family again. I almost leapt out of the couch everytime she showed. But she never did forgive me, and she didn’t want to be a family again and she was probably even more disgusted than ever because how could I be a father when I was neck-deep in so many bottles of booze and I smelled worse than an ash tray? Sometimes she did promise to come back, only to give me my wand that she confiscated because I could kill someone while under the influence.

At one point, I didn’t see our son for a week.

Our son, our light. He was the true Chosen One. Even Harry Potter himself said that how could one kid brighten so many lives? He was supposed to be the one who broke us  - tore the great Malfoy name and cursed the great Weasley one. But he didn’t. He was the intertwining of the two Great Families. They talk of the Sacred Twenty-Eight as if it were some myth, but our son was so real. So, so real.

They all say that if you have a kid so young, sixteen and in short, we were in love, you’ve signed yourself up for a life doomed. Dooms day. After all, how can kids have kids? You’re supposed to do more, see more, become more. But I can’t have become any more than I was as a sixteen year old Scorpius. I was invincible, indestructible, impenetrable; all because of a squashed up kid wrapped up in muslin. He was blue eyes and blonde hair. He was loud screams and soft touches. He was my everything. He is my everything. I think sometimes I breathe because he’s around and at points, I don’t think I would be breathing if he was not here. Paths seemed clearer and shit, I loved Rose more for it. I loved her so much, I would have taken every hex, every curse, every Unforgivable Curse for that girl with the wild hair and the wilder eyes. And that in itself was the start of the end.

My mum told me once that it was hard to love a Malfoy. My dad told me once it was like loving a brick, loving a Malfoy. We ran, we skipped it, we ran from the darkness that followed us but as much as we had ditched it, it’s true. There’s always a little dark in us. Sometimes I pray to Merlin that my son has just the right amount of Weasley in him to dispel any darkness from him. Maybe he’d grow up and be all sharp words and sarcastic remarks. Just like his mum.

One of Rose’s many rules is a universal one: Don’t lie.

My mind thought over the lies so much, I find some sort of sickening comfort within when I think that the reason why I lied to her in the first place was not to hurt her.

I know that it hurt her more when she found out that I thought that might have worked.

I’ve now had eight months of thinking over my lies.

I did have my own flat. I lived on top of the Leaky Cauldron. Rose came and inspected it once. She told me she’d kill me if our son set foot in there, but I liked it. It had a bed – sleep was one of my saving graces and it took me away from the realisation that I had fucked up, even if just for a few hours. Caelum wasn’t allowed there, it was just as well because I was kicked out after eight weeks. Kicked out and shoved to the comforting embrace of James.

James didn’t mind. He was away most of the time and when he was home, he had a drinking buddy. Not just your usual one, oh no, I was far too dramatic for that. It was all loud singing and falling asleep on the toilet type of drinking. A cry yourself to sleep on your best mate’s brother’s shoulder sort of affair.

I’ve been on James’ couch ever since.

Today was different. I could feel it was different. She called me first thing this morning and didn’t question where I was. She said I could have our son for the entire weekend without asking if I had proper linen or knew how to work James’ TV. She didn’t tell me that her dad was going to come and pick him up at eight AM on Sunday morning so I was robbed of a whole day with him; “bring him home when you’re ready,” was her exact words. And I snatched them up.

I cleaned James’ house, I got rid of the empty beer bottles and threw out the fish n chip wrappers.  I shaved, I wore deodorant. I smoked a pack of cigarettes.

It’s weird how you lose yourself a little when someone leaves. You don’t realise how much you relied on a single person until they tell you that they don’t want you anymore.

They don’t want you to do this to them anymore.

That is the curse of falling in love when you don’t even know what love is. I mean, I think I know. I think I knew. Because even when we were young I had that dull throbbing in my chest every time she walked in and every word she spoke just astounded me. Maybe it wasn’t love at all. Maybe it was an obsession. I admit, I lost myself a little when she left. I was cold and everything was pitch black but I remember, I would never forget. It was two o'clock on a Summer’s afternoon when she found it appropriate to not forgive me.

It wasn’t the Summer anymore. Today was cold, dark and bleak. Typical of Britain’s forecast. It was announced through Diagon Alley when I went to visit Fred that we were in for a weeks worth of rain. But today, I don’t feel it. I only feel that my son is coming to me for an entire weekend and I had things I needed to buy from WWW’s even though he gets a lot of it’s shit for free.

I had chucked a large sum of cash on the counter, Fred gathered me up the best of the best.

This weekend was going to be the best of the best even if I did follow Rose’s rules.

I’m pacing the lounge room of James’ flat. There are pictures everywhere. Even a picture of Rose, Caelum and I when he’s hours old, nothing but fresh faces and smiles are in this picture. We move, barely. He moves a lot. He was just born, he wanted to experience the world. The one his young parents gave him. Maybe it was true; maybe we’re just another statistic.

I hear a truck pull up into the drive way. It was so  Muggle of her but our son goes to a Muggle school. She wanted to fit in. She chucked the cash I had given her as a way to say sorry at the dealer and drove away in a Ford Escape. There was no escaping that it was paid with Malfoy money or that it was a huge statement on Rose’s behalf.

I hear doors slamming. Hurried scurries up the steps. “Come on, mum!” he shouts and I rush to the door, just as quickly as he does because I can’t help it.

I open the door and grin, my arms out, waiting for my son. “Cae!” I say, “Hey mate!” I scoop him up into my arms, bury my face in his hair, kiss him a thousand times all over his face which he hates and I absolutely, positively love.

He groans and makes a choking sound; “Don’t dad!” he whines, shaking his face free from me. “You’re so gross!”

Rose saunters over, hair flying behind her but she’s still wearing her medi-witch robes. Her wand stuck into the messy bun and she’s frowning. “There’s a case of Witches Flu going around,” she states.

“I know,” I mutter, putting my son down. “I work at the same place as you.”

She doesn’t like being told anything. Rose Weasley was a know it all but the worst part was she actually knew it all. Every thing.

We had smoothly transitioned into the new life. Rose insisted that we make this as seamless as possible. We have a six year old son who doesn’t take well to glitches in the system, we had to work hard to make things easy for him. She had a reason for everything, just like she had a reason for making me move out.

We were twenty three years old and so old. I had aged two decades easily in the last eight months. It made me feel sick, it made my voice hitch, it made my hands shake when I drop our son off to his ‘mum’s’ place. It shouldn’t be like that – the great divide.

Often when I would drop him back off to her she would be leaned over a piece of parchment and scratching with a quill. She would still had her medi-witch gear on but her hair was always loose and falling like it was now. I always knocked awkwardly on the door as if I shouldn’t be there but I shared that home with her for three years, in the corner of her own lounge room was still a photo of us, seventeen and glowing, son bouncing in our arms, fresh faced and young just like the one here. And scared. Shit scared.

We made so many mistakes in the short time span, it was a wonder we didn’t combust earlier, a disaster of sparks and stars. We had our son when every odd was against us, our families were against us, shit, even we were against ourselves.

“So, how are you?,” I mutter to her, seeing our son sprawled out on the couch with his blonde hair everywhere and wearing a fake Harry Potter scar on his head. “Uh, did you buy that tattoo for him?”

Rose looks up briefly at me, her glasses slipping down the bridge of her nose but she slides them up and sniggers when she looks over at our son. “No, that would be your best friend, Albus.”

She walks in and dumps her hand bag on the floor before taking a seat at James’ table which is only there to make this place feel somewhat like a home.

“Your cousin,” I mumble but I take the seat across from her. “How was your day?” I ask.

“We work at the same place.”

“I wasn’t there today,” I reply.

“Hmmm,” she says.

She looks down and starts reading a copy of Witch Weekly that has James’ face plastered to the front, not meeting my eyes. I want to yell, scream at her, I want to pull the magazine out from under her hands, screw it up, chuck it in the fire. I want her to look at me because she never looks at me anymore. I need her to see me, see I’m bleeding from the inside because the light has gone out and she just doesn’t notice me anymore. “So we just don’t talk anymore?” I ask her.

“Hmmm,” she said quietly. “We need to organise which weekend is yours and which is mine,” she states matter-of-factly.

I didn’t want to discuss things like whose weekend is whose. I didn’t need it solidified that we didn’t make it and we needed to organise such things that tore our son and made him into another statistic. “Does it need organising? Can it wait?”

“Do you want a cuppa?” she asks, getting up quickly and putting the quill behind her ear. She flicks her wand in the direction of the cup cupboard and two cups come flying out. “I think I do.”

She drunk tea when she was happy. She drunk a hell of a lot when she was stressed. Her choice of pot was huge, a gift from Luna Lovegood to James for his housewarming, apparently. “Sure, if it will make you ease up…”

She hated that. I was wondering if I would see sparks flying at my head. “I’m over fighting.”

“Do you think I enjoy it?” I ask her. “Because I don’t. I’m sick of this, the tension we used to always -” I’m cut off.

“We used to always talk? Yeah, I know, Scorpius,” she says exhaling loudly. “We used to stay up all night and talk about everything.”

“Then why can’t we?” I hiss but she shushes me, eyes flicking around.

“I don’t want to fight with Cae around,” she says through her teeth.

I look back into the lounge room but it looks like our son has figured out the TV which is just as well, because I didn’t want to lie to Rose again and tell her I knew how to work it. “He’s occupied,” I tell her. “And we’re not fighting.”

She rolls her eyes as she flicks her wand at the kettle on the stove. “Yeah, sure,” she says.

“You know, for a person who states she doesn’t want to fight anymore, you keep going on…”

She laughs a little before shoving my shoulder as I lean against the bench. It had been five months since she’s actually touched me. I wonder if it’s stupid to think that maybe she’s burnt through my shirt and straight onto my skin but I shouldn’t think about those things. How her hands feel on me. “I’m sorry -” this time I cut her off.

“Call Rita Skeeter, Rose Weasley is sorry!” I say, grinning at her.

She smiles weakly back. “Stop smiling at me,” she mumbles. “We have no reason to smile.”

“I do,” I tell her honestly. “Because you’re talking to me and that’s always something to smile about.”

“Stop it with your words, Scorp, we need to be serious,” she says, meeting my eyes. I can see they’re still deep blue and worrying. Her eyebrows are knitting together, she was definitely worrying.

“I cleaned up,” I tell her, moving my arms through the kitchen. “Can you tell?”

“Well done,” she says in the same voice that she uses when Caelum brushes his teeth.

“Thank you,” I say anyways.

She sighs and starts searching the cupboards for the tea leaves that James doesn’t own. “You busy tomorrow?” she asks me.

She turns to look at me and now I’m confused. “You’re not going to take him tomorrow, are you? I thought you said I could have him until Sunday…”

She shakes her head and her eyes widen. “Shit. No. I just meant, if you guys were going to do something, then maybe I’d tag along…”

I raise an eyebrow and put my hands on my hips, I try not to smirk, it will just piss her off more. “We could do something if you wanted to?” I challenge.

She inhales deeply and nods. “Yeah, that would be good.”

“Why the change in attitude?” I ask her. I didn’t get where this was going or why it was even going at all but I didn’t want to lose this – the moving forward.

“If this is how our life is going to be, then I want to move on, for the sake of our son.”

I sigh and nod. Accepting this. “Ok, let’s move forward.”

“Or maybe,” she says, looking down at the floor. “We should just start all over again.”

I don’t say anything, I just smile to myself. Maybe I had a shot at things, maybe. Maybe I just need to stop taking my chances and see where this was going to take us.

y'all my neighbors are so sweet holy shit

A playlist for long distance lovers

Don’t Find Another Love Tegan and Sara | You Haunt Me Sir Sly | Weights & Measures Dry the River | No Light, No Light Florence + The Machine | Drove Me Wild Tegan and Sara | If You Wanna The Vaccines | Make It Without You Andrew Belle | Now I’m All Messed Up Tegan and Sara | Habits (Stay High) Tove Lo | You Could Be Happy Snow Patrol | Already Home Ha*Ash | Daylight Maroon 5 | Come Back to Me David Cook | Stay Over The Rescues | Shock to Your System Tegan and Sara | One Day Soon Luluc | Secret Tunnel


(note: 8tracks only allows two tracks per artist so Drove Me Wild and Shock to Your System aren’t on there but you should really listen to them)


You want to put a man forward as the face of our efforts to oust the Engliish from the island. Why not use Flint? They all know him already. They fear him already.

Algae on the backs of statues by the lakeside
Starts seeping into the pores of the stone.
I wanted more for us:
A substance that would weather time,
Not the other way around.
I was looking for Forever
And I thought that planting our seeds at the feet of giants
Would grow us beanstalks to put the sky to shame.
Our idols crumbled like soapstone towers,
Left as rubble on the waterside,
Admiring it’s fractured reflection.
In the end, we looked less like old friends
And more like condemned houses on route 59,
The space between us
A ghost town with the roof caving in,
New aches every few dozen miles
Like crippled hearts with sinewed hands
And scraggle toothed rafters.
We tried building temples
And wound up burning bridges.
But I learned.
I learned better than to kneel at the altar of you,
Learned that my heart and my time
Are not meant as blood sacrifice to fallen gods.
In holding us sacred, I was the fool.
But your lips looked so much like the arch
Of the first cathedral my body remembers.
It was so easy to be the lamb you led sweetly astray.
—  False Idols, by Ashe Vernon
Love to Hate - Chapter 16

The dinner with Seth’s family went well. I wasn’t expecting to get along with them as well as I did. I felt like they had already accepted me as part of the family. I have never had that feeling since that day everything fell apart with my family.
2 days later, it’s Monday. It’s plastered all over the media that Seth and I are dating since we went to the café. I am noticing that people are now putting a face to my name, I am starting to get recognised. I am not too happy about it, but I know I have to accept it if I want to be with Seth.
I am in the middle of piping a cake, Hannah comes out the back and tells me “Ash, someone is here to see you”

I immediately think its Seth I tell Hannah “Tell him I won’t be long”

She replies “It’s a chick, if you had a sister, this could be her, she looks like you”

I tell her “Tell her I won’t be long” There’s a pit in my stomach, I know in fact that would be my twin sister, Dayna.

I finish up piping on the cake then go out the front. Dayna smiles. I don’t return it. She comes up to me to give me a hug, I back away.

I snap “What the fuck do you want?”

She says “You are still holding a grudge”

I laugh in disbelief “Are you kidding me right now? Just get the fuck out of my shop, and get the fuck out of my life again”

Seth walks in. He had to look twice, pure confusion is on his face.

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Little White Lies - someone asked for a Liam and Ashton imagine where they’re both in a gang so hope you enjoy this!

Ashton was standing behind you, his arms wrapped tightly around your waist, just holding you tightly to his chest as he glared at Liam from across the room. “Y/n is mine, Liam. I suggest that it’s best you leave while you can.”

“Is that a threat, Ash?” He huffed, making his way over to you, causing Ashton to grip onto you tighter, his hands shaking slightly. 

“Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t but either way you should get the fuck out." 

"Now why would I do that? It’s obvious that Y/n isn’t satisfied with you. Otherwise she wouldn’t always be calling me when your away. You have to face it eventually, Ashton. One day she’ll be mine and you’ll be left entirely alone, with no one to turn to but she’ll be with me. She’ll by lying in my arms every single night–not yours.” He stopped to release an maniacal laugh. “I guess I could leave now. She’ll come back to me, Ash. She always does.” Liam had an evil grin on his face before he sent you a quick link. 

And with that, he left, causing Ashton to relax and turn you around to face him. “Promise me it’s only me. Nothing he said was true, right?” He leaned down to press his forehead against yours. 

You shook your head, feeling an overwhelming amount of guilt seeing as you were lying to him. “Only you. I only need you, Ash.”

He instantly seemed to relax before covering you with his jacket, “C'mon, sweetheart. Let’s get you home before you catch a cold in this awful weather.”


A few weeks have passed without any sign from Liam. It was a bit strange since you were used to seeing him almost every weekend but you were slightly thankful because it made you realize that Ashton is all that you need and Liam was only holding you back from giving your heart to Ashton fully. 

“Y/n.” Ashton called from the other room, causing you to scurry to where he was in the living. “I have to go away for the weekend.” He sighed, pulling you onto his chest before brushing some hair away from your face and leaving a small kiss to your lips. “And I’d ask you to come with me but it’s not going to be safe. All I ever want to do is keep you safe and love you til the day that I die but I can’t risk taking you with me. Will you be alright here alone.” You nodded slightly, gripping onto his shirt as you tried to make he stay. “I’m gonna miss you sweetie but I have to leave today.” You squeaked as he lifted you up, carrying you up the stairs and into your shared bedroom, throwing you down onto the bed before climbing on top of you. 

His lips connected with yours in a lustful, passionate kiss. The kiss was filled with all of his feelings–you could tell that he was still hung up with the confrontation with Liam. But you had to lie to him, you kept telling yourself–you had to. He would have been heartbroken if he found out you have been with Liam, his rival gang’s leader and the person Ashton hated most in the world, and you never want him to feel that. You hands tangled through his fluffy blonde hair as you pushed all those thoughts about Liam to the back of your mind. Ashton means way too much to you and you could feel him sigh when he was forced to pull away from the kiss. 

“I have to go."He grumbled, burying his head in your neck so that he could press meaningful, loving kisses there. You nodded slightly and he climbed off of you.

"Ashton,” You said, just before he left the room, causing him to freeze and turn back to see the love of his life. “Please be careful?” You stammered, gripping you pillow close to your body as if it would give you some type of comfort.

“Of course, y/n. I’m always careful when I know that I have you to come home to.” Your heart ached at those words as he turned around the left the room.

You must have fallen asleep because, hours later, you awoke to someone brushing some hair away from your face. You quickly jumped, not expecting anyone to be in the room with you since Ash had already left. 

“Finally,” The person, who you now recognized to be Liam, mumbled, pressing a kiss against your forehead. “I thought he would never leave.”

“W-What are you doing here?” You stuttered, feeling the need to cover yourself with a blanket from him. 

“C'mon now, no need to hide from me, baby. We both know that I’ve seen you in much less then this.” He said tugging the blanket away and he began to unbutton your blouse. 

“Answer my question.” You said, gripping onto his hands so that they couldn’t move to unbutton your shirt anymore. “Why do you think I’m here? I wanted to have a tea party with you. C'mon, Y/n, you know exactly what I want from you." 

You shook your head, causing his grin to quickly fade. "No, Liam. I’m done with this. I hate doing this to Ashton. He deserves so much better than me, yet here I am, lying with you in bed." 

"Oh c'mon, we’re not even doing anything. Maybe if I was fucking you right now, I could understand his jealously but sadly I’m not.” He grunted, wrapping his arm around your shoulder before pulling you to rest against his chest, despite your protests. 

“That’s not the point, Liam.” You growled, “I don’t want to do this to him again.” You attempted to move away from him but his grip was too tight. 

“What make this different from the other times, Y/n? Every time he leaves you’ve called me. The only difference I see is that you didn’t call me this time. I came here because I wanted to see you–No, fuck, I needed to see you. I’ve missed you so much and now that I finally have you to myself, you won’t do anything with me.”

“That because I don’t want to break Ashton’s heart. He means too much to me." 

"Well I don’t give a fuck.” He says, finishing undoing your buttons before pushing your shirt off and rolling on top of you. “Youre mine, remember that.” He growled in your ear before tugging your pajama pants off too. “You will always be mine and the sooner you realize that, the easier this will be." 

His lips met your neck, sucking and biting on the skin there and making sure to leave bright purple marks there. Liam pulled away from your neck, smirking at his work. Just as his lips connected with yours, in for what feels like forever though it was only a few weeks, you heard a voice at the door, "Y/n?” It was Ashton, standing there, watching, wide eyed, making you wonder just how much of that he actually saw.

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Ash age 10, are you Peter pan? Are your unevolved pokemon your loat boys?



Never Think (pt 2) | Luke

a/n: in which everything continues to be pretty cliche. and yeah, this will definitely be three parts, sooorry :)

masterlist | request

Your eyebrows raised in shock and you pushed your hand through your hair, “Oh? Okay,” you stopped, looking at the others for confirmation before you continued. Ashton and Calum both nodded in agreement and you sighed, “He literally hasn’t spoken to me since. Like, he won’t even text me back.”

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Ash : hey you look down today whats up
Bri : why are all ur fans posting a lot of pics about you and luke i just hate it that they ship you together
Ash : yeah but lukey is a good person ..
Bri : i hate it ok
Ash : he is cute and nice
Bri : and i hate it i dont wanna see you again with him
Ash : he is my band mates and i like him
Bri : ew dont tell me that there is really something btw you two
Ash : and what if
Bri : im your gf ok
Ash : no you are no
Bri : what are you telling me that you choose luke over me
Ash : i will always choose luke over any other person bc i love him and now bye bryana never call me again

And ash come back to the hotel room find luke and they fuck all night happy lashton end yay

The first time you sleep together :)

Ashton: It was the day when you found out that your boyfriend of two years has been cheating on you for the whole time with your best girlfriend. You were at a club and they both went to the bathroom at the same time. The thought of them… doing it.. while you were all out, it never crossed your mind. Someone ran into you and spilled bear all over the front of your shirt so you went to the wash it off and you saw them both coming out of the women’s room. That’s when you knew it was happening. You made no noise and ran out if the place and called you best guy friend. “Ash,” You said sniffling, “can you please come and get me? I’m not well enough to frive myself.” He answered “Of course (y/n). Stay there I’m on my way.” Ten minutes later his car was in front of you. You looked at him and he looked like he just woke up. “I’m sorry. Did I wake you up?” You asked felling so bad “Yeah, but that’s fine. I’d do anything for you (y/n).” A few minutes later he asked where he was taking you. “Can I stay over at your house please. They are gonna come and look for me but…I just can’t now.” He tok a glance at you then back to the road. “Yeah of course you can. You wanna talk about what happened?” When you got to his house he gave you some of his clothes to wear and he left the room to give you some privacy. Once you were both changed he came up to you and said “Okay I’ll take the couch and you can have my bed.” He tucked you in bed and kissed you on the forehead, he turned out the light and before he closed the door you called out “Ash… Can you come and sleep with me..please?” He walked back into the room and climbed into bed next to you. He wrapped hi arms around you and brought you closer to him. “You don;t have to tell me what happened, I kinda figured out what went on.  I never like the jerkoff anyway. But I’m here for you.” You both feel asleep in each other arms.

Michael: You too were having a late night date. Which basically consisted of pizza, video games, movies, and more pizza. “Haha look at this I’m beating the master of games, Michael Clifford” you flat out yelled becuase things like this never happen. “Listen babe, I’m just letting you win trust me.” But he wasn’t everytime I was in the lead you could hear the little profanities leaving his lips. You were leading once again and he was done. He pushed you over on the last turn of the race, you lost your grip on the controller and it fell to the floor. “YES! Haha (y/n) I beat you!"He yelled once the race was over. You pouted "I thought you were going to let me win.” This is a time when being able to cry on command came in handy. You were going to make him feel so bad. The tears quickly came your eyes and you sniffled. He finally turned his head to look and you and his smile faded. “Ah don’t cry babe. I’m sorry I was just trying to make you laugh.” A tear feel frim your eyes and he scouted closer to you. Once he was close wnough you pushed him off the couch and he fell to the floor. Then you taclked him on the ground. “You little bum! You were joking?” You laughed and he saw the oppertunity to roll over so he could be on top. He kissed you deeply and said “Sweetheart I’m sorry that wasn’t fare. I’ll let you win next time I promise. Now come on lets watch a movie.” He helped you up and he put the movie in. Half way through, somehow he ended up laying down on the couch with you on top and that’s how you slept. Your hands on his chest and head burried where his neck and shoulder meet. His hands around your waist. You both had the best sleep you’ve ever had.

Luke: The first time you and Luke slept together was after the first time you had made love. You were both completely in love. It started out by him taking you out to a fancy dinner. So fancy in fact that you had to dress in dress and him in a tux. You usually didn’t go to places this expensive. You didn’t like him to spend too much money on him.  He looked very nervous and you had no idea why. “Luke what’s wrong? Are you okay?” He looked up from his hands in his laps “Yeah babe, why do you ask?” “Oh no just look nervous.” He shook his head. “Nope I’m fine (y/n).” Once dessert was served you saw a princess cut engagement ring. You look at him in disbelief but he was already next to on one knee. “Baby, I love you so much and I don’t ever want to spend another second without you. (y/f/n), will you spend the rest of your life with me by marrying me?” You had tears in your eyes, the happiest ever. “Of course I will Luke!” He got up, as did you, and you covered his whole face with little kisses. All of a sudden the room erupted into applause. You too left immediately and went to his house. That night was filled with love, passion, meaningful kisses, and beautiful gestures. You woke up in a tangle of limbs and even more in love than ever thought imaginable.

Calum: It was during a thunder storm. You hated thunder because it brought you back to terrible time when you were a kid, and her knew that. As soon as the weatherman predicted thunder storms he was at your door. “Hey babe, I heard we were having a storm and I know you are home all alone this weekend and I wanted to keep you company.” You were so happy he thought of you during our time of need. You hugged him and let him inside. The whole day went by with rain and dark skies but no thunder yet. Only when it was completely dark outside did it start. You jumped so high you even scared Calum. “Baby, come here it’s okay I promise.” He told you softly and bringing you into his arms. “I got it! how about we make a fort. Under all the blankets you won’t be able to see the lightning and you won’t hear the thunder.” “Cal, thunder is loud we’ll be able to hear it under think blankets.” You told him. “Nope I have an idea. You and him brought all of the chairs from the kitchen to support the blankets. Once it was done the thunder was at it’s loudest point. ”(y/n) I’m gonna run up and get the tablet and some headphones. You’ll be fine and I’ll be fast.“ He was back in twenty seconds tops. You both got into the fort and sat on all the blankets and pillows. He sent up the tablet so I could see and took out his phone and plugged headphones in. "Okay we are going to watch the same thing and the volume is going to be so loud you won’t hear anything.” He picked the movie and he was right you couldn’t hear anything. You only remember half the movie because you fell asleep. When you woke up up heard the birds chirping. You trued to move but someone pulled you back. “Good morning baby.” He said voice deep from just waking up. “Calum thank you so much for helping me. I love you.” He kissed your forehead and you both went back to sleep. 

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Snoke wanted the child, he knew what the child would group up to be, a far more stable student then his apprentice whose son Cinder had bore, the leader passed them, the little boy hid behind Cinder "mommy..."

Go anon and pretend to be my character’s child,

➤ BUT HERE’s the CATCH! :

Try to incorporate in it a fact/reference to the other parent (without saying their name/URL/ship).

I’ll answer the anon and then also try to guess the ship, or say which one I think the child would belong best from.

Cinder tilted her head considering Snoke.  She was no slouch herself when it came to the Dark Side.  She had embraced it a very long time ago, and she certainly didn’t look her actual age.  “Hush little one.  No one will step between you and me.”  A shake of her head.  “My son is not ready nor will he be under you.  When the time comes either myself or his father will teach him our ways.  Snoke you and I both know I’m stronger then you and you wouldn’t dare step between me and my child.”  As a warning her eyes light up just slightly.

Ashton Sequel (Touch Up)

If you weren’t aware, this is the sequel to my weirdly popular tattoo artist! ashton smut (Freshly Inked and Fucked).

Just a warning also, this part contains zero smut so sorry to disappoint if you were looking forward to more sexy times. REQUEST A PART 3 OR ILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU

It’s been two weeks since I got my tattoo…and had crazy sex with the tattoo artist on his chair. It’s also been that long since I’ve seen Ashton. His number is stuck to my refrigerator door, staring at me every time I walk past it. I broke my promise to see him again, but I can’t get myself to call him up. What would be the point? It’s not like a relationship could sprout from having hot passionate animal sex with a complete stranger in a tattoo parlor. And what would people think? I didn’t look like his type and he definitely did not look like the guys I’m used to dating. Besides, he’s probably forgotten about me by now anyway.

But maybe I’ve been looking for an excuse to see him anyway, because my tattoo seems to be not as dark as I wanted it, so I called in to get a touch up.

I’ve been sitting in my car outside the shop, switching between hoping Ashton’ll be in there and wishing he’s not. What’s worse is if he’s completely moved on. I check my makeup in the mirror, though I know it’s fine, and let out a long sigh. If I put this off any longer, I’ll be late for my appointment. I finally open my car door and approach the shop. The minute the door opens, I can hear the familar rock songs floating from the radio, and it reminds of the songs we fucked to.

I booked my appointment with one of the other artists, Todd, to avoid an awkward conversation with Ash. My heart sinks when I look behind the counter and see only Todd, working on another customer. No Ashton. “Hey, (y/n),” Todd says, looking up for a second. “This one’s running late. You mind waiting for a bit?” I’m about to answer him, but before I can he interjects, “Actually. Ashton’s on his break in the back. I’ll just make him come back early.” And before I can protest, he’s yelling the same name I had yelled over and over and over again as he was pounding into me that one night.

“What’s up, Todd?” I turn to see Ash’s head pop out of the back room, but Todd doesn’t get to reply before Ashton looks around the shop, spotting me. The moment his eyes meet mine, his whole face seems to turn down, in undeniable disappointment. And it hurts. I stand in my spot, awkwardly clutching my purse in my hands. I look down and focus on my chipped nail polish. “What do you need Todd?” Ashton asks again.

“(y/n)’s come in for a touch up and I won’t be done for a while. Get her in your chair.” I can’t help but let my eyes flicker to his, knowing he had to be thinking the same thing as me–how he’s already had me in his chair, in more ways than one.

“On my break. Just make her wait,” Ashton retorts.

“Don’t be an asshole and get her set up,” Todd says with force.

Ashton sighs and practically drags his body to his black leather tattooing chair. He pulls his tray of tools with a clatter. He doesn’t say anything, but just looks at me. I shuffle over before he finds anything else to glare at me for.

As I set down my purse and sit in his chair, he’s completely silent.

“Can you move your strap a little?” Ashton asks, surprisingly lightly. I oblige and slip my arm out of my tank top strap so I can push it down enough to show all of the tattoo. “Am I just touching up the grenade or the flowers or both?” I’m stunned for a second at where all the anger’s gone.

“Uh, both,” I say. In a minute, the familiar buzzing of his needle begins and I feel the hot, sweet pain on my skin. It’s quiet again and I want to say something, but I don’t know how to make anything that comes out of my mouth not sound like a sad excuse. Ashton’s no idiot–though it makes me wonder how many times he’s been stood up, if ever. I don’t get a chance to speak, when my phone buzzes from inside my purse. I glance at it, wishing I could reach it from where it sits on the floor.

“So it does work,” Ashton murmurs, and I barely catch what he says.


“Your phone. It does work." Shit. His needle work continues uninterrupted but by the way his other hand tremors slightly on my shoulder, I can tell he’s pissed, and rightly so.

"I’m sorry, Ash–”

“Save it. I’ve heard them all." So he has been stood up before.

"Listen–” I try again.

“Done,” Ashton says before I can attempt a sincere apologize.

He gets up and walks away into the back room. Todd’s occupied with his other client, so I follow Ash into the back room.

“I was going to call you but–”

“But what? You "lost” my number?“ He takes my silence as a lack of an answer. "What? What was the reason you didn’t call?” His voice tells me he’s angry, but there’s a soft tinge to his face and tone that says he’s truly hurt.

“I’m not like you. I can’t just go out with whoever I like.” He looks confused so I continue. “There’s a social order to things, Ash. We’re completely different kinds of people. It doesn’t work like that.”

“That’s a bullshit answer, (y/n). You don’t know what kind of person I am.” Ashton is angrily pulling a pack of cigarettes from his jacket pocket and opens a door that lets out behind the tattoo shop. I’m on his heels as he’s sticking a cig between his lips. He reaches to light it and I swat it from his mouth, letting it fall to the ground unlit.

“What the fuck, (y/n)?” He reaches for another one from his pack, but I grab that from his hands too.

“You wanna prove to me what kind of person you are?”

“I don’t need to prove anything to you,” Ashton spits. As I won’t give him a chance to light up, he pushes past me back into the back room.

“Take me out to dinner,” I say. He shoves his cigarettes back into his jacket, so I continue. “Or let me take you out. Tell me about your family, your home, your past girlfriends. Tell me about you tattoos,” I say, stepping closer, and reaching my hand out to lightly touch his ink-covered bicep. “What’s your favorite movie? Favorite color?” Ashton doesn’t flinch away from my touch, so I go on. “I want you to tell me all about you. And then I want you make love to me like you mean it.” This next part gets Ashton’s attention. His head turns to look me in the eyes, his own hazels ones impossible to read. They look confused, but intrigued, yet conflicted swirled into one rich color. “And I don’t mean fucking me in the tattoo parlor, on your chair. I want you in bed with me, touching me like it’s the first and last time.”

By now, Ashton has completely turned to face me, giving me his full attention. I’m distracted by how his chest rises and falls beneath his tattered band shirt. But I continue.

“I want free roam on your tattoos, to trace them with my fingers. Like this.” I pause and run my finger slowly from his shoulder all the way own his arm, following the pattern inked into his skin. “I want your hot body above me, as you thrust into me. I want to brush your hair out of your face. Mostly, I want you to take your time with me, because we don’t need to rush.”

Ash finally speaks up. “You can’t just not call me, come back here and demand this from me.” His words fly though me like a poison-tipped arrow. He pulls away from my closeness and my face visibly falls. He goes back out into the shop lobby. I’m left alone in the back, but not ready to give up. This is my fault, after all.

“I really am sorry, Ashton. I know I fucked up,” I try again. Todd looks up briefly as I follow on Ash’s tail.

“Maybe we are just too different, (y/n),” Ashton says.

“Please don’t,” I whisper, but the bell signifies that he’s already left the building.

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Calum: “Are you ready for this?” he asked calmly as they prepared you for surgery. You stiffly nodded. “Yeah, i’m just scared.” “You’ll be okay, i’m right here, okay? Right here. Just a little while longer and we’ll have Logan and Chloe here with us, okay?” The thought of your babies relaxed you and you closed your eyes as Calum took his seat next to you, waiting for the surgery and once it started Calum locked his eyes on yours. “You’re doing great.” He’d keep muttering to relax you and it worked, each time he said it, you let out a breath and waited for the cries of your newborns. Your face scrunched up as the doctor pulled the first baby out. “Boy!” “Logan!” you say through tears and Calum’s smile isn’t leaving his face anytime soon. “We have a boy, he’s handsome and perfect, (YN), look at him.” The doctor let you see him before sending him off to get cleaned up and then you felt the tugs again and then your second baby arrived. “Girl!” “Chloe’s here.” you say and push Calum gently. “Go see them get cleaned up, be with them!”

Luke: “Get to the hospital, (YN), i really think you’ve waited long enough.” Luke’s family had returned from dinner a couple hours ago and ever since every eye has paid you very close attention. After Liz said that, Luke held you close. “It’s been almost eight hours, (YN), and they haven’t gone away, i think we should get you to the hospital, she’s right.” You had to take a few more deep breaths before nodding your head. “Bag’s in room, Luke.” Liz put a hand on Luke’s shoulder. “I'l go get it and then i’ll drive you, wow i can’t believe i’m about to be a grandmother.” As she went to get your hospital bag, Luke sighed. “Can’t believe i’m about to be a father, and you a mother.” You just didn’t have the energy to smile back and he picked you up bridal style. “Let’s get you to the car and then a little while after that, we’ll be able to hold Vivienne in our arms, we can do this, (YN), just a little while longer.”

Ashton: “Ow, god damn!” you screech and Ashton quickly jumped up from his side of the bed. “You alright?” “No.” you pant and try to stand up only to sit right back down. “(YN)?” “Ash, hospital now! I think these contractions are the real deal, these hurt like a son of a bitch.” He nodded and grabbed the bag you guys had prepared for your time at the hospital and started to carry you out. “You don’t …have to carry me … me and the bag …at… the same time, Ash, you could…come back for me.” “Not a chance, come on, let’s go have us a baby.” He drove faster then was probably legal and luckily avoided any incidents with the police. “Almost there.” he put a hand on your stomach. “Almost there.” A few hours later you were hooked up to a heart rate monitor and had just been told that you were fully dilated. “Push!” was demanded of you over and over again and your body and Ash’s fingers were desperately begging for you to be done pushing. “One more push!” And true to the doctor’s word, one push later, a crying baby Blaine rested on your chest.

Michael: Michael pushed your wheelchair as you guys went to see baby Gianna for the first time. “She’s so tiny!” you say just above a whisper and Michael nods, putting his hand into the incubator and watching as the tiny baby girl attempted to grip his finger. “She only weighed an ounce shy of three pounds, (YN), but she’s doing good, better then they thought she would. She’s going to be alright.” Seeing all the different cords and tubes she was hooked up to made you almost not believe Michael’s words, but you also knew that he’d never lie to you. “Yeah, she’ll be okay.” you broke down into tears and Michael held you tightly. “(YN), look at her, her eyes are open, look at her eyes.” You did as he said and gasped when you saw your baby girl staring back at you. “She really does have my eyes, and your lips.” Michael laughed. “I’d never lie to you, (YN), never have and i never will.”

(I’ll post pic for Luke’s baby, next part of the preference, when the baby is born :)