ash anthony



[typing noises] [notification noises]

Ashly: “SJW… SJW…”

Anthony: “Stands for Social Justice Warrior.”

Ashly: “Sausage Jew Winterland… Salmonella Jew Wedding…”

Anthony: “Why do you keep saying ‘Jew’?”

Ashly: “Santa Jew Wingman-”

Anthony: “ASH! It means Social Justice Warrior.”

Ashly: “What’s that?”

Anthony: “It’s a derogatory term for people who advocate for socially marginalized groups.”

Ashly: “…”

Anthony: “It’s a bad name for feminists.”

Ashly: “…”

Anthony: “It’s a bad name for women or cool people.”

Ashly: “I’m a women or cool people! Does that mean I’m a Sensual Jew Whisperer?”

Anthony: “Social Justice Warrior! And, yeah. Sure.”

Ashly [dreamily]: “Social Justice Warrior…”

[Police sirens blaring, fire crackling loudly]

[dramatic western music in thhe background]

Narrator [offscreen]: “In a world on the brink of collapse, there’s only one dude bad enough to take on the ‘women-ain’t-that-cool’ people.”

Man: “No! No! Please!”

Ashly: “Do you believe there should be more diverse representations of women and minorities in games?”

Man: “What about this list of 5 games with non-objectified female protagonists?”

Ashly: “The existence of a few exceptions doesn’t erase the enormous disparity of representation in the industry as a whole.”

Man: “Nooo!”


Narrator [offscreen]: “She’s being social, and delivering justice!”

[baseball bat hitting man]

Ashly [spits out cigarette]: “Shit just got real!”

[car explodes]

Narrator [offscreen]: “Social justice warrior. Welcome to pain-triarchy!”

Ashly: “I’m not a misandrist. I’m just pissed!”


[electronic music]

Man [clinking bottles]: “Social justice warriors! Come out to play-ayyyy!”

[electronic music continues]