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Ash 3

This was it. I’d finally found him.

The only problem was…

What do I do now?

He’s gone berserk, his body mantled with flames. His wings scattered embers with every flap, and his feet caused the earth to boil. To think that this had all started as a simple exercise…a practice in control.

Tears stream down my face as I get closer to him. They evaporate as the hot air blows across my cheeks, and my hair whips wildly around me as the air currents writhe and twist. How could it have come to this? How on earth could this have happened?

He turns his burning gaze upon me, fire dripping from his eyes. His mouth opens, as though to say something, but red-hot liquid pours from his lips. With horror, I recognize it as his molten blood. It drips in thick rivulets down his stony chest, sizzling as it hits the ground below. His hands glow red, and the air wavers around them like a mirage.

He turns and moves toward me, and I stare upward at his demonic, burning visage. The ground shakes with every step he takes toward me, and the air around me crackles with heat. I hold my ground as I feel the breath escape my lungs.

There’s no way he’d hurt me, I tell myself.

I hear a deep, liquid growl echo from his throat.

There’s no way he’d hurt me…

His fire-wreathed claws reach for me.

No way he’d hurt me…


Me: *just finished a book/ good series*

person: *tries to tell me something


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(Oh. My. God. I’m so sorry for the wait ! It took me longer then I expected with all the work that I have to do but there it is ! You might see new pages really soon in the future, I’m so excited to see how far I managed to go with that comic and I honestly can’t wait to show you more !

I want to thank personally @alainaprana for helping me with the composition of this page before I headed to her place, I was honestly struggling ;u;)

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