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Pop Culture Builds 3: Ash Williams (The Evil Dead)

Sometimes, when supernatural forces are unleashed upon the world, one doesn’t have the luxury of magic or those versed in occult lore. Sometimes it’s just you, your wits, and a boomstick.

Ash, full name Ashley James William, has more experience than most with the Candarian Demons and the Deadites they create with their possession than most, being still alive after multiple encounters with them, and even managing to resist possession on at least one occasion, two if you count having to chop off his own hand, which was possessed at one point.

In the first film, Ash is the very picture of a horror movie Sole Survivor, terrified, running on pure adrenaline, and fighting to survive, and even being subject to a final scare ending. In the second film, he has fought off that possession with the help of the cleansing light of the sun, and after encountering the second set of victims to come to the cabin, finds his courage, or more accurately becoming unhinged enough to ignore fear, and begins to fight back with shotgun and chainsaw strapped to the stump where his right hand used to be. The third film, army of darkness, sends him back in time to the 14th century, where he battles against the deadites once more, now a battle-hardened, cynical, arrogant, and unhinged warrior.

Of course, Ash’s story doesn’t in there. He continues on in Ash vs the Evil Dead, a series that I haven’t seen, but I hear good things about.

While Ash is human, any race will do for this build, though methinks one should steer away from races with magical abilities, since an Ash Williams Build is all about a guy with no knowledge of a mystical nature fighting and winning against the horrors of the unseen world.

Class-wise, I believe that he is best represented by a gunslinger, having not only a mastery of firearms, but also the bold, cocksure attitude to stand in the face of literal demons and fight back. Ash prefers to be in the thick of it though, so a good strength score is good too, in addition to dexterity and wisdom. That being said, unless the sanity system is being used, I’d imagine that Ash probably has only above-average wisdom, since his mind has been repeatedly assailed by the horror he has witnessed and attempts at direct possession. As such, he’ll likely be relying on firearm kills and crits to maintain his grit.

As far as feats go, extra grit will be a must for keeping Ash going. Also, as a horror movie protagonist, he has to be ready for jump scares at any time, so the snap shot feat tree is very useful for him, as well as most gunslinger and grit-related feats.

Ash is rarely seen without his boomstick, so packing a blunderbuss, shotgun, or other appropriate weapon is a must. Additionally, he also has a surprisingly advanced prosthetic gauntlet from his time in the past, which could be represented by a clockwork prosthesis from Magical Marketplace. As for his other signature weapon, the chainsaw, we can lift that directly from technology guide. However, if the game you’re running doesn’t have such tech, a saw-toothed sabre or even a scizor would do the trick.

Of course, you could argue that Ash’s experience with killing deadites would make him a slayer instead, possibly a grave warden. Alternately, he can also function as an inquisitor if you’re fine with giving him access to magic, with the black powder inquisition being an excellent choice.

Without the chainsaw, folks might not immediately recognize who this build is an homage to. As such, it can be used quite nicely for a violent, gun-toting survivor of horrors most wouldn’t dream of. One-liners not included.


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