Finally getting around to doing this.

Comic by @surfacage


Professor Willow - @zynd
Lt. Surge and Spark - @tehrogue (me)

Hope people still like Pokemon Go enough XD


I’ve been having an art block so I solve it by drawing some nonsense that came to me in the form of a “good idea.” and I wanted to color something again…. :p  I am just an impulsive little thing…. 

I was originally only drawing Mahiru and it turned into a silly crack comic …. I love the fact that Mahi wears Kuro’s jacket even in canon. ;w;
also I am sorry I’m KuroMahi and SakuMahi trash.

Oh yeah bonus, another doodle but with Licht:

I was gonna draw Mahiru wearing Misono’s outfit, but Misono is tiny(er)…. lol


Just a cute little photobooth scenario you know Johnny and Ash would eventually do and of course, it ends in a kiss. ;-)

These two are just too adorable, I can’t take it. T_T

Also, I uploaded a new chapter of my JohnnyxAsh fict, “Set Me Free” if you’re interested.

misty being a touch taller than ash even when they finish growing

the two of them making a running gag of it for giggles? yes

>Ash comically swoons into her arms sometimes

>Ash getting on tiptoes to kiss her 

>At their first dance at their wedding, Misty leads and both dips and twirls him

>Also at their wedding: When they first kiss, Ash pops his foot for shits and the crowd of attendees loses its shit

>Ash being kind of buff, but misty is sinewy/willowy, so he can easily hoist her up over his shoulder but giving him a piggyback ride for more than a few moments makes her wheeze exaggeratedly

>basically just anything of them playing out their height difference for laughs for either themselves or the people around them. goofball nerds blease