gotta love how lb lands with such ~superhero grace~ while chat noir just breaks his fucking neck, like, every time

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ok listen yes i know we all love the headcanon that adrien is as innocent as a newborn baby and is an absolute angel. but i raise you this: adrien “potty mouth” agreste who was taught never to swear but started doing it anyways as a literal “fuck you” to his dad… except from doing it so often he ended up being unable to stop so he has the worst language out of everyone in the ot4

like 24/7 he is just

(and nino is completely unphased because he’s just used to hearing it on the daily)


° Fanart KuroMahi en Kimonos  (≧∀≦) Los vi cuando salieron la primera vez y mi imaginación voló hacia esta dirección…

No me arrepiento de nada (ノ▽〃)