Drawing 🙇🏻✍🏻📒crazy Zelda 🤡💁today, hahah. 🐸😱🍖 / Dibujando a la loca Zelda hoy 🏃‍♀️🐸👋🏻👊🏻👏🏻💢


outside the surveillance room
pidge: what the heckie
hunk: are they stalking on them or something
coran: ah, the best way to bond

based on one of the headcanons in !!


Riverdale 1x08 “The Outsiders” Sneak Peek - On the verge of starting a construction job, Fred loses his crew, which could jeopardize his livelihood, so Archie rounds up his friends to pitch in and help, but things don’t go well. With his secret exposed, Jughead worries about how his friends will take it; Betty and Veronica consider throwing a baby shower for Polly, who is apprehensive in light of knowing how everyone feels.

Forget ship wars, the only true Servamp ships are...
  • Mahiru/Housework
  • Licht/Melon
  • Kuro/Confidence
  • Misono/Friendships
  • Hyde/emotional stability
  • Sakuya/Happiness
  • Tsurugi/Money

Enough said.

In “The Hunger” Jughead discovers he’s a Warewolf and that he’s been killing people

Bughead shippers be warned, reading these pages might be disheartening…

So, after everything he’s seen Archie is still not afraid of Jughead, while Betty is ready to kill him