Late Night Calls

summary: Ashton always knew when I was having a bad night, neither of us were handling being apart very well

note: this is something I’ve been rewriting for a long time and I’m really proud of it, you’re going to love it please read <3

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Please be WHO YOU ARE… Do it for yourself. Do it for your happiness. That’s what matters in YOUR life. You don’t need approval on who you are. Don’t let people or society change who you are just because they’re not satisfied with your image.
—  A note which Ash Haffner, a 16-year-old who identified as non-binary, left on their iPad before committing suicide due to extreme harassment and bullying

Smut; As always

Warnings; Daddy kink

You craved Calums lips on yours, his hands roaming around your body. His hands slipping into your underwear and touching the place you needed him the most, his curly hair tickling the inside his thighs as he had his way with you. And most importantly, him pinning you against a wall and fucking you until you couldn’t walk straight.

"Baby girl, you’re all flustered." Calum said whilst smirking, walking over to you and ripping the blanket off you revealing your bare legs. He sat on the edge of the sofa, right next to you and stroked your legs. His mouth attached to yours and your tongues immediately met for a passionate kiss. Your hands travelled to the nape of Cal’s neck, pulling on the hairs softly emitting a moan from him. "Lets go to my room, kitten." He said.

He gripped your hand and guided you to upstairs to his room. When you got there, he immediately put his mouth on yours. “C’mon, take your clothes off for me, princess.” Calum demanded, taking his lips off yours and standing up. You stood in front of him and took the sweater you were wearing off, slowly followed by your bra and panties.

"I need to taste you, baby." He breathed, pushing your legs apart and leaving some open mouthed kisses on the inside of your thighs. He spread your lips apart slightly, revealing your clit. Cal gave your clitoris a few kitten licks before wrapping his light pink lips around it and sucking, making your back arch and a high moan come from your mouth. You were still faintly sensitive from your last orgasm, so you felt your climax coming quite quickly.

"You taste so good." Calum moaned, sending vibrations through your body. He licked your slit again before detaching his mouth from you, you whimpered at the loss of contact and breeze immediately hit your heat. "Daddy, why’d you stop? I was so close." You whined, sitting up straight. "I want you to suck daddy’s cock, baby girl." He said, taking his tank top off and unzipping his jeans, kicking them off into some corner. You smirked when you saw the bulge underneath his boxers, begging to spring free. You loved the effect you had on him.

You got on your knees in front of him and palmed him through his boxers. “Can I take off your boxers, daddy?” You asked. He nodded, grabbing your hair to keep it out of your face. You slid his underwear down his tanned legs and his erection hit his stomach. You pumped it a few times and licked the tip teasingly, before taking as much of him as you possibly could in your mouth and pumping the rest with your hands.

"That’s it, kitten. You’re doing so well." Calum praised. You loved it when he praised you during sex, it encouraged you to do more to please him. His head fell back and his eyes screwed shut when you massaged his balls. His mouth fell open into an ‘o’ shape and it let out a long, deep groan. You looked up at him, making sure to look as innocent as possible as you deep throated his large member. He locked eyes with you and pulled on your hair slightly, encouraging you to take more of him in your mouth. You gagged when he thrusted slightly in your mouth, causing Calum to say, "Fuck, I love it when you choke on my cock, princess."

You felt him twitch in your mouth and you knew he was close. “Baby, stop.” He demanded, gently pulling your mouth of his dick. “I want to fuck you before I cum.” Calum said, pulling you up so you were standing right in front of him. He kissed your lips and your chin, before giving small pecks on your neck and collarbones. “Lay back on the bed baby, I’m gonna make you feel good.” He urged. You laid back on the bed and spread your legs as wide as you could.

The tip of his cock teased your entrance, making you groan in anticipation. “Do you want my cock inside you, kitten?” He asked, stroking the inside of your thighs and using his other hand to guide his tip along your slit. “Yes, daddy.” You replied, bringing your hand up to your breast and toying with your nipple. “What was that, kitten? Speak up.” Calum demanded. “Yes, daddy, please fuck me.” You whined, getting impatient. His member slowly entered your hole and his fingers massaged your clit softly.

"Ohh, daddy." You moaned, wanting Calum to go faster. He took his rock hard member in his hand and took it completely out of you, before pounding it inside of you in a long, deep thrust. He repeated his actions three more times, before thrusting slowly and hooking your legs over his shoulders. His pace quickened and your breathing got heavier, as did his.  He pounded into you at a rapid pace. His hand interlocked with yours and you both clung on tightly to each others hands.

"F-fuck, daddy!" You moaned, getting a sudden urge to flip him over and ride his cock like a good girl would do. "W-wait, daddy, stop." You breathed, not wanting to orgasm in this position.  "I just want to ride you." You said, feeling your face heat up. He smiled and flipped your bodies over, so you were now straddling him and his back was against the headboard of the bed. You lifted slowly of his dick and brought yourself back down again before circling your hips at a teasing pace.

His hand went down to your clitoris and rubbed shapes on it and his other hand was tightly gripping your hip to guide you. “Such a good girl.” He praised. You bounced softly on him, taking your boobs in your hands and kneading them. His eyes locked on your hands and he groaned at the sight of you massaging them. “I’m gonna cum soon, princess.” He confirmed, taking his fingers off your clit and putting them on your other hip, guiding you up and down his cock.

His legs bounced underneath you quickly, making vibrations shoot through your entire body. “Me too, d-daddy! Fuck!” You moaned in pleasure. He thrusted upwards inside of you, making you almost let out a scream. He did it again, but this time much more powerful and repeatedly. “Fuck, princess. Cum around daddy’s cock.” He growled, gripping your hips even tighter to surely leave a bruise. You love it when he marks you during sex and so does he, he loves to know that you are truly his and that he is yours. Every time you see the marks he left on you, you remember every touch; it makes you feel happy, and even loved, almost.

A warmth hit the pit of your stomach and your head fell back. “Look at me when you cum, kitten.” He demanded, gripping your throat softly to make you look him in the eyes. “Daddy! You make me feel so good!” You groaned, followed by soft moans leaving your lips. He kept thrusting and your orgasm hit you and your body tensed up. Your eyes were still locked on his as you were cumming. His bottom lip was between his teeth and his hand still around your throat. He throbbed inside of you and you felt a warm liquid fill you up and drip down the inside of your thighs.

You were still coming down from your high and his thrusts slowed down. “Did daddy make you feel good, princess?” He asked, kissing your neck and breathing fast. “Yes, daddy.” You gasped. His hand connected with your clit and you whimpered softly at the sensitivity. He chuckled at your whimpering and pulled out of you, but still remained in the straddling position. He hooked an arm arm around your waist an pulled you down to his chest,  ”I love you, you know that right?”

"Of course I do it just took you a long time to admit it."

Hands to my heart because I’ve never felt this close but been this far apart

Tears streaming down my face because after your love I chase.

Together forever dreams destroyed so long ago, but I can just tell that you’ll have so many people believing it’s possible. 

Once upon a time there was a girl that was a hopeless romantic. Believing in love at first sight, being together forever, that soulmates exist. One day that hopeless romantic got broken by yet another ‘wrong’ person. And thus turned into a realist that still wrote like she was a believer. 

Days and months passed. And then this girl trips and falls flat on her face for the tall girl that has never loved or been loved before. 

Oh dear god. What am I doing? That’s the question she’ll ask herself, that i’ll ask myself.

Someone call an ambulance because my heart is breaking open and my head is spinning. It wasn’t this hard to fall out of the hopeless romantic habit. Why is it this way when you find yourself believing again?

Believing that love exists. That forever is a long shot, that you shouldn’t be promised but what if it happens? That someone can fall into your life and start putting all the pieces together about why you had to go through what you did, so then you could truly appreciate the angel she is. 

 Oh the thought of a time where we are no longer an us, it kills this reborn hopeless romantic heart. But like you said life happens, and there’s no saying what could or couldn’t happen.

Maybe I should take my mothers advice about thinking of the future. That you do it too much and you miss the present. How maddening it is to indulge in thinking about a future with you, when the future can play out in so many different ways.

What now?

What now when all I want is my hand to be holding yours instead of my heart.

When my tears could be shared with you or replaced by your brilliant laughter. 

What now?

When all I want to do is live a full and alive present with you, while the universe lets us write our own sheet music to this ever changing story. 

To the woman that ends up with your heart and your hand in hers. Be it me or someone else in this crazy world….I hope you know how lucky you really are to have someone this pure hearted and magical. Don’t you EVER take her for granted, or hurt her. 

Because you don’t find a living breathing dream of a person everyday. 

Love her. With all you’ve got. Because I know that’s all I can do right now.

—  A.c.f.