Rate That Wiccan

When @speedmagick and I were on vacation we (jokingly?) talked about rating our favorite appearances/designs of the twins, and since he made good on it I’m here to do the same . 

Asguardian: too many belts, appropriates Aesir culture? looks great for smth a 15 year old made by hand 6/10

Wiccan (2005) wears all black, hasn’t brushed hair in weeks, cape recycled from Vincent Valentine cosplay, SHORT (check out those wedge heels). Hot Topic Freshman 8/10

Young Avengers Special Nancy from The Craft, meetings with ur birth mom, “I don’t give a Three Fold Fuck” 10/10 the most witchy

Civil War “hit by a car and dumped in the trash, this pigeon isn’t giving up” 6/10 cute face weird anatomy/clothing

Young Avengers Presents lowkey my favorite- he looks young, gangly, and a little unkempt. love the nose & brows lol 9/10 im deadass i love this issue


Dark Reign some characters looked good in this comic but Billy was not one of them 0/10 why is your suit blue???

“The most relatable character in Mean Girls was Janice”  listen Billy is a grunge/emo gay 5/10 please buy a hairbrush

“I got BANGZzzzuhhh!!” this is the same style just updated for the 2010s 6/10 you got a hairbrush

Startorialist definitely got a tumblr. glowy eyes mean business. pastel goth. Strike a pose! 5/10 needs more black and the cape should be tattered !!!

“You’re perfect you’re beautiful you look like Wanda Maximoff you’re a model… Did you stone those tights?” 10/10 Billy your smile is a beauuuutiful

New Avengers (Sandoval) this is the least-ugly Sandoval drawing i could find. Anime hair, weirdly super buf), cape is practically a tent. Details never consistent. 1/10 that’s a pretty good sasuke wig tho

New Avengers (Paco Medina and Marcus To) really small, cute baby face, fluffy hair, starting to wear black again, calls his mom, 8/10 best versions of this design so far

House of M (2015) Wiccan & Speed Team-Up! The same suit but Edgier and more Red 9/10 i actually like this better than the original

Avengers Fairytales dead inside, that mug is full of liquor, big ears better to hear u talking shit, gets rekt regularly by his gigantic boytoy 10/10 bunny baby, this outfit is too fuckign cute and his face iss… killing me



Word count?? Idk. Its long though

Imagine being a spy for SHIELD but your cover getting blown and being held and tortured for information.
Imagine Loki raising all hell as he breaks in and saves you, personally carrying you to the medical treatment place and ensuring your recovery. Imagine him staying at your bedside the whole time, desperate for you to awaken well and whole. (Yeah. Lots and lots of language will be used because I mean, in this situation you would use it too.) I am very sorry. I am pretty sure Loki is very ooc in this. I tried to make him not be. But I apologize now.


You were tied to a chair in a small concrete room. The chair was bolted to the ground and you couldn’t move your hands or feet. No one knew where you were. You weren’t supposed to be back for another 3 days. You were fucking screwed. You would be lucky to make it out of this one alive. How the hell could this have happened?

It was just a regular undercover intel mission. It was supposed to be in and out quick. You were posing as a tech person for HYDRA. You had been ‘transferred’ from a remote branch in western Russia to gather technological information and take it back to your home branch. A week, in and out, tops.

'You, what is that in your ear?’ A voice called out to you.

'A hearing aid sir. I am partially deaf in one ear,’ you answered him automatically.

“I was not informed of this,’ he insists, 'Is it registered? We like to keep all technology we have on file so we know what belongs here and what needs to leave.

'I do not like to project my handicaps. I have overcome them. They are no longer an issue. And no, I was not asked to register it. I do not see the need. It is a mere hearing aid.’

'I see. May I borrow it? Our scientists may be able to improve it,’ he insisted. You knew he was onto you. You didn’t have time to send out for backup. That was a cloaking device in your ear and you are pretty sure he knew it. 

'I do not see the need sir. It is not acting up,’ you told him feigning confusion.

'I am afraid I must insist my dear,’ he tells you as he reaches up to your ear. You swat his hand away immediately realizing your mistake.'My dear, come with me. We do not want to make a scene,’ he said grabbing you by the arm and pulling you out of the room. You let him lead you out of the room planing your attack. As you turned down a corridor you felt a needle jab your neck and everything went black.

You heard noises behind the door. You made them out to be Russian. You still had the cloaking device in your ear. Fuck. They were going to find out who you were and they were going to kill you. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Your head was spinning. You shook your head and took a deep breath. Panicking will do nothing for you right now. You needed to keep a level head. Figure things out, then get the hell out. You could do this. You were an avenger for crying out loud. You fought aliens, a killer robot, and have bested many HYDRA agents at their own game. 

The door opened and the guy that managed to spot you stepped through. The door closed heavily behind him with a bang. 

"I have yet to introduce myself to you. I am Commander Sokolov. I do not take lightly to security breaches in my branch. We happened I do some digging and found that your base, that you supposedly came from has an Analee Ivanov. But, she has been on vacation for three weeks. Tell me how that is,” he says in English.

“I have no idea what you mean sir. This is all a complete misunderstanding-”

“Do not lie to me!” He shouts cutting you off, “the real Analee Ivanov does not have a hearing aid. We checked all medical records.”

“I have had this since I was 7. I highly doubt there would be no evidence of it,” you say incredulously.

“You are a skilled liar my dear. But we know you are not who you say you are,” he tells you. He reaches to your ear and pulls out the cloaking device. You feel the mask fade away. You scowl at him as he smiles knowingly at you.

“Well, we have one of the Avengers with us here. Don’t I feel honored,” He mocks you. You drop your scared facade and glare at him.

“What do you want? If you are going to kill me just get it over with,” you tell him as you revert back to your normal accent.

“Oh no my dear. We won’t kill you. Not yet at least,” he tells you ominously as he exits the room.

“FUCK!” You say to yourself again. This time out loud. Of course this had to be the mission that went wrong. The one right before your one year anniversary with your boyfriend. You promised you would at least call him that day seeing as you wouldn’t be there. If only you didn’t leave your phone in that damn hotel room. Steve usually checks in on you about halfway through the mission, maybe he will realize something is up. 

You were left alone with your thoughts for what felt like hours. You were bored out of your mind. This is an interrogation tactic. You knew that. SHIELD used it all the time. It wasn’t going to work on you. You heard large noises behind the door and two large men stepped through it. They were in their HYDRA gear, but it did nothing to mask how big they were.

“What you had to wait till I was tied to a chair to face me,” you taunted hoping to strike one of their egos. IT didn’t work. One stepped closer to you and bent down to your eye level.

“How much does SHIELD know about us,” he asks you in a deep baritone.

“I don’t think I am allowed to answer that,” you tell him sharply. 


He had slapped your cheek. You roll your head back and look back at him. Your cheek stung. You could feel it throbbing. You glared at him harder.

“I am going to ask again. How much does SHIELD know about us,” he asks through his teeth.

“You honestly think one slap is going to make me talk? You really think I am that easy,” you ask him mockingly. Then you spit in his face. You saw his expression darken. You saw him stand back up and his hand strike your face. You felt the sting and the throb. You were now looking at the wall. You were not going to break. SHIELD has saved your life so many times before you were willing to die for the organization hear and now.

“You are making this much harder than it has to be,” the other man told you chuckling.

“Oh yea? Because this is the only way I see if happening,” you sassed him.

“Let’s leave her to sit. We will see how she feels then,” the other man said as he opened the door and ushered the other man out. You knew they would be back. You knew they would, the question was when.

You had been sitting there for a few hours, you were exhausted. You couldn’t remember the last time you slept. Your head began to tilt off to the side as your eyes slid shut. You welcomed the darkness as you began to slide into unconsciousness.

You jolted awake as a loud airhorn woke you up. You jumped in the chair as you looked around and saw no one. Sleep deprivation. Another interrogation or torture tactic. You stared at the wall. You began to get a big chilly. It reminded you of Loki. It reminded you of home.

You were laying on the couch with your boyfriend watching TV. You were not sure what was on TV but you were watching it nonetheless. You had been with him for almost 1 month. He was still a major mystery to you. You only knew what he told you and Thor refused to tell you about him His excuse was always, 'They are his secrets to tell my lady.’

He didn’t know much about your past either. You knew he tried to take over the Earth. But that was it. He would always change the subject when you would bring it up. You were willing to divulge your past if he divulged his. 

You felt his breath even out as he fell asleep. You turned your attention back to the TV. As a commercial came on you turned your attention to your sleeping boyfriend. You felt his body temperature drop. You sat up internally freaking out. You may have a calm demeanor in the field but when you were home showed the full range of emotions. Was this normal for Asguardians? What if it wasn’t? Should you wake him up? What would he say if it was normal and you were just overreacting? He was still breathing. You decided to ask him about it when he wakes up. 

You sat down in the chair beside the couch and watched the TV. You could not concentrate on it though. It was in your nature as a spy to be observant. But what if you were overreacting to nothing. You got up and put your hand to his forehead. When your hand touched his skin it was cold. You drew your hand back quickly. This was definitely not normal. You needed to talk to Thor. So, you thew a blanket over him and got up. You left the room; he would be fine if he woke up on his own, he was a big boy. You wandered the halls of the tower until you can to the training room. You found Thor  fighting the Vision. You stood in the doorway and watched them fight for a moment. With punch after punch, block after block. They eventually stopped and Thor saw you. He smiled and walked over to you.

“What may I do for you lady (y/n),” Thor asks you politely.

“I have told you not to call me a Lady. I am far from deserving of the title,” you tell him, “But that’s not the point. Is it um… normal for Asguardian’s body temperatures to get so low when they sleep?”

“No, why would you ask?”

“I was laying with Loki on the couch and he fell asleep and he got really cold. I wasn’t sure if this was normal or not. Is he okay? I mean-”

“Lady (y/n), you need not fret. It is not normal for Asguardians, but it is normal for Loki,” He tells you calmly. You open your mouth to speak but he cuts you off knowing exactly what you are going to ask. “I am afraid I cannot tell you what I mean. You will have to ask him about that one.”

You nodded knowing you wouldn’t get anymore information out of Thor. You walked back to the living room to see Loki still asleep. You poured yourself a cup of tea and say in the chair. You were not sure how to approach this subject. It was odd to say the least. Seeming to sense your discomfort and confusion Loki began to stir and wake up. He saw you were sitting in a chair looking at him oddly.

“What seems to be the problem my dear,” he inquires concerned.

“You got really cold while you were sleeping. You seemed to be breathing fine. So I threw a blanket over you and went to ask Thor if this was normal for Asguardians. He told me, No, but for Loki it is normal. What does he mean by that,” you ask him.

“You are an observant one, I can tell you that.” He says sitting up fully. “Very well, you were sure to find out one way or another. I am shocked my oaf of a brother hasn’t divulged this information to you yet. I am not an Asguardian, I am a Frost Giant. Odin saw fit to steal me from Jotun during the war between Jotun and Asgard. I was small for a Frost Giant to begin with, I was a runt of my litter per say. Odin took me back to Asgard and raised me under false pretenses of my one day being King of Asgard. I grew up resenting Thor and Odin's favoritism for him. I am sure you have read Thor’s file so I will not go into detail about that. I used the Bifrost to try to destroy Jotun. I killed my real father. Then I ended up under Thanos’s control. That is why I took over the Earth, and here we are.”

You had stayed silent and listened the entire time he was talking. Listening and taking in what he had to say, “Why didn’t you want to tell me,” you asked confused.

“Frost Giants are not known for their caring nature. They are vile and ruthless and known for their blood lust. I was afraid you would no longer want to be around me once you found out,” He told you softly, “Given with good reason, Thor still doesn’t trust me one hundred percent, the warriors three do not look my way anymore other than to send threats, even though I have proven myself to fight alongside Thor. I did not want you to join them in this regard.”

“Have you given me any reason to think you would hurt me?” you ask him seriously.

“No but-”

“Have you given me any reason to think you would hurt Thor or anyone else?”

“No but-”

“Then why stress. You forget Loki, my job is to judge people and figure them out in seconds. I have dealt with people worse than you, believe me. I am not going to be scared off because you think you aren’t worth it,” you tell him sternly, but there was a softness to your voice that he could hear. “I am not going to stop caring for you because you had an asshole of a father and was mind controlled to do those things-”

Loki grabbed your face and cut you off. His lips were on yours. You had kissed him before but not like this. This was filled with so much passion and intensity. You began kissing him back. Your hand rested on his chest as his hands still lay on your cheeks. The kiss drew to a close and he rested his forehead on yours. He knew now that you were not just stringing him along. You did not care about his past. You cared for him as he was.

Another air horn went off and you jumped at the noise. You shivered at the cold air. Your wrists were chaffing from the rope they used and it was beginning to burn. The cold air helped soothe it, but not much. You were exhausted, your cheek was still throbbing, the temperature in the room was dropping by the second. You knew they wouldn’t drop it enough to kill you or cause hypothermia, but just enough to make you suffer. Unknown to them, the cold was more of a comfort than anything.


It was the day of your one year anniversary. Loki had an eye on the phone all day long, but nothing came through. He wondered if you had forgotten. The thought of you being in danger crossed his mind but he dismissed it for now. Steve would call her for a status report soon enough.  He was sitting in the living room reading a book to try to get his mind off of you when Steve came into the room looking grim.

“Have you heard from her at all?” Steve asked him.

“No I have not. She told me she would try to call at some point today but she has not yet,” Loki told him flatly, “Why do you as me this?”

“Because no one has heard from her yet. No one can put a pinpoint on her location either.”

“She is in a HYDRA base is she not? I would think she would turn it off so as to not be seen by them either. It might not go over well to have them find a tracking device on her, now would it?”

“Just let us know if you hear anything. She might be in trouble,” Steve says flatly.

“I shall. The moment I do.”

It had been an eternity. You were sure you had been captive for 48 hours now. You were exhausted, but still of sound mind. They gave up on icing your room. Now it was at an uncomfortably chilly temperature. You finally heard someone moving outside the door like they were coming in. You straightened up in your seat. You were not going to be broken, they would have to kill you before you broke.

A man enters the room. You stare at him blankly. He turns around and sees you sitting in the chair. He smiles at you maliciously, “My dear. This is your last chance to tell us about SHIELD before things get ugly,” he spoke in a deep nasally voice. He was around 6 feet tall and fairly lanky. 

“If you are here to threaten me you should have brought the other guys back. They are much more intimidating,” you snapped.

“My, my, a feisty one are we. I can see why the god likes you,” he taunted. You kept a straight face. Your relationship with Loki was not a secret. He was not going to get in your head. “Why would he pick you of all people? A simple mortal girl. What happens in 50 years? You will be old and wrinkly, he will still look the same. Will he still feel attracted to you? You are just a fling to him.”

Your face faltered for a beat. He knew he struck a nerve. He smirked at you. You needed to throw him off. Get him off the subject and talk about him.

“See, the thing is? I don’t care. He will live a lot longer than I will. I know that and I accept it. Do you not think I contemplated that before getting involved with him,” you sassed him rolling your eyes. He smiled at you again. You were not going to be easy to break, but they would break you.

“Would you like something to eat? Drink,” he asked you to change the subject. 

“What?” you asked shocked. 

“Are you hungry or thirsty? I doubt you have eaten since you were captured. They are not poisoned if that is what you are thinking,” he answered, almost reading your mind, “We are trying to get information out of you, why would we poison you?”

You stared at him blankly. “Cut to the chase,” you tell him sharply, “What the hell do you want from me?”

“Not messing around are we? Very well, we want to know who you have on the inside of HYDRA. You were obviously not working alone. We want to know who you have on the inside,” He says flatly staring at you.

“I was working alone,” you tell him. With that you were slapped again.

“Bull shit. Tell me the truth.” You started chuckling as he gets mad.

“What is with HYDRA guys and having girlie slaps?” You tell him with a smirk, “Besides. That is the truth. I was working alone. I know nothing about SHIELD.” You were slapped again on the other cheek. You felt the throbbing of your cheeks and them beginning to swell.

“We know who you are. You are an avenger,” he tells you acting like he has the upper hand.

“Does that mean I know anything? No. It doesn’t,” you tell him flatly. You could tell he was getting frustrated. He snapped his fingers and a cart was wheeled into the room. The door was closed behind the cart as they left the room. “You know, I like you. I really do. But, you have something I want. Every time you get an answer wrong of deny me an answer I will hurt you. That’s the way this is going to go. Do you understand me. As per your request I will bring back your friends for earlier. Also because I know I am no match for you physically and honestly neither are they. But, they stand a better chance than I do if you get out.”

The two larger men from earlier entered the room and walked closer to you. You knew you were going to die today. On your anniversary, you were going to die. You were ready to give your life for SHIELD, you really were. But, you didn’t want to die. You kept your demeanor straight though. You would face death bravely.

“First question. What is your name?”

“Why do you want to know that? You already know that,” you told him and a crisp slap met your face. You felt the hot sting and throb that followed.

“Answer the question,” he ordered.

“(Y/n) (L/n).” You say spitefully. 

“Now, that wasn’t hard now was it,” he taunts you. “Do you know where they are hiding the Winter Soldier?”

“Who? You ask as another slap crosses your face.

“That’s two strikes my dear. Don’t want to get a third. Now tell me where they are hiding the Winter Soldier.”

“I don’t know who you are talking about.” You tell him.

“Boy’s have at her. You may break bones but not anything vital. We also don’t want her to bleed out,” he tells the other men in the room without leaving your gaze. The two men go to the cart and grab two night sticks it looks like and come towards you.

They first aimed for the legs. The clubs nailed your shins and thighs, you were sure your lower leg had shattered. You muffled your screams of pain. You tried to hold it in and deny them that satisfaction of knowing they got to you. You felt another slap on your right cheek and another one on your left immediately after that. The throbbing continued. They punched your face multiple times and kicked you in the stomach. You felt blood on your face from your nose and mouth but you stayed silent. They continued their beating until they had their fill. Then they rolled the cart out and left. For the first time since you were captured you felt like crying. You felt helpless. You saw no way out of this. Your head began to nod down as you drifted off and another air horn went off.

“Hiemdall. I don’t even know if you are there or can see me but please. Let him or someone know where I am.” You whispered under your breath. You remember Loki telling you stories about Asgard and its people. You knew Hiemdall looked over the Earth and all other Realms and was the keeper of the Bifrost. You just hoped he was looking on you at that moment.

Loki was reading his book when all the sudden he heard a voice.

“Loki.” A familiar voice called out to him. “She is in trouble.”

“Hiemdall?” Loki asked.

“Lady (Y/n). She was taken by this HYDRA and is being tortured and held captive,” Hiemdall’s voice called out.

“Where?” Loki asked quickly, panicked.

“This Captain of America should know the location of their hide out.”

“Why are you interfering? The Allfather would not like this,” Loki asked skeptically.

She called out to me. Asking for help. I know you care about her. Despite what the Allfather thinks I am my own person and I can think for myself. This was a decision I made on my own,” he answers defiantly.

“Thank you Hiemdall. I am eternally grateful.” Loki answers as he get up to go find the others. He frantically searches through the halls and corridors of the building.

“May I assist you sir?” the AI calls out.

“Um.. yes. Where are the others?” Loki calls out. He is still unsure of this AI even after a year.

“Tony is in his lab. Natasha and Clint are training with Steve and Thor. Bucky is in his room sleeping and Sam is not present at the time. Wanda and Pietro are watching TV.”

“Thank you!” He said as he took off to the training room. He reached the room in record time and out of breath. Thor looked over to see Loki standing there hunched over, out of breath.

“Brother what is it,” Thor asked making everyone turn to him. Loki took one last deep breath and stood up.

“Captain told me to let him know if I heard anything about (Y/n)’s whereabouts, correct?”

“Yes of course what did you hear? Is she okay,” Steve asked as they all walked closer to him.

“No, Hiemdall spoke to me. She was captured and is being tortured. Do you know where this base is that she is being held at?” Loki spoke firmly.

“It should be the major one in Germany. That’s the one she was sent to,” Steve answered, “FRIDAY, tell everyone to suit up and meet me in the hangar.”

“Yes sir,” the AI answered.

“Brother, she will be okay.” Thor comforted Loki.

“I am not your brother.” Loki said irritated as he brushed Thor’s hand off his shoulder and went to get his stuff and go to the hangar. He just wanted to get you back safe. That was his concern right now.

You were barely able to keep your eye open. One was already swollen shut. They would be back in the room in a few minutes. You knew that. You were terrified but you would be damned if you showed it.

You heard the door open again. You looked up and saw the same three men as before. This time without the cart. But one of the men had what looked like a red glowing knife. You resisted the urge to struggle and stood your ground and glared at him with your one good eye.

“You have one last chance to tell us what we want to know,” he tells you with a sadistic smile. He already knew what your answer was going to be.

“And I am not going to tell you anything. But, you already knew that. Didn’t you? That’s why you brought that,” you said mockingly as you gestured to the knife in his hand.

“Oh no. This is no ordinary knife. This is a knife that cauterizes the wound right away so you don’t bleed out. You are the first person I get to use it on and now I am excited.” He walks up and stabs you right above your hip bone. You couldn’t help but scream in pain. The heat from the knife was torturous mixed with the pain of being stabbed. You felt tears spring to our eyes, you were so exhausted having not slept in god knows how many days, you couldn’t even attempt to hold them back. Just as he began pulling out the knife an alarm went off.


“Go.” He barked at the other two larger men. They left the room hastily and you were left alone with him.

“How did you let them know you were here?” He asked you fiercely.

“You are the one who has me on camera 24/7. You tell me.” You snap at him through your teeth trying to mask your pain. He slapped you again and brought the knife close to your neck. You could feel the heat radiating off of it.

“WHO DID YOU TELL!” he shouted at you.

Just then the door was opened. He turned around surprised. You looked and relief flooded your body. You saw the anger in his face as he looked you up and down taking in your injuries.

“I suggest you put the knife down. We don’t want you to get hurt,” Loki told the man.

“And what if I don’t?” He asked defiantly but you could hear a slight waiver in his voice.

“Another voice from behind you piped up, “You will die either way, it is up to you.” You turned your head and saw a Loki clone. The man jumped and turned around not knowing what to do. In his panic, he burned his hand on the knife and Loki then stabbed him with one of his knives. The man writhed and crumpled onto the floor. Loki had hit a major artery and knew he was bleeding out.

Loki turned his attention to you. He walked over and gently cut the ropes on your wrists and ankles. His cold touch soothed the burns on your skin. He came around to the front and held your face in his hands.

“Can you stand up my dear?” He asked you softly.

“Probably not. But, let me try.” You said as he helped you stand up only to catch you as you fell. You right leg was probably broken and could not support any weight. Subsequently the lack of sleep made you very dizzy. You started seeing stars as a major head rush came on. He caught you and helped you stand. You were leaning heavily on him. “I’m sorry I don’t think I can do this, I haven’t slept in days and the bastard broke my fucking leg.”

He wasted no time picking you up bridal style and teleporting you both out of the base and back to the Quinjet. He gently put you down on a cot. Clint was in the pilot’s seat and called out on the radio, “We have her, she needs medical attention, hurry back.”

Clint got up and walked over to you. “We need to try to get her back as soon as possible. Can you try to ice some of the skin around the wounds. Especially that one on her hip.” You felt Loki’s cool hands around your hip. They cut through the heat you felt around it.

“What kind of knife did they use? So, I can alert Dr. Cho,” Clint asked you.

“It was a heated knife. He said it cauterized the wound immediately,” you told him as you felt your eyes try to slide shut.

“We need you to stay awake for just a while longer, can you do that?” You heard Clint say.

“Yea, I can try. I don’t know how long I can hold on though. I haven’t slept in days, I am just running on empty,” you told him. That’s when Natasha, Steve, Thor, and Tony entered the jet. Clint got back to the driver’s seat and they took off. Loki helped his best to keep you awake. You managed to stay awake until you got to the tower. Dr. Cho, was in the hangar with a gurney waiting for you. Loki carried you to the gurney and laid you down.

“You will be okay, we need to check you for internal bleeding.” Dr. Cho told you. The rest was a blur.

You heard the faint beeping of a heart rate monitor. Your eyes fluttered open and you were met with a bright light. You groaned as you tried to sit up. Your body was so sore.

“Rise and shine.” A cool voice said in the corner.

“How long was I out?” You asked him.

“Two days, but most of it was anesthetic induced,” he told you.

“What is the damage?”

“Two broken ribs, broken right tibia, knife wound above your left hip, busted lip, bruised nose, black eye, and many other bruises,” he told you sadly. Then it dawned on you.

“I’m sorry I didn’t call.”

“My dear, I believe you have a very convincing excuse,” he said chuckling.

“I still feel bad.”

“You have no reason to. It was not your fault. It was smart thinking to ask Hiemdall for help.” He commended you.

“I was desperate. I remembered all those stories you told me about him and Asgard. I thought they were going to kill me.” You told him grimly. He took your hand in a comforting manner. You turned your head and smiled at him.

“Let’s get you better first, then we will celebrate.” He told you softly.


He only belongs to her (Request)

Prompt: Would you consider doing a Loki x reader where reader is an Asguardian and is Loki’s girlfriend. Thor brings her along during the events of The Avengers and she wants him released into her custody so he can go back to being her Loki. Really fluffy? -zoemonster200

Pairing: Loki x Reader

Note: Fluff, mentions of slaughter

Words: 1160

Requested by: @zoemonster200

She had never expected it to go this far. She had only been gone for a few months only to come back and find that her husband to be had become restless with a need for power. She knew that this burden had been bubbling deep within the mind of the God, but she never thought he’d act upon it. She can’t say she is surprised though, and she knows about Odin favoring Thor over Loki despite how much of a good son Loki had been. Still (Y/N) loved Loki so much, and would do anything for her King. She had been sitting in her room on Asgard when Thor had came the moment he knew that she was back.

“Lady (Y/N)!” Thor exclaimed as he ran into her room much to her surprise, he looked bruised and beaten almost to death it seemed. “I require your assistance.” He said panting harshly when (Y/N) stood up slowly. “Take me to him.” She whispered knowing already who it was about and for what reason it had been for. “Lady (Y/N)–” Thor was cut off as she stepped over to him. “Take me to him. Now Thor.” She said as he let out a small sigh before taking her hand in his own. He led her to the portal as it took her to Midgard, eyes widened as she looked around to the destruction of the City. “He did this?” She asked softly feeling an ache grow heavy in her heart.

“Yes, he brought an army from another world and brought them here to take over this place. He wanted to enslave the mortal race.” He said as she winced at the ‘enslave’ part. “Where is he?” She asked when Thor walked over to the tower where Shield agents surrounded the man in question. He had a muzzle over his mouth and his wrists were bound together as (Y/N)’s heart clenched at the sight. She looked to Thor who held an expression of grim when she immediately ran over to Loki as the Shield agents commanded her to stop what she was doing. She didn’t listen as she ran over to Loki cupping his face immediately feeling tears flood her eyes.

“Do not harm her.” Thor thundered as they all looked to him. “Lady (Y/N) is Loki’s fiance.” He said as everyone’s eyes widened before they looked back to the two. “What were you thinking Loki?” She demanded angrily. “You promised you’d not do this. You promised me.” She whispered with venom dripping in her voice as Loki’s eyes flashed pain. “I want him to be released to me.” (Y/N) said looking back when Nick stepped in front of her. “Excuse me? No, He destroyed over half a city Madam and killed dozens of people he’s not going with you.” He hissed when Loki glared to Nick as (Y/N)’s eyes darkened herself.

“I said he’s coming with me. If he’s released into my custody this will not happen again. I can assure you.” She said calmly as Nick rolled his eye. “My method makes sure that he doesn’t do it again.” He said as she gritted her teeth. “Fine, I’m not asking. I’m telling. He is mine and I’m taking him with me.” She said snapping off the muzzle as Thor bit his lip. “Lady–” He started. “Please trust in me Thor. If you take him to Odin, he’ll just throw Loki into a cell where he won’t learn from his mistakes.” She said. “Isolation isn’t how you open him.” She whispered as Loki looked at her, but spoke not a word to her.

“She shall be released into her custody.” Thor spoke as everyone looked to him in shock before he held it up a hand. “Do not question my judgement. No one knows what is best for him, but her.” He said as (Y/N) smiles softly to him. “Thank you Thor.” She said as they stood together before they portaled back to Asgard. Thor nods as she walks him back to Loki’s room before shutting the door, standing in heavy silence. It was hard to breathe as emotions bubbled in her throat causing it to tighten up so much to a point she could barely swallow. “What happened to you while I was away?” She asked softly.

“Remove my cuffs, please.” He said offering out his hands when she slowly removed the cuffs from his wrists. They clattered to the floor as she looked at him waiting for an answered when he sat down onto the bed. “I was being controlled, but no one shall believe that. I’ve wanted the Throne for so long that my emotions were easy to control my actions.” He whispered when she laid a hand onto his face before he leaned into the touch as he let out a trembling breath.  A smile spread across her face when she pulled him down into a kiss as his fingers entangled into her hair. “I’m sorry I was gone for so long my King.” She whispered as he smiled genuinely before he lays his head onto her shoulder. “I’m sorry.” He whispered when her fingers carded through his hair, carding through the pain that had numbed him for so long.

(Y/N) knew that he needed to be cared for, but she knew that if she did too much at once he’d back away thinking he didn’t need it. “There is nothing to be sorry for, but Loki you slaughtered people. A king doesn’t slaughter the innocent, doesn’t demand their control and will to be forced onto him. A king listens, a king understands. The mortal may not be as wise as the Asgardians, but that gives you no right to control them.” She whispered as he nods softly. “This is why I love you… You always keep me sane, the voices are gone whenever you are around.” He said softly. “It’s okay my love, I’m back and I’m not going anyway.” She whispered into his ear gently.

(Y/N) sat down beside him when suddenly he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her into his chest. She laughed softly at the gesture before looking into his eyes when he kissed her forehead. “There’s the Loki I know and love.” She whispered as he chuckles softly. “Sorry, I’ve been having a bit of a breakdown.” He whispered when she kissed him gently. “Ssh, let’s not talk about this anymore until later. Right now I just want to hold you in my arms and remember why I love you. No more talk of anything but each other alright?” She asked placing her finger onto his lips as he nods before pulling her flushed against him again so he could forget everything that happened. His eyes fluttered closed as he buried his face into her chest before sighing in relief at the gentle thumping of her heart.

Jane was out of town when all the Avengers trudged in looking the least heroic Darcy had ever seen them. Without even speaking Clint stomps threw the common room where Darcy is lounging watching DogCops. Natasha follows silently but heading the same path her friend had taken. Steve came threw next giving her a grim nod and  heading for the elevator and likely the gym. Tony and Bruce had settled at the counter and Tony is already pouring shots in between sipping from the bottle. Normally Bruce would complain but he makes no comment and knocks back his first one before staring morosely into the second. Bucky flings himself down on the armchair and Sam takes the other end of the couch both oddly quite.

“I’m glad you’re home” Darcy offers softly. Sam doesn’t acknowledge other than his eyes glazing over looking exhausted. Bucky grunts and scratches absently at his stomach. Whatever happened must have been really rough for Bucky to not even wink at her. Before Darcy can decide on her next course of action the last Avenger comes in from the cold.

“I would eat and then meet you on the train grounds, Lightening Sister.” Thor’s voice usually fills a room. Even in his softest tones his words swell to seem fuller somehow than any non Asgardian’s. Darcy nods and is standing before she realizes. “The Armour you wear for Lady Natasha will suffice” and then he’s rooting around in the fridge, back to the others. Darcy looks around but Only Bucky is even paying attention and he just shrugs.

“Have fun Doll”


“Where did you get that?” Darcy exclaims in awe when she arrives in the gym. She must have been wrong about Steve because Thor is sitting alone beside a number of impressive looking mid evil weaponry. Thor looks up from the short sword he’s holding. 

“Anthony and I fashioned them when you mentioned your interest in taking up arms” He smiled lightly flipping the sword causally. “It was an good bonding experience to bend metal with the Man of Iron”  

Darcy steps closer and can tell the Tony works from the Thor works. Tony’s look impeccably sharp and deadly. All raw edges and gleaming in the sunlight pouring in threw the windows. Thor’s however, they look just as deadly but the handles are more interesting. One is a curving a leaves and stars and it reminds her of Jane. There’s a huge double headed halberd that has a wing on each blade and is connected to a twisting center pole that ends in a hawk like bird on the end. There are several smaller knives and Darcy could spend all day looking at the things he’d made with his hand. 

“Which of these calls to you?” Thor asks gently breaking up her look at all the sweet stuff trance. Darcy’s a little overwhelmed. She had jokingly told him she’d like to be a bad ass wielding claymore warrior like Lady Sif from the Norse stories but it seemed a tall order for her to not only hold one but successfully swing one as she was 5f3 to Sif’s 6f4.  Darcy’s lamenting the lack of Claymore and her stature when she sees it. 

It’s undoubtedly one of Thor’s because the hilt is engraved with lightning and runes. If she didn’t know any better she’d call it a long sword but it’s thicker than anything she knows the words for. When her fingers close around the hilt she surprised at how light it is. The weight it perfect and she closes both hands around the grip admiring the center ridge and shininess. Thor chuckles lowly. 

“I have told you that this is a highly personal request yes?” Thor speaks again and Darcy manages to stop staring at her new found friend. She nods. “The first weapons training Asguardian children have is with their father or mother, whichever is more skilled. Most of the time parents will craft the weapon together for their young and then the parent and child go on a trip together to learn. It is different with each house and each child. It is a very special thing Darcy” He says. Darcy nods again almost afraid Thor will change his mind. He waits however needing to hear her speak.

“Did you make this for me?” Darcy gestures to the weapon in her hand. He gives her a tight smile that reminds her of all the years he has lived. He nods. “It’s amazing, buddy, I love it. If you don’t want to do this it’s okay I can learn on my own and well spar or something” He chuckles at her babbling. He holds up a hand before she can talk herself out of this. The sun is beginning to set and the way it slams into their tower windows has her sweating slightly. 

“I did not know what to make of your request at first. But Anthony tells me you have no father or mother. I have long considered you my family, Darcy and I can not hope to replace that which you have lost but I should like to be your family as much as I know how.” His lower lips trembles just enough that Darcy’s heart instantly breaks. Whatever happened today has him in knots. 

“Yes.” Her voice is thick too seeing his emotions. “Yea of course.” Thor shakes his head as if to clear whatever was bothering him, he wants to push it off a little longer. “So does she have a name?” Darcy smiles holding her weapon again and striking a pose.

“Not yet, little one, We’ll name her together when we finish.”


They practice until the sweat rolling down Darcy’s body has nothing to do with the Sun that has long disappeared. Thor shows her the correct way to hold position her top hand so the cross guard doesn’t chafe her knuckles so badly. He demonstrates a thrust and Darcy copies. He continues it shoulder muscles rippling with each ferocious jab and they repeat it until Darcy finally lets loose and completes the move with all her energy. Thor beams and they move onto perrys. 

Eventually Thor senses her tiring and calls it quits, passing her a bottle of water. Darcy is exhausted and aching in weird places her workouts with Nat don’t touch. It was incredibly difficult and she feels another flare of respect for Sif and her Claymore. 

“You would have made a formidable opponent had you learned as a child” Thor commends. “and will be sooner than I anticipate, no doubt” He winks with a secret smile. Darcy grins back. It was weird to say they bonded thru arms training but she really did feel closer to her giant bestie. 

“Did you like use Mjolnir to make this? Because I feel like that makes me pretty worthy be default. I fully expect a coronation on my first visit” She giggles. Thor barks out a laugh.

“Why wait?” He grabs his cape from where he’d tossed in on the bench and throws it around Darcy’s shoulders. The cape is heavier than she would have guessed and of course is a foot too long for her. It pools around her on the ground but Darcy stands a little straighter beaming up at him. “By the power granted me by this might hammer, I proclaim you, Lady Darcy, Princess of Asgard.” He grabs her shoulders and presses a kiss to her forehead. His lips linger and Darcy feels his fierce love and his emotional day surrounding her. She wraps as much of her arms around him as she can, keeping him in close. It seems so wrong that such a big guy could tremble in her arms, like a child, but his arms shake with tremors that the work out had pushed off. 

“It’s okay” She says softly. Hot wet tears splash on the top of her head and forehead. “It’s gonna be okay Thor, There’s nothing we can’t fix. It’ll be okay” She mutters gentle reassurances until he’s calmed and finally he pulls back with a watery snotty smile. It was mildly comforting to Darcy that even Thor was an ugly crier. 

“You are surely a blessing I have not earned little one.” He says. “Come let us name your blade” He smiles for real and grabs the hilt and presses it back into Darcy’s hands. She grips it expectantly waiting for instruction. Thor beams at the picture she makes, short, flushed, eager and in under armor gear and his billowing red cape. 

“So how bout Alfred?” She says awkwardly rocking on the balls of her feet. Thor laughs again and clasps his hands on the grip over hers. 

“Do your best to relax.” Thor says and that’s all the warning she has before their hands begin to glow a bright white color and heat flares up her am like she’s touched a car that’s been the hot sun. It’s almost too much to bare when Thor finally releases her and the white light fades to blue and the blue light rescinds into the weapon.  “Loki is not the only son to study with Mother” He smiles. 

Darcy spreads her fingers curiously to find two things. The first is that the dull silver lightning engraved on the grip is now an otherworldly blue and a name has been carved into the blade just above the rain guard, Thor peers at it curiously before beaming at her. 

“Eldr Hjarta ?” Darcy stumbles threw the unfamiliar words. “Fire something right?” She looks up into Thor’s eyes, thumb still rubbing the words. The lightning matches his eyes, she thinks. 

“Fire heart” He agrees. “It is a good name. My first one was called, Byrstr, or thirsty” 

Darcy laughs and the worry she held about Thor softens a little. He’s going to be okay. 

“Come let us spread the news.” He passes her the scabbard and belt. Thor is packing away the other weapons while she fastens the belt and blade to her side. 

“You’ll talk to Jane about whatever happened? and maybe Sam?” She asks. Thor hums noncommittally. “Seriously Thor if you can’t tell those two who can you tell?” 

“You are very wise, sister.” He huffs. “Very well, let us dwell on it no longer. Instead I should like to brag to Anthony that you chose a blade of my fashioning over his.” His smirk is playful and Darcy can’t help but giggle.


They enter the common room and Darcy’s so excited to show off her present she doesn’t really think before she speaks. 

“Bucky look at my sword!” She shouts the second she’s off the elevator pushing her hips  toward his face.Sam must have gone to bed or he’d be laughing at the bewildered owlish look on Bucky’s face. Bucky blinks rapidly at her pelvis for a moment before seeing the actual weapon 

“That certainly would explain a lot about you Lewis.” Tony sniggers from behind his glass. Darcy glowers. 

“As if I would call my hypothetical dick a sword!” She scoffs. “It’d be a Thompson gun” She smirks. Bruce chokes out a laugh and even Tony cracks a smile. 

“I happen to be a weapons expert Doll” Bucky winks with a smile. Darcy pats his head affectionately and beams at Thor..

“So am I Buck, so am I” 


THOR: RAGNAROK Trailer Breakdown

0:00 - Man, I hope this trailer is as good as the teaser
0:01 - Okay this new tune rules, original composition or remix I can’t quite recognize?
0:04 - Loving these 1st person Thor VOs
0:22 - I still can’t get over HOW GOOD the Planet Hulk get-up works on screen!!
0:32 - Where tf did Bruce get a smart suit jacket and crisp Duran Duran tee on Sakaar??
0:36 - Commence freakout over Space Goth Queen Cate Blanchett in 3…2…1…
0:39 - *jenna marbles voice* OH HALE YEAH HELA GODDAMN oh hey there Karl Urban also hey there’s Tessa Thompson looking FUCKING RAD ON A PEGASUS 
0:44 - Odinson, you dirty liar. Bruce, LOL
0:53 - Fuck you, November 3rd, get here faster
0:55 - Hela’s evil Herbal Essence pose is doing it for me
1:13 - You beautiful idiot hero nerds can’t even physically seal a pact right
1:15 - TESSA THOMPSON TIME nope just a tease it’s the hero line-up shot!
1:19 - Loki AGAIN?
1:34 - I see those flirty eyebrows, Tessa. Also, someone explain Skurge’s fascination with M-16s? I don’t get it but I LIKE IT
1:43 - What’s the opposite of ‘einherjar’? Also, hey what’s up Heimdall. Traded the big hat for Bishop cosplay? Into it.
1:45 - I hope this Bifrost fight (”SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY! IT’S THE BRAWL IN THE BIFROST!”) lasts for more than a few seconds!
1:48 - Hela: (hand around Thor’s throat) “I’m the goddess of death” Thor: “Harder” Hela: “What?” Thor: “What?”
1:53 - Asguardians of the Galaxy, amirite????


aerialsquid  asked:

So how does trans Peter jive with the gratuitous shirtless scenes every marvel movie is contractually obliged to offer? Do hormones used early do that IRL (no clue), does marvelverse have super hormones retrofitted from asguardian technology, or did his new spider powers perfectly heal his top surgical and all other scars?

peter’s lack of breasts in homecoming could be explained by him having had top surgery (plus there are some types of top surgery that don’t leave those thick scars, but it isn’t as common), or he could have taken puberty blockers prior to taking testosterone which would have prevented his breasts from filling in too much, and then he also could have just been very flat chested (it should also be taken into consideration that when you gain more muscle your breasts typically get smaller/tighter, so if he already was pretty flat chested then the added muscle to his pecs from the spider bite would make that even more so)

but i like the way you think with this superhero fake science, with all the alien tech we saw in homecoming it would make sense for regular surgeons and doctors in the marvel universe to have more advanced technology for things like transitioning and top surgery or all medical purposes in general

Faking It (Part Twelve)

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: idk I think a couple of curse words

Series Summary: When a young billionaire who’s a former friend of yours becomes the target for the Avengers, you’re sent on an undercover mission. The mission should be easy; one week on the Upper East Side with Bucky as your “boyfriend.” The only problem? The two of you can’t stand each other.

Note: Whoa! Look what’s finally here! I’m not sure if this is actually worth the wait, but I finally figure out what I wanted in this part so I had to run with it. I ran. I have run. Here it is. 

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Bucky’s lips are soft, more so than you would’ve imagined. They move against yours hungrily, urging you to kiss him back. Your mouth begins to move with his as the initial shock wears off and instinct takes over. He has one hand cradling your head while the other grips your waist, pulling you as close as possible to him. His movements send your head spinning. 

You want to pull away, but you can’t. You’re not sure if it’s the knowledge that doing so will only confirm Angelica’s suspicions or because as much as you don’t want to admit it, it feels good. Your arms wind around his neck as he slips his tongue into your mouth and tilts his head, deepening the kiss. It’s him that eventually pulls away even though you’ve been in need of air for a while. Bucky’s kiss leaves you breathless and desperate for more in a way you never thought a kiss, especially a kiss from Bucky Barnes ever could. It scares the shit out of you.

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Loki x Asguardian!reader - Green Eyed Monster

A/N - So this is set before the first Thor movie, I wanted it to be teen Loki but I think I prefer writing normally for now. I feel like this needs a part 2 so definitely let me know if you feel the same and I’ll get to it. I hope you enjoy!

Warnings: Angry, upset Loki

Plot: Reader is asked to describe her crush, it’s all fun and games until someome gets upset.


I walk alongside Loki in the gardens, an old past time of ours. We did it when we were younger, and we still do it now. Our walks in the gardens are something that won’t ever be forgotten about.

I bite my lip and look up at him, he’s been tense all day, it’s clear to see. His stiff back, his eyes staring no where but forward, the fact he’s been walking faster than usual.


Thor is to become king in two days. I know he isn’t too happy about that, but what can he do? All he can do is accept it.

I sigh, taking a chance, “Loki… would you like to talk about it?”

He turns to face me and scoffs, “Talk about it? What is there to talk about? That oaf is being crowned king and there is absolutely nothing I can do about it. Except remain in his shadows. Second best as always.”

I frown, “Don’t speak of yourself that way. You’ll always come first to me.”

He narrows his eyes, “But does coming first to you change the fact that my brother is to be king? No, it changes nothing, Y/N.”

I press my lips together, trying not to tear up, trying to look as though his words didn’t hurt me. But in reality they hurt like hell, stung and burned me. How could he say such a thing, in such a cold manner? Does being king really mean this much to him?

I look up at him, letting out a shaky breath, tears threatening to fall.

His face turns from that of a harsh glare to a frown, as he steps closer to me, taking my hand, “Y/N….you know I didn’t mean that, I just feel…cheated. As if what my father has been telling me was all a lie. That Thor was always destined to get the throne and I never had a chance. I truly am sorry for my words.”

He pulls me into a hug and I immediately feel myself melting against him, my arms wrapping around his torso, burrying my face in his chest.

I feel him take a deep breath moments before he lets go, he offers me a small smile and I return it before he speaks, “Shall we sit down?”

I nod and follow him to a small patch of grass, sitting opposite to him.

He speaks after a minute of silence, “How about we play a game?”

I nod in response, “What did you have in mind?”

He bites his lip, “Maybe a game that involves answering truthfully. One of us asks a question, the other answers with the full truth.”

I chuckle, “But you’re the God of mischief, how would I know you’re being truthful?”

He smiles a little, “I’m always truthful with you.”

I grin at him and nod, “As am I with you. I’ll as first, if that’s fine with you?” I get only a nod in response.

I think for a moment, “hmm, was it you or Thor that cast the exploding spell on the dwarf in Nidavellir?”

He lets out a soft chuckle, “it was me, but Thor seemed so excited that I stood back and let him have the glory. It’s my turn now, yes?”

I nod, awaiting his question, wondering what exactly he could ask me.

He smiles, “Do you have your eye on anyone romantically? And if so, who?”

I hesitate for a moment, “Well, there is someone…”

He raises his eyebrows, “But who?”

I sigh, “I’m not going to tell you who, but I’ll describe them, yes?”

He nods in response and I take a deep breath, “Well, he’s kind and caring and when I’m upset he always knows how to to put me in a good mood. His sense of humour is…unique, but his laugh brightens my day without fail. He has the most gorgeous long hair, beautiful eyes. He’s strong, a good leader-”

He stands up abruptly, a scowl on his face, “I always knew you’d end up falling for my brother.” And with that he storms off, not giving me the chance to speak.


I rush through the palace, trying to find Loki. It’s been an hour since he stormed off and he was no where to be found.

I bump into someone, looking up to see the face of Thor.

He frowns, “Lady Y/N, what’s troubling you?”

I sigh, “Have you seen Loki?”

He nods, “That I have, but I would not cross his path for a while. He seems upset. He’s in his chambers, but I would speak to him in the morning when he has calmed.“

I nod, “Yes, Thank you.” I smile at him and continue through the corridor.


(Sad, angry baby Loki’s POV)

How could she? I trusted her when she said I always come first. But now I know the truth, I know it was all an act.

To say I have feelings for her is an understatement. I’m completely in love with her, but now I have to forget. She wants my brother. Thor always gets what he wants.

I stand up, my fists clenched, my teeth gritted. I yell as I punch the wall, leaving a crack there.

“How could she?!” I let the tears fall as I crumble to my knees.

“How could she….”


YouTube Hit { Bucky Barnes x Reader Oneshot}

“Could you do a combination of 9,12 and 30? With Bucky please! : )” - Anonymous {xoxox}

“ go ask Bucky for a lap dance , he’s on his fifth cup of that asguardian liquor. It could be YouTube gold!” sam whispers to me, my eyes fly to Bucky standing at the bar.

  “That is the dumbest idea You’ve ever had…I’m in.”

  Sam whips out his phone , ready to record the second this starts. You walk up to Bucky and Steve at the bar , adding a little more sway to your hips .

“ hey boys, how’s your night?” You asked you stand in front of the super soldiers. You see both their eyes are glazed over as they clearly check you out from head to toe.

  “ my night just got a little bit better doll.” Bucky answers , the end of his sentence slurring . Perfect . Steve stays silent , just smiling at you with big lopsided grin. You send him a wink, before stepping closer to Bucky and trailing your fingers up his chest.

  “ you know what would make my night a little better sergeant ?” You purr, tugging on his tie until he’s at your height “, a lap dance .”

“ oh doll , I agree, that would make this night better .” A wicked smirk forms on his lips, he takes your hand in his, leading you to the empty couch. Your smile falls when he plants himself on the couch in front of you.

“ well I’m waiting gorgeous.”

“ no- buck this isn’t-”

  “ ooooh! No backing out now y/n! ” Sam shouts from the other couch. I’m going to kill that damn bird . Music begins blaring over the speakers and tony sends you a thumbs up from behind the bar . You’ve gotta be kidding me.

  “ I don’t think I’m drunk enough for this” you mumble before taking a step back. Tonys beside you suddenly , a tray of 6 shots in his hands. You down all six, waiting a couple minutes before the buzz heightens . When it does , You let the liquid courage do its thing, implanting all the temporary confidence you need to do this.

 The music begins again and you step between buckys parted legs , moving your hips smoothly side to side . The dance goes by quickly , containing many twirls, chest touches and you even sat in buckys lap a few times to grind down on him . When the music ends , you quickly scitter off his lap, leaving behind an impressive bulge in Barnes lap and his mouth hanging wide open.

 You swiftly turn, head back towards Sam with a scowl on your face, the buzz wore off halfway through the dance and now you’re just embarrassed , slightly horny and pissed as hell at sam. You march over to him, jabbing your finger into his chest as he laughs

“ I’m never listening to you again” you growl . A wrist on your hand spins you around , a smiling bucky in front of you.

“ I think it’s your turn doll.”

“ bucky no”

“ bucky yes!” Sam speaks up . Bucky tugs you with him, then gently shoves you onto the couch. Another song begins, and so does a very drunk dancing Bucky. Towards the end of the song, a very intoxicated Steve join in, making it even better. Let’s just say, you’ll never be able to look at The two super soldiers the same again , not after the way they both twerked on you . Thankfully Sam got his YouTube hit after all.

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Language! (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

A/N: Sorry for the lack of creativity in the title but it was the prompt that kind of inspired this fic so it seemed fitting. Requested by @little-broken-fire-cracker. I hope you like it! 💙 Also this is my first Bucky fic so I hope it’s okay

Key: Y/N - Your name, Y/N/N - Your nickname

Warnings: Some swearing and the reader throws up

Summary: The Avengers attend the monthly game night but things take a turn for the unexpected when Thor introduces his Asguardian liquor.

Being an Avenger was tough. From the early morning work-outs right up until the late night parties. Regardless, you wouldn’t change a things as you were right where you wanted to be. You had next to no family, those you once had you left behind to live a life where watching your back had to become second nature to you.

The Avengers are your crazy family now and you all looked out for one another. After the ‘small’ Civil War amongst the team was resolved you decided to move into the Avengers Compound with Tony, Rhodey, Steve, Sam, Vision, Thor (when he wasn’t in Asguard or with Jane) and your two best friends Natasha and Wanda. Of course not forgetting the one and only James Buchanan Barnes. God that man would be the death of you.

It all started when Bucky came to live at the Compound with the rest of you after having any remnants of Hydra erased from his mind. As soon as you caught sight of him one morning wearing just a towel hanging dangerously low on his hips, you were done for. Nat, Wanda and even Steve knew that you had a little crush on the super soldier but there was no way you were going to admit the truth anytime soon. Or so you thought.

Little did you know that Bucky felt exactly the same way that you did. He had to physically control himself when you came sauntering into the gym day after day wearing booty shorts and a sports bra covering your physique that left little to the imagination. It didn’t really help that he was your sparring partner either.

So here you were on this seemingly uneventful afternoon dodging punch after punch that Bucky threw at you, desperately trying to pin him in any way you could to claim the title as victor. He managed to graze your stomach with his right hand but couldn’t land a single punch.

“Is that all you’ve got Barnes?” You taunted out of breath and your energy fading.

“You haven’t seen anything yet darlin’, let me show you what I’ve got.”

You both locked eyes for a moment until you noticed Bucky leaning towards you stealing subtle glances at your lips. You were only inches apart when Sam sauntered into the gym belting out a Marvin Gaye classic at the top of his lungs. You jumped back instantly and made as much space between you and Bucky as possible.

Bucky inwardly groaned at Sam’s extremely bad timing and vowed to himself that he would tell you how he felt about you soon. As luck would have it, tonight happened to be the Avengers monthly game night.

You quickly bolted from the gym because of the sexual tension that lingered between yourself and a certain Winter Soldier. You didn’t want Sam picking up the tension either as he was the biggest gossip you knew.

The remainder of your afternoon consisted of lounging on your comfy bed wandering what would have happened if it wasn’t for Sam and his major cock-blocking. Glancing at the clock you realised that it was almost time for the game night to commence. Changing into a low-key black dress and applying some make-up you made up your mind. You would tell Bucky how you felt.

Walking towards the elevator you could feel your nerves creeping up on you. If you were going to survive this night then you needed a drink. Before you could press the button to go to the ground floor someone joined you in the confined space.

“Hey Y/N, looking gorgeous as always” Sam quipped. You let out a small chuckle.

“Hey Sammy” you shot back knowing how much he hated the nickname you gave him. He simply gave you a smirk and proceeded to talk to you.

“You know Thor is here right? He’s brought some Asguardian liquor too.” Sam wiggled his eyebrows and nudged you jokingly. He knew how drunk you got when you drank it.

“That’s great Sam” you responded in a monotone voice.

“Oh come on Y/N/N, I challenge you to shots.” You laughed and shook your head. Before he could try and convince you otherwise the ding alerted the both of you that you had reached your location. The nervousness had you on edge.

Walking with Sam towards the living area you caught sight of Bucky wearing black jeans and the red Henley that you loved on him. He obviously sensed you staring as he looked over at you and gave his signature smile. Your breath caught in your throat at the sight; looking away quickly you turned to Sam. “I accept your challenge.”

After quickly greeting your teammates you rushed over to the bar with Sam needing some much needed liquid courage. “C'mon then birdman, lets see if you can hold your booze.”

Thor was pouring shot after shot for you and Sam and after each one you felt a little more drowsy. After about 13 shots Sam gave up as the burning sensation was making him feel sick. You however thought that having a few more was a great idea. You were wrong.

You stood up to join everyone else in what was a very intense game of monopoly but you lost your balance. Luckily Thor was there to catch you before you face planted the floor.

Bucky was watching you throughout the course of your shots challenge with Sam growing more worried about how drunk you were getting. When he saw you nearly fall he got up to help you.

Thor offloaded you onto Bucky and your mind was far too clouded to register who was holding you. “How are you feeling doll?” Bucky asked with concern laced in his husky voice.

“I feel so fucking sick” you sobbed. Apparently you were a bit louder than you thought as you heard Tony yell “Language Y/N/N!”

You practically fainted in Buckys arms, only able to form a few incoherent mumbles. He sat you down on a bar stool and held your face in his hands. Without warning you felt a surge of sickness run through you.

“I’m gonna throw up.” Bucky immediately guided you to the bathroom and as soon as you saw the toilet, you puked. Bucky held your hair back for you while you proceeded to regurgitate the alcohol.

After a good 30 minutes in the bathroom with Bucky holding your hair back and just holding you in his arms between you being sick your mind started to clear. When it did you felt sick all over again. Panic rushed through you when you realised Bucky had just seen you throw up, multiple times.

“Oh God.” You cursed out loud. Bucky was rubbing soothing circles on your lower back when you turned to look at him.

“I’m sorry you had to see any of that, God I feel like such an idiot. I only drank so much because I was going to tell you how much I liked you and I got nervous and then you smiled and oh God, I’m just gonna stop talking now.”

When Bucky hadn’t said anything for short time you looked up to see him grinning. “What are you so happy about Barnes?” You quizzed, feeling slightly anxious about his answer.

“You’re cute when you get flustered doll but at least now I know you feel the same way I do. What do you say? Dinner tomorrow night?” Well that wasn’t the answer you were expecting. Now it was your turn to smile.

“Sounds perfect.” You both smiled lazily at each other feeling like two love crazed teenagers.

After a few moments Bucky spoke up. “C'mon baby girl, let me walk you back to your room.”

Surprise Gift Final chapter

“So what’s the point of this again?” Yondu asked his son as he lead him out into the small open yard around the small cabin he had helped him build for his upcoming family. Looking back he saw his wife and his daughter in law, Arris sitting on a couple of cut up logs watching them with a smile. It wouldn’t be much longer until he would welcome his grandchild into the world. 

“It’s a fun way of findin’ out if the pups a boy or girl… plus finally get to prove I’m a better shot than you old man.”  Kadu said with a sly smirk.

“ya keep thankin’ that boy.” Yondu huffed out with a small smile. Coming to a stop he watched as Kadu pulled out the small rocket he had been carrying. Kadu placed the rocket on the ground and readied his bow while Yondu did the same. 

“Alright purple is a girl, green a boy.” Kadu said.

“Ready?!” you yelled and saw as both males aimed their bows. Hitting the button the rocket flew up in the air. As soon as it reach high enough in the air the father and son released their arrows. Purple smoke filled the air and they all began to laugh. “Yes! I finally get a little girl to spoil!” you cheered.

Yondu smiled widely at finding out he was having a granddaughter. He could hear his omega cheering about having a girl and chuckled. “Congratulations son.” He told Kadu, smacking his shoulder. 


Yondu held his mate in his side as they made their way over to the buyer. They had picked up some new crystals on their latest run and had been told Sprikt would pay the most for them. Normally he would sell them to the Gelturion trader but money was money and he was trying to save up the units to buy something nice for his granddaughter that was due any day now. Getting to the large tent some of his men pulled back the flap and Yondu ducked his head to enter. Seeing many slaves about he felt a low growl in his throat and gazed over to see a fat male sitting at the front of the tent. He had long tentacles that came out where facial hair normally would and orange skin. Getting closer he felt his female tense in his arm and her steps falter. Knotting his brows he looked down “Darlin’ wh…”

“Yondu Udonta…I hear you have a pretty little stack of Asguardian crystals for me…” the man said in a deep voice.

Breaking his gaze from his shaking omega Yondu looked up at the man, “yea but what ya got fer me?” He said. 

Looking at the Ravager Captain Sprikt cut his eyes before smiling. Standing he walked around and saw as the small figure standing with Yondu moved to hide behind his back. He could see the bright red hair and blueish silver skin he had only ever seen once in his lifetime. Instantly he knew who it was and gave a deep chuckle before looking back into the captain’s eyes.

Yondu felt his omega cower into his back, he could hear her whimpering softly. Watching the male stalk around them he couldn’t help the growl that formed in his chest, nor the protective stance he took up in front of his mate. 

“hmm what about a trade Mr. Udonta, I shall give you twenty thousand units for the crystals and I will trade you out a newer female for the older one at your side… after all we go way back don’t we y/n Drakal.” He said in an malicious sounding voice. 

 Yondu felt his blood begin to boil at the man’s words. He could feel y/n shaking in fear at his back and turned to see her crying, he face showing pure terror. 

“Now now y/n have you forgotten my rules? Of course not, those scars on your back should be a well enough reminder to show yourself when someone is speaking to you. But perhaps you are in need of another lesson.” He growled and snapped his fingers. 

Before Yondu could react the sound of a whip met his ears and his wife was ripped from his side and pulled to the ground in front of him. Looking he saw a whip wrapped around her wrist that was now bleeding. She cried out and tugged on the whip, only making it cut into her skin more. Yondu’s vision was clouded with rage as he let out a high pitch whistle and sent his yaka arrow through the head of the man holding the whip. Hearing the sound of yelling he looked around to see many men, both his and Sprikt’s aiming guns at each other. 

“Udonta, do not do something you are going to regret. The bitch isn’t worth it. I am offeri…" 

In an instant Yondu had sent his arrow through every guards head in the tent. When they all dropped to the ground some of the slaves began to scream, fearing for their life as well. "Free em’.” he told his men over his shoulder. Seeing Sprikt go to run away he gave another whistle and sent the arrow through the man’s knee making him cry out and fall to the carpet covered ground. Marching over to the man Yondu bent down and turned the man over to face him. Slamming his fist into the man’s face again and again he growled out. “Ya touch my wife! MY MATE! And ya think ya can get away with it?!” he roared. Feeling hands on his shoulder he flinched back and went to hit whoever it was but stopped when he saw it was his female. 

“Yondu…Yondu…” you whispered. Moving to grab his shoulder he turned around, fist ready. Falling to the floor you held your breath and closed your eyes. 

Seeing her cowering on the floor in front of him Yondu came back to reality and let out a deep breath. Glaring down at the man on the floor he saw his face unrecognizable and gave a quick whistle before the man was dead. Turning around he crouched down and unwrapped the whip from his mate’s wrist. Seeing a piece of fabric come into his sight he looked up to see Kraglin holding out his scarf for Yondu to take. Nodding his head in thanks he carefully wrapped the white cloth around y/n’s bleeding wrist and watched as it started to stain a burgundy color. He could see her still shaking and moved to lift her into his arms and carry her out of the tent and back towards his ship. 

You looked over Yondu’s shoulder as he carried you out of the tent. Seeing your old master now dead on the ground you laid your head on your alpha’s shoulder and kissed his neck, silently telling him thank you. Getting back on the ship you saw as Yondu took the both of you to your room after telling the crew to go sell the crystals to the Gelturion trader. 

Yondu sat his mate on the bathroom counter while he dug around in the cabinets for the medical kit. “ow’ long?” he asked while he got the things he would need to stitch her arm closed ready. 

“I was twelve when he got me, he owned me till Stakar bought me…” you answered.

Seven years she had had to live with that prick. “E’ the one that whipped ya?” he asked and saw her nod. Poring disinfectant on the wound she whined and he furrowed his brows. “Sorry…” he told her. Wanting to break the silence he bit his lip, “ow’ many masters ya ave’?” he asked as he pushed the needle through her skin making her whimper and flinch. 

Closing your eyes you let out a deep breath, “Six… out of all of them he was the worst. When I turned fifteen he tried to rape me but I managed to fight him off and go hide. Stayed in that cave for four days till his guards found me.. when I got back two of his wives beat me for trying to seduce him. Said that if I wasn’t such a whore then he wouldn’t had been tempted.” you told him. 

Yondu could feel his blood boiling again and wished he had made the man’s death last longer, had let him suffer for what he did to his mate. 

“His youngest daughter was nice though, well sorta… she used me as her living doll. Used to dress me up and play with my hair…” you said with a weak chuckle. “What about you?” you asked with a wince as he poked you again. It was funny, not in the twenty seven years you both had been together had you ever talked about your lives as slaves.

“only had one master… guess he won’t really a master, more of an’s over looker. I was a battle slave, went an fought their wars. Fought for their entertainment sometimes.” He told her, tensing up as the memories flooded his mind. 

“How did you get your scars?” you asked in a whisper. 

“If I’s lost or just didn’t do what I’s was told…” Yondu said in a sigh. Finishing up he wrapped her wrist in a bandage and looked into her eyes, “Don’t none of that matter now. We don’t belongs ta nobody but each other.” he said, leaning down to capture her lips in a soft kiss. Leaning back he laid his forehead on hers and sighed, “I luv ya." 

"I kinda like ya too.” you said with a smile. Hearing a playful growl he smacked your thigh and you giggled. 


 Hearing a scream Yondu saw as his son tensed and went to get up. Acting quickly he grabbed the back of his pants and pulled him back down. “Ya stay here fer now son. Yer ma’s got this.” He told him and saw the boy breathing heavily. “Breath, she’ll be alright." 

"Shh you’re doing so good Arris. Keep pushin’.” you told your daughter in law as she squeezed your hand and pushed down. When she needed to take a break you dabbed at the sweat that covered her brow. Looking between her legs you smiled, “Okay Arris one more big push. Her head is out. Come on one, two, three push.” with a few seconds you caught your granddaughter in your arms and heard her let out a loud cry. Smiling you felt a tear roll down your face as you looked at the blue baby girl. She looked like her father. Gently you moved to lay her on her mother’s chest while you finished up. 

As soon as the cry filled the small cabin Yondu smiled and watched as Kadu jumped up from the chair and ran into the room. After a few minutes his own mate came walking out of the room, whipping her hands clean. “ow’s she?” he asked.

“Beautiful. Arris did amazing.” you told him, going to sit in his lap.

Yondu smiled widely and sighed, “Never thought I’s be a granddaddy.” he said before chuckling, “Never thought I’s be a daddy, or’s even a husband at that.” he said leaning back in the chair to hold his female close to him. “Ya have given me everything I’s never knew I wanted darlin’.” he said in a low voice. Closing his eyes he pressed his lips to hers in a soft kiss. He let his lips slowly part and felt hers follow, rolling his tongue into her mouth for only a minute before he heard a noise. 

“Eww. Sorry baby, yer granddaddy and grandma are being gross.” Kadu said shielding his daughter behind him.

Rolling your eyes you got up off your alpha’s lap and went in to help Arris get cleaned up. Stopping for only a second to rub your granddaughter’s head and kiss her cheek.

“Boy ya bes’ bring me my grandbaby.” Yondu said. Kadu slowly walked over and moved the wrapped up baby into Yondu’s arms. Looking down Yondu smiled brightly. The little girl was busy sucking on her palm but yawned and cuddled into his warmth. Yondu felt a knot form in his throat but managed to swallow it down. “She’s beautiful Kadu. What ya gonna name er’?” he asked as he stroked the little girl’s tiny crest.

Kadu grinned to himself, moving to sit beside his father on the couch he looked down at his daughter, “Yonda…”

Yondu’s face dropped and he looked beside him to see his son smiling down at the little girl. A warm feeling filled his chest and the knot in his throat began to form again. Swallowing hard he looked back down at his grandchild, “Welcome to the universe little Yonda.”


 Kissing his female deeply he lifted her up to wrap her legs around his waist. Rubbing his finger lightly over her dripping sex she mewled into his mouth. Smirking he continued to roll his tongue around her mouth, swallowing down her cries as he slipped a finger into her. Going over to the bed he laid her on her back and crawled to hover above her. Cupping her breast in his free hand he groped the flesh while he lined himself up with her sex. In one quick thrust he buried himself in her warmth. His mouth went open as a small grunt fell out. Giving her the time to adjust he kissed and bit at her neck leaving marks in his wake. Once he thought she was ready he began pumping his hips at a steady pace. She moaned and gasped every time he hit her sweet spot and he growled as her nails raked down his back. Feeling that growing need for more Yondu leaned up and in one quick motion flipped her to lay on her stomach. Slamming his cock back into her she screamed out and laid her face flat on the bed. Laying over her he held her breast in his hand with one hand while her other held her wrist by her head. Feeling her start to flutter around him he nipped at her ear, “Cum fer me baby. Cum fer yer alpha.” he growled and heard as she cried out in her orgasm. Her hands gripped the sheets and her pussy locked around his cock, sending him into his own climax. Growling he buried his nose into her neck and filled her with his seed. He stayed buried into giving a few more sloppy rolls of his hips before stopping to catch his breath. “See and ya said we were gettin’ too old fer sex.” he smiled. Rolling to lay beside her he pulled her into his arms. 

Smiling softly you licked his cheek with the tip of your tongue. “I said I was gettin’ too old for sex.” You told him feeling the aching in your heart. The words Sprikt had spoken only a few weeks ago had took a toll on your self esteem. He had mentioned how you were old and how Yondu would be better with a newer lady to keep him company, a younger one. Someone who’s body wasn’t covered in scars, who’s breast were firmer. Ever since that day you had demanded to have sex with the lights off, not wanting him to see your aged body. It hurt to think you were no longer enough to turn your husband on.  Although he had never said anything of the sort you knew from the way every man looked at the young sex bots here on Contraxia that that is what they preferred. 

“Ya ain’t old darlin’. I think ya forget I’s eight years older than ya and I’s damn sure ain’t too old fer sex.” he told her with a smile.

“I know yer not Yondu but… wouldn’t you rather have.. someone else… younger?” you asked in whisper. You knew you weren’t ready for his answer but you loved him and if he would rather have someone else then you would give your alpha what he wanted.

Yondu furrowed his brows at her question. He could hear the hurt in her voice. Rolling over he hit the button on the headboard for the light and saw as she tensed up under him.

“Yondu no.." 

Seeing her go to cover herself he snatched the blanket away and glared down at her, "Ya think I’s don’t want ya?” when she didn’t answer he felt his temper flare, “Twenty seven fuckin’ years and ya still don’t think I luv ya?!” he yelled and saw tears come to her eyes. 

“I know you love me Yondu… I know that. I just… I don’t want you to have to settle with me.” you told him with tears rolling down your cheeks. 

Feeling his temper fade away he sighed and leaned down to kiss her tears away. “I’s only ever wanted ya y/n. I love yer body cuz when I look at it I see the body that gave me a son. I see the body that I ave’ woken up to everyday for the past twenty seven years. And I’s would never want to replace ya with some young thing. I’s got perfection right ere’.” He told her. Kissing her lips he heard a loud noise from outside and furrowed his brows. Breaking form her lips he growled as he made his way over to the window, “Them boys better not be causin’ too much trouble.” he growled. Looking out to the front of the Iron Lotus he let out a deep breath. “Go head’ an’ get dressed darlin’ the meet me outside.” he told her as he pulled on his own clothes and quickly went out.

Furrowing your brows you watched as Yondu got dressed and quickly left the room. Doing as your husband said you pulled on your clothes, letting out a whimper at the slight soreness of your body. Making your way down the stairs you heard your mate’s yelling and quickly rushed towards it. Getting outside you were held back by Kraglin and furrowed your brows at your alpha’s first mate and peeked around him to see Yondu and Stakar yelling at each other. It had been many many years since you had seen the male but you knew his face. Hearing him tell Yondu how his colors would never fly over his grave made you see red. When you saw your alpha dip his head and felt the pain in your chest from his hurt you snatched away from Kraglin. Seeing Stakar walk away from Yondu you growled, “HEY! OGORD! You can’t talk to him like tha…” You yelled but were pulled into your alpha’s arms.

The Centaurian quickly pulled his omega into his arms and covered her mouth with his hand. Seeing Stakar turn around he met his eyes in warning. He would allow him to say whatever he wanted about him but not his female. Watching as he just pointed his finger at him he held her close to him. Feeling her tug to be let go and hearing her muffled yelling behind his hand he leaned down by her ear and gave a growl, silently telling her that was enough. It meant a lot to him that his omega would take up for him but he knew it wouldn’t matter, he would always be an exile. When Stakar was out of sight he let out a deep sigh and released her mouth. “t’s alright princess. I’s ain’t worried bout’ im’.” he told her and hugged her close to his body to calm her down. he could hear her still grumbling into his chest and chuckled weakly and smacked her backside, “ya’s gettin’ feisty wit yer age.” When he saw a group of gold people coming up to him he raised a brow. 

“Yondu Udonta…” The woman walking on a red carpet asked.

“Who’s askin’?” Yondu asked, looking at the woman with distaste.

“I have a job for you.”


You sat on the bed looking at your husband with a angry glare. “You are not turning in Peter.” you said and saw him give a sigh.

“I’s ain’t gonna turn the boy in. Just gonna get those batteries from im’.” Yondu told his wife as he grabbed his gear. Pulling on his jacket he went over to the bed and stood in front of her. “I promise I’s ain’t gonna urt’ im’.” he said. 

“I wanna go with ya.” you said going to get up but her just pushed you back down on the bed. 

“No. I want ya ere’. Ya safer ere’. I’s be back in a little while. Gonna take most the boys wit me, knowin’ that rat e’ll have somethin’ waitin’.” Yondu told his female and saw her give a pout. “Don’t cha be givin’ me that face woman. I’s be back fer’ ya know it. We’ll go see Yonda after I sell the batteries, alright?" 

Letting out a deep breath you nodded and stood up to hug your mate. You held him a little longer than usual and felt him kiss your head. "Be careful…I love you.” you said

Lifting her chin he gave her his sly smile and pressed his lips to hers, “Always am sweetheart. I luv ya, See ya in a little bit.” he told her kissing her lips once more before walking away, giving a whistle to call his arrow behind him. 


Hearing a thumping on your door you furrowed your brows and went towards it. Opening it you saw Tullk standing there panting. Instantly you became worried, “Tullk whats…" 

"No time lass we gotta get ya off this ship now…” He said pulling his Captain’s lady down the halls behind him.

“Tullk what’s going on? Where’s Yondu?” you asked feeling your heart beating faster.

Turning the corner to the hanger he went to open the door. “That bastard Tazerface caused a mutiny. Yondu said…” he never got to finish before a gun fired and hit him in the shoulder making him yell out in pain and fall to his knees. 

“TULLK!” you screamed going to kneel beside him. Looking down the hall you saw many of your husband’s crew coming towards you with evil smiles on their faces. “What is going on!? I demand…” A hard slap to your face stopped you short and you yelped out. Before another word could be said you were being dragged down the hall by your hair. You screamed and thrashed, trying to get away from the man that had you. Getting thrown to the grate floor you whimpered and held your side. 

Yondu let out a loud roar as Durbik threw his mate to the floor in front of him. Seeing Tullk get dragged to the airlock they shoved him inside before hitting the button sending him out into space. When Tazerface stalked over to y/n Yondu snarled, showing his sharp teeth. “DON’T CHA FUCKIN’ TOUCH ER’!" 

Getting pulled up from the floor Tazerface held you by your throat and you looked over to see your alpha tied to a chair in the middle of the room. His face was bleeding and you could see his fin was broken, "Yond..” You started but were yet again silenced by the male tightening his hold on your throat. 

“Everyone knows it is her you care about the most Yondu! Your precious little wife. None of us were ever allowed to even look at her…talk to her…but not anymore.” Tazerface mocked. 

Pulling on his restraints Yondu growled and snarled, He could feel his eyes glowing. “Ya let er’ go! This ain’t got nothin’ ta do with er’!” he yelled.

Smiling Tazerface looked at the woman in his arm. “See that’s where ya are wrong, Bitch here is the captain’s property right boys!?” he asked and heard as the rest of the crew cheered. Looking back at Yondu he grinned, “Well I’m the captain now, so that makes she be mine!”  he said before licking up the side of her neck.

Yondu roared and thrashed when he saw the man lick his female’s neck! 

“We’ll sell ya back ta the Kree! But as for the girl… oh we’re gonna have loads of fun! Go lock them in the brig boys.” Tazerface said as he rubbed his hands over the woman’s body.

Yondu never felt more rage in his life. He watched Tazerface’s hands roam over his wife’s body as they dragged him away. Saw the tears fall down her face and the look of pure terror in her eyes. “I’LL KILL YA! ALL OF YA!!” he yelled out but they only laughed. When he was thrown into the cell with Rocket he shook with anger and pulled on the bars. Suddenly the sound of his name being screamed out by his omega hit his ears. Again and again she screamed, blood chilling screams, until finally they stopped. A gut wrenching feeling overcame him. It felt like someone was digging a knife into his stomach and it was then he knew what they were doing. Holding onto the bars he slowly sunk down to the floor.


 Yondu listened as Rocket tried to explain what his prototype fin looked like to the twig. So far he had brought back his desk, a coin and a toe. Watching him leave for the forth time Yondu swallowed and looked down. Every second he was locked away in this cell the more those pricks could do to his mate. Seeing his fin get thrown to the floor in front of him he looked up to see Kraglin there. Raising his lip in a snarl he growled at the male. 

“They killed all my friends… y/n… they… I never meant to start a mutiney. I’m so sorry cap.” Kraglin said with a trembling lip and watering eyes. 

Yondu tightened his jaw and took a second to respond, “Go get me wife, take her to the deck. I’s meet ya there.” he said Kraglin gave a quick nod before going Rocket cut in. 

“Ya got anymore of Quill’s old music on the ship?” Rocket asked.


Whistling as he made his way to the camera room Yondu killed every man he saw. Not one would be spared. When he got to the room he looked at all the cameras and maneuvered his arrow around the halls of the ship. He smiled as he watched all their bodies fall dead to the floor. Turning he saw Tazerface marching down the hall and his smiled turned into a snarl. Pursing his lips just right he sent the arrow right past the man. Letting out all the rage built up his arrow caught fire and he sent it into the fuel injectors. 

“You maniac…the whole ships gonna blow.” Rocket said as he watched the halls light up.

“Not the whole ship.” Yondu said, tuning and making his way to the deck.

Coming into the room Kraglin was quick to break away from the rest of the ship that was exploding around them. Looking over he saw a small figure laying on the floor. His heart felt like it was going to beat out of his chest as he stumbled over to her. Kneeling beside her he pulled back the blanket she was wrapped in. Looking at her face he saw a dark blue and purple bruise forming on her cheek and eye. Her lip was busted open and she had blood smeared on her chin. Looking down her body he saw her shirt torn and the button of her pants torn off. Tightening his jaw he swallowed the knot in his throat and stroked her cheek with his knuckles. Seeing her flinch she tried to push his hands away from her and began to cry. “Shhh, it’s me darlin’, I gots ya baby.” he told her and saw her eyes flutter open to look at him.

Seeing your mate your lip began to tremble and your eyes filled with tears.

Shaking his head he felt his own lip quiver, “I’s so sorry y/n. This is my fault… I’s failed ya. I couldn’t protect ya.” he told her in a hoarse voice. When the sight of burgundy caught his eye he lifted her shirt and felt his heart drop. On her stomach was a deep and bleeding gash.  It was covering the floor around her body and soaking into his pants. Tears formed in his eyes and he pressed a hand to her belly. “Yer gonna be alright sweetheart… Somebody bring me’s the medical kit!” he yelled to Kraglin and Rocket who were both piloting the ship. Feeling her grab his hand he looked down and saw her shaking her head. Letting out a sob he leaned down and pressed his head to her chest, feeling as her shaking fingers stroked his fin. 

“We gotta get to Ego’s planet and save Quill and the others.” Rocket said as he made the jumps towards the planet.

Yondu held his female in his arms and wept while they made the 700 jumps. Her body shook and her breaths were uneven. When they arrived he looked out the front window to see the planet that was Ego cracking and glowing. 

“Yondu we gotta go.” Rocket said in a soft voice as he looked at the two mates sitting on the floor of the ship. 

Glancing back down at his omega Yondu let the tears fall freely. She was looking up at him with weak red eyes, her skin turning a lighter blue and her red hair loosing it’s shine. She was dying. Her blood covered the front of him but she was smiling softly at him. “I won’t leave ya.” he said in a cracking voice. 

You blinked away the tears that clouded your eyes and brought your shaking hand to his face to cup his cheek. “Ya go save our boy. Go save Peter.” you told him in a weak whisper. 

Hearing her words Yondu let out a sob and placed his hand over hers. Closing his eyes he nodded. 

“I love” you whispered.

“And I luv ya my mate.” Yondu said before leaning down and pressing his lips to hers. He tried to memorize the feel of her lips against his, the smell of her skin. When he finally did pull back Kraglin was there kneeling beside her. 

“I’ll stay with her Cap.” Kraglin said.

Lowering her hand from his cheek he squeezed it tight. 

“Go.” you said, giving him one last smile.

Kissing her knuckles Yondu stood and slowly let go of her hand, letting his fingertips linger as long as possible. Turning around he followed Rocket into the diving pod and went to fight the god.


 Yondu whistled and shot at the rocks that tried to bury them all alive. Looking around him he saw as most of the others were getting overpowered by Ego’s advances to keep them on his planet. He seemed to be doing pretty good until he felt a sharp pain fill his chest. The pain was so intense that he lost control of his arrow. After a few seconds it ended but then he was left with an emptiness inside of him. He felt like he was missing something, a part of him. Like his whole meaning had been taken away. Realizing what had happened his lip began to quiver and the alpha Centaurian fell to his knees. “y/n…no.."he cried out. Ego’s forces were quick to use his weakness against him and soon the rocks were crushing him. Yondu didn’t fight, he didn’t do anything. His reason for living was gone. His mate was dead. Looking around he saw Peter getting impaled by his father’s powers and blinked. Y/n she had wanted him to save Peter. To save their son. "QUILL! I don’t use my head to fly the arrow…I use me heart!” he yelled before the rocks covered his face.

It didn’t take long and the rocks fell away from his form. Looking now he saw Peter and Ego going at it. Quill’s powers coming out of him. Standing he heard a noise and looked to see Rocket floating with the twig on his shoulder. 

“Yondu we gotta go!” Rocket yelled.

“I gotta save Quill!” Yondu yelled. The furry creature looked skeptical before pulling out something from his bag and handing it to him. Taking it he looked down to see only one space suit and one rocket pack. 

“I only have one of each…” Rocket said in a sad voice.

Nodding Yondu went to turn away when he heard groot talk. “What twig say?”

“He said welcome to the freakin’ Guardians of the Galaxy, cept’ he didn’t use freakin’.” Rocket said, raising his chin and smiling at his friend. 

Yondu was shocked by the statement but nodded and quickly put on the rocket pack. Looking to where Quill was he heard as the bomb went off and the planet shook. Hitting the thrusters he flew over to Peter and grabbed him from the ground. Flying up towards space he saw Quill looking at him questionably. “He may ave’ been yer father… but he won’t yer daddy.” He said. Getting tot he end of the atmosphere he pressed the suit to Peter’s chest.

“WHAT? No! Yondu NO!” Peter yelled as they entered space. Looking at Yondu he saw as ice started forming on his blue skin. “NO! NO!” he yelled trying to pry the suit from his chest. Feeling hands on his cheeks he looked Yondu in the eye and saw the man smiling and shaking his head. Then his eyes clouded and his movements stopped. “NOOOOO!" 


 Kadu stared down at his mother and father’s body with tears in his eyes. A sob fell from his mouth and he felt someone touch his back. Turning he saw it was his brother, it was Peter. He had called him and told him told him to come to his location as quick as possible. When he had got there Peter had told him what had happened. How his real father Ego, a god of sorts had wanted to kill everyone. He told him how their dad’s crew had turned on him and tried to kill him. Kraglin had admitted that the mutiny was his fault but he never meant for anything like this to happen. In the end Yondu Udonta had saved Peter, he had saved his other son. Kadu didn’t blame Peter. He didn’t blame anyone. Hugging his brother as they sent the two mate’s bodies to be burned the two heard the sound of other ships and turned to see Ravager ships pulling up around them. 

"They came…I sent word to the rest of Yondu’s old Ravager buddies. Told them what he did…” Rocket said.

When fireworks began going off around them Peter, Kraglin and Kadu smiled, “It’s a Ravager funeral.” Peter said. 

Kraglin Cheered as the colors of Ogord flew over his Captain and y/n’s ashes. 

Looking out Kadu and Peter lost their breath in their throats. There in the darkness of space stood their parents. Their bodies seemed to glow, made of light. Yondu stood tall and proud, his crest standing high on his head and flowing down his back. He held his Y/n in his side. The Guardians and Ravagers watched as the two mates smiled before turning and walking away, disappearing into the stars together.

A/N: Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed it.

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imagine being transported to another world and meeting your favorite characters

Imagine being granted the power to transport between worlds…

Chronicles of Narnia

imagine being king/queen of Narnia…

imagine entering the wardrobe and finding Narnia with lucy…

imagine finding yourself in Narnia…

The pevensie’s meeting a mysterious and eccentric stranger…


imagine being in the battle of new York…

imagine a spell not going exactly as planned for the Winchesters…

imagine being selected to join the avengers initiative… 

Avengers and police boxes


Imagine being transported to the marvel universe…

Imagine being a scientist called in by SHILED to study the tesseract…

Imagine being a scientist studying the tesseract part 2

Steve rogers/Captain America

Imagine fighting on team Cap’s side . . .

Imagine the doctor taking Steve Rogers on a trip to see Peggy one more time…

Tony stark/Ironman

imagine the doctor landing in avengers tower…

Imagine fighting on team Ironman’s side…


Imagine being a SHIELD agent sent to interrogate Loki…

 Imagine keeping an eye on Loki during the big Thor vs Ironman showdown…

Imagine meeting Loki at a ball in the asguardian palace…

Meeting Loki at a ball part 2. . .

The trickster’s soulmate

Imagine Loki falling in love with you and giving up his hate for midguardians…

Imagine standing up to Loki in Germany…

Imagine Loki falling in love with you at first sight…

Imagine Loki wondering whether or not to confide in you that he’s half frost giant after confronting Odin. . .

Imagine working in Asgard’s library…

Peter Parker

Imagine dating Peter Parker aka Spider-Man…


Imagine traveling all the nine realms with Thor, Sif and the warriors three…

Imagine going to Asgard for the first time…

Imagine lifting Mjolnir at Tony’s party…

Clint Barton/ Hawkeye

Imagine being an avenger and bonding with Hawkeye…



Imagine meeting them at a fancy gala…

Imagine the Doctor accidentally appearing in a motel room and meeting certain people …

Imagine a spell not going exactly as planned for the Winchesters…

Imagine being transported to the spn universe…and have something go horribly wrong

Imagine being transported to the spn universe… and have something go horribly wrong (second version)


Sam Winchester:

Meeting them. . .

Second meeting …

Dean Winchester:

Meeting them. .

Imagine convincing Dean to let you hunt…

Imagine stopping Dean just in time to keep him from attacking Gadreel …

Imagine Dean admitting he loves you …

Imagine Sam and Dean questioning you …



Imagine the Winchesters meeting you, a famous author they love…

Imagine running away with the Winchesters…

Imagine Sam and Dean running into you as a hunter a year after saving you. . .

Imagine Superwholock gathering…

Imagine being tortured by demons but staying strong…

Imagine the Winchesters meeting the Doctor…

Imagine hunting with Sam and Dean…

Imagine being a monster the Winchesters are hunting…

Mysteries and monsters

doctors, hunters and detectives, oh my!

Imagine being a witch that puts a spell on the Winchesters…

Imagine a spell not going exactly as planned for the Winchesters…

Imagine Cas appearing one day and zapping you into the spn world where he reveals some startling information…

Imagine Sam or Dean find out they have a child; you…


Meeting them…

Imagine the Doctor getting an unexpected visitor in the TARDIS…


Meeting them …

Imagine being Crowley’s second in command…

Imagine being Crowley’s queen…


Meeting them…  

Once upon a time

Imagine wondering over the town line…

Doctor who

Imagine the Doctor landing in avengers tower…

Imagine the Doctor accidentally appearing in a motel room and meeting certain people…

Imagine Superwholock gathering…

Imagine the Winchesters meeting the Doctor…

Imagine the Doctor getting an unexpected visitor in the TARDIS…

Imagine giving the Doctor an amazing idea, and just being cleverer then he is …

Avengers and police boxes

Imagine Sherlock running into a fan at a crime scene…

Doctors, hunters and detectives, oh my!

Imagine the Doctor taking Steve Rogers on a trip to see Peggy one more time. . .

Imagine being transported to the Doctor who universe…

Imagine knowing the Doctor from Galifrey… 

Imagine traveling with the Doctor…

Imagine having your own TARDIS…

Harry Potter

Imagine being friends with Harry, Ron and Hermione…

Imagine going shopping a Diagon Alley…

Imagine being a Weasley… 

Imagine being chosen for the triwizard tournament…

Imagine going to Hogwarts…

Sherlock bbc

Imagine superwholock gathering…

Imagine Moriarty relaxing after a long day…

Imagine Sherlock running into a fan at a  crime scene…

Imagine having both of the Holmes brothers in love with you…

Imagine being transported to the Sherlock BBC universe…

Imagine being Moriarty’s sister and falling in love with Sherlock… who loves you back

Imagine being an detective as intelligent as Sherlock and having both him and Moriarty in love with you…

Mysteries and monsters

Doctors hunters and detectives oh my!

Percy Jackson

Imagine being claimed at camp halfblood…

Fantastic beasts and where to find them

Imagine seeing Newt’s case for the first time…


Comfort and nightmares

Imagine owning a nightclub in Gotham… .

Imagine Bruce Wayne having a crush on you…

lotr (lord of the rings)

Imagine being transported to middle earth…

My Fics

Once upon a December

The motel room

Blue lights


My Series

Hunters, deals and Devils

Part 2

Running from a whole heart

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Dark prince, light prince, maiden fair

Part 2

The Prince and the Huntress

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Just a servant

Thor x Asguardian reader

requested by anon:  Could you do Thor x best friend who’s in love with him?


You have loved Thor for years. You witnessed every relationship he had, Mortal or Asguardian. You longed for him but you knew you could never have him. You were just a servant, he was a prince. Sure you two had a strong friendship, but that’s all it would be. You remember when he brought Jane to Asguard. Your heart broke, you could see the way he looked at her and you wished it was you. You had been there though every crush, every relationship, every heartbreak. When he decided to stay on earth with Jane, you shut down. You never talked and when you did it was one or two words. It was like someone sucked your soul out of your body and you were left wondering. All that played in your head was the day you and him met.

“Look out,” you heard from down the hall. A hammer flew into the pile of laundry you had in your hand. Everyone had heard about the young prince. He’d been trowing that thing around like crazy. “I’m sorry,” the prince said. “Just help me pick this up,” you laughed. “Of course,” he said.

The two of you happened to run into each other a lot. Mostly Thor ruining all your hard work and you making him help you fix it.

“You’re folding that wrong.”

“That is way to much of well, everything.”

“How did you burn that?”

“Why is that stuck to the ceiling?”

“I’m not even going to ask just fix it.”

All things you said regularly. Yet in between the madness you two became friends. Even when you got older he always made an effort to see you. You thought he just wanted a normal friend and you were happy to be it.

When news of Thor returning spread you shrugged it off. He was probably here for important business. No time for you right? You gave up  hope of seeing Thor after his last visit. Not surprisingly, A feast was held in his honor and when you were done in the kitchen you had to serve beers. Everyone hated the job so all of you decided to trade out and it was your turn. After the 3rd round of beer you served the reason everyone hated the job started to kick in. “Would you like to join me in my room,” some guy asked. You declined and continued to walk when you felt a a pinch on your butt. That continued for a while along with the stares form multiple men. On your way back you fell onto the floor and everyone laughed. A familiar hand lifted you up. Around you multiple men groaned,”come on, Thor, you ruined the view.” “I’m sorry what,” Thor leaned in like he didn’t hear them. “This one’s rare we’ve got to take advantage,” one laughed. Thor looked over at you and you just shrugged it off. “Well then,” he held his hand out and his hammer flew into it,”Maybe this will teach you some manners.” He lunged at them but he couldn’t hit them because you grabbed his arm,”don’t,” you mumbled. he put his arm down and walked away.

When everyone cleared out you started sweeping up all the broken glass when Thor walked in. “hello (Y/N),” he said. “hey, Thor,” you didn’t look up. “Is that Normal,” he said gesturing to the scene that happened hours ago. “Yeah, it doesn’t matter,” you kept sweeping. “Look at me (Y/N).” You grudgingly turned,”what is so important that you’re here anyway.” “I came here for you,” he said. “And I don’t like the fact that the women I love thinks that kind of treatment is normal.” You looked around,”is Jane here or something.” “(Y/N),” he sighed. “I’m being serious ,” you laughed. “I see the way you look at her. Besides of all the times you’ve been here you couldn’t even say hi. Why should I believe you. I’m just a servant after all,” you turned away. Thor grabbed you and spun you around. He kind of just stared at you for a moment. “What are you doing,” you said. “you are more than just a servant,” he whispered. He brought his face to yours and kissed you. You were taken back, but you accepted it. “I have been in love with you since the day I saw you,” he said when he pulled away. “Really,” you doubted. He laughed,”Really, Loki tricked me into thinking throwing my hammer at you would be the way to get your attention,” he laughed. “Well, you got my attention,” you joked. “Exactly, which is why I kept running into you and purposely messing up,” he stated. You rolled your eyes,”Is that how you made an unfrosted cake stick perfectly to the ceiling.” “Yes, and then I came back later and ate it,” he admitted. “By yourself?! that was a 15 layered cake,” your mouth was open. “I have a big appetite,” he shrugged. “You have a lot of explaining to do,” You pulled out two chairs and sat down. He smiled,”gladly,”

anonymous asked:

Could you please do NSFW or if you don't do that kind of thing, bedtime ritual head canons with Black Widow x Female! Reader??

I’ll try both sugar! :)

- Natasha is a clinger when it comes to sleeping, every time you move she’s found another way to attach herself to you but you don’t mind because she’s only ever that comfortable with you.

- The first time you admitted you love her was in a sleepy haze during cuddles after a long mission, once she realised that you were serious she told you in no uncertain terms that she was just as serious about you but still proceeded to tease you for a few days.

- You both have night rituals, you both take off your makeup, brush your hair, if Clint’s children are staying with you then you make them hot chocolate while Nat reads to them. Natasha always secures the flat every night, making sure all of the doors and windows are locked so that her precious people are safe.

- Nat loves ugly pjs, she has more baggy, holey, old night clothes than normal clothes but she’s just as beautiful in them to you and you know deep down she just enjoys that they are opposite to the sterile, pristine world of the Red Room.

- When she’s had a bad or stressful mission you gently take her hand and starting from her arm you gently kiss every single inch of all of her scars. There’s nothing sexual about it but the love you pour into the act has once moved Nat to tears.

- When you have a bad day Nat will run you a hot bath with a fancy bath bomb (Steve has the best taste in bath stuff and often helps her) she’ll wash your hair your hair and massage your scalp until you’re ready for bed.

- If either of you are away on a mission without the other you both have fallen into the habit of spraying the others pillow with your perfume. You both know its silly but its such a comfort to smell the other.


- At Clint’s house Laura has made a ‘fine jar’, every time you and Nat get caught in an adult situation at their place (because you stay over A LOT) you both have to pay a fine. Each room and each sexual act is worth a different amount. Clint paid for the house extension on that money alone last year.

- Nat isn’t very vocal but she likes you to be, when Sam was introduced to your group and he wouldn’t stop flirting with you, Nat dragged you into the next room and had you screaming her name within minutes. She had a proud look for the rest of the day even though you were constantly blushing.

- When she gets drunk (which only really happens on Asguardian liquor that Thor brings) she gets very handsy and last time it happened loudly announced that her new address was between your legs.

- Nat had been teaching you Russian and Latin for years but her favourite use of the languages was to come over to you at Tony’s posh parties and groan in your ear what she was going to do with you when you get home.

But you usually don’t get that far, behind the bar is usually far enough.