Agents Of SHILED Liveblogging (Mild Spoilers Ahead)

Things I learned from this weeks episode of AOS- week 8 “The Well”

*The team has been set to Greenwich University in London, to pick up the mess the alien ship left behind after the events of Thor 2.

*And after traveling to Norway, apparently there’s some type of magical pipe that turns people into rage monsters like The Hulk.

*This pipe happens to be an Asguardian staff, covered with markings.

*This professor Coulson thought he could trust is sneaking around, and just touched ward with the staff.  He now is going to start showing this extreme rage. The professor also seems to be exhibiting the same rage.  Watch out Coulson.


*The professor was the warrior who stayed.  The myth was his biography, according to Coulson.

*Agent May says she was able to hold all three pieces of the staff because she sees he source of anger every day.  WHAT IS IT????!!!!

*Phil mentioned Portland and the Phil harmonic!!  I think someone misses his cellist girlfriend!


{Neon Cathedral|One Shot}

Foggy hasn’t been in a church for a long time. When Matt would offer, he always would turn him down. He didn’t know exactly why. He figured a big part of it was his jewish faith. But even by Jewish standards, he wasn’t the best (mostly due to his love of pork). 

Yet, here he is, sitting in a pew in the back, taking in the quiet where the only sound was his breathing and shifting on his seat. It’s long before the first service and the priest had been kind enough to give him his privacy. Staring ahead of him, he leans back and takes in everything that’s happened. 

The invasion, the fact that he had been sleeping and kissing someone who hadn’t been the woman he loved. 

The wounded Asguardian warriors who looked so tired, but who were always ready to go back and fight again. 

The looks of fear on the children and women he helped in the temple. 

And the thing that haunts him the most: 

The look of complete and utter terror on Sheila’s face, and how she was nothing but a shadow of herself. It had been months, but still she would wake up screaming and he would have to hold her close and assure her he was right here. He would always be right here because god, his love for her is what keeps him running it seems. 

And now with Matt disappearing again, he’s taking on half the work. Thank god Claire is helping him. But Claire would never be Matt. 

Running his hands through his hair, he then runs a hand over his face. He’s growing a sort of beard, and he knows he should shave; the beard makes him look older than he honestly is, and he knew how important it was to look professional. 

He doesn’t know why, but burying his face in his hands, this thought brings him to tears, his sobbing echoing in the empty church. 

Formlabs Teams up with Pixologic and ZBrush

Formlabs Teams up with Pixologic and ZBrush

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For years, digital artists have been using ZBrush software to push the limits of the imagination, and Formlabs printers to bring these designs to life. ZBrush software gives artists the freedom to create ultra-detailed sculptures and has become the industry standard for character design in film, gaming and advertising. It has left its mark on countless feature films, such asGuardians of the…

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Happy birthday to the love of my life!!! @manapuaman1992 24 today but forever my old fart. 😂👴🏼 I’m so glad and blessed to be celebrating another birthday with you & can’t wait to celebrate 100+ more! (Yes we live that long, we’re Asguardians! 💪🏽⚡️🔨). Another year I’m blessed and privileged to call you mine, be surrounded by you, and most importantly…love you. I hope today is GREAT regardless of work and I can’t wait to see you later today! I love you baby! Happy 24th birthday! #iloveyou #happybirthday 🎉😘💕🤘🏼