welcome to the asgard network!

this network is basically a place where we can all fall over bc of the beauty of asgard and the general *cough* hotness of *cough* loki. damn son.


♢ must be following loki, loki, and loki
♢ must reach at least 20 notes
♢ preferably multifandom/loki blogs
♢ three members will be chosen on january 15, with three new members chosen each weekend until we have a total of 15 members
♢ if chosen, you must submit an icon and a short quote so we can put it on our page 

what we search the realms for:

♢ loki posts
♢ pretty, clean themes
♢ awesome url
♢ loki posts
♢ friendly blogger is a must!
♢ did i mention loki?

royal benefits:

♢ follows from all of us and from the other members
♢ help with html, url decisions, blog rate collabs, life questions (such as why loki is so frustratingly attractive), general stuff
♢ a place you can call home *crowd awws*

okeedokee that’s basically everything! we would love to have you join our network! ^_^