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Hey everyone! Q here to lay on some vast knowledge about the Mythical realm Asgard. Under the cut you will find the Calendar, Holidays, Times, and things that will be important to ANYONE writing or maybe even just reading threads with people from this realm. 

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Stabbed RP with Asgardian Brat

“-?” Loki gave a choked gasp as he felt something sharp prick in his chest. His eyes widened and he slowly looked from Nicola’s eyes to his chest where a long dagger had been buried into his chest. He could see blood already start to welt from the wound.

“… Nicola?” with that, he sunk to his knees, hand going to the handle of the blade to pull it out. His breath became labored and wet-sounding. He coughed and blood splattered onto the floor, “What… have y-… done?…” he struggled to stay upright.


“You may.” His eyes flicker to her at her questions he nods “I am. Or was, before…” he stops and then continues “My powers are not what they once were, I am on a parole of sorts. Odin’s way of punishing me for doing as I was raised to believe was the way of things.” he couldn’t keep the tinge of bitterness from his tone. He continues in silence for a while longer before asking.

“Is there more you would know?”


Edmar had been watching this person all night long, since they first arrived at the party. He hadn’t said a word to them, but seeing as how the night was coming to an end he knew he had to act soon to meet them. When the moment arrived that he saw the person alone he took his chance and walked up to them. “I am sorry for my directness, but I have not been able to keep my eyes off you all night.” He’s accent subtle in his words.

Blue Blood and Red Cheeks//@broken-ice-puppets



This was the week of the Silver Fox Festival , where kingdoms come together for two weeks of fun and food! Despite some of them opposing one another. Cynthia was the daughter of King Yulik of the Lunar kingdom and was having a secret affair with the prince of Asgard Loki. This was the only time that they could spending time with each other with a /slightly/ low chance of being caught. They still would have to sneak there affections. Ironically they fell in love with one another at a Silver Fox Festival. Which started Lokis sneaking into the Lunar castle to Cynthias chambers to make love to her and talk with her for a bit. Or Cynthia coming into Asgard in a cloak, pretending to be a poor woman and sneaks into the Asgardian gardens.


She knew quite well that she had no business sneaking about the royal armory —— the rules she had trampled upon were innumerable and likely carried with their breaking some sort of severe punishment, but her curiosity had simply been too great. Besides, it was hardly her fault that someone had left the door so haphazardly unlocked.

Once inside, Sigyn could only marvel at the array of beautiful, intricately crafted weaponry. Blades, daggers, swords, and axes in the most beautiful metals she had ever seen. Sigyn herself was not well practiced in the art of combat, a healer by nature and generally uninvolved in battle, but there was one sword she longed to see up close more than any other. Loki’s blade was shelved just below Thor’s, the same weapons both of the Odinsons displayed proudly in battle and in ceremony, sunlight glimmering on the metal as it filtered through the nearby window.

She should have turned on her heel and left immediately after sneaking just one glance, but Sigyn had never been the best judge of rational action. No one had come along thus far, and so she couldn’t resist gingerly taking the sword from its place on the shelf to satisfy her inquisitiveness. She ran her hand along the flat metal of the blade, eyes absorbing all the fine details of it, imagining what it would be like to participate in a fight rather than remain a spectator, imagining where that sword had gone and what it had done in the hands of the trickster God.

She was utterly lost in her reverie until she was pulled from it by the heavy sound of the door opening behind her. 

(Starter [Closed] RP Our-Asgardian-Warrior)

Sigyn sat outside on the balcony feeling the nice warm breeze that Asgard had to offer. Her favorite part of the day was noon, she always felt at ease. Inhaling slowly she closed her eyes softly and leaned her head back still enjoying the peacefulness though that was suddenly interrupted.

Turning head around slightly and hearing the light steps she knew who was running towards her. A graceful smile formed on her face and saw Narvi climb up next to her on the cushioned bench.

“Why hello my little prince, what have you been up to with your father this afternoon?” She ran a hand gently through his dark hair. Usually on free days when court was slow Loki would spend time with Narvi.

Asgardian Child Bride RP

Lucy the goddess and future queen of her planet scowled at her mother. She was over a hundred years old but in physical and mental state she was about 8 years old.

Always the cruel woman she decided to sell Lucy to the prince of Asgard. Lucy did like Loki from what she has learned in the few conversations they had but it’s hard to live like that. In their language her mother hissed “do not be rejected from the castle. You are not wanted back home.”

Lucy hissed back “I wouldn’t want to come back!” As her radar like ears twitched. Her tails swished back-and-forth as she went to her ‘husband’ obediently.

He was standing next to his brother and a strange girl was behind him. “Hello.” She stated to her husband, listening to the other girl curiously.

The Countdown - Mini RP asgardian-goddess-sigyn

Ashild, sweet young daughter of goddess Sigyn and King Loki, leaned sadly against the window sill in her chambers. The soft silk of her nightgown bellowed in the Spring breeze. From her view she could see the dancing colors of the rainbow bridge, bright against Asgard’s night sky. And just barely she could see Heimdal, the gatekeeper, watching over the nine realms.

Without turning, she sensed her mother walk into her room, and she sighed, “My favorite flowers will not wake in time for the wedding…if I could call it that,” her eyes dropped. “More of an arrangement…”