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Tom Hardy or Logan Marshall-Green? :)

you are fucking with me aren’t you? lol

another look alike celebrities but i think you already know who i would pick.

look at him and this pup (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

he is hot, he loves dogs, i give up

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why is he so precious

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omg i cant

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  my day is made, really

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put two celebrities in my ask and i’ll say which i think is hotter

The time has come for me to get all soft and soppy on you, as this time tomorrow i’ll no doubt be in a food induced coma unable to focus on any kind of digital media.

2016 has been a kick in the teeth for pretty much everyone, yet through all the crap both online and in real life, its people here on Tumblr that have made me feel better and helped me through the tough times. 

As another refugee from the Hiddleston fandom i approach the last few days of this year, happy in the knowledge that although i have chosen not to be included in a circle of fans, they still accept me for who i am and respect my choices. Hell, some have even dipped their toe into my new pond like intrigued frogs, so first shout out goes to @ladyoftheteaandblood @maevecurrywrites @rainbow-cobra @ancientfinnishgoddess @tomhiddleston-kikibfairy @morriggannlostinfandoms @pinknoonicorn @lokiwholockfactory @sarabeth72 @frenchfrostpudding @britishmenaredestroyingmylife

Then we’ve got the bunch of ladies that help keep it real. That post the things that truly matter in the world, and help me keep on top of news articles of social injustice. @violetsaffron73 @lemonade-time @aishet-chayil. Some of the things these ladies post are hard to read, but they help to keep it real, to remind those of us that through genetics and culture, some of us have things easier than others without even trying, and those of us that applies to need to look out for those it doesn’t. They are also incredibly funny, kind, and truly beautiful people that the world deserves more of. 

Okay, now onto another group, my Supernatural girls. @feelmyroarrrr @kittenofdoomage @jackburtonsays. I would have said my Dean girls, but damn his little brother can’t be forgotten, so the little Winchester posse help spice things up in my Tumblr world.

Special thanks to;

 @inkededucatednnerdy for tagging me in a million meme’s and helping me wake up in the morning thanks to the time difference.

@shieldagent1 For giving the world more Thor fanart than we know what to do with, and sharing a mutual appreication of Chris Hemsworths fantastic glutes.

@poe-also-bucky For sharing my obsession with Bucky’s peachy buttocks, and spamming my dash with more Oscar Issac than i know what to do with.

@slaughterme-barnes For taking the time to message me with her fantastic Bucky and Steve manips just as i go to sleep and therefore the creep into my brain (Though the last time she did it i ended up having a sex dream about Stephen Colbert so not sure what happened there…)

To the two ladies that are always there to bounce story idea off of and that have been therefor me a lot more than i have for them, in no particular order other than alphabetical: @eve1978 @prplprincez You two rock my world.

Finally (and you thought i had forgotten you), to my Sebby girls and guys. Some that came over in the fandom hop, some that were already here. Some are Chris girls where the two fandoms kinda just get mashed together, but either way, this lot make the time on here fun, and its time to give a shout out to these people (also i KNOW i am forgetting people but please if you are not mentioned its not that you don’t mean anything to me, its just that i’m typing this on 3 hours sleep): @tinaferraldo @allinhishands @girliegirltm @mewsiex @thatawkwardtinyperson @siren-kitten-his @gutterfortunecookie @waywardimpalawriter @sammyissassy @asgardian-nightmare @lonelygoddessy @demonsmuse @sebastianismydistraction

So now that the holy day of celebrating the birth of a dude who’s mother didn’t tell his father that she’d been fooling around and got knocked up whilst pretending she was still hymenly challenged that actually should be in october but thanks to some major calendar changes by the romans we celebrate 2 months late, we are faced with the one question that is important in these troubling times;

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In memory of The Night Manager

Not my pics. Credit and thanks to @ larygo

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I made some changes,

I was getting tired of the huge mess that is my blog so I decided to split up the fandom and aesthetic part. This blog will continue as my fandom blog, so lots of Seb, Marvel, Jessica and Haley, and yes also still Hiddleston (mostly Loki) and any other movies/tv shows/celebrities/fandoms I enjoy. 

For everything else I’m going to use my other blog from now on.

I won’t be posting any non fandom posts on this blog anymore so if you enjoy all the other pretty stuff I post, please follow @whispers-of-eve

I’m going to tag some people who I think may want to know ;) Feel free to ignore!

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