asgard swag

Hi everyone!

((OOC: Hi! I’m writing here to show you that I’m still alive! I’m really sorry for this long absence, but I had a lot of stuff to do between university and work, and I couldn’t organize my time as I’d wanted.

But don’t worry! More slowly, but I am returning here! I really enjoy drawing for this ask, and I’m really happy that during this months you have kept supporting it! I received a lot of messages of people asking if I was alive: you were all really kind, I am really grateful for your support ❤

Unfortunately, The Hammer Of Thor hasn’t been published here in Italy yet, so I have to wait until the end of November to keep up with you all. I’ll do my best in the meantime to reply to all the questions I still have!

Again, a massive thank you to you all ❤))

Magnus: Heh, you can’t get rid of me ;^)