Remember when Team Crafted was a thing?
Remember when everyone could just get along?
Remember when they were all friends?
Remember when Adam called Jerome Fluffy?
Remember when Quentin was a fish?
Remember when Mitch was really shy?
Remember “Jason I’m startled?”
Remember #TysLeftFoot?
Remember Seto?
Remember when everyone was happy?
Remember Klüb Ice?
Remember traditional cops and robbers?
Remember when subscribers didn’t matter, and they were all just a group of friends recording stupid videos together?
Remember ASF? Lol
Remember when it was all drama free?
Remember when they cared for each other?

I remember.

I hate when I finally find a fanfiction that I haven’t read yet and I’m like “YASSSS I FOUND ONE!!” And then I start reading it and it’s like really really good. But then I get to the end. And it hasn’t been finished. I’m like “okay I’ll see when it was last updated so I get an idea of when it will be updated soon.“ So I check the last time it was updated. But the last time it was updated was 7000000000 years ago. And then I sit and cry in a corner because I have nothing else to do with my pathetic life.

Does anyone else do that?


My only regret is I didn’t draw Ssundee picking his nose. 

For Christmas I demand Team crafted to sit under my tree, each wearing a different colour morph suit, making a perfects rainbow. No excuses I know you can do it, y'all got the perfect number.