Beginning of Live Stream (Extend)
  • Mitch's sister Marley:Jerome is dressed a lot nicer than Mitchell
  • Mitch:I'm wearing what im supposed to be wearing
  • Marley:Jerome is here to impress Mitchell you know and get it on again like Jerome always does
  • Jerome:I'm trying to get Mitch for myself
  • Mitch:And im wearing these flattering shorts
  • *Mitch gets up*
  • Marley:He likes to show off his thighs because that's jeromes favorite part of Mitchell
  • *Jerome starts laughing and covers his face*
  • Marley:How many views is that going to get
  • Mitch:I don't know, how much views does my step-sister deserve
  • Marley:I'm not your step-sister!
  • Mitch:The website says it so its true
  • Marley:its because you hate me, I told you our relationship was wounded
  • Mitch:On wikitubia it says step-sister Marley
  • Marley:Everyone else is sibling but im a step-sister
  • Jerome:Your family just attacked you Mitch in every way
  • Mitch:I know, at least there's a supporter of merome in there
Jerome's Poem to Mitch

I once knew a boy

His name was Mitch. 

We all called him

Mitch the Bitch.

He would cheat at parkour

and even battledome

but we all loved him 

because he was a bro.

Mitch is lame

and so is Mitch time

I ship Merome

and I suck at poems

Jerome is the best

And Mitch stinks