“After an impression of the night before, I wake up softened by a happy though: "X was adorable last night.” This is the memory of…what? Of what the Greeks called charis: ‘the sparkle of the eyes, the body’s luminous beauty, the radiance of the desirable being"
– Roland Barthes, A Lover’s Discourse

Salut à tous,

Comme je suis une grande malade qui est devenue accro à la série Au Service de la France, j’ai fait des GIFS de l’épisode 1 du début jusqu’à la fin. C’est un défi un peu fou que je me suis lancé pour faire connaître cette série. J’ai tenu bon et maintenant je m’apprête à tout publier à la suite et dans l’ordre sur mon blog. 

Si vous ne voulez pas les voir, penser à mettre en blacklist “défi ASF”. ;)

Why did I immediately think of Riley, Lucas, and Maya when I saw this?

All imma say is, Marvel stans need to stay out of this if y'all not calling out your own and digging up receipts for your own from years ago. Y'all got a whole loaf of wonder bread full of problematic outright disgusting people in your franchise playing your fav characters that y'all will never call out and drag to oblivion

- Scarlett Johansson (Woody Allen- the child rapist apologist, has no issue stealing Asian roles, performing in anti-Asian roles)

- RDJ (racist statements, did a whole movie in blackface, had zero issue stealing 90% of his black costar’s paycheck in IM1, won’t even advocate for Don Cheadle lol)

-Jeremy Renner. Too much problematic stuff to begin listing. (I’m saying this as someone who used to stan for him)

-Bendidles Chupacabra

- Tilda “what are Asians” Swinton

- literally almost every wonderbread cast member in the MCU

Seeing y'all reblog false information regarding Ezra Miller based on a screenshot from over a year ago is actually the joke of the freaking century. Worry about your own widely and wildly problematic cast that y'all refuse to call out on anything ever. Y'all the same ones digging up year old receipts and rapidly spreading hate and lies about Gal Gadot, Jesse Eisenberg, Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, and the list goes on. But happen to be silent on Marvel’s gross cast/writers/generality. How you swimming in 💩 but wanna point fingers at someone else?

If you’re not going to give your own white favs the same harsh judgement/drag despite there being evidence of their anti-blackness and general problematic behavior, then be quiet and don’t reblog anything regarding stuff y'all don’t even care to know about. Stay out of this 💁🏽 and focus on calling out your own wonder bread favs and their fabulous YEARS of problematic track record.