asexy clothes

Ace outfit day 6: After a troublesome yesterday, today is wear fun clothes day. For me that means my favourite corset, sparkly tights, and my ace shoes. Added bonus the corset is helping my back out after a lot of slouching.
I will however not be going outside in this with my boobs to earn a bonus point, you should have seen how unwieldy they looked in my other photo attempts, it was like there were two hot air balloons  trapped in my corset. No offence will be taken if anybody requests to see this effect, but they will not be privately sent to people; I’ll post it later if anyone is politely interested.
I will also be happy to talk to anybody about corsets, seeing as I seem to get asked about them whenever I wear them.
Today’s total: 2 points
Running total: 12 points

Ace outfit day 8: Today is a dress day. There are purple and grey birds on the scarf but they don’t come out very purple in the photo.
Today’s total: 1 point
Running total: 16 points

Also it is asexual awareness week now (did I get that right maybe it is tomorrow, it is currently Sunday here) but anyway why not make an outfit, award yourself points for it if you like (my rules here or make up your own) and then give yourself a prize for your points (because points mean prizes yes, probably cake or ice cream)

And maybe your outfit will give you an excuse to make somebody aware, like that we have a flag because we are so legit and also maybe they would like to learn more some time. And then you can be like “wow, look, so many resources for you” and show them some resources they can look at and then awareness happens.