The Ace Chat is Now on Skype!

I’ve gotten messages from followers whose university wifis are blocking chatzy, so as an alternative, I’ve started a Skype group for the ace chat!

No video or audio is required, thought there may be calls upon occasion. Text conversation is ALWAYS acceptable, even during a call.

To join the group, send a contact request to theasexualityblog on Skype, and I’ll add you to the group!

anonymous asked:

This is more of an opinion based question I guess so if it doesn't really fit in, I'm sorry. I'm kind of confused on demisexuality, mostly because there seems to be a little bit of bickering of whether or not it "exists" or if it just depends on the person. I guess some ace folks don't even acknowledge it? I'm not exactly sure what it means either to be frank. And why is there so much discussion about how valid it is?

Demisexuality is when you are for the most part asexual, but you can form sexual attraction to people you have become very close to.

People argue that it “doesn’t exist” because they say “this is how everyone feels”. Which isn’t necessarily true, but even if it was, that wouldn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

People coin terms to help understand themselves and explain how they feel to others. If people don’t relate to what you give them, you can’t scoff and say “well you’re supposed to!” because that’s not how identity works.

- damegreywulf

I meant to make this ages ago, but I’m terrible and got distracted. I have a friend who is questioning their sexuality and thinks they might fall under the ace umbrella but didn’t identify with any of the terms they have heard so far. Are there are good ace resources that anyone can suggest to help them out?

anonymous asked:

Do you know of any asexual playlists of songs that aren't romantically/love/relationship inclined that aren't depressing and grungy and/or weird/hippy? Just looking for uplifting happy music.

I’m not big on online playlists myself, but I’m sure there are people who have ace/aro 8-tracks playlists or Spotify playlists.

Check the notes, and maybe someone will reblog with a link. Also, if anyone would like to submit links to playlists to me I’ll make a master list of them for future reference!

A Word of Advice

This message is directed to both asexual and non-asexual people:

Quit sabotaging each other. Quit shutting each other down for no reason. Quit fighting for power over each other. Quit telling each other that you don’t understand your own identities. It is, frankly, bullshit and pointless. You shouldn’t be getting enjoyment out of ripping into each other. You shouldn’t be creating hate blogs directed at whole groups of people. When I was a teenager, I was angry at all the hostility but I only contributed to the divide. I’ve realized that we need to do a lot better. 

There exist problems in every community. There exist problems between communities. Trying to one-up each other doesn’t help any community, ever. The difficulties experienced by people within a given community, should never be used to negate or ignore the difficulties experienced by people in another. Any unjust of cruel treatment towards a group of people based on their identity can be called oppression, and it is important to dismantle systematic oppression at all levels. 

There is no oppression that is more real than others. The anger that arises between communities that ultimately gets hurled at one another, is a result of ignorance and selfishness. It is the kind of inter-community violence that only perpetuates the status quo, and promotes those with the most power in society. In order to best support one another, we must first seek to understand one another before we are to be understood. Otherwise, we are communicating with brick walls. 

Internalizing the hatred we are bombarded with, does no one any good. Turning hatred flung at us, back on other communities also does us no good. Putting limitations on people based on what we don’t understand, and silencing people with different experiences is abusive and wrong. I am not saying that anger is never warranted, and I confess that I am someone who struggles daily with anger and frustration. However, so many communities are fueled by extreme hostility now and it has solved exactly nothing. 

I’ll never understand why people get so upset when people headcanon characters as ace. This doesn’t make any sense to me, and as an ace person it’s kind of frustrating because why on earth would you actually be UPSET that someone was ace? They’re still EXACTLY the same person, the only difference is they don’t feel sexual attraction. Like, being ace doesn’t make you a robot?? You’re still you. We’re still interested in people. You can still flirt and be cutesy with someone if you’re ace, you can still date and be romantically involved with someone.

And for people to say “OMG WHAT THE HELL THERE’S NO WAY THAT CHARACTER IS ACE I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU’D SAY THAT” or “if you think so-and-so is ace you’re wrong”, I’m like…. Why? What’s so wrong with being ace? I’ll say it again—it changes *nothing* about the character’s personality, so I don’t understand the problem?

What’s wrong with a character—or anyone—being ace?

If you’re not asexual, you shouldn’t ever tell asexual people what they do or do not experience as asexual people. You don’t have the right to. I don’t know how many times I have to say that to people in order for them to get it. 

support asexuals

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•all asexuals
I’m so tired of people saying that asexuality isn’t a thing or is just a phase please just support asexuals