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The Boats Thing

“I know it’s pretty wild for an asexual to get married, but…”
“Not really, John and I are aces and we’re married.”
“Our wedding was nautical-themed.”
“Why nautical? Is that, like, an asexual thing?”
“No man, We just really like boats.”
“Some asexuals are also a-romantic, but others have relationships like anyone else.”
“But involving boats?”
“I feel like you’re getting really hung up on the boats thing.”
“So, it’s not weird for an ace to get married?”
“No, if you found someone who really accepts you for who you are, go for it.” 


Ace / Aro visibility in Bojack Horseman! It’s great to not only see an ace main character in the show, but an entire ace community filled with people with different ace experiences. I like how the writers included a scene that explained some of the nuances of asexuality / aromanticism, as it helps break the stereotype that no ace would ever want to enter a relationship. One thing I would comment on is that asexual means “not experiencing sexual attraction” over “not interested in sex.” It’s possible to be a sex-positive asexual!


Okay, wow. This right here is when a good show becomes a great one.

So I watched the new season of Bojack Horseman, and at one point there was this tiny comment Todd made just before coming out to Bojack, and I had to play it back a few times because I couldn’t believe I was hearing it.

Because I thought the same thing for so long.

After finding out I was asexual, it was such a relief for me knowing I wasn’t broken and that there were others feeling how I felt. But just after, this is how I felt. and I still feel like this sometimes. like, even if I was accepting and loving myself, could anyone love and accept me? could they fall in love with me even if I couldn’t give them the relatioship they wanted? could I love them knowing I wan not enough? was I even allowed to be in love?

At the end of the season we find out that, yes, asexuals are allowed be in love and have relationships and come out without shame. 

But for me, it was still very importat that this scene was included in Todd’s journey, and I’m still so astonished about how amazingly it was portrayed

Bojack Horseman is one good show

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THIS is how you do asexual representation. He actually says the WORD. There are a few jokes, but they’re tasteful and his friend is 100% supportive. We even see Todd go to a meeting and everyone is friendly and accepting! I actually cried when I saw this. I felt so, so proud.


Take note, Riverfail