asexual valentines cards


Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and for a lot of LGBTQ youth this is bad news. Valentine’s Day can be an extremely lonely time for those of us outside the norm.

That’s why we’ve created a few cards for you to share on social media. Send ours or create your own. Use #RedefiningValentines to keep in touch with one another.

For all of the LGBTQ youth out there, don’t hesitate to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Make it your own. Make it special. As we say at Acts of Greatness, redefine Valentine’s day for yourself and your own identity.

To our friends and followers, don’t forget that you are loved. Use this day as a way to love openly and give thanks to those around you. Appreciate who you are and don’t ever forget that each one of you is worthy of love.

With so much love,
The Acts of Greatness Team


Hey, everybody! I heard you have this valentine’s day-thingiemabob in a few days on your side of the pond, and are all talking about … whatever it is you’re talking about. And making valentine’s cards! I wanted to toss in my two cents by making some asexual valentine’s cards as well (because why the heck not). I tried to make most of them useable for aromantics too, but I am personally a hopelessly romantic ace, so forgive me if I failed miserably.

Also succulents. Beats roses any day.

Shout out to all my aro/ace/lith buddies who feel alone on Valentine’s Day not because they’re single, but because no one else seems to want to be.  Take this day as an opportunity to spread love to everyone, romantic or not.  Never underestimate the power of platonic love. ♥