asexual valentines


Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and for a lot of LGBTQ youth this is bad news. Valentine’s Day can be an extremely lonely time for those of us outside the norm.

That’s why we’ve created a few cards for you to share on social media. Send ours or create your own. Use #RedefiningValentines to keep in touch with one another.

For all of the LGBTQ youth out there, don’t hesitate to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Make it your own. Make it special. As we say at Acts of Greatness, redefine Valentine’s day for yourself and your own identity.

To our friends and followers, don’t forget that you are loved. Use this day as a way to love openly and give thanks to those around you. Appreciate who you are and don’t ever forget that each one of you is worthy of love.

With so much love,
The Acts of Greatness Team

Why don’t we transform Valentine’s Day from a celebration of romantic love to a celebration of every kind of love? Let’s take a day to appreciate not just our romantic partner, but every person we love: our family, our friends, our pets, every person that makes us smile?

I’ve looked through the reblogs of my #AcephobiaLike post and it saddens me that so many people have to deal with the hurtful comments of those who don’t understand. I decided that I’m not going to passively give an idea in the hopes that someone else takes it. With all the Aces and Aros who have to deal with the ignorant comments of people they call friends or family I feel that we can make a hashtag on twitter trending.

February 14th 2016 I propose that we take to social media and let people know that Aces and Aros are valid. #AphobiaLike (so we can include Aros and Aces)

We are not broken. We are not prudes. We are not plants. We are not robots.

We are human beings who want to be accepted and treated as human beings.

I would really appreciate it if this message were to get passed around. I would love for everyone who wants to to be able to share their experiences and know that they are not alone. 

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