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After John notices an attractive woman at Speedy’s café, he starts to chat her up. Sherlock is jealous, but doesn’t want to admit in public that 1. he is with John, and is gay, thus revealing John as his weakness, and 2. Is pissy as hell from not having a case, and taking it out on poor John.
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Riddle me this

If the Sherlock fandom wants LGBT representation, why not root for an asexual/aromantic Sherlock? A gay Mycroft? A bisexual Irene?
Especially an aro ace Sherlock because asexuals hardly get any representation in the media.

Oh wait because apparently “representation in the media” means two men have to kiss and have on screen sex


       | headcanon asexuals

all your faves are ace part 1
Five Times Sherlock Holmes and John Watson Hugged, and One Time They Didn't

Description: They’re sitting in the living room one night after finishing their curry takeaway when Sherlock looks up from his violin. “John,” he says, “would you come hug me, please?”

Review: In character, really cute, short and sweet.

Rating: General


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  • Why? Because bloody fanfiction and fucking Martin Freeman. That's why.

That’s the last thing I am going to say on the matter. Headcanon as much as you want, but Sherlock is a celibate gay man. Not asexual. Not in this show. He has very poor self-esteem and thinks that the only thing that makes people value him is his intellect, so he suppresses his impulses in order to focus on The Work. This is going to change, fortunately. He’s going to love openly and to be loved back. And he’s going to have amazing sex with the love of his life, John H. Watson.
Feathers 'verse

Description: No one has ever stayed with Sherlock longer than a month. At least, no human. Fortunately, John Watson isn’t about to let the little things - like biohazardous experiments and the constant threat of danger - get in the way of his friendship with a very special, very brilliant man like Sherlock Holmes.

Review: John is a demon who inhabited the deceased body of John Watson in order to live in the human world, and he is endlessly fascinated by food. And Sherlock. This isn’t dark at all even though it is a demon au, John just really loves food. Also they have duck children.

Rating: Teen


                                      Regarding Shipping

Okay since I’ve come back into the Johnlock fandom (been a fan since Granada;) I’ve noticed a very toxic attitude towards anyone who doesn’t ship Johnlock especially since + I love you line in the trailer.

Now personally I think it might link to Sherrinford Holmes (which I have waited literally a decade for, the smartest of all the brothers exciting :D) and I have lots of different theories on that one line not just johnlock;)

I would point out all the evidence for Johnlock but I’m here to view the other side as well so watch TJLC & her many theories on Johnlock (highly recommend)

But I have noticed that SOME BBC Johnlockers have been very over defensive of the ship to anyone who has a different opinion on the show.

Throwing around words like “Troll, heteronormative etc.” to anyone who doesn’t believe in that ship.

I saw one rude post saying how Canon Sherlock book readers only like straight ships(untrue Johnlockers are older than spock x kirk) and didn’t understand being gay back then…… didn’t know you were a time traveller! On a serious note all us book readers get times were different then!

I even saw one YouTube comment say “If you believe Sherlock is asexual or just friends your homophobic”

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This is one of the most disgusting things I’ve read!

Being asexual myself this upset me.

Also the misuse of the word homophobia which a serious issue being trivialised and used in completely the wrong context.

Thus it prompted me to write this post.

I can tell that Benedict is playing an Asexual he has even said so in interviews.

BUT this does not mean that Johnlock cant be real. Asexual’s can be very romantic actually :)

Sherlock for my me has always been my asexual hero he doesn’t need to have a GF or BF his love is his work :) This pic describes me perfectly!

Like Sherlock I have had the if you don’t have a BF you must be gay Q before. How about asexual’s aren’t intrested in anybody!

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As TPLOSH says “Your being presumptuous.”

If you ship Sherlock as gay, asexual(lots of evidence for both) or straight(evidence for this too as Sherlock said he has though of taking a wife , also Irene adler) I’m happy with that btw <3

People are allowed to ship people as just friends I mean heck I ship Frodo and Sam as friends. Some ship them as lovers fair nuff :)

Even I have shipped Johnlock as a friendship depending on which show I’m watching.  

If people like Sherlolly or sheriarty let them ship it ffs nothing worse than ship shaming!

What I want people to understand is just because 2 people are friends doesn’t mean they are just friends or on the other hand in love.

I have had friendships like ‘Johnlock’ and people shipped me and the person but were we up to anything. Not a jot!

Eve contact ,hugs etc even friends say I love you just as families do yet again lovers do that too!

 Relationships are far more complex than subtext allows!

Also the classic oh if they are a boy & girl they would /must be together. That trope must go #justsaying

Though on a serious note the obsessive nagging got to one of my friends (really frustrated and annoyed them as it did me)

So if you ship people in real life and they say they are friends, no matter what signals you think you see take their word for it!

We will all see what happens in the next two eps personally I don’t think they will kiss.

If they do kiss I will jump for joy <3

I think it looks like John and Sherlock will go their separate ways and then in 10 years (which I think they are hinting at in interviews) We will have old Sherlock like the Mr Holmes movie!

 Regarding representation in the LGBTA community yes we need more representation but we need more new main characters who being gay or asexual isn’t their biggest trope.

E.g Sherlock asexual but everyone knows him as a detective

So whoever you ship or however you view a character that’s fantastic its your imagination I encourage it!

Please don’t burn other peoples ships or opinions !!!!!

Maybe look at their opinion a little more than throwing it into total disregard or using cores out of text language to shut down the conversation.

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