My Redbubble account for #PRIDE clothing and items


I am currently in the process of making PRIDE clothing and items through Redbubble. At the moment I have Pansexuality and Asexuality items up for sale if anybody wanted to have a look.

The original t-shirts were a school project but I decided to go further with them after being asked multiple times where to buy them at a Marriage equality march.

Please have a look if you are interested :)

💮 Happy Pride month with pride birds! 💮

I need the 'A' in LGBTQIA because:

• People do not understand what it is.
• My sexuality is seen as a disorder.
• I am not accepted because it “doesn’t exist”
• “Are you broken?”
• I am not a plant, I am a human.
• People outside AND inside of the LGBT+ community see it as “attention seeking”
• 1% of the world’s population (~ 70 million) identify as such
• “You’re just lonely & have never had good sex”
• Corrective Rape is not okay
• Corrective Rape is not okay
• Corrective Rape is Not Okay

If you are going to support the LGBT+ community, do not ignore the ‘A’ in LGBTQIA.