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oh! i forgot to post about this!! a few days ago my AO3 account hit (and then quickly passed) 1500 subscribers!!! THANK YOU SO DAMN MUCH!! I hope I continue to make whatever it is you’re hoping or expecting of me ♥

(I think new people are finding me through both Of Shampoo and Fruit Flies and Welcome All Winchesters right now, but I don’t know how or why. someone enlighten me?? whO SENT YOU) (only thing they have in common is asexual-spectrum Cas, if that narrows it down? but they’re very different ends of the spectrum so idk)

and since we’re on the subject, i have a new fic coming soon!! (well, an old one from 2014 that i resurrected, and i rewrote the second half). it’s currently 82k and “finished” but i’m trying to FINISH-finish it, which means 5 more scenes, editing, then betaing. the plan is to RELEASE IT INTO THE WORLD by the end of june. (it’s a commission for @cassammydean​, and the plan is to launch my patreon right after that fic. hopefully.) it’s called What We Ache For.

one more thing, since i’m feeling sentimental – you guys. YOU GUYS. you leave the best comments?? THE BEST. nearly every single day you remind me how important the themes in my stories are, how much the inclusion of a simple concept can change something for someone who reads my fics.

making someone cry with a story used to be a gleeful experience for me, satisfying because i wrote something powerful. now, after years of helping people kind of… release their feelings? it’s powerful in a whole different way, i don’t know how to explain it. but it means so much to me, not only as a writer, but as a person. every day you make me desperate to be a kinder person, and devote myself not just to my stories, not just the characters, but you.

i know a little about a lot of you. but the small facts i do know are life-changing in the masses. no, this isn’t directly relevant to my subscriber count - it’s just something i think about every day, more so recently as my faith wanes in my newer writing, and i never found the right way to just say it. i get obsessed and upset about people not leaving as many kudos as they used to. but almost every day someone reminds me why i really do this, why i really love it. it’s the comments. not the kudos. it’s the secrets you tell me, the way whatever spilled from my heart can change your mind, and help you figure out things you never understood about yourself, and the tears you shed because you feel some part of yourself aching when you read a certain combination of words.

anyway, thank you. i just really, really love you all.

especially you.

yes, you. ♥

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First name: airen

Nicknames: lux / pudding

Zodiac: taurus

Sexual Orientation: asexual 

Favorite Fruit(s): mango, grapes, melons, banana, berries, peaches, cherries (hdjk pretty much all of fruit)

Favorite Season: autumn

Favorite Book: uhhhhHH

Favorite Flower: sunflowersss

Favorite Animal(s): doGSS!! & red pandas but i like all of them rlly

Coffee, Tea, Cocoa: tea & cocoa !!!!!

Cat or Dog Person: boDOGSSth

Favorite Tumblrs: too many 2 list


Number of Followers: 18,314

tagging: anyone who wants 2 do this !

I was tagged by @chikaraitsumi-chimi​ and @picori-draws~! Thanks a whole bunch for tagging me :D ♥

Rules: Answer 20 (… er questions 10 and 18 are missing though haha) questions and tag 20 followers you want to know better.

1) Name: Jannelle~
2) Nickname: Jannelley, Jann
3) Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
4) Height: about 5′ 2″ - 5′ 3″?
5) Ethnicity: Filipino
6) Orientation: Asexual
7) Favourite Fruit: Mango, persimmon, cantaloupe, watermelon :d
8) Favourite Season: Winter~
9) Favourite Book: I don’t read as much books as I’d like, but Dry by Augusten Burroughs is one of my faves (as well as a True Friends book with feel good friendship quotes ;v;)
11) Favourite Scent: Fresh laundry, ocean breeze, chocolate, mint
12) Favourite Colour: All shades of bluee
13) Favourite Animal(s): whales, sharks, crabs, roosters
14) Favourite Beverage: It’s between soda or boba ;D (heheh that rhymed)
15) Hours to Sleep: Depending on whether I’m overthinking/got something crucial to wake up early for/etc, it can range from 0 hrs - 10+ hrs haha
16) Favourite Characters: All tf2 characters, a majority of characters in Steven Universe, Gudetama, Rabbit Lightning… etc.
17) Blanket Number: 1 in the warm seasons, 2 (usually) in the cold seasons
19) Follower Number: Umm… approximately 14,000? @w@; But that’s including spam bot blogs so the number is probably much lower lol
20) Blog Created At: Late 2010 was when I made this blog, I’ve been here a while haha ha

I’m not sure who to tag, but if you’d like to do this you’re more than welcome to~ c:

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Name: Mariane
Nickname: hahah i don’t let people call me nicknames irl but mari i guess
Birth month: January
Height: 5’2 ½
Ethnicity: korean and little bit of japanese
Orientation: questioning?? aromantix bisexual? biromantic asexual idk
Fruit: watermelon, banana, mangos
Season: winter
Books: pride and prejudge, cloud atlas, sherlock holmes series (I WAS 12 OK), great gatsby
Flower: roses
Scent: gunpowder, rain on grass, steamy showers with lotion applications, metal
Animals: cats (any kind)
Beverages: sprite, pink lemonade, root beer floats
Hours of sleep: i ranged to no sleep to 21 so like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Fictional characters: sun!! oswald, ed, lito
Number of blankets: 4 or 5
Dream trip: chicago to see aimee and emma!!
Blog created: 8-9 months ago? close to a year
Follower count: 69420 lmao no,, i hate how people value their worth by how many followers (i know cheesy but i know how much it pains someone to hurt themselves ((me mostly))) i have over 1000 that’s all i’m saying

i’m tagging: @midnigtartist @ham-for-ham @silenceatnight @raythrill @anyone tbh

Tagged by @fangirling-inthe-tardis. This is the “32 Things About Myself” game:

1) Name: (Not telling you)
2) Nickname(s): Phoenix, Ba, various shortened forms of my real name, and characters I cosplay
3) Zodiac sign: Libra
4) Height: 5′7″
5) Ethnicity: Serbian
6) Birthplace: Belgrade, Serbia

7) Sexual orientation: Asexual
8) Favourite fruit(s): Apples, strawberries, apricots
9) Favourite season(s): early Autumn, maybe?
10) Favourite song(s): I’ve been listening to “Trespassing” by Adam Lambert a lot (this is indeed fic-related) and “What’s My Name” from Disney’s Descendants 2

11) Favourite flower(s):  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

12) Favourite book(s): ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

13) Favourite animal(s): cats, owls, magpies (in theory; I have issues with animals IRL for a few reasons)
14) Favourite beverage(s): sweet cold tea (mostly Arizona), which is a major factor in the number of cavities I have
15) Favourite fictional character(s): Noh-Varr and Uzumaki Karin
16) Dream trip: London, Rio de Janeiro, and I kind of want to do a circuit of Europe
17) Killed people: Fictional ones, sure. Killed off an entire planet once that way.
18) Siblings: two, both younger.
19) Horror films?: Seen a few, not a big fan of jump scares, even when I know they’re coming.
20) Reason to smile: Good fic, sweets, lengthy reviews
21) Questions you are always asked:

  • “Where are you from?”
  • “How do you say your name?”
  • “Why haven’t you updated your fics?”
  • “Have you found a job yet?”

22) Favourite food(s): oh man… ramen, tortellini, macino oko torta, peanut butter cups
23) A gift you currently want to receive: asfsdlj;lk I’m pretty content other than existing bills. There aren’t big things I want, just small frequent expenditures (comics) and long-term projects (like friends helping me work on cosplays)
24) OTP: NohKate, SasuKarin, Pepperony, Klance (though I appear to be slipping into Kallurance territory because my brain isn’t happy unless I’m suffering through rarepair hell, apparently)
25) One thing that changed about you: I’m slightly better at humaning now, and I like to think that I’ve gotten better at writing.
26) Your first ship: proooobably Harry/Ginny
27) NOTP: Most of the things I refuse to ship are for squick reasons, so that’s gonna be a loooooong list. Other than “this violates a core squick of mine,” I guess SS?
28) Fear that you want to conquer:  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
29) Favourite fanfiction(s): You can’t just ask me to pick ONE…

30) Favourite sport(s): I’m not big on sports, but I like watching ice skating and there’s some national pride on the line when it comes to tennis (because Djokovic)
31) Birth of your blog: Dec. 4, 2014
32) Followers: amusingly enough, I have 1,234 followers on this blog

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  • Nicknames: Challa, (‘that angry Scot’)
  • Zodiac sign: Scorpio
  • Height: About 5′ 4″ - I don’t actually know I’ve never been measured
  • Orientation: Panromantic Asexual
  • Nationality: Scottish
  • Favourite Fruit: Bananas or grapes 
  • Favourite Season: Winter
  • Favourite Book: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
  • Favourite Flower: Don’t really have one, roses maybe? i actually really like thistles too
  • Favourite Scent: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Favourite Animal: Dog
  • Favourite Colour: Red
  • Coffee, Tea, or Hot Chocolate?: Tea
  • Average Sleep Hours: 4-5 hours
  • Cat or Dog: Dog
  • Favourite Fictional Character: There are too many so I’ll list a few: Dr McCoy, Uhura, Dorian (Almost Human), Tony Stark, Hermione Granger, Fred & George, Tonks, Luna, The Doctor, Donna Noble, Merlin, the Grandma from Mulan,
  • # of Blankets: 1
  • Dream Trip: No idea honestly, Japan maybe? I’d love to travel to the other side of the world. Or visit the Harry Potter world at Universal Orlando.
  • Blog Created: 2012 I think? I was originally a Homestuck blog 
  • Favourite song at the moment: It’s between ‘‘Not Today - BTS” & “So Far Away - Suga, Jin, Jungkook Ver.”
  • Number of followers: 1981 <3
  • Favourite bands: BTS, Icon For Hire, Fall Out Boy, GOT7, Imagine Dragons, Paramore, Clean Bandit
  • Favourite solo artists: There are far too many; Troye Sivan, Dami Im, Halsey, Ed Sheeran, Lindsey Stirling, Kelly Clarkson, Melanie Martinez,  Måns Zelmerlöw, Sia, Madilyn Bailey,….. 
  • Song stuck in my head: PIZZA, PASTA, PUT IT IN A BOX
  • Last movie I watched: I don’t remember… I think it might’ve been ‘Mrs Doubtfire’, it was on tv the other day
  • Last TV show I watched: It was either Doctor Who or Mock the Week
  • What stuff do you post: Whatever I like really, most of it’s Star Trek or a funny post i see. BTS has recently joined that mix too
  • When did you blog reach its peak: What? 
  • Do you have any other blogs: Yeah I have my side blog @communications-officer-namjoon , and i’m an admin on our Fleet’s blog @themirrorcollective
  • Do you get asks regularly: Not really, I like it when people do send them though 
  • Why did you choose your URL: ’ve gone through several variations of -on-the-uss-enterprise because i love Star Trek and i usually incorporate something else i enjoy, like right now BTS is a band i really enjoy hence the URL. 
  • Following: 732
  • Posts: 108,671
  • Hogwarts house: Gryffindor (that’s where Pottermore put me, I don’t actually mind being in any house) 
  • Pokemon team: Valor? (i’ve never played Pokemon Go, i just remember Moltres was my favourite Pokemon card when i was a child) 
  • Lucky numbers: 13
  • What are you wearing right now: Grey t-shirt with the Starfleet insignia with the colours of the Ace flag, and blue jeans
  • Dream job: I don’t have a clue, a corpse? 

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Your girl has been tagged by the one and only lovely @all-i-want-is-yuu and ngl this is rly late and I’m a mess forgive me dear Σ(T□T)

rules: answer 20 questions and tag followers you’d like to get to know better

Name: Elin

Nickname: El, daddy

Height: I’m a medium sized human

Ethnicity: Sweden the p(enis)ritty country

Orientation: I’m gay af ya’ll idk what to tell you. (homoromantic asexual)

Favorite fruit: aPPLES. SATSUMAS. omg give me kiwis and I’ll love u forever

Favorite season: Idk anymore. I love winter but the sun literally stays up for like 3 hours at most during 24 h. I also love summer but then there’s the summer solstice and??? it’s sunny for 24 h straight?? Spring is nice tho. I like spring a lot. Lets go with spring.

Favorite hobby: Building puzzles! ! ! !

Favorite food: I absolutely love this swedish dish called ‘renskav’. Search it up, it’s delicious and I could eat this all time anytime

Favorite scent: Peach and freshly cleaned sheets! ! !

Favorite drink: Tea. Preferably peach/mango or blackcurrant tea.

Average hours of sleep: ( ՞ਊ՞) sleep?

Favorite fictional character: u think I got one? I laugh. No. I’m not answering this without-*coughs*heiwajimashizuo*cough*- without an explanation tho, see I have so many heiwajimashizuo fave characters I cannot even count them all shizu-chan is no.1 But I swear to god I adore HEIWAJIMA SHIZUO them all so much cuz STRONGEST BBY IN IKEBUKURO they’re so perfect with their imperfections and they truly bring me joy in life. I rly like Orihara Izaya tho, he’s pretty cool.

No. of blankets u sleep with: I never sleep with anyone jfc nasty like 2?? idk I have a blanket and a tinier blanket for my feet??

Blog created: too long ago

No. of followers: numbers is but numbers.

Imma be tagging a few mutuals I wanna get to know! Of course this tag thingy is all optional! Ya’ll don’t have to do it unless you rly want to! (*ゝω・)ノ

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Rules: Answer 20 questions and tag 10 people you’d like to get to know better!

Name: Kasumi (I don’t feel comfortable disclosing my real name)

Nickname: Kas, Chou, Chu, Chuchu

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius and Capricorn. I’m on a cusp, so depending on the year, depends which one I am

Height: Not 100%. Somewhere about 5’10-5’11

Orientation: Bisexual but recently found out that I may be gray-asexual 

Nationality: Australian

Fave Fruit: Mangoes 

Fave Season: I don’t really have one

Fave Book: THERE IS WAY TOO MANY. Just to name a few:

  • The Gift by Alison Croggon
  • The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern
  • Interview with A Vampire by Anne Rice

Fave Flower: Flowers that are pretty?

Fave Food: So, so, so many options 😭 Bread is good though. All the types of bread.

Fave Scent: Fresh bread is the only one I can think of atm

Fave Colour: Purple

Fave Animal: Canidae 😉 😉 😉

Coffee, Tea or Hot Choc: Coffee, though I do prefer a chai latte when I am out and about.

Dog or Cat: Both. I have four dogs and two cats.

Number of Blankets I Sleep With: Seven, I get cold easily.

Dream Trip: Japan

Blog Created: July 2012

Number of Followers: 664 somehow, I don’t know why you all follow me but thank you

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Name: Emilie
Nickname: Em, Emmy, Fiction, Kyra
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Height: 5'4" (or 162cm)
Orientation: Biromantic Asexual
Nationality: Canadian
Fave fruit: Strawberry
Fave season: Fall 🍁
Fave book: The Abarat by Clive Baker
Fave Flower: Yellow Tulips
Fave smell: Freshly baked bread, vanilla
Fave color: Dark purple
Fave animal: Penguin
Coffee, Tea, or Hot Cocoa: Cocoa (although im starting to warm up to coffee)
Average amount of Sleep: probably like 8 hours but only because i sleep like 3 some nights and then like 12 other nights
Cat or dog person: Both are great
#of blankets you sleep with: if im cold like 3 but usually i just use my comforter
Dream trip: Traverse the entirety of Europe
Blog created: I think it was created in May 2015 ???

I tag: @funhousefreak @nekotheshipper @my-dog-is-a-chewbert @a-dirkjake-shipper @pseudo-careta @lehsoleil @korra-is-love @starr-chiild @mamadragon404 @pommery @weird-anime-girl @the-fabulous-fenn @starlit-knight @faiththezebra @boxofsoap @kittykittycat1 @eyes-as-red-as-blood @lucid–dreamer @super-magical-wizard @mr-mustache-penis @littlewichita @nemuiisa @thidwicktails

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Name: Kate Alexis ( VERY Chinese middle name ) ( KINDA Spanish last name ) or also generally known as / Alexis / Lex / Kate ! :DD

Nickname: Lex / Alexis

Birth month: November!!

Height: 5′1 // but 4′8 if i wasnt 60% leg

Ethnicity: // a lot, actually. // im a Chinese Filipino American Spanish Vietnamese kiddo // these are just a few from many tbh my parents need to tell me more tell me more !!! //

Orientation:  Biromantic Asexual or just Bisexual

Fruit: Mangoes ; the fruit that caused my skin sensetivity

Season: ironically winter and fall

Books: I rlly like the Archie Comics .wait you said book– it just depends on my interest !

Flower: Bellflowers!

Scent: i like the smell of the sweet embrace of death

Animals: birbs and puppers

Beverages: Hot Mocha~

Hours of sleep : no

Fictional characters: i mean my blog is full of-

Number of blankets: 4. i… get cold really easily

Dream trip: FRancE

Blog created: A year from today!!:00

Follower count: 207 y A A A ILYALL

Tag :

anyone tbh

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Heyyy. I got tagged by @annoyed-with-the-world-a-bit 😘😘love ya
I don’t want this to sound snotty too but sorry if anyone else has tagged me in anything cause I can’t find the posts and I’m shit sorrrrry.

Rules: answer 20 questions and tag 20 followers you’d like to know better

Name: Elizabeth, don’t like it thaaat much

Nickname: Eliza / Lizzie / Liz. people call me whatever.

Birth month: August

Height: 5′ 4?“

Ethnicity: caucasian

Orientation: asexual and bisexual

Fruit: dates! I had a bunch of date trees where I grew up and so they were really good quality.💕

Season: Fall! cause halloween and perfect weather

Books: Harry Potter series, Ginger Roger’s autobiography, and can I say cookbooks??? Anna Karenina, Les Mis

Flower: no idea.

Scent: Grass, bread, and cidermills.

Animals: KITTENS. My family fosters kittens and they’re so wonderful.

Beverages: Any kind of juice, or water.

Hours of sleep: 5-6 during school days cause I have to wake up at 5 and I have a bunch of homework to catch up on usually. Now like 8.

Fictional characters: All the newsies of course. Natasha from lvlamskfGreat Comet of 1812. Kevin from Riverdale. Ezekiel from the Get Down. Dev and Francesca from Master of None. Jonah from Superstore. Whizzer from Falsettos. Remus from HP. Titus from Kimmy Schmidt. Jimmy from Thoroughly Modern Millie.

Number of blankets i sleep with: One cause it’s so hot.

Dream trip: My ‘hometown,’ I don’t live there anymore so

Blog created: January I believe.

Follower count: 450s.

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Tagged by: @demithebrave I’m SO LATE for this I’m sorry! ç__ç

Name: Giuditta (Judith for you international folks, I know my name isn’t the easiest thing to pronounce!)

Nickname: Giudi at home, Stella here on Tumblr.

Zodiac sign: Libra

Height: 1,61 m (5′3′‘ roundin’ up on the inches)

Ethnicity: uhm… is mediterranean caucasian an existing definition? Not sure if ‘Italian’ is a specific ethnicity, so I go for the next bigger group…

Orientation: most probably asexual

Favorite fruits: Walnuts and peanuts. I tolerate apples, bananas and tangerines in small quantities.

Favorite season: summer, even when the hot is hard to bear!

Favorite Books: Anything written by Jane Austen, but especially Pride and Prejudice, The Importance of Being Ernest and An Ideal Husband by Oscar Wilde, the Harry Potter saga, the Novel by Fitzwilliam Darcy, Gentleman trilogy by Pamela Aidan, the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini.

Favorite Flowers: blue hyacinths, pansy violets, tulips, lilies, jasmines

Favorite Animals: whales and dolphins, wolves, otters, felines, owls and eagles, penguins, rabbits, anything that even remotely looks fluffy and/or soft.

Favorite Beverage: natural water, cappuccino, English Breakfast tea

Average Hours of Sleep: eight. AT LEAST.

Favorite Fictional Characters: Pfft, where do I even start? Scorpio Milo, Gemini Kanon, Wyvern Rhadamanthys, Behemoth Violate, Sagittarius Sisyphos, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Hermione Granger, Minerva McGonagall, Fitzwilliam Darcy, Elizabeth Bennet, Fitz Williams and Gigi Darcy (LBD), Alex Knightley (Emma Approved)…

Number of Blankets You Sleep With: one: super-heavy in winter, super-flimsy in summer.

Dream Trip: Greek Islands, the Caribbean, Polynesia

Blog Created: it’s going to be two years in mid-September

Number of followers: 169

Tagging: mmh… @sanctum-of-fantasy, @notausername, @aquariusdegel, @sagagemini4, @teary-eyed-circle-of-friendship, @ladylokianna, @xocowilde, @josephjoestar, @selezione-innaturale, @roguedwarf and anyone else of my followers that feels like doing it!

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name: lindsey
nicknames: linds, lin
zodiac sign: taurus
height: 5'3"
orientation: aromantic asexual
nationality: american
favorite fruit: strawberries!!!!
favorite season: fall
favorite book: i have too many favorites
favorite flower: idk probably lilacs for their smell
favorite scent: rain
favorite color: blue, green, or purple
favorite animal: big cats! (as in lions, tigers, etc) and foxes are cool too i know this is more than one lol
coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: hot chocolate
average sleep hours: usually less than 6 oops
cat or dog person: i rly like both but i’m kinda allergic to cats so unfortunately i can’t be around them for as long as i can with dogs :’)
favorite fictional character: sokka probably
number of blankets you sleep with: 3
dream trip: anywhere outside the us? lol
blog created: only like two weeks ago

i’ll tag @cashue @hxh3 @boyfu @rilakkuwa @retrobass @niintendo@duskgf @asphaltforest and anyone else can do this if they wanna!! and of course u don’t have to do it if u don’t want to lol

i got tagged by @cuppateadeer thank you, this is the perfect way to procrastinate :) <3
Rules: Answer 20 questions and tag 20 mutuals you want to know better.

1) Name: I go with Amy
2) Nickname: Amy
3) Zodiac Sign: Pisces
4) Height: 165 cm
5) Ethnicity: White? Is that an ethnicity? i don’t know  (I stole that answer from @cuppateadeer, hehe, sorry)
6) Orientation: straight, asexual
7) Favourite Fruit: Strawberries, Apples, Peaches… ♥
8) Favourite Season: autumn
9) Favourite Book: Graceling - Kristin Cashore
11) Favourite Scent: freshly cut grass
12) Favourite Colour: purple
13) Favourite Animal(s): dogs and cats
14) Favourite Beverage: water
15) Hours to Sleep: around 4 (what do you mean that’s unhealthy?!)
16) Favourite Characters: Sam Winchester, Tenth Doctor, Crowley, Amy Santiago, Ben Wyatt, Rory Williams… Damn it, never start a list. this could go on forever…
17) Blanket Number: 1 (in winter 2)
19) Follower Number: /
20) Blog Created At: early 2015

I tag: @pineapplepond5 @sickandtiredme @nothin-after-79 @renchikara @quicksilver123456 @send-my-flaws-to-hell @myheartisamango

Great, now i need to find another way to procrastinate :’D

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name: Leah
nickname: Homura
zodiac sign: Taurus
chinese zodiac sign: Pig
height: 5′3″
ethnicity: white
orientation: panromantic asexual
favourite fruit(s): strawberries and pomegranates, but i like almost every fruit
favourite book(s): Mistborn Trilogy
favourite animal(s): foxes, horses, dogs, cats
favourite beverage(s): tea, lemonade (especially raspberry), hot chocolate
favourite fictional characters: Yuya Sakaki, the bracelet girls, pretty much 90% of the arc v characters, Johan Andersen, Mana, Anzu Mazaki, Carly Nagisa, Lua, Yuma Tsukumo, Kyoko Sakura, Zeno, Lettuce Midorikawa, Takashi Shirogane, Allura, Joan Watson, Utena Tenjo, Lulu Yurigasaki, Kureha Tsubaki, Pearl, Karin Miyoshi, Ruko Kominato
blog created: March 2012
number of followers: 1177  

I’ll tag uh…. @excuuuseme-princess, @yusei-fudo, @darkened-angel-wings, @ghost-of-peppermint, @redthebattler, @aquaburst07, @darlingmai and i guess anyone else who wants to play, y’all don’t have to play if you don’t want to haha

about me tag!!

i was tagged by @evens-naesheims takk!

name: mars!
nickname: well mars is a nickname but its what i prefer
birth month: january!!
height: 5′ 5′′
ethnicity: american
orientation: panromnatic asexual :)
favorite fruit: strawberries, watermelon
favorite season: autumn
favorite book: the help
favorite flower: rose!
favorite animal: doggos
favorite beverage: lemonade
hours of sleep: depends on my mood tbh
fictional characters: isak valtersen (skam) castiel (supernatural) clary fray/fairchild (the mortal instruments/shadowhunters)
number of blankets i sleep with: dont judge me but i sleep with like five
dream trip: all around europe!
blog created: april 2017
follower count: 902

i tag: the whole honkettes group chat lmao

TAGGED BY: @madderruz
Name: Ally
Nickname: ….Ally (lol)
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
House: Hufflepuff
Height: 5′7″
Orientation:  Aromantic Asexual
Ethnicity: White
Favorite Fruit: Apples, kiwis, and strawberries
Favorite Season: Fall/Autumn~
Favorite Book Series: A Series of Unfortunate Events
Favorite Fictional Characters: Mob (Mob Psycho 100), Gappy and Yasuho (Jojolion), Ringabel (Bravely Default), Yew Geneolgia (Bravely Second), Lillie, Lusamine, and Guzma (Pokemon Sun & Moon), and last but not least….KIRBY!!
Favorite Flower: Stargazer Lillies, Peonies, and Rhododendrons~
Favorite Scents: Fresh flowers….chocolate……idk, lol
Favorite Color: Hot pink
Favorite Animal: Rabbits and deer!
Favorite Artist/Band: Amiina, Imogen Heap, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Maybeshewill, Thrice, Wintergatan, Yasunori Mitsuda, YMCK, lots and lots of others~
Coffee, Tea, or Hot Cocoa?: All three!!
Average Sleep: Hmmm, probably 5-6 hours (not enough…)
Number of blankets I sleep with: 3-4
Dream Trip: ………the bookstore, lol
Last Thing You Googled: “undertow”
How Many Blogs I Follow: 147
Number of Followers: 391 super rad people~
What I Usually Post About: uhhhh anime and art and jokes? Lots Of Things…
Do I Get Asks Regularly: Nope, but I’m on Discord a lot, so that’s plenty enough interaction for me, lol
What Is Your Aes: Nature stuff, animals, neon, pastels, future-y stuff, yeah. I guess pretty much everything except gore and grunge. :V

I tag: Everyone reading this!!! (i know its a cop-out sorry, but i got to like 20 ppl and i didn’t wanna spam or leave anyone out, just trust me if you can read this im tagging you, lol)

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Name: Whitney

Nickname: Whit, Peaches (don’t ask)

Zodiac sign: Pisces

Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw

Height: 5’9

Orientation: asexual

Ethnicity: caucasian

Favorite fruit: strawberry

Favorite season: autumn

Favorite book series: River of Time

Favorite fictional characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, Spencer Reid

Favorite flower: marigold and foxglove

Favorite scent: mint

Favorite color: Irish green and spiceberry

Favorite animal: red panda

Favorite artist/band: Foreigner and Journey

Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa?: coffee and tea

Average sleep hours: 8

Number of blankets you sleep with: 2

Dream trip: Rome or Venice

Last thing Googled: Ruby 2.0

Blog created: April 1st, 2017

How many blogs do I follow: 1197

Number of followers: 80

What do I usually post about: Supernatural

Do you get asks regularly: not really

What is your aesthetic: a rainy day, surrounded by nature

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