asexual fruit

Now presenting the Demisaurus Rex, demisexual version!

(demiboy, demigirl, and demiromantic versions are pending but will be out eventually!)

He’s available for purchase on redbubble!


Favored by the Fair Folk.

I had an idea for a character, a gardener who has no magical abilities, no dryads or elves in their heritage, no gifts bestowed upon them.

Just hard work and a talent for growing things normally not grown by mortals.

Her name is Nicole and she is known far and wide to be “Favored by the Fair Folk” 
She keeps an iron shovel nearby and grows miraculous fruit that is too delicious to be eaten by mortals. Using her green thumb, she keeps the fairies satisfied and away from the human population.

She is often called to settle disputes, negotiate contracts, and to cater midnight parties. Being the human liaison to the fairy world is a stressful job but she manages.

While she has no real magic, the Fey are drawn to her and often treat her with more respect than average humans, maybe her absolute lack of magic is an abnormality that they find fascinating. 

Either way she is proud of her hard work and knows to never eat any of her own fruit.

oh! i forgot to post about this!! a few days ago my AO3 account hit (and then quickly passed) 1500 subscribers!!! THANK YOU SO DAMN MUCH!! I hope I continue to make whatever it is you’re hoping or expecting of me ♥

(I think new people are finding me through both Of Shampoo and Fruit Flies and Welcome All Winchesters right now, but I don’t know how or why. someone enlighten me?? whO SENT YOU) (only thing they have in common is asexual-spectrum Cas, if that narrows it down? but they’re very different ends of the spectrum so idk)

and since we’re on the subject, i have a new fic coming soon!! (well, an old one from 2014 that i resurrected, and i rewrote the second half). it’s currently 82k and “finished” but i’m trying to FINISH-finish it, which means 5 more scenes, editing, then betaing. the plan is to RELEASE IT INTO THE WORLD by the end of june. (it’s a commission for @cassammydean​, and the plan is to launch my patreon right after that fic. hopefully.) it’s called What We Ache For.

one more thing, since i’m feeling sentimental – you guys. YOU GUYS. you leave the best comments?? THE BEST. nearly every single day you remind me how important the themes in my stories are, how much the inclusion of a simple concept can change something for someone who reads my fics.

making someone cry with a story used to be a gleeful experience for me, satisfying because i wrote something powerful. now, after years of helping people kind of… release their feelings? it’s powerful in a whole different way, i don’t know how to explain it. but it means so much to me, not only as a writer, but as a person. every day you make me desperate to be a kinder person, and devote myself not just to my stories, not just the characters, but you.

i know a little about a lot of you. but the small facts i do know are life-changing in the masses. no, this isn’t directly relevant to my subscriber count - it’s just something i think about every day, more so recently as my faith wanes in my newer writing, and i never found the right way to just say it. i get obsessed and upset about people not leaving as many kudos as they used to. but almost every day someone reminds me why i really do this, why i really love it. it’s the comments. not the kudos. it’s the secrets you tell me, the way whatever spilled from my heart can change your mind, and help you figure out things you never understood about yourself, and the tears you shed because you feel some part of yourself aching when you read a certain combination of words.

anyway, thank you. i just really, really love you all.

especially you.

yes, you. ♥

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First name: airen

Nicknames: lux / pudding

Zodiac: taurus

Sexual Orientation: asexual 

Favorite Fruit(s): mango, grapes, melons, banana, berries, peaches, cherries (hdjk pretty much all of fruit)

Favorite Season: autumn

Favorite Book: uhhhhHH

Favorite Flower: sunflowersss

Favorite Animal(s): doGSS!! & red pandas but i like all of them rlly

Coffee, Tea, Cocoa: tea & cocoa !!!!!

Cat or Dog Person: boDOGSSth

Favorite Tumblrs: too many 2 list


Number of Followers: 18,314

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Q & A

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Name: Kyla

Nickname: Ky, Kay

Zodiac: Gemini

Height: 5"5’

Orientation: panromantic demiromantic asexual

Eithicty: white

Favorite fruit: Apple

Favorite book series: After Dark

Favorite flower: rose

Favorite scent: lavender

Favorite color: black

Coffee, tea, or cocoa: tea

Dog or cat person: I love both but mostly dog

Average hours of sleep: 5ish

Favorite fictional characters: Leala, Chealse, Sin (After Dark)

Number of blankets: 2

Dream trip: London

Blog created: June 2016

Number of followers: 40

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  • Person: Wait, you're asexual? That means you reproduce by division?
  • Me: Uh, no, I am a human. Fairly sure we don't do that.
  • Person: Asexual is a scientific word, you can't just steal it and use it to mean whatever you want.
  • Me: OH you are in dire need of the Fruit Salad of Truth!
  • Person: What
  • Me: Here, here, sit, I'll make you one.
  • Person: Uh ok?
  • Me: *starts chopping tomatoes and hot peppers into a bowl* There you go, some nice fruit to start with.
  • Person: Uh, those look like vegetables? That looks like salsa.
  • Me: Shush, it's fruit salad. You can't argue with science. Now I think this needs some berries. *starts slicing a banana into the bowl*
  • Person: WhAt are you DOing
  • Me: *blinks slowly* adding berries. *Slices and adds a second banana, never breaking eye contact*
  • Person: *bewildered* Berries?
  • Me: Yup. Isn't scientific terminology grand? Okay, and to top it off, some organic grapes! *cuts grapes in half to reveal they are made of white wax, then dumps them on the pile*
  • Person: Wh... That is clearly a petroleum-based wax. Not organic in any way!
  • Me: Sure it is! Petroleum products are chock full of carbon! *slides the bowl their way*
  • Person: That looks disgusting.
  • Person: *is now a small female dog*

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  • Name - Margaret 
  • Nickname - Maggie/Mags/Cookie
  • Zodiac Sign - Pisces
  • Height - 5′1′’ 
  • Orientation - Homoromantic Asexual
  • Nationality - American
  • Fav fruit - Pineapple and Canteloupe
  • Fave season - Autumn or Winter. Autumn a little moreso because we get some bad snow up here in Massachusetts.
  • Fav book - Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams
  • Fav flower - Hydrangeas and Signet Marigolds
  • Fav colour - Eggplant purple, Cobalt blue, and Magenta
  • Fave animal - Foxes and cats!!
  • Coffee, Tea or Hot Cocoa - Tea!!
  • Average amount of Sleep - 5 on school days, 10 on weekends. I’m a fucking mess my dudes
  • Cat or dog person - B O T H A R E G O O D
  • No. of blankets you sleep with - One
  • Dream trip - Anywhere in Scandinavia
  • Blog created - September 2012. I’ve been on hellsite for five (5) years

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Name: Alex

Nickname/s: AJ

Zodiac sign: Cancer

Height: 171 cm

Orientation: Asexual

Nationality: Serbian

Favorite fruit: Watermelon <333

Favorite Season: Autumn

Favorite Book/s: Hmmmmm, I have to say Six of Crows (and Crooked Kingdom) because I never had more fun than when I was reading those <33333 but like also Dark Matter and The Darkest Part of the Forest (that was such a good one!!)

Favorite Flower: ngl I love all flowers? Like, every single flower is the best flower

Favorite Scent: When it’s raining and you can smell the damp and cold air and the grass

Favorite Color: Black

Favorite Animal: This is always such a tough question because I love all animals?? Like dogs and cats and alpacas and all animals <333

Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: tbh hot cocoa

Average Sleep Hours: During the school year 6 hours, during the summer I can get to 10

Cat or Dog Person: Both tbh, but I gotta say I love dogs a tiny tiny bit more?

Favorite Fictional Character: This is also a super tough one? Because like on the one hand I love all the Doctor Who companions, but on the other hand there’s the entire Dregs and I ??? How to choose???

Number of Blankets you sleep with: 1

Dream Trip: Anywhere? Like I want to see the entire world 

Blog Created: It’s been like 3-4 years and I look it up every time there’s this question and I forget it every single time

Number of Followers: 187

Random Fact: I once solved the Rubix cube in just under a minute and was very proud of that?? Or a real random fact: Shakespeare didn’t know how to spell his last name

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name: abby

nicknames: abs, dork, small

zodiac sign: virgo

hogwarts house: hufflepuff

height: 5′3″

sexual orientation: asexual

ethnicity: british

fave fruit: strawberries

fave season: winter

fave book series: i don’t really have one

fave fictional characters:  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

fave flowers: aster

fave scent: rain, vanilla, coffee

fave animal: lions, dogs, wolves, foxes

fave bands: panic! at the disco, bastille, fall out boy, brand new, she wants revenge

coffee, tea, hot chocolate: tea and hot chocolate

average hours of sleep: 4-8

number of blankets: one

dream trip: spain, germany, france

last thing i googled: how to make gifs in photoshop (i’m gonna get there eventually guys even if it kills me)

how many blogs i follow: 372

number of followers: 534

what i usually post about: f1, memes, sometimes football and kpop

do i get asks regularly: no

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Name: Rachel

Nickname(s): Rach, Ratchel, Rat 

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Hogwarts House: Slytherin

Height: 5′0″

Sexual orientation: Heteroromantic Grey-Asexual (if that makes sense)

Ethnicity: Brazilian

Favorite fruit: Apples

Favorite season: Fall

Favorite book series: The Hunger Games Trilogy

Favorite fictional characters: The ES Crew, The Hero Gang, The LoveHacks Squad, and The Office Cast.

Favorite flower: Sunflowers

Favorite scents: The ocean

Favorite color: Purple

Favorite animal: Panda

Favorite band: Imagine Dragons and One Direction

Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate: All

Average hours of sleep: 7

Number of blankets: 1-3

Dream trip: Costa Rica

Last thing I googled: Ethnicity vs Race

Number of blogs I follow: 217

Number of followers: 321

What I usually post about: Choices and other random shit 

Do I get asks regularly: Lol no

I think everyone has done it already, so if you haven’t, I choose you!

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Name: I’ll tell you if we’re friends

Nickname/s: Neni

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Height: 162cm

Orientation: Aromantic Asexual I guess

Favourite Fruit: Mangoes? Cherries, bananas, I like lots of fruits.

Favourite Season: Summer. I can’t stand the cold and even if it’s scorching the sun fills me up with so much energy and I love having longer days. I become much more alive, happy and productive in the summer.

Favourite Book/s: I like ‘I Kill’ by Giorgio Faletti and the trilogy of ‘City of the Beasts’ by Isabel Allende too. I haven’t read a bood that blows my mind in a long time.

Favourite Flower: Morning glories, plumeria, does lavender count?

Favourite Scent: (natural) lavender, vanilla, the roses in Paris smell like heaven.

Favourite Colour: Green, pink, and pretty much any pastel color.

Favourite Animal: Cats for sure

Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: A drop of coffee drowning in a big cup of milk, chai tea also drowning in a giant mug of milk, and hot cocoa with milk to dip my churros in. So milk. The answer is milk.

Average Sleep Hours: 8-9 hours. I need more sleep than average not to be a dying zombie all day. If I could sleep more I would for sure.

Cat or Dog Person: Cats, but I love dogs a lot too. I love having one of each, being dumb friends together.

Favourite Fictional Character: my own freaking ocs

Number of Blankets you sleep with: Spring and fall just with a fluffy blanket, summer with only one sheet (or none, it gets really hot here) and winter with the sheet, the fluffy blanket and a comforter. I hate cold.

Dream Trip: I’d like to visit Holland someday, Japan too, Tokyo, Osaka and Okinawa, the Loire valley in France and Tuscany in italy.

Blog Created: This one is relatively new, but I’ve been on Tumblr since my first year in college so probably 2008 - 2009. I’ve dealt with people stalking me in the past so when I find out they are lurking I just delete or change urls. So far so good.

Number of Followers: This one has a little less than 400, so does my secondary art blog, my art reference tumblr has only like 50 but that’s because i don’t like sharing it, and my old ac/ current art blog has almost 5000 followers, that I keep gradually losing because of lack of activity oops

Random Facts

I suffer from anxiety and depression and functioning is really difficult for me

I can’t stand repetitive noises, like a drippy faucet, feet tapping, people counting for more than a minute, a ball hitting a wall again and again etc, ESPECIALLY if I’m trying to sleep it makes me go crazy mad and sometimes even cry

Toothpaste (and most mint flavored candy) makes me sneeze

I can’t think of anything else now

I tag my mutuals, or pretty much anyone that wants to do it (:

…Okay, I am going to do that art soul searching stuff, but I gotta get some stuff out of the way first. It’s namely refs, but one of them is a request from my big sis. It’s literally two other things.

This Yori ref (I’m hoping anyway) encourages you to make your own outfit, that’s why it talks more about her fashion sense than anything else.

Art & Character © @twilightmoon1996

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On asexuality and Judaism

There’s a general sentiment in queer spaces (although not specifically in ace spaces) that religion and queerness are mutually exclusive. As an asexual Jew I wanted to talk about this a little bit for Preservation Day, but I find that in my life there is actually nearly no conflict at all between my Jewish identity and my asexual identity!

There is one particular mitzvah (commandment) in Judaism that seems to preclude asexuality: “be fruitful and multiply” (Genesis 1:28 and Genesis 9:7). Now, plenty of asexual people have (biological) children, but it’s not something that I want to do. So how can this be reconciled?

  1. A general approach: adoption - and don’t let anyone say that adopted Jews aren’t “really” Jewish.
  2. A less observant approach: it doesn’t need to be reconciled - seriously, I wear mixed-thread fabric, I turn on lights on Shabbat, I don’t keep kosher. I don’t fulfil any of these commandments and yet I still feel strongly Jewish. The commandment to be fruitful and multiply is not inherantly more important than any of these other ones.
  3. A more observant approach: be fruitful in other ways. The general purpose of the commandment is to spread Judaism in the world and to help ensure it’s continued existence. But there are dozens of ways to support Judaism without having children: learn about Judaism, write about Judaism, teach about Judaism, be a dedicated aunt or uncle, etc.

Thoughts from other ace Jews? I’m lucky enough to say that my Jewish friends/family don’t reject my asexualiy, and my ace friends don’t reject my Judaism, but I’d love to hear from you if your experience is different.

(Any aromantic Jews want to chime in either? I don’t know enough about either (a)romanticism in Judaism or my own aromantic identity to have informed things to say, but I’m definitely interested in hearing more.)