asexual fact

Fact: Every pansexual has, somewhere in the universe, an asexual “twin”. When these two come into contact they are able to perform ancient unknown summoning rituals said to be capable of creating a “Pace”: a being that is the combination of both the unrelenting power of pansexuality and the unstoppable strength of asexuality. Whether the Pace will use this power to conquer the universe or serve up a mean plate of ravioli depends upon the summoners’ wills (and appetites).

  • Me: *despises thinking about myself in sexual situations
  • Me: *finds other people pleasing to look at but gets wierded out at the thought of sex
  • Me: *is generally uncomfortable when it comes to sex
  • Also me: but am i really asexual

Fact: asexuals and aromantics are afraid to get close to people.  This is why many of them live inside large hamster balls, keeping other humans at a minimum of five foot distance.  Wealthier asexuals and aromantics may purchase yachts; some are so desperate to escape all human contact that they flee to private islands.  A casual cruise through the Caribbean will in fact show that most very small islands are populated by asexuals and aromantics.

asexuality, like bisexuality, is deliberately misunderstood by out groups in order to exclude us.

asexuality isn’t “straight people who don’t want to have sex”. even the conventional definition, a “lack of sexual attraction” is not a particularly helpful or well liked definition within the community, because it obscures this fact: asexuality is a distinct sexuality. it’s one that involves a lack of primary sexual motivation, but it’s not “X but no sex”.

all asexuals are ace, regardless of their romantic orientation or behavior.

biphobes think that bisexuals are straight when they’re with someone who they deem opposite gender, and gay when they’re with someone they deem same gender. they can’t seem to separate behavior from identity, to get that someone is bisexual regardless of their sexual behavior.

likewise, aces are ace regardless of our behavior. aces aren’t “straights who don’t have sex”. for one, because some aces have sex (because people have sex for a lot of reasons other than attraction). two, because to be straight is to possess sexual attraction. that’s why, historically, asexuals have just been considered gay (and later, bi). whatever the True Gays think of us, the straights don’t make that distinction.

this is why if your acceptance of asexuals is limited to same-gender-romantically-attracted aces, you don’t actually support asexuality. you support someone you consider “a gay person who doesn’t want to have sex”. because all aces are ace and asexuality is queer.

this is the same raw deal bisexuals get. I suppose if you can, as a group, even fathom attraction the outwardly perceived opposite gender, you can’t be True Gay ™. (which is probably why such a high proportion of trans and NB people id as bi, queer, or ace.)

You can have asexual characters who date.

In fact, please have asexual characters who date.

Give me asexual characters who have loving romantic relationships with people.

Give me asexual characters who will only date other asexual characters, and asexual characters who will date allosexual characters.

Give me asexual characters who tries having sex once as a compromise and then decides they can’t deal with it and still have their partner stay with them.

Give me asexual characters who have separate bedrooms and/or separate beds from their partner.

Give me asexual characters who are in polyamorous relationships.

Give me asexual characters who have friends with benefits without (or with) the sex.

Give me asexual characters who have had many partners.

Give me asexual characters who have been with the same partner for their entire life.

Give me asexual characters who date.

On the subject of Jughead again: It’s really weird when they say stuff like “they made him ace to avoid homophobic backlash.” Like, not only has Archie Comics been making it clear since Kevin was introduced that they don’t want bigots in their audience in the first place, but there WAS a backlash!

The Straights were very upset about asexual Jughead. In fact, the backlash was the first thing I saw about ace Jughead, and was one of the main reasons I went out of my way to read it (my local comic shop did not carry the title). The Straights accused Archie Comics of injecting their gay agenda, and a lot of them dropped the book immediately.

REGs have literally no idea how straight people see asexuals. They are constantly talking out their ass despite being demonstrably wrong.

Rambling about Reigen

Okay, so i really like the popularity of the whole Reigen is asexual headcanon. 

For a lot of reasons. so I’m going to ramble for a bit. not just about that, but also about Reigen and friendship in general.

One thing being; he’s not the sort of character that usually gets seen or portrayed as asexual. He’s not innocent or childish or naive in any way. He’s a sly con man whose greatest weapon is his words and he isn’t above outright manipulation. but he’s also a character who places great importance on being a responsible adult, and damn well tells off adults who pick fights with children. 

But he’s also really lacking in personal connections, and throughout the series thus far has shown no interest in forming romantic relationships, never so much as acting flustered or infatuated around anyone even as a gag. 

but while he has shown no interest in romance he also seems to neglect most other relationships too, but seemingly unintentionally. his neglect of his friendships, unlike his lack of interest pursuing romance, is something that it’s often shown he regrets.

His only real interpersonal connection in the series is with Mob (and Dimple) for the longest time, and after they fall out and we find out more about Reigen’s life outside of his connection to Shigeo we also find out more about the people he knows:

The closest thing he has to friends are a bar full of easily manipulated and flakey people, who turn on him the moment the whole media scandal starts. 

But what makes this different to most ‘loner’ asexual stereotypes is the fact that Reigen is actually incredibly adept at understanding people and isn’t socially inept at all, in contrast to Mob (who in further contrast, is also really good at making friends despite his social ineptitude). 

His main downfall really is that he can be a bit too dismissive of the people he actually cares about at times, both intentionally and unintentionally. Which affects the few interpersonal connections he really does care about since he does take them for granted at times, first with mob in the separation arc, and later in a much more minor way with Serizawa, when Reigen waits until the last minute before asking to hang out with Serizawa for new years:

Serizawa is so important to me as a character, but in regards to Reigen he’s also Reigen’s first real adult friend/employee in the entire series. so while minor, this incident does inform us of quite a bit in contrast to the start of the seperation arc. For one, Reigen accepts the rejection much better than when Mob told him he was busy that time, and even though Serizawa is just as, if not more socially inept than Mob, Reigen doesn’t dismiss his claim of having other friends. So, character growth!

The fandom likes to joke about it a lot, but Reigen has become a beacon of “Dad” to all the kids in the series, as well as the adults who act like kids if i’m honest! (looking at Claw with that statement) And despite being a fraud he’s the one everyone comes to for help, adults and kids alike. 

He’s the person the former Claw members go to at the start of the second Claw arc in order to get help, same with Teru. He’s the one Mob calls to take him and his friends out alien hunting rather than asking his parents. And he’s the one who solves the problems of so many other people in the series using words or plain old common sense. He may not go about things in the most ethical way, but he always honestly tries to leave people in a better place than where they started, even if that involves manipulation.

All in all he’s a unique and complex character, and honestly I couldn’t support the ace Reigen headcanon more.