asexual axolotl

I agonized over this one because for some reason people get super hung up on the fact that the axolotl (of Asexual Axolotl Meme popularity) doesn’t reproduce asexually, as if it’s necessary for mascots to make a direct biological comparison to the thing they represent, or as if we’re actually talking about the biological definition of asexuality (which we aren’t). Like many amphibians, Axolotls reproduce through spawning, which means they don’t really have intercourse in the way human beings do when they reproduce.

Anyway, lots of sharks reproduce asexually through parthenogenesis, so I figured I’d add a shark for balance and to make purists happy. Also because sharks are cool.

On the Voting Process

Now, I know I said I’d keep the voting open until the end of the day Friday, but votes have tapered off pretty considerably since yesterday, with one contender having more than twice the points of our current second place animal. 

SO! Drum roll, please!

(That’s where the drum roll should have gone)

Our new mascot is: Asexual Axolotl! By a landslide. So right now is up, and the meme has been created. I’m gonna keep Asexual Armadillo up so that it will live in infamy forever, but will from now on be posting all new memes and submissions to Asexual Axolotl. I’ll also get a page to generate your own up soon! 

And thus, we bid farewell to our lovely Armadillo, and graciously welcome our Axolotl! 

Now that Autistic Axolotl is a meme,

I will probably mis-type “autistic” as “asexual” and vice versa even more and confuse it with Asexual Axolotl.

I often mis-speak like that when talking to people in my life (who know I’m autistic and asexual) about autism or about asexuality. When I’m speaking or typing, my brain likes to mix up my words with words that begin with similar sounds–I wonder if there is a word for that.