asexual awareness week

In aid of Asexual Awareness Week, I’ve decided to make a post about autochorissexuality and just what it is.

The term ‘autochoris’ was coined by Anthony Bogaert, and essentially translates to 'identity-less sexuality’. It is a sub-section of asexuality, which he describes as:

A disconnection between oneself and the object of arousal; may involve sexual fantasies or arousal in response to erotica or pornography, but lacking any desire to be a participant in the activities therein.

Essentially, we like the idea of sex, and/or enjoy reading/writing/watching sexual content, but don’t actually experience attraction or want to have sex with anybody.

You might be autochorissexual if:

  • You get aroused by sexual content but don’t actually want to engage in any sexual activities yourself.
  • You masturbate, but are neutral or repulsed by the idea of having sex with another person.
  • When you fantasize about sex, you envision people other than yourself, and/or you view it in third person, as though you’re watching it on TV, rather than imagining it in first person, through your own eyes.
  • You predominantly or entirely fantasize about fictional characters or celebrities, rather than people you actually know.
  • You identify as asexual and feel no sexual attraction to people, but enjoy masturbating, are aroused by sexually explicit content, and/or have sexual fantasies.

This isn’t an exhaustive checklist, and ultimately nobody can give you a label but yourself. But hopefully this post has brought you a little closer to understanding autochorissexuality, whether you are asexual, grey/demi, questioning, confused, or just wanting to raise awareness.

Here are some further resources if you want to learn more:

An essay on autochorissexualism vs lithsexuality, the flag (as depicted above, but without the text caption), Anthony Bogaert’s short paper on Autochorissexualism, and my inbox is always open if you have any questions.

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Asexuality is OFFICIALLY not a disorder, according to the APA.

The images above are from the DSM-5, which is the latest edition of the American Psychiatric Association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.  The DSM-5 is a really important book.  It is used by doctors and mental health care providers around the world to diagnose mental disorders.

The DSM-5 explicitly and clearly recognizes asexuality, and says that if a person is asexual, that they should not be diagnosed with Female Sexual Interest/Arousal Disorder or Male Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder.

This book says that you are valid, your feelings are real, and that you do not have a disorder because you feel this way.

Anyone who claims otherwise is wrong.

They do not know what they are talking about.  You can point them at this book as proof that they are wrong.

Full Reference:

On page 434, in the section on Female Sexual Interest/Arousal Disorder (302.72), at the end of the “Diagnostic Features”, it reads:

If a lifelong lack of sexual desire is better explained by one’s self-identification as “asexual”, then a diagnosis of female sexual interest/arousal disorder would not be made.

On page 443, in the section on Male Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (302.71), at the end of the “Differential Diagnosis”, it reads:

If the man’s low desire is explained by self-identification as an asexual, then a diagnosis of male hypoactive sexual desire disorder is not made.

My teacher said asexuality is a disease.

I’m asexual. Yesterday, while having sexual education class, my teacher said that the only sexual orientations were heterosexuality, homosexuality and bisexuality. So I asked her why nobody talked about asexuality in sexual education classes. This is what she said:
“That’s because asexuality isn’t a sexual orientation. Asexuality is a disease. Asexual people were born wrong, because everybody feels sexual attraction.”
And then, the bell rang and she leaved the classroom.
Guess who cried for about… 15 minutes? Yeah, me.
All my classmates saw me, and one of them (a girl who I thought that was my friend, and she already knew about my asexuality) asked to me: “So you have that disease??”.
I’m tired. I’m so fucking tired. It is horrible being told that “it is a phase” or that “you haven’t met the right person yet” or, even worse, “it’s a disease”.

To all the asexuals out there, stay strong.


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Rock on, queer warriors.

Just a few reminders as we head in to Asexual Awareness Week:
  • Asexuals aren’t broken. It’s totally fine to not experience sexual attraction.
  • Please do not be condescending towards asexuals because you don’t experience the feelings they do (this is also vice versa and applies to aces too).
  • If you have a question, ask an ace! We’d love to inform you.
  • Remember that there are different types of asexuals and it is not limited to people who are typically repulsed by sex. There are also demisexuals and graysexuals.
  • Aces are people. They are normal people who just experience a portion of life a little bit differently than others.
  • Aces can have sex. Aces can masturbate. Asexuality does not mean celibacy or abstinence.
  • Overall, just be kind and supportive of aces. 

happy first day of asexual awareness week!

this is for all the asexuals who are:

  • asexual due to trauma
  • asexuals who are sex repulsed 
  • asexuals who enjoy sex
  • asexuals who are sex indifferent
  • asexual because of a medical condition
  • asexuals who are a grey-asexual or demisexual
  • asexuals who are aromantic
  • asexuals who are not aromantic

#AceisAce and your identity is valid. you are not broken or fixable because there is nothing wrong with you. 


Asexual Aromantic Charlie Weasley

  • Charlie wondering why everyone is so focused on who’s dating who
  • Charlie shyly turning down all the girls that ask him out
  • Girls getting mad at him and guys asking him what the fuck is wrong with you! After he turns down hot girl after hot girl.
  • Bill being super protective over Charlie and beating up on anyone who makes fun of him
  • Bill asking Charlie if he’s into guys and Charlie telling him no he’s not into guys or girls. He’d rather focus on his studies
  • Charlie coming across asexuality and realizing that it describes him perfectly. Then finding aromanticism.
  • Aro Ace Charlie coming out to Bill who smiles and says “I knew it”
  • Mrs. Weasley constantly asking him when he’s going to bring home a nice girl and when he tells her never she moves on to how about a nice guy?
  • Aro Ace Charlie having enough of it and deciding to come out to the rest of his family. They are confused and have questions but mostly accept him (helps that Bill just came out as bi not too long ago)
  • Mrs. Weasley agonizing over not having grandchildren and how unhappy Charlie will be all alone
  • Aro Ace Charlie going off on his mom telling her that he doesn’t want kids and he is quite happy studying dragons thank you very much. You have plenty of other kids who will give you grandchildren.
  • Aro Ace Charlie going back to Romania and getting a package from his mum containing a sweater in ace flag colors with a C on it.
  • Whenever anyone questions him about dating he just smiles and says he’s “more interested in dragons that he is about girls”
  • Asexual Charlie treating his dragons like his children and reporting their growth and adventures to his family back home
  • Molly sending ace colored items and things for her new “grandchildren” to either play with or wear.
  • Everything in this post especially the last one

Why is it that heteroromantic asexuals are considered straight (and therefore not LGBT), but homo/bi/pan/aromantic asexuals are seen AS ASEXUAL and not defined by their romantic orientation?

I get that people who are both cis and straight do not belong under the LGBT label, but BY EXCLUDING ONE GROUP OF ASEXUALS, YOU EXCLUDE US ALL.

Heteroromantic asexuals are LGBT. All asexuals are LGBT. You don’t get to pick and choose which asexuals you want to support.

We ALL need it.

Yours truly,

An annoyed aromantic asexual