asexual awareness

*that moment when Bill Nye includes asexuality in his Bill Nye Saves the World sexuality episode and is even wearing an outfit made up of the asexual colors*

Like, this isn’t one of those funny posts with a gif at the end. I mean it sincerely. I got unexpectedly emotional when this happened. It’s nice to be acknowledged as existing for once.   

do any of you other asexuals call someone hot and then regret it because people will think it’s sexual but you really just meant that they’re a step up from cute in the aesthetic attraction department? because you both don’t mean “hot” the same way??

Wanted: other asexuals to join my new crime-fighting squad. Our slogan is “too bad I have an ace up my sleeve… or several,” and you all gotta emerge dramatically from the shadows every time I say it. Now accepting applications.


Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise!

Late for #AceDay but I was stuck at work all day, boo!

This is a message to all spectrums of ace peeps out there, from the Ace Trainers: Me, kynimdraws and shoelesscosmonaut!


I made this for Asexual Awareness Week in November, but it turned out to be a bigger project than I expected. O.O But better late than never!

Asexuals are often a misunderstood sexual orientation, and many feel lost and alone due to the sheer lack of information about it! It was so hard to find ANY scientific sources about it for my research paper last year, and it’s all but invisible in mainstream media. So I hope this sheds some light on the subject!

Aces, you are not alone! We are valid and beautiful!!


Asexual Aromantic Charlie Weasley

  • Charlie wondering why everyone is so focused on who’s dating who
  • Charlie shyly turning down all the girls that ask him out
  • Girls getting mad at him and guys asking him what the fuck is wrong with you! After he turns down hot girl after hot girl.
  • Bill being super protective over Charlie and beating up on anyone who makes fun of him
  • Bill asking Charlie if he’s into guys and Charlie telling him no he’s not into guys or girls. He’d rather focus on his studies
  • Charlie coming across asexuality and realizing that it describes him perfectly. Then finding aromanticism.
  • Aro Ace Charlie coming out to Bill who smiles and says “I knew it”
  • Mrs. Weasley constantly asking him when he’s going to bring home a nice girl and when he tells her never she moves on to how about a nice guy?
  • Aro Ace Charlie having enough of it and deciding to come out to the rest of his family. They are confused and have questions but mostly accept him (helps that Bill just came out as bi not too long ago)
  • Mrs. Weasley agonizing over not having grandchildren and how unhappy Charlie will be all alone
  • Aro Ace Charlie going off on his mom telling her that he doesn’t want kids and he is quite happy studying dragons thank you very much. You have plenty of other kids who will give you grandchildren.
  • Aro Ace Charlie going back to Romania and getting a package from his mum containing a sweater in ace flag colors with a C on it.
  • Whenever anyone questions him about dating he just smiles and says he’s “more interested in dragons that he is about girls”
  • Asexual Charlie treating his dragons like his children and reporting their growth and adventures to his family back home
  • Molly sending ace colored items and things for her new “grandchildren” to either play with or wear.
  • Everything in this post especially the last one
Happy Moment

I work at a High School. I am the school’s Library Aid and Paraprofessional. During passing time the kids cut through the library and I tend to hear a lot of different conversations.

Well, during passing this girl was talking to her friends about her younger sister. Her younger sister identifies as Asexual. 

I cannot tell you how happy this makes me feel. We are talking High Schoolers, the girl passing could have been a Sophomore or a Junior, which puts her around 15 or 16 years old. And her YOUNGER sister identifies Ace. Her YOUNGER SISTER GUYS! So she is under 16 years old! I can only wish I knew about Asexuality and the Ace Spectrum at their age. 

Guys we are growing. We are doing good. We are getting the word out there. Younger kids are identifying as ACE! I could cry. This is so amazing. Kids out there have resources I never had. Kids can identify as ace because they know it exists. Kids don’t have to worry about what’s wrong with them. Kids can realize that they are not broken. Kids can realize that they are ace.

This makes me so happy. This makes me so proud. I love you guys! I love this community! Keep spreading that Ace Awareness! Keep fighting for representation and education! Let’s keep growing!

Stay Amazing. Stay Awesome. Stay Graceful!

Just a reminder that

You can be ace and still in a healthy romantic relationship

You can be ace and not be in a romantic relationship

You can be ace and be in a sexual relationship

You can be ace and in a polygamous relationship

You can be ace and have had sex

You can be ace and WANT to have sex

You can be ace and not have had sex