asexual awareness

All A-spec people belong. 
We are all deserving of love, respect, acceptance and community. 

I wasnt able to include all of the flags/identities I wanted to in this, but hopefully the message is still clear. I might re-do this one day to be even more inclusive/include all the flags I missed. Maybe with a second ring or something.

Image Description: The picture is an a-spec positive drawing with the words ‘All A-spec people belong’ in big letters inside a ring of hearts and flowers. 

The hearts in the ring are coloured to resemble a-spec flags: 

  • Two asexual flag hearts - black, grey, white and purple stripes
  • Two demisexual flag hearts - a black triangle on the side with white, purple and grey stripes
  • Two aromantic flag hearts - dark green, light green, white, grey and black stripes
  • Two demiromantic flag hearts - a black triangle on the side with white, dark green  and grey stripes

Between each heart in the ring there are (8) flowers. Each flower is coloured uniquely to resemble a different lgbt+ flag. This is meant to represent how a-spec people can also have varied non a-spec identities that are just as important to them/the variety of different identities among a-spec people. 

The flags seen on the flowers, starting from the top of the circle and going clockwise, are: 

  • The pansexual/panromantic flag - pink, yellow and blue stripes
  • The bisexual/biromantic flag -pink, purple and blue stripes
  • The lesbian flag - different shades of pink stripes 
  • The gay flag - a rainbow/red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple stripes
  • The polysexual/polyromantic flag - pink, green and blue stripes
  • The transgender flag - stripes in the pattern: blue, pink, white, pink, blue
  • The intersex flag - yellow with a ring of purple in the middle
  • The non-binary flag - yellow, white, purple and black stripes

Some a-spec kitties and doggies :3

[First image: orange tabby cat with the asexuality pride flag, and a gray-blue oval background.] 

[Second image: is a golden retriever with the gray-asexuality flag, and a light blue triangle background.] 

[Third image: a gray cat with a white patch on its chest with the aromantic flag, and a oval beige background.]

[Fourth image: a brown dog with the demisexuality flag, and a light pink diamond background.]

Day 4, Asexual Awareness Week. Intersectional experiences.

I suppose one of the sucky things about being on the ace-spectrum and a poc coming from a religious household is that people assume you feel the way you do because of some kind of repression or guilt complex. Dude no. There’s a difference between actively fighting against your sexual desires for someone and that desire for them not being there in the first place.

Also, last I checked, most religious households were never entirely against sex. Its usually encouraged after marriage so it’s not like religious people say ‘NEVER DO IT EVER.’ Religious people still think about sex with others. I just don’t because it doesn’t naturally occur to me. Not because I was taught to deny my feelings.

[Picture is of a South Asian woman in a green headscarf and gold earrings, smiling mischievously at something off-picture]

Characters I headcanon as AceSpec

I have a lot. Their romantic orientations change all the time for me though cause I keep thinking about it. But here’s what I have for right now. All are very important to me!! I love my ace children!!

  • Charlie Weasley (harry potter) - asexual aromantic
  • Luna Lovegood (harry potter) - asexual biromantic
  • Tony Stark (marvel) - asexual biromantic
  • Steve Rogers (marvel) - demisexual biromantic
  • John Sheppard (stargate atlantis) - asexual greyromantic
  • Zuko (avatar the last airbender) - grey-a 
  • Elsa (frozen) - asexual homoromantic
  • Kageyama Tobio (haikyuu!!) - asexual demiromantic
  • Tadashi Hamada (big hero 6) - asexual biromantic
  • Merlin - demisexual demiromantic
  • Sherlock Holmes - asexual aromantic
  • Castiel (supernatural) - asexual demiromantic
  • Wakamatsu Hirotaka (gekkan shoujo nozaki kun) - asexual 
  • Mark Watney (the martian) - asexual aromantic (or biromantic)
  • Yuri Katsuki (yuri!!! on ice) - asexual homoromantic
  • Haruka Nanase (free! iwatobi swim club) - asexual aromantic
  • Sheldon Cooper (big bang theory) - asexual aromantic
  • Sirius Black (harry potter) - asexual biromantic
  • David Nolan/Prince Charming (once upon a time) - demisexual 
  • Haruhi Fujioka (ouran high school host club) - asexual 
  • Jughead Jones (CANON!!!!) - asexual
  • the Doctor (doctor who) - asexual
  • Natasha Romanoff (marvel) - aromantic

I’m sure there’s more but I can’t think of them right now.