Southern Hawk Moth concept, inspired by the Sphinx Moth. 

Native to the southernmost region of the Empire; primarily used by Acalites. They’re among the larger hawk moths, with the longest wingspan. Sleek, fierce appearance. They fly at higher altitudes and have better endurance than most other species. However, they’re often aggressive and don’t always make reliable messengers. 

 Bowhead Sky Whale

Medium-sized sky whales—bowheads are among the most hunted. They sport two pairs of fins and two pairs of eyes. Unlike the closely-related Right Sky Whale (which are nearly extinct), Bowhead Sky Whales are much larger and a far more valued prize. Typically northern dwellers, Acalite airships venture far into Isim airspace to hunt them—leading to heavy economic and political tensions. 

Those daring or lucky enough to have a close encounter with one will notice a unique feature—Bowhead Sky Whales have small, pale violet irises. 


To her captain and crew, she was freedom. Adventure. Touching the unknown.
To the industry, she was a treasure chest—raking in more kills than over a third of the federal sky whaling fleet combined.
To the people, she was hope. A symbol of prosperity—a glimpse of something better worth clinging to.
To the government, she was the greatest propaganda tool that ever rose, gleaming, from the Empire’s capital city.

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    Harpy Moth

The largest winged creature on Asera.
Early Caeli tribes tamed and rode Harpies in ancient times. Today their species borders on extinction. Numbers began to fall around the collapse of the sky whale food chain—but whether their decline is directly linked to sky whales, parasites, or disease is unknown. Wild Harpies are now a very rare sighting. 

Only a handful of Harpy Moth riders remain—the remnants of a dying Caeli tradition. 

(old Akkan, meaning "strong head")

Native to the southern and eastern portions of Asera—regions primarily within the Acale Empire. Nomadic tribes were the first to tame the behemoths and traditionally rode them by perching on the dip in the crest with the feet propped on the eye ridges—using cords joined to nostril rings to guide.

It is said that the empire was built on the back of the Akus. Acalites utilize them to their full potential and even with industrialization underway, they are still a vital resource and a ferocious presence in the military.  Unlike the much larger Tardigra (Vadiir Taerlän) common in Isim, Akus are far more aggressive and wild Akus are especially dangerous. 

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Commander Guar sketches—his character has been under major development lately. Chief Officer. Head of Artillery. Certified badass. Wanted on five accounts of good hair and third degree hottie. Whatever age he tells you he is, he is lying.