Como sentirte ignorante un sábado a las 14:00 #rugbi #asense @agruto

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locooooooooooooooo :@@@@ siii <3 confirmaron concierto en Chile <3 <3 XDDDDDDDD 

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I thought this was interesting. My Mom was watching SWDOI. She asked me if Meryl's boyfriend was a skater. I had shown her the Christmas Eve picture of the two of them a while back. She had never seen or heard of Fedor before then and that was her take after seeing the picture! Oh and you're not mean! Apparently they don't understand your wonderful sense of humor! LOL!

Haha awesome! And thank you! None of them have asense of humor. That’s why they don’t understand it. 


Asense - “The Messenger That Walks Does Not Have Wings”