The reason I’m so quiet

And I cannot be able to have a smile

And show my emotion

Towards you is because

I am in a battle

Within my head

The grass is blue

And the skies are Red

The monsters are crawling

Under the small tables

Covered in cobweb

Nothing but memories

Tiny dust particles

Itching my skin

Play-dough dolls smiling at me

The talking in the large room

Echoes throughout my head

In my mind is the chatter

The laughing and the crying

The screaming and the fighting

The mind of mine

Is not silent but dying

It is exploding with voices

Exploding with my dreams

Conjoining within reality

Embroidering a beautiful fucked up web

No one can enter this web of insanity

The reason for my absense

In the sound of life.

- K.G

Don’t mind the picture, im a nerd.

<3 lol

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