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Oh my gosh. Star Hair Rhett is like the early morning and Star Hair Link is the night :D They are soooo awesome (•w•) Btw I love all your drawings and you're so inspiring to me ~

Oh gosh, yeah! That’s what I was kinda going for with the color choices haha
Aaw, thank you so much for your lovely compliments~ I’m honored to be an inspiration for you ;o; ♥

EXO Reaction when their GF bites them randomly

I actually do this… Idk why but I bite people sometimes xD I’m weird. Love, admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/ 

Chanyeol: “Oh no you just didn’t!!!” *Tries to bite your lips*

Kris: *He tries to talk with you but you keep biting him* “Alright… fine we won’t talk today”

Sehun: “Hey that hurts!” *Acts hurt like a child so you hug and kiss him*

Tao: “Yah! Why did you just do that!” *Bites you after it when you aren’t expecting it*

Kai: *Always thinking of food* “Oh you must be hungry jagi! I bite people too when I’m hungry! *Takes you to eat something delicious*

Xiumin: *Looks at you like this* “Oh I’m going to eat you tonight girl!”

Baekhyun: “So you want to bite me huh? I can think of several places that you can bite” *Naughty*

Luhan: *It’s the first time he sees you doing it* >So she has this type of kink… Must be into the rough stuffChen: *Looks at you like this* “Oh babe I’m going to do more than just biting tonight”

Kyungsoo: “You know I bite too right?” *Creepy Soo*

Lay: *Find it reallly cute* “Unbelievable… Nothing stops her needs. I love it!” 

Suho: “That’s it! You can’t do it here! You are coming with me!” *Deep sexy voice*

^ q^ A gift to myself, haha. ////

EXO touching themselves (smut)
  • Chanyeol:*In the shower every morning trying to keep it down*
  • Kris:*He is the loudest, but also does it in private when no one expects it. Normally at night or when the others are resting*
  • Sehun:*Every time he sees the porn of Kai's phone*
  • Tao:*Once in a while, specially when he gets a new Gucci accessory*
  • Kai:*This little horny puppy does it every day and every night*
  • Xiumin:He enjoys life... Probably does it every 2 nights or when he feels frustrated.
  • Baekhyun:"Someone is on business... I should take this opportunity and do it too" *Horny with everything*
  • Luhan:"Oh no Kris! You won't win! I can moan louder!" *Proves he is a man*
  • Chen:Occasionally.. only when he really needs it. He prefers daydreaming about the girl he likes.
  • Kyungsoo:*Pretty active, he is a little pervy but no one knows about this* >It's my little secret<
  • Lay:Whenever he is alone. He likes privacy. Even if it doesn't happen often.
  • Suho:Nobody knows. He is a mystery. But the truth is he always loses it whenever a girl call him "Daddy Suho". But nobody knows about this so shh!
Just imagine Nickisoo

Nicki Minaj: *turns around*

D.O.jpg: “can she see us?”

Sehun: *on lookout* no i think we’re safe

Baekhyun: what was that sound???

Yixing: *really scared* fuck this, man im going back to china

Baekhyun.jpg: *on the verge of crying* stfu lay stop making so much noise, she might find u—-

Nicki Minaj: *offscreen roaring* WHAAATTTSSS GOOODDDD???

Luhan: *high pitched screaming*



D.O.jpg: guys?

D.O.gif: finally….

……. they’re all gone *demonic laughter*

thank u nicki

Nicki: no problem soo :)

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How did you make that texture on your legend of zelda artwork?

It has some noise texture in but a grayscale versions this carboard box texture on overlay layer gives the main feel. Go to this site [x] and search “CardboardPlain0017″

You’ll find a texture I use a LOT in my works. You need to register on the site to download it but it’s not a big deal and the site has hundreds of great and free textures.