The further FURTHER Adventures of Ikkle Wumplykins (Part Two)

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Been having Second Chance feels all over again hahah you should all thank @shinocchi for this ;///;

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I also made a video of these sketches Y///Y

Apple is that most American of American companies in that they fully represent the modern business success story, including the self-granted entitlement to employ straight-up gimmicks in the accounting department for the purpose of tax avoidance. This costs states and countries billions in their legally-entitled taxes, which wouldn’t be such a shitty thing to do if governments were overflowing with revenue, but the entire Western world is on an austerity plan while Apple simultaneously earns more than it knows what to do with (including the tax-dodging revenue that sits in expatriate accounts and has no function except for book value at Apple). 

In Apple’s eyes, the only fair and sensible solution to this problem is to allow Apple’s US operations to reintegrate the overseas money - under a tax holiday arrangement. This final loophole would be the ultimate kick in the ass to the American citizens, who simultaneously need the tax revenue and are fully entitled to all of it, and yet retain the insensible notion that taxes are bad things (that shouldn’t happen to good people) and the government is wicked to insist that anyone should be enjoined from using an egregious loophole, ever. The loopholes, after all, help make things fair, because all taxes are always unfair.

(How do people justify their anti-tax position, other that extreme narcissism that negates the appeal of civic duty or generosity? Well, maybe because our schools make it erroneously sound like the US was founded on the belief that Great Britain was unjust in asking us to pay colonial taxes? Or maybe it’s just a general distrust of political leaders, mostly because we revel in the tawdry details of their interpersonal mishaps whenever we can dig them up? Maybe it’s because the tax code is a very, very warped thing that practically begs for inequities exploited by smart accountants? I’m pretty sure one could do an analysis showing that our tax expenditures deliver more value to us than anything we pay in tribute to Apple the branding concept. But, with great irony, most of us would get lost in such an analysis because our public school math classes were ineffective due to weak available resources. WHOMP WHOMP! Well, maybe we can learn math again on our iPads. Someone should make an app that calculates how much Apple fucked us over. It can make “Apple hates America” infographics with Linotype fonts and a sepia filter! Thus everyone will want it! That person can make a “cool” billion dollars, minus 30% captured by Apple’s App Store tax OH THE FUCKING IRONY, and then send it to a Caribbean island and not pay GOVERNMENT taxes on it! YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY!)