goodbye and good luck, sean poole 

Spoole’s List of Manly Man Actions 

1. He can use grindr
2. He is a true Alaskan fisherman. Kind of. Look, he was on the boat.
3. He killed a deer. At the tender age of three.
4. He buried a dead dog. Takes guts.
5. He can cross stitch. By hand.
6. He was a boy scout. A tenderfoot, nonetheless.
7. He cut down a tree, by climbing on it.
8. When he drinks, he only drinks Dos Equis.
9. He owns a hat. And wears it.
10. He took his shirt off on stream. Takes brass balls (which we didn’t see).

Honestly spending Valentine’s alone isn’t so bad because it’s literally THE day to eat breathe and live by the ultimate philosophy ‘treat yo self’. Be your own Valentine and spoil yourself, because you deserve it okayyy 💁🏿Shoot, I’m bout to get my nails done, go online shopping, stuff my face with food. I’m too juiced